Hillary Clinton Teases Announcement of Her 2016 Presidential Run

Hillary Clinton

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After years in the spotlight, Ms. Clinton knows how to wax diplomatic and still drop a delicious treat into the lap of her waiting fans. So when asked about a future presidential run Tuesday during her keynote at Dreamforce in San Fransisco, she said she didn’t want to make any news… today.

In other words, the 2016 announcement is coming. Cue the Republican freakout.

Karissa Bell, apps reporter for Mashable, tweeted her Vine of the moment, “. @HillaryClinton responds to a question about future presidential run ‘I don’t want to make any news today’.”

Clinton has been artfully dodging 2016 questions during her recent speaking events, even when moderator Brian Greenspun presented her a pair of “running shoes” during the Q and A of her keynote for the University of Las Vegas Foundation’s annual dinner Monday night.

If Ms. Clinton does announce before the November 4th midterms, it could be a boost for Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky, as Mitch McConnell is selling his ability to do things for Kentucky as a hopeful Senate Majority Leader. However, Grimes’ relationship with the Clintons would open plenty of doors for her Kentucky agenda.

Hillary Clinton is heading to Kentucky Wednesday to stump for Alison Lundergan Grimes. “Hillary’s visit will propel the immense amount of excitement and energy that surrounds Alison’s campaign and help translate this strong enthusiasm into votes come Election Day,” said Alison for Kentucky campaign manager Jonathan Hurst today. “Kentuckians across the state are traveling to Louisville in a show of overwhelming support, as Hillary endorses Alison’s independent vision and plan to get Washington working for Kentucky.”

Dreamforce is a “masterclass on how to build a modern business,” according to Josh Lipton of SpareFoot. The Former Secretary of State and Former New York Senator was joined by Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum, during the Dreamforce keynote.

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