Democrat Slams ‘Petulance’ of House Republicans and Says a Toddler is More Adult



Congresswoman Speier (D-CA) didn’t mince words today on the House floor as Republicans waste yet more taxpayer money taking a vote on their lawsuit against the President. As Republicans get set to waste between $1-2 million on yet another meritless Obama witch hunt,  Speier spoke in a language Republicans might be able to understand.

She used a picture (see above).

Calling the lawsuit petulant, Speier said the toddler in her picture is more adult than her colleagues, “Words fail me in describing the petulance of the Republican lawsuit against the President. This toddler is more adult than some of my colleagues. She’s figured it out. I suppose I will have to let her express her feelings.”

Watch here:

The Democratic Congresswoman said, “The Majority has focused on one issue and one issue alone, suing the PResident of the United States for essentially doing what they seem incapable of. The lawsuit focuses solely on a small part of the ACA, one that Republicans themselves wanted to roll back. I’m going to list my objections to this on this poster.”

Speier attached sayings to a picture of a toddler in order to communicate most effectively with the room full of petulant children. I’ve put the sayings in quote marks along with her explanation.

“First is ‘Standing’. The S is for standing. The Speaker is trying to sue the President and he does not have standing. ”  She called them out for acting out and getting negative attention over their hurt feelings when even conservative justices warned there was no there there.

“The next reason that I object is the ‘Taxpayer waste of money’. The last time the Republicans sued the President, it was over the implementation of DOMA, which went nowhere and cost taxpayers 2.3 million dollars.”

“The next reason that I object to it is that it is Useless. Just what are the Republicans trying to accomplish with this circus? It’s certainly not governing. As of June 30th, this COngress is only enacting 124 bills into law, the lowest number of any Congress in history since 1973 they started keeping data. My colleagues on the other side of the aisle will say this all about the Senate, but in five previously divided Congresses before this one, the average number of bills enacted in the same time period was 254, almost twice as many.”

“The next reason I object to this lawsuit is P, ‘Political Stunt’. Aimed at appeasing the fringe elements in the Republican Party that want to impeach the President. The same people calling for this lawsuit shutdown the government last fall because they wanted to delay the Affordable Care Act and it cost us over 24 billion dollars. So now they are suing the President over the fact that he did something they wanted him to do it in the first place. The only people I know who scream that they want something then throw a tantrum when they get it are toddlers.”

“The next reason I object to this lawsuit is that it is ‘Inconsistent’.  It’s inconsistent because when George Bush was proposing the prescription drug benefit and we were trying to implement that, he asked to have it delayed for a year, and guess what?! The Republicans didn’t object then.”

“The final reason that I object to this lawsuit is it’s a ‘Distraction’. The Republicans are trying to distract Americans over the fact that they have ruled over a Do-Nothing Congress. While we are frittering away our last few days in session in this pointless, childish exercise,  we are not creating jobs, fixing immigration, renewing the export import bank, doing tax reform or even completing a full appropriations process.”

“Words fail me in describing the petulance of the other side.  This toddler is more adult than some of my colleagues. She’s figured it out. I suppose I will have to let her express her feelings.”

So, to sum up, things are not going as Republicans had hoped today, but the good news is that Democrats have finally figured out how to communicate with House Republicans. Pictures.

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  1. As Art Linkletter use to say…Kids say the darndest things and they also do the darndest things because some are too young to realize & know while we have these big baby hughes in our govt…please vote everyone & encourage your relatives and friends that we are in a state of emergency and we must rid our gov’t of this trash.

  2. Why are we surprise at their infantile behavior? Back in 2010 the teabillies ran on get government out of my Medicare. The stupid runs deep with this crowd

  3. I love her. She used one of Bachmann and Gohmerts tricks with the pictures. I think she finally figured out what their base watching C-span relate to.

  4. I’ll bet these asshats where tripping over each other trying to get out of the room so not to listen to her tell the truth, and the MSM will probably not even mention this on the news, because we all know who they work for, or at least do a faux twist on the incident.

  5. But we have a chance at 30 of them who represent districts that went for Obama or he lost by a couple of points. Now can you see the village doing what they are doing with their false bullshit.

    “We become slaves the moment we hand the keys to the definition of reality entirely over to someone else, whether it is a business, an economic theory, a political party, the White House, Newsworld or CNN.”
    ― B.W. Powe, Towards A Canada Of Light

  6. Brilliant! LOL Love it. It really has been one political stunt after another. But that’s what we can expect from organizations like the GOP and the Tea Party who instead of pledging allegiance to the constitution will pledge to big money interests. They should be impeached for treason.

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