Wall Street’s Worst Nightmare: Elizabeth Warren As Hillary Clinton’s Treasury Secretary


In an interview with People magazine, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said being possible future president Hillary Clinton’s Treasury Secretary was a fun thought. You can almost hear the horrified screams coming from Wall St.

According to People,

“They’re scared to death of Elizabeth Warren because she knows not only how banks operate, but she knows all about anti-trust law,” says Tufts University political science professor Jeffrey Berry.

So, if not chief executive, how would Warren feel about being Treasury Secretary under a President Hillary Clinton? Warren belts out a big, Clinton-caliber belly laugh. “Well, THAT’S a fun thought!”

As for Clinton, Warren says of the two women’s relationship: “We have talked. It’s not much more than that. Not much more.”

Warren was also asked about running for president, and she gave a maybe someday kind of answer that suggested that she would only run if Hillary Clinton chooses to sit out 2016. The odds of Clinton sitting out 2016 are getting close to zero, so that’s a big no from Warren on any immediate presidential campaigns.

The idea that Warren could be Hillary Clinton’s Treasury Secretary is a fascinating one. Judging from her reaction, I suspect the senator would love to have cabinet level power and influence over government economic and financial policy making.

The Clintons’ close ties to Wall Street mean that the chances of Warren running Treasury are slim, but there isn’t a thought that terrifies Wall Street and the big banks more than the prospect of Elizabeth Warren coming after them as Treasury Secretary.

Elizabeth Warren has a bright future whether she runs for president or not in 2016. She appears destined for a role in the executive branch government. Warren’s popularity and power are growing. Wall Street might be trying to halt off the inevitable by try to derail Sen. Warren’s rise.

11 Replies to “Wall Street’s Worst Nightmare: Elizabeth Warren As Hillary Clinton’s Treasury Secretary”

  1. I hope that Senator Warren doesn’t give up her senate seat (that will be hers for as many years as she wants it) for a temporary cabinet job.

    As for Hillary, she can’t be our friend, and a friend of the big banks, too. Who do you think she’ll pick? Hmmm…that’s a hard one!

  2. I’m sure that Janet Yellen will get her up to speed on the ramifications of any radical regulation of Wall St. After all, Main St. will feel any repercussions the hardest.

  3. I’d like to see Warren in that position whether Hilary wins the nomination or not. She’s perfect for it, and she’d have Wall Street screaming UNCLE!!!

  4. What a powerful ticket that would be. Completely unbeatable! I hope they do decide to work together.

  5. Senate Majority Leader Warren. “When you have them by the short and curlies, their hearts and minds WILL follow.” Old military saying.

  6. No, this is just to goad the Warren camp into running against Hillary. The notion being, if Warren runs and loses to Hillary, then she would not be picked for any important cabinet position.

    Besides, Warren should run for President. Not for Sec. of the Treasury under Hillary anyway.

  7. Warren, has stated that she will NOT run for the presidency. I believe she knows that Clinton WILL run and she will not split the party like that. And while I, personally, prefer Warren, one has to respect her decision.

    If Clinton has any brains at all she will recognise the fact that putting Warren in as Secretary of the Treasury will be one of the smartest things she could do.

    Wall Street and retailers are already in a bit of a stew because of the stagnant economy and wages. Perhaps they need to be reminded that it is due to the Republicans obstructing everything that could get the economy going.


    Warren would be the perfect person to set them straight

  8. I think that everyone here agrees that Liz Warren is Wall Street’s worst nightmare. She knows the game and isn’t afraid to call BS. I heard an interesting sound lately. The sound of Big Bank backsides slamming shut hard enough to rip the leather club chair upholstery at the thought that having Liz Warren as Treasury Secretary. Let’s face it. If they think she’s that dangerous to their business model, what are they hiding?

  9. Warren has said that she can accomplish more in the Senate, than in the Whitehouse.

    Look at the destructive nature of the Repulshricans against the POTUS. From day one they have been obstructionists and that continues today,,,,,,,,A majority Democratic congress would be the only way for aDemocratic POTUS to be effective. Vote for Democrats for Congress & Senate.

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