Who is Endorsing Whom in Wisconsin Gubernatorial Race?

Scott Walker and Mary Burke
Scott Walker and Mary Burke
People use different criteria to determine who they will vote for. For some, it comes down to simple likes and dislikes, or a vote along party lines. Others dig deeper into the issues. Another criteria might be endorsements. Who likes your candidate? Who do you dislike that supports the other guy?

I have reached out to the Burke campaign for a full list of Mary Burke’s endorsements in the tight Wisconsin race against Republican Scott Walker, and meantime I have done some quick digging to figure out who supports whom.

For many it will be enough that Mary Burke has been endorsed by:

But she has also received endorsements from:

Unions also back Burke:

The Wisconsin Republican Party makes much of past union criticism of Mary Burke, but the fact is that the unions do endorse Mary Burke. If this is less support of Burke and more a rejection of Walker, it is still significant.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel supported Walker during the 2012 recall campaign, saying his recall was not justified. Unsurprisingly, given Walker’s stance on abortion, Wisconsin Right to Life and Pro-Life Wisconsin both stood by him in 2012, just as they had supported his election in 2010.

However, it turns out that as the progressive Capitol Times reported last week, though Walker’s website is claiming endorsement of Pro-Life Wisconsin, he does not actually have their endorsement in 2014 because he did not complete their “2014 candidate survey.”

Walker’s endorsements include a paradoxical match-up of:

The latter certainly puts paid to the former, but then Republicans only insist people be born; they’re more than happy to end them later.

It is certainly interesting that WRTL PAC chair Bonnie Pfaff would say in 2010 that “Scott Walker …[has] a deep and abiding respect for the value of human life,” given that the NRA actually seems to enjoy seeing people shot, which is hardly a respectful position.

For the NRA what matters is that Walker “rejects expanded licensing and registration schemes” that might tell us who actually owns which firearm. We can’t have that.

The “Save the Unborn, Screw the Post-born” campaign run by Republicans is consistently inconsistent in its support for actually being alive. Pro-life is certainly a debatable stance.

Walker has other endorsements as well:

If you judge these candidates by their endorsements, you can see pretty readily that as a liberal, you don’t want Scott Walker to stick around to stick it to Wisconsinites for four more years.

Photo from The Capital Times

10 Replies to “Who is Endorsing Whom in Wisconsin Gubernatorial Race?”

  1. If he gets re-elected, I am NOT going to feel sorry for the state of Wisc. They had the chance to get rid of him before he made the total mess and they cast their ballots in his favor any way. Now the damage has been done, so if re-elected one can only believe that is what the people like and want.

  2. Frankly,I believe the corporate media is lying and getting paid the almighty $ to deceive,lie,connive & scheme and they never tell the real facts and we just have to GOTMTV to show the better than they can tell us….Vote Blue,Vote Blue!!

  3. I recall another post…somewhere…from a Wisconsin resident stating that the rubes love Walker.

    White? Check

    Gun-totin’, deer-shootin’? Check.

    Religious(abortion sluts must die)? Check

    FOX viewers? Check.

    Republican from birth? Check.

  4. Too many morons in the Faux News bubble wouldn’t know the facts if they smacked them in the face. Then you have the religious nutcases and the gun nuts all backing the crooked Walker. Hopefully all the educated and aware people show up and show him the door.

  5. GeneralLerong – Wisconsin rube checking in…lol Most politicians are self-serving liars to one degree or another so there really is no difference between Walker and Burke in that regard. So this rube looks at which one will least impact me negatively and the winner is Walker and here’s why – based on his actions he believes that if I so choose I can remain a white gun totin deer shootin religious(minus your ridiculous slut comment of course)Fox viewer because that’s what the constitution guarantees. He knows that I can run my life better than he can. He knows that it’s not governments role to create jobs. He knows that government must first take from one person before it can give to someone else. He knows gov’t must first create an environment that will attract businesses before jobs can be expected. In short his beliefs have a better chance to keep me on the path of freedom and for this rube that’s what its always been about.

  6. And that’s why you are an idiot. After Walker get done kochsucking I wonder where will you go to shoot deer’s because they will have no habitat left. You do know what habitat means?

  7. walt u are a loser and got news for u, walker should be far ahead in the polls but he is not he is tied so that means he is in trouble and mary burke will be ur next governor u can bank that

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