A Movement Is Growing: Second Religious Organization Condemns Religious Right Extremists


To bastardize something is to lower its condition or worth, or to debase something that is supposed to be inherently good and just. Despite bastardizing the Christian religion into a hate-practicing faith no better than extremist Islamic fanaticism, it is still considered a mortal sin to utter an unkind word about the extremist religious right no matter how despicable and vile their actions and speech become. Over the past week, the so-called “Christian” religious right openly expressed their version of Christian hate toward gays, women, and medical professionals, and as usual the media, politicians, or most Americans terrified of violating the prohibition against condemning hate in Jesus Christ’s name have remained silent.

However, for the second time in two weeks, a religious organization has taken action and spoken out against religious right extremists, prominent political figures, and well-known “religious leaders” for manipulating Christianity “in the name of god” to advance political and personal agendas of hate. Less than two weeks ago, Satanists whose faith is in line with Jesus Christ’s teachings took action against religious right extremists on behalf of women being subjected to “Christian” domination. It led one to wonder when mainstream Christians would find their voice and defend the faith as their namesake Jesus Christ taught it. Apparently, a very large and fast-growing group of Christians have had enough of Christian extremism and are joining the war against the purveyors of hate working in Jesus Christ’s name.

The organization, Faithful America, first took umbrage at Sarah Palin’s comment at an NRA convention for telling the audience that “water-boarding is how we baptize terrorists.” Faith America immediately assailed Palin and created a petition condemning her for her comments. They said in part, “This is what we’ve come to in America: A former candidate for vice-president can equate torture and Holy Baptism, and one of the nation’s most powerful political lobbies erupts into cheers and applause.” The group is correct; the religious right has equated all manner of torture, hate, and offense with the Christian religion the extremists have bastardized into a vile movement on par with extremist Muslims crusading through Iraq and Syria.

Yesterday, in response to the news a Baptist “man of god” canceled a funeral during a wake for a deceased man after learning he was gay, Faith America petitioned and condemned Reverend T.W. Jenkins to “show Pastor Jenkins, and the media who are covering the story, how many Christians are appalled by how he’s misrepresenting our faith and hurting Julion Evans’s grieving family.” The Baptist preacher refused to apologize and doubled-down on religious right hate and said his “church plans to continue to stand on the word of God.” Faith America released a statement saying “Jenkins’ actions do not reflect the beliefs of all Christians, nor the message of Jesus Christ.”

In their message to real Christians, Faith America wrote “Julie Atwood was at her son’s wake, standing next to his casket, when she got the news: The church was canceling the funeral because her son was gay. Rev. T.W. Jenkins of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Tampa, Florida, told Julie that he’d read in the newspaper obituary that her son was married to another man and decided that holding the funeral would be blasphemous.” Jesus Christ would think otherwise, but as Faith America noted, Jenkins or his religious right fanatics do not reflect the message of Jesus Christ.

Faith America will also be appalled at Catholics and religious right anti-women’s health activists in Texas who conducted training sessions to teach other so-called Christians how to stalk abortion providers and poor women seeking reproductive health services by recording their license plate numbers, make of car, and visits to family planning clinics in a “very sophisticated little spreadsheet.” The so-called Christians, including the Fort Worth Catholic Diocese, told trainees the group is “searching” for one of two remaining OB-GYNs as part of their crusade to track the identities of abortion-providing doctors. The Catholic Diocese spokesman said, “We have been able to identify one in there and we’re still searching for the other.”

According to the National Abortion Federation, there have been four abortion-providing doctors killed, along with four more abortion clinic staffers, in anti-abortion clinic violence as a result of recording, stalking, and searching for OB-GYNs providing women with legal medical procedures related to their reproductive health. It is the religious right’s concept of “Christianity.”

During the training, Christians are heard celebrating their success at “having the sidewalk lined with protestors because it turns potential clients away because they don’t want to drive in when they see our presence there.” Another Christian trainer said “abortionists are feeling the pressure” from anti-choice groups, and that she was proud to announce she identified the potential new location of an abortion-providing ambulatory surgical center in Austin. Yet another Christian trainer boasted that “the ‘poorer ones,’ low-income Texans seeking abortion care—began going to the local Beaumont, Texas, crisis pregnancy center because they “didn’t have transportation to access a legal abortion facility. God is good.”

The executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Texas called the protest tactics “stalking,” and said “The anti-abortion harassment tactics outlined in this disturbing training lead women to seek dangerous alternatives because if they reach a clinic they must confront the very real threat posed by these anti-abortion activists.” Even NARAL, a women’s advocacy group is mortified to identify the “anti-abortion activists” for what they really are; fake Christians intent on stalking, threatening, and harassing doctors and women seeking a legal medical procedure.

Faith America already has one petition slamming a so-called Christian for “bragging about his “Christian values,” which include fear-mongering about “homosexual Boy Scout leaders” and “posting the names of abortion providers online so they can be threatened and harassed.” They will likely be as appalled at the fake Christians in Texas stalking women and medical providers as they were at a Baptist preacher canceling a gay man’s funeral or Sarah Palin claiming torture is akin to Holy Baptism. Whether any American is a Christian or not, they should take heart that Faithful America is standing up against the religious right to ‘reclaim Christianity’ from terrorists using Jesus’ name as motivation for vile hate

It is long past time the “real” Christians speak out against the extremist religious right for their crusade of hate against anyone who fails to comply with their bastardized Christian edicts. It should not be left to non-Christians such as Hrafnkell Haraldsson or this column to condemn so-called Christians preaching, spreading, and inciting hatred in Jesus Christ’s name. For the record, as a former Christian minister, this author does not hate Christians; just hateful malcontents claiming Christianity as their purview to create pain and misery for the rest of the nation; particularly women and gays. It took courage for Faith America, and Satanists, to finally speak out and take action against the terrorists that are the American religious right, because they are no different than Muslim extremists terrorizing Syria, Iraq, and Kurds for failing to comply with their demands.

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  1. old joke… which I’ve offered here before

    Jesus comes on a group in the public square throwing rocks at a woman…

    he asks… what has she done…

    the reply is… she has sold her body and the law allows her to be stoned…

    Jesus picks up a rock and and holds it out… let he who is without sin cast the first stone…

    crowd looks and quietly drifts off…

    all except one.. who picks up a rock and chucks it as hard as she can against the sinner….

    Jesus… MOTHER!!!! I wish you wouldn’t do that…

  2. It does not matter what you call yourself as far as faith or religious affiliation, or having neither. It all boils down to HOW you live your life and treat others.

  3. Rmuse – I too am an ordained minister (First Church of God the Father) and find the religious right to be among the most dangerous, intolerant and disengenuous people I have ever met.

    Once the mid-terms are over I believe we will see the full forcé of the DOJ and IRS brought against tax exempt organizations – not only churches – that preach politics or publicly exalts one political party over another.

    It is truly time to take America back from the loonies (yes, that means gun advocates for jesus) and begin the process of rebuilding what the right has destroyed.

    Equality for all! Maybe we should start in Ferguson….

  4. Having been brought up in a non hate religious part of Michigan, I have a feeling this god these fake christians tout so happily is far more concerned with how they treat each other then he is who is gay or not.

  5. These religious right extremists are embedded in our business community and will treat liberal/progressives as the enemy. I’ve witnessed it firsthand with accountants: doing your income tax, physicians: denying women’s care. It’s a big problem and I’m not sure if it’s going to change anytime soon. Just watch who you do business with and make sure they have your best interests in mind!

  6. I’ve said this before, but where I live in Central Kentucky, many people, particularly the Baptists, go to church only seeking out who and what to hate. The younger crowd, say under 30, have been brought up to believe that so long as you hate gays and are against abortion, that you’re a Christian and will certainly go to heaven…no matter what else you do aside from those two sins. These people have not even basic knowledge of what the bible really says. They think of Christ as a blonde-haired man with blue eyes. So help me, they probably imagine Christ as wearing jeans and a t-shirt and driving a truck! Yes, these people are that stupid. Profoundly stupid!

  7. These religious fanatics calling themselves Christians are the equivalent of the Taliban. They are morally bankrupt.

  8. While these hateful people are not the reason I’m an atheist-I find the idea of deities ridiculous-they sure aren’t making a case for their gods.

  9. Republican Baptist Jesus also needs a lift kit on his truck as well as chrome “truck junk” and a plethora of decals to indicate which brands of gun he prefers. He can regrow his beard now thanks to Duck Dynasty. The beard would have been frowned upon a few years back. Jesus certainly wouldn’t want to be confused with a middle eastern terrorist.

    Jokes aside. These rural and small town “Christians” actually believe that they’re God’s chosen people. They believe God loves them more than he does the hippies in the big cities or the starving people in third world countries. They also think they’re more American and all around better people. They’re missing out on the much bigger picture. If they are to be judged by their creator someday, I’d certainly love to watch!

  10. Why don’t we call the Taliban the Islamic Right? We have a simplistic society that believes right refers to correctness or truth. If we would stop identifying these Christians as the “religious right” and use adjectives that accurately describes them maybe some people would understand they are not the truth and the light. Please start using terms that better describe them, such as: Christian extremists, Christian conservatives, Christian fanatics, Christian hate mongers. Drop the use of the phrase Christian right because they are not.

  11. This is a quote from someone else, “Jesus Christ never taught his followers to embrace greed, discrimination, hatred, or judgment, and yet that is precisely what fundamentalist Christians hold near and dear to their hearts as they claim to be followers of Christ.”

    This quote left out one word, Republican (fundamentalist Christians)

  12. These religious fanatics have probably done more to turn folks away from organized religion than anyone else in recent American history. They are convinced only they are right and everyone else is wrong. To that end, they attempt to impose their views on others. When they predictably meet resistance, they whine that their “religious freedom” is being jeopardized. The projection is ironic, since depriving others of their right to a different religion or no religion at all is exactly what they’re doing. It’s highly encouraging that Christians and others who truly do exemplify what Jesus taught are finally striking back at them.

  13. As a Christian who follows Christ’s law of benevolence toward others I wish your statement could come true but alas I fear that the vast right wing has too much power for even the IRS to investigate.

    I am asked all the time why compassionate Christians don’t speak up and do something about all the hate being done in Jesus’ name. I know we lack media coverage and preaching loving your fellow man is not near as exciting as a machine gun welding man yelling at the top of his lungs he is going to kill in Jesus’ name but hopefully through diligence, kindness, love, and persistence we can win the day.

  14. I’m not sure where the idea comes from that it is “considered a mortal sin to utter an unkind word about the extremists religious right….” Didn’t Jesus do just that when he castigated the scribes and Pharisees? And what about the priest and Levite in the Good Samaritan parable? They were exactly singled out as examples of mercy by Jesus.

    For the religious right to make the kind of utterances they do is a kind of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. They are introducing a schism into the basic principles of Christianity and the social teachings of Jesus. Love your neighbor as yourself and the Golden Rule are basic principles of Christianity.

    Even the Catholic Church’s teaching on abortion is a form of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Nowhere in the bible is abortion mentioned. When the Apostle Paul was in Rome, Roman women were practicing birth control and inducing abortions herbally. Paul made no mention of that. See Mark 3.29.

  15. Are you saying that real Christians don’t have the guts to go after those who are spreading hate Christ’s name? What if the first Christians had been so cowardly?

    If real Chistrians don’t shut these phonies down, who will? And leave Christianity without a shred of respect, and rightly so.

  16. yes i’m sure that Jesus would want you to chop up little babies… after watching a real abortion video, the president of planned parenthood *QUIT*. you all should have to watch one before you advocate it. the hatred you spew at those you consider ‘hateful’ is just as wrong as they are.

  17. snorky nedderrecker
    so you’ve seen a real abortion film have you?
    I worked at a clinic and there is NO chopping up of little babies….there is however an evacuation of a small clump of tissue…don’t try to speak of what you not know

  18. The scene: NYC Gay Pride March in about 1995.

    Catholic protestors standing along 5th Ave., waving Rosary Beads and shouting curses at us with twisted, hateful, grimaces on their faces.

    Knights of Columbus, dressed in their ridiculous costumes, standing on the steps of St. Patrick’s cathedral, allegedly protecting the hypocritical Cardinal from the gay throngs, but hoping for a confrontation.

    Religion of Peace. Hogwash! From the Salem witchcraft trials, to the antics of the idiots reviewed in this article, the Christian faith has been an excuse for the expression of pathology for centuries.

  19. The story about a church refusing a gay man’s funeral reminds me of the hypocrisy, the outrage over the Benghazi attack. I am so sure that these same folks that rabidly rail against the gays are the same ones who foam at the mouth over the death of Ambassador Stevens. The Ambassador, an openly gay man, said himself that he loved Libya. He chose to be there, putting himself in grave danger. His homosexuality was, more than anything, the cause of the attack. If they could, the “Christian” extremists would do no less . But lacking that opportunity, they work to keep gay people unemployed, “out of life” by denying them civil rights, thus robbing them of means to support themselves. That is just another way of killing…starve them out!

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