House Republicans Vote To Deport 550,000 Kids Who Have Spent Much of Their Lives In The US


In an act of absurd cruelty House Republicans, along with four Democrats, voted to deport 550,000 children who have nothing to do with the crisis on the border.

The bill passed 216-192-1. Four Democrats voted for the bill, 11 Republicans voted against it, and one person voted present.

House Republicans chose the perfect spokesperson for the effort to deport children when flaming racist Rep. Steve King (R-IA) defended the bill by claiming that Republicans were, “restoring their constitutional authority.”

Michele Bachmann stood on the House floor and lied by claiming that President Obama is going to grant amnesty to 5-6 million foreign nationals that are illegally here in the in the United States. Bachmann said, “We will put a handcuff on one of the president’s hands.” It’s ironic that Bachmann would use the term handcuff while she is under federal investigation for the commission of several felonies during her 2012 presidential campaign.

Republicans claimed that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was the reason why there is a humanitarian crisis on the border. The House Republican bill would make DREAMers eligible for deportation in two years. The House bill would prevent the president from expanding the program and would close it down.

Over 550,000 children who have been in this country since 2007 have been allowed to remain and work in the US thanks to the program. In order to be eligible for DACA a child has to have lived continuously in this country since June 15, 2007 or earlier. The DACA program has nothing to do with the current crisis.

The White House released an enraged statement tonight, “Republicans in Washington have repeatedly called the situation at our border a crisis; yet, tonight they are considering partisan legislation that will not address the problem and is sure to be rejected by the Senate. As the President said today, the Administration will continue to manage the border as responsibly as possible and address our broken immigration system, but no Administrative action is a substitute for Congressional action. That’s why the President will urge Congress to fix our broken immigration system once and for all upon returning from their recess by doing what the Senate did over a year ago and pass serious, comprehensive immigration reform legislation with bipartisan support.”

The bill will never become law, but the Republican hatred of children and Hispanics has never been made clearer.

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  1. They REALLY, SERIOUSLY don’t want hispanics to vote for them do they. Jeebus.
    It looks like House control and Senate supermajority for Dems in 2016.

  2. I read a couple months ago that Hispanic/Latino groups are mobilizing and registering people to vote in November. This move by the GOPTPers in the House is a signal to these groups to ramp up their efforts and get these new voters to the polls in November. GOPTPers are so bound by the confines of their alternate reality bubble that they aren’t considering the consequences of the legislation they’re voting on. If they think Hispanic/Latino voters can’t see the animus they have toward them and that they won’t vote accordingly, they’re in deep denial. The GOPTPers may hold on to their seats in November, might even gain a few, but they’re DOA in 2016. I think that even if they vote for some form of immigration reform before 2016, they’re still toast because people who have been abused often find it very hard to forgive those who have abused them.

  3. There has never been so much hatred in this country since the year (1861) thank you, you scum teabaggers have nothing but hate in your black hearts. If you deported everyone that came to this country, all of us would live somewhere in another land, and not in this melting pot for immigrants know as America, and you’d still be a tyrants anywhere you reside. Go read the statue of Liberty “haters” maybe you’d learn something? How ignorant can people get teabaggers when you pick on children and cheer.

  4. We aren’t living in the America promised to us anymore. I am beyond angry about the way conservatives are treating CHILD refugees. Literally makes me sick. They don’t even try to hide their racism anymore.

  5. majiir is correct. In Texas, Battleground Texas is working every day to replace the corrupt leadership that this state has suffered through for 20 years. Wendy Davis will be the next Governor of Texas. The Hispanic vote is a huge reason. Please help us by encouraging your friends in Texas to vote Democratic and send a donation if possible. If not now…by 2016. But we believe in 2014..

  6. I want the name of the democrats that voted with the crazy crew-they don’t deserve their seats anymore than the gop dicks.

  7. Boehner to Obama:
    “We can’t seem to get anything done here in Congress — as demonstrated by the wholly symbolic and completely untenable POS border bill just passed by the House GOP, so you’re going to have to use Executive Action to solve some of the most pressing problems facing the nation …
    … but, of course, we’ll sue your ass if you do.”

  8. And after the vote, the deafening sound of hundreds of beach sandals flip-flopping on the marble floor, as they waddle off, their aides carrying luggage, to catch vacation flights to some of the very countries the children originated from…

  9. That would be the Democrat from Alaska I believe—I’ve seen several Alaskans talking about how disgustingly corrupt that man is.

  10. Young (R) is the only one listed for Alaska. I saw plenty of chicken shit “No Vote” D’s as well. Slime all of them.

  11. This is nothing but a dog and pony show to Republicans. They have no interest in actually solving problems anymore. This bill will not pass the Senate, they knew it wouldn’t pass the Senate, but they had to waste time and money voting on it in the House just to appease their extremist base.

    The adults have apparently left the GOP.

  12. They are wrong in thinking this overt hate plays well. It appeals to only a very small and vocal faction.

  13. Thomass
    you’re obviously assuming these immigrants are US citizens since it is a requirement to vote in a US election.

  14. This is a way for them to say see, we have been working and passed a bill but those nasty Ole Dems in the Senate won’t work with us. Of course, they neglect to mention they aren’t willing to compromise on anything, even bills like this that haven’t a chance of going anywhere.

    The most pathetic part is this purely political move is more likely to net them negative votes than get their followers to vote. They should know better by now.

  15. Bye Bye
    Party Of Bigoted Guys
    Drove Your Ideology To The Cliff
    Found The Ravine To Be Dry
    Teanuts Kept Screaming “Deport”
    As Their Flames Reached The Sky
    That Was The Day That They Died
    That Was The Day That The GOP Died

  16. I pray you are right. I am from Texas even though I don’t live there anymore. I love Ms. Davis and I hope she becomes the next Governor of my beloved state. The Republicans IMO have lost their minds. This will never pass and all they have done is make most of America angry. I hope everyone gets out and votes Blue come Nov.

  17. This country can’t wait for things to change in 2016 they MUST change in 2014. Two more years of any degree of republican control in Congress will surely push this country over the edge…..


  18. The republican party has made me an AYMG (Angry Young Mexican Guy) who will vote democratic this November and have already encouraged family members, friends, and neighbors to vote. I hope Wendy Davis becomes the new governor or Texas and have a mobilized electorate to win the house and keep the senate. From there on, Sen. Reid has to use the filibuster reform to pass everything that has been filibustered.

  19. The Tea Party heightened my distrust of people. I’m a misanthrope of republicans. I no longer think there’s “some good ones”. A passing knowledge of the GOP’s ideology & intolerance in the name of God & guns should turn any sane person off.
    It’s required for GOP pols to be greedy psychopaths. I no longer give people I know a free pass for willful ignorance. I blurted out to an acquaintance that something is wrong with him. He said Obama wants to let migrant kids in to be government dependent & future Dem voters. Sure..Obama sent refugees written invitations. I asked about the kids riding death trains, losing limbs & getting raped & murdered by their own people. The Honduran government bears responsibility with the highest murder rate in the world. But no, it’s all Obama’s fault according to Repubs. Do these assholes even realize why they hate? It’s why the Tea Party exploded in 2009..racism.

  20. Is this part of that out reach to Hispanics the Rethugs were talking about a few months back?

  21. We need the names of all of them and when they will next run so we can campaign against them on the Primary level.

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