The Obama Doctrine Under Pressure Still Better Than Anything Republicans Offer

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The steady and methodical approach of the Obama doctrine was on display this morning in a phone call between President Obama and President Putin of Russia today. While this call took place just after the Malaysian Flight went down, it took place at the request of Moscow according to White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, to discuss the sanctions that the President and and European leaders announced yesterday.

During the call, President Putin noted the early reports of a downed passenger jet near the Russia-Ukraine border. But the agenda of the call was based on yesterday’s sanctions.

President Obama tried to impress upon Putin, once again, that the international community, the United States and our European allies will impose economic costs on Russia if they decline to respect the territorial integrity of sovereign countries.

Per a readout of the call provided by the White House, “President Obama emphasized that he remains committed to a diplomatic solution and that sanctions were not his preferred course of action.”

In the Obama doctrine, we get evidence and then we take action — in this case, additional sanctions:

President Obama noted, however, that in the face of extensive evidence that Russia is significantly increasing the provision of heavy weapons to separatists in Ukraine and Russia’s failure to take other steps set out by the United States and Europe to de-escalate the crisis, it was necessary to impose additional sanctions, consistent with the clear statements from the United States and our allies following the G-7 meeting in Brussels.

President Obama also reiterated his concerns regarding the buildup of Russian forces near the Ukrainian border.

President Obama called on President Putin to take concrete steps to de-escalate the situation, including to press separatists to agree to a cease-fire, support a roadmap for negotiations, halt the flow of fighters and weapons into Ukraine, obtain the release of all hostages still held by the separatists, and work to establish an effective OSCE border-monitoring mechanism. He noted that Russia would face continued costs and isolation unless it takes these concrete steps. The President emphasized that Russia and the United States have a shared interest in supporting a stable and prosperous Ukraine. President Obama and President Putin agreed on the need for a peaceful resolution to the Ukraine crisis achieved through diplomatic means.

No doubt Republicans will be blaming President Obama for the shot down airliner, as tragedy is just another Republican “opportunity”, as Mitt Romney explained so crassly, or at the very least banging on the war drums.

But the fact of the matter is the Obama doctrine is a welcome change from the Bush doctrine of making things up and invading first. Wars are Hell, and since they frequently can’t be ended well or cleanly, a responsible leader will make them a last resort.

President Obama and Republicans are worlds apart foreign policy wise.

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  1. the president has more brains than all of the republicans put together. he is rational. john McCain acts like he is president and would have already started a war with Russia (idiot).

  2. Last night (I forget what program the hubby had on) Rand Paul was being lauded for his comments on foreign policy and how “measured” they were and someone, god knows who, compared him to Reagan. I giggled. Essentially, Rand Paul was articulating exactly what President Obama has done, foreign-policy wise, since he was inaugurated. But what really cracked me up, was the individual could not, COULD NOT, bring himself to say President Obama.

  3. President Obama has been blamed for every catastrophe that has occurred since before the Presidents Bush were in office. Why should that change now? Actually, I think we’re very fortunate to have Obama at the helm of our country at this time. He’s intelligent, methodical, focused and a gentleman. Those who continue to put him down, criticize and blame his actions are only interested in their own self-serving goals. And while the Republicans are busy criticizing and blaming Obama, what great proposals/suggestions have they come up with to solve our country’s problems? Lawsuits and impeachment!

  4. Republicans are nothing more than a bunch of two faced bastards. How many times have we heard them complain about ‘nation building” and how the U.S. isn’t the world’s policeman. Yet as far as they’re concerned, this President is ‘weak” because he hasn’t bombed or sent troops.
    I am so sick of the Republicans and their Bullshit that every morning I just feel like I should scream out in anger anticipating the crap that’s coming from that side on that day.
    Bring in the kids from Central America and exile the Republican Party.

  5. See what happens when you have calm, reasonable POTUS who thinks before he acts rather than a fake swaggering cowboy with a shoot first ask questions later attitude who thinks he is in B action movie!

  6. I a m so glad a republican is not occupying the white house right now. they see world war III everywhere!

    mccain and romney would be sending our troops over there. they would profit off the deaths of our kids the same way cheney and the other neocons did.

    diplomacy they do not know. everything is war, war, war with them.

  7. Thank you Sarah for this. This is a lot better than the Piece of Crap I just read on Yahoo about this Situation.The President is calm about things like this. Unlike the gop.

  8. ‘release of all hostages still held by the separatists, .. Well why not? We released 5 really big terrorist leaders.

    ‘work to establish an effective OSCE border-monitoring mechanism’. I don’t understand the border monitoring statement. We gave that up over here and I don’t think Russia is democratic in all respects, so they probably wouldn’t follow the OSCE mechanism. Mostly, we’re only monitoring Americans recently, as far as I can tell. Maybe you know differently.

  9. 5 really big terrorists? They were only big to the Afghans. Thats who they were fighting when we first went into Afghanistan

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