Mitch McConnell Admits That Republicans Have No Chance Of Taking The Senate If He Loses


Sen. Mitch McConnell admitted that if he loses his reelection campaign, Republicans have zero chance of taking back the Senate.

McConnell was surprisingly blunt when speaking to the National Review Online, “The race will be a test of how strong anti-incumbent sentiment has grown. Neither candidate is coy about the stakes. Asked whether the GOP has any chance of retaking the Senate if he doesn’t win in Kentucky, McConnell is direct: “No,” he says.”


Everybody is aware of the stakes in the Kentucky Senate race. Right now, Republicans are a slight favorite to retake the Senate and hold a 51-49 majority. The entire prospect of Republicans gaining the majority comes down to the GOP’s ability to hold on to seats in Kentucky and Georgia. If the Republicans lose one of those seats, they will not retake the Senate. McConnell is the most vulnerable Republican Senate incumbent in this cycle.

The Kentucky Senate race will likely be the epicenter of the fall battle for the Senate. The fact that Alison Grimes continues to run neck and neck with the Senate minority leader is helpful to Democratic candidates across the country because Republicans and their outside groups will be forced to spend what is likely to end up being $100 million+ to defend a seat that has been safely in their hands for thirty years. Instead of helping out Republican candidates in states like Colorado, Iowa, North Carolina, Michigan, and Arkansas, funds will be dedicated to keeping McConnell in his seat.

McConnell is correct. Republicans have zero chance of retaking the Senate if he loses. Make no mistake about it, Democrat Alison Grimes faces an uphill battle in her campaign. Even though McConnell is not popular in the state, Kentucky still is very red in presidential elections. President Obama is not popular there, which is why McConnell has been running against the president instead of his Democratic opponent. Grimes will be out funded, and she still has to persuade a majority of the voters in the state to end their three decades long relationship with Sen. McConnell.

What Alison Lundergan Grimes has working in her favor is that she is the perfect contrast to Mitch McConnell. She is young, energetic, and focused like a laser on the issues that matter to Kentucky voters. She is the opposite of everything that Mitch McConnell represents in this campaign. As will all elections, who turns out to vote will determine the winner. Voters in the state will also have to decide whether giving Republicans control of the Senate is more important than their own self-interest. The McConnell campaign has made their message all about their candidate becoming Senate Majority Leader if he wins.

Kentucky voters have to decide which is more important. Mitch McConnell’s ambitions, or their own needs.

The answer will go a long way in determining which party controls the Senate.

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  1. People tell me I should quit being so optimistic and quit saying McConnell won’t be coming back to the Senate in January 2015.

    I say it because I truly believe Grimes will defeat him. This race should not be this close. For McConnell, it bad news, for Grimes, it’s good news.

    Despite what non Kentucky natives say, Kentucky has more Democrats registered voters than Republican ones. They just don’t vote, because they believe their votes don’t count.

    Well, they do count, and Grimes need these people to vote for her in November, along with disenchanted Republican voters.

    You simply cannot stay home and not vote, and then point your fingers and say, “see, I told you so.” That means you’re the problem!

    I am going to do what I can to help Grimes win. McConnell’s admission is a sign this race isn’t going the way he planned.


  2. This ceases to amaze me on every level, here’s a guy that needs GPS just to find KY and would screw anyone in the State to get his way, is opposed to healthcare, jobs, minimum wage, and still wants people to forget everything and vote for this contankerous Washington insider.

  3. I agree, I think more people will come to vote than republicans think. People are more aware than think about what is going on. They know they stand of losing their health care, women are losing their rights everyday,republicans are against minimum wages,changes voting laws, etc, against all people of color,have not created jobs,etc. They are aware that things are getting better even though some of them maynot be feeling it but they know who are doing all the cutting of programs they need to help them and they know it is not the president. All the republicans talk about is suing the president, or impeaching him, nothing about creating jobs, or helping the needy. We are just wondering who is the people they keep taking polls saying the president isn’t doing a good job, they must be the same ones who said Romney was going to win. Republicans live in a story book world with a few people who believe like they do and that is so sad.

  4. Grifters have to grift that’s why the turtle is running scared. Since he wants to deny people a decent life people should be aware of his wealth and how did it jumped from 2 million in assets to over 40 million on a government salary.

    Just like the baggers who support him they are nothing but lying thieves

    Exclusive: ‘Pro-Troop’ Charity Pays Off Tea Party Cronies Instead

    Move America Forward has collected millions to send care packages to U.S. troops. But its assets have been used to benefit conservative political consulting firms close to its Tea Party founder.

  5. Attention Kentuckians you are in a STATE of emergency so please please please vote this scum out! you owe it to yourself,check what our values mean.

  6. Attention Kentuckians you are in a STATE of emergency so please please please vote this scum out! you owe it to yourself,check what our values mean.

  7. Mitch is a sell-out puppet, he doesn’t do anything for those good people in the state of Kentucky. The same thing can be said about Alexander and Corker in my home state of Tennessee.

  8. it is embarrassing as a nation that Mitch McConnell and the Republicans could possibly take the Senate. After all that the Republicans have done it is apparent that there are people in the United States who are not listening. Or they just don’t care one or the other. To vote for the party of hate is to admit that you have hate for yourself

  9. I will be voting, but I wonder how many of my peers with take the time to vote. Early voting is a blessing here in Chicago/Cook County, and I wish the whole nation had it. Unfortunately, the vote depends on “older” Americans and not the youngsters, who stay home. Older Americans tend to vote more “social” issues (gay marriage, abortion) than they do economic issues, unless their SS is threatened.
    I’m going out on a limb and saying that McConnell makes it back to the Senate. I think Grimes is wonderful, she’s a great attacker, but she’s got to make McConnel look incompetent.

  10. a lot of people still don’t understand government. they feel once you elect a president,thats it. The president needs to have his or her party controlling the senate and the house. That’s when you see change. The people need to be educated on the platforms of the candidates. Electing a President is half the battle.

  11. If the republicans take the senate again, then we as a country deserve everything we get, It’s time to clean house [of all the politicians that vote where the $ is instead of where the people actually want them to vote] and get this country back to the once proud nation it was.

  12. I don’t see the Jesus signs in the front yard’s of Kentuckians like I see in Tennessee. The christian stasi has total control there.

  13. That’s right Mitch you Republicans should really be concerned!!!! But not just because of your particular race, but because of your brand, Mitch. If you haven’t noticed you folks are imploding on a daily basis. It certainly can’t be Nate Silvers 60 percent chance of Republicans taking the Senate, no I don’t believe that for a minute when just today your Kentucky counterpart was seen fleeing from a Dreamer, and another one of your counterparts in Alabama believes there’s a war on white people by the Democrats, not to mentioned that fiasco on Capital Hill last week. So Mitch I wouldn’t put a lot into your particular race, the way I see it, your loss will be just the Cherry on top, Mitch. Oh, by the way !!! I’m sure the present resident in the White House will not boast in glee over your upcoming loss, I’m pretty certain that he will call you and wish you well,(That’s the kind of person he is) and laugh like hell as the phone hangs up. Good riddance, Mitch.

  14. As a lifelong Kentuckian, Kentucky isn’t as red as the national media tries to make it out to be. Mitch is scared. Alison was endorsed by the coal miners union and although progressive hate coal, that was a big endorsement she needed in this state. Democrats had about 51,000 bigger turnout than republicans during the primary, and Kentuckys tea party element in this state is pissed about him helping Thad in Mississippi. Some are vowing not to vote or voting for her to punish him (we’ll see if that happens). I believe she has the votes we need the turnout and more money lol

  15. It’s not getting any better for him

  16. Its really not getting any better!! David Patterson a libertarian announced he will be joining the race monday aug. 11

  17. Time for ‘Turtle Soup’ ! Get rid of this heartless, useless ol’ thing. His do-nothing politics has really hurt this Country. A N D ……. he wants to repeal the health insurance coverage that over four hundred thousand Kentuckians now enjoy, because of Obamacare (Kynect).

  18. Thank you for the link.
    It is a lengthy article, but well worth the read.
    I am forwarding the link to many.
    This type of activity makes me sick. My own Father is a decorated WWII veteran, and when the troops are used as props for the cons, it truly does make me sick. I hope these types of “groups” are all exposed for the despicable humans that they are.

  19. That’s some of the best news I’ve heard in a long time. I don’t understand this “the Rep. will take the Senate” bs. All the Dems that are supposed to be in such trouble seem to be doing fine. Admittedly, I’m not seeing every poll for every Senate race but I just don’t see where all the doom and gloom in coming from. It’s 3 months till the election, working people don’t even pay attention until after Labor Day, all these predictions are based on models that don’t really apply to today’s reality, and the Rep keep shooting themselves in the foot at every turn.

  20. Vote Democratic! Derail the GOP’s insane scheme to impeach Obama for doing all the right things!

  21. Why does it seem to me that McComical took his cue from Oral Roberts. Facing some financial setbacks in building the university that bears his name, Roberts went on TV and told his believers that if they didn’t send money God warned him he would be taken up to Heaven. I thought, wait a minute, you want to go to Heaven don’t you? For his viewers, Oral had become must see TV, a series you’ve watched for ages. McComical is telling his base to vote against his opponent or the same old same old will go on in D.C. Actually, even if the Republicans take the Senate the gridlock will persist. And Obama still will yield the pen. And in this case at least, the pen really is mightier than the sword of contentiousness.

  22. Everyone Picture this:
    (1.) Boehner handing the Gavel BACK to Pelosi. And crying while he’s doing it.

    (2.) The “Former/Ex” Republican Congressmen blaming Ted Cruz for their inglorious ouster.

    (3.) The more whackier of them will blame Obama, of course.

  23. That is a ploy the Republicans always use. Lie like a rug as the saying is. I will say no one thinks more highly of Mitch than Mitch. I will dance in the street if this worthless man loses. He has ruined his state for his people who stood by him for decades. It’s all very sad.

  24. That is the truth Dierdra, people that don’t know Ky. politics well don’t know. Mitch has barely scraped by the last 2 cycles because of lazy voters. This time however even in red areas like the one I live in, they love Rand because he is from this area, but they despise Mitch now. This area always seemed to go red, but I think we have a great chance to go blue this November and possibly in 16.

  25. I heard Alison Lundergan Grimes speak for the first time last week and was totally impressed with her. I’ve sworn I’m through donating but if I get something from her I am going to do it one more time. For the people of Kentucky! I feel so bad for them that they put so much faith in Mitch for decades and he just stabbed them in the backs. They deserve better.

  26. What I do not understand is the fact that the people of Kentucky do not know that Kynect is Obamacare, and Mitch McConnell keeps telling them he will repeal Obamacare and it will not affect them!!!!

    With respect to the folks of Kentucky – that cannot be that easy to fool.

  27. yes we got make sure republicans dont take the senate so remember u must vote this november for dems to keep us senate, sitting home and not voting is not an option,the only way is to vote period,this is how i feel if u dont vote in november ur just lazy

  28. if republicans take the us senate its our fault if we dont vote in novemeber, so go vote in november no excuses, we all make time for what we like so lets make time to vote, it only takes a few minutes

  29. This has been a long campaign already – it’s very difficult to sustain the energy here in KY. Now with her evisceration of Sen. Gridlock at the Fancy Farm, the campaigns are really beginning to ramp up for the final act. Simply put, he may be wily behind the scenes, but he won’t survive a debate.

  30. Thank God I don’t live in Kentucky. Neither candidate have the real interest for citizens nor coal miners. Instead of Grimes being up front with rural ignorance about their health, she threw President Obama under the dirt and a pile of coal. Grimes not a good candidate despite McConnell just dust his feet over Kentuckians for decades.

  31. Ha… news flash McConnell! It does not matter, the republicans will lose the senate next election. Your party is the weakest link…. good bye!

  32. I live in Louisville, KY. I am embarrassed to say Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul are my senators. Mitch should have been gone years ago. The greatest majority of Kentuckians who vote for Mitch must be uneducated. If they really knew what he has done to the state they wouldn’t hesitate to vote for someone else. He talks a good game but it is all only for show. Anyone who votes for Rand Paul for ANYTHING is a fool.

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