Michele Bachmann Calls Obama a Dictator Based On Her Fallacies About Immigration Actions

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Michele Bachmann is making the most of her exit tour, whipping her constituents up into a frenzy over President Obama’s imaginary legalization of terrorists. It’s no wonder the Tea Party is always so angry. If you thought the President was legalizing terrorists from his home country of “Kenya”, you’d be pretty mad too.

Ben Terris at the Washington Post detailed one of her farewell tour stops in which she told the crowd that Obama was going to make everyone legal, and that could include – gasp – terrorists!

On immigration: “What the president wants to do now is grant wholesale amnesty,” she shouted to the gaggle that quickly formed around her. “He’s planning to do an executive order and make everybody legal. Presumably, it could include terrorists that are here in the United States.”
The crowd chimed in. “Well, kick him out then.” “Impeach him.” “Send him back to Kenya!”
Bachmann laughed. She opened her arms wide, harnessing the energy from the room.

“He’s a dictator now,” Bachmann parroted back. “He’s making up the law as he goes along.”

Speaking of making things up, Bachmann totally made up President Obama’s executive action on immigration. But this is what she does best and it’s one reason her bright star burned out so quickly. Bachmann never figured out where to go after calling for insurrection and warning about Obama’s FEMA camps that never came to be. Poor thing never realized that she needed to get out while she could, ala Sarah Palin, who was also facing many ethics charges but who fled public office before they could tarnish her further than she had managed to tarnish herself on the VP trail.

Of course Bachmann didn’t correct the crowd regarding Obama’s birth place. These are the people and mindset she worked hard to create and get famous and wealthy over.

Obama is not a dictator for using executive power and he’s not making up the law. This is part of what comes with the office, and even though Republicans seem to think that its totally cool if they run on nothing and refuse to tell voters what their agenda is, Obama did not do that.

The President was very clear about his policy agenda, and it included raising the minimum wage and reforming our immigration laws, among many other issues. So for him to have won in a landslide and then take executive action within the established purview of his office in order to advance the agenda the people voted for is the opposite of being a dictator.

The President was only forced to weigh his options under the law as the Executive because Republicans refused to do their duty as lawmakers, due in large part to the Tea Party caucus’ disdain for immigrants of a certain type/color. After much political back and forth, Obama agreed to wait until after the midterms to issue new executive action on immigration. Is it possible that a “terrorist” could be legalized? It’s unlikely, but so is the idea of Bachmann on the House Intelligence Committee and yet there she stood. But it is just as possible that a terrorist is here illegally, what with terror being their job. It seems they would be unlikely to announce themselves to the feds at any rate.

Republicans like Darrell Issa have warned the President to give up any ideas of immigration reform ASAP. But that was back when they were going to sue him, before their lawyer quit on them. They’ve been rather silent on their previous hysteria, perhaps they no longer believe their own claims and there is no alleged constitutional crisis,or they figure the constitutional crisis can wait until after their bread is buttered with reelection.

And this is partly why Bachmann’s prospects are much bleaker now than they were in 2010. The Republican Party knows how to use the true believers and toss them away when they’re busted and their public image is bankrupt. The party encourages the faithful and the egotistical to get out there and raise holy heck, demand the president’s birth certificate, whatever it takes — but when the piper comes calling, the GOP turns its icy back. Bachmann joins Palin in the trash bin of Tea Party queens used and tossed away like rubbish by a desperate party with no ideas.

Bachmann told Terris that she was hoping to work for a think tank on foreign policy issues, among other plans for her future. A conspiracy theorist on foreign policy? She’d be perfect for any number of conservative outlets fronting lobbyists’ agendas under the guise of “think tank”. If only her image isn’t too toxic even for the GOP.

In its desperation to avoid discussing its policy agenda, the Republican Party use bright lights like Palin and Bachmann to distract the voters. To rile them up into a frenzy of rage over things that have not happened and never will happen under this President. Bachmann still has her core fans, just like Palin, but she earned the scorn of the nation the hard way.

19 Replies to “Michele Bachmann Calls Obama a Dictator Based On Her Fallacies About Immigration Actions”

  1. ummmm… why do you call dimwit like Ms Palin and Ms Bachmann bright lights?

    maybe shooting ‘stars’ that flash brightly thru the sky before burning themselves to ashes…

  2. Because she’s a politician that idiots love.

    You and I know those kind of people always get off with a slap on the wrist and a simple ‘No, no, no. Don’t do it again”

  3. Michelle Bachmann is no different than Palin, Joe the Plumber, Nugent, Norris, Trump, The Quacker people, Bundy, that Z list actor……non are elected officials. What they have to say is irrelevant. They are wasting H2O.
    As for Bachmann, for God’s sake, arrest her batshit crazy ass already. It takes a lot of gall to say the President is a dictator when you yourself are being investigated for behaving unethically.

  4. umm…they’re white
    White repubs never pay a price for anything..not even shutting our govt down..denying people the right to vote. Lets talk DICTATORS ms bachman..Just look at ALL RED STATES have hard Voter ID laws becauase they don’t; want black folk or brown voting heaven forbid for the Democrats. But you on the right can have your Adelsons, Koch Bros, CItizens United, Carl Rove. Why is that okay but us citizens donating to our party leaders not? At least our party leaders are getting most of their funds form us citizens. Your party is bought and paid for. AND THAT INCLUDES NOTHING FOR YOUR FOLKS except left over hate and madness over nothing. CHEAP LABOR CONSERVATIVES…you are one of them. Go away. This country does not need you.

  5. Well Joseph P. Uhl calls Michele Bachman a Bat Guano Ga-Ga Tea Potty Lunatic based on THE FACTS about all of her questionable actions. Guess who’s correct Michele?..here’s a clue..It is not YOU!

  6. Bachman, work, think tank…Huh? Talk about things that have no ties to eachother. Bachman, quitter, thoughtless…is more like it.

  7. Bachmann working for a “think tank” is akin to a blind person obtaining a driver’s license: neither are qualified. Bachmann hasn’t had an original thought sense she won. She’s a puppet, nothing more.

  8. I don’t stop anywhere in the district. I live in Minnesota, but I wish national news would quit saying she’s from here. Most Minnesotans are normal and don’t follow her beliefs.

  9. The World must just be laughing at us.
    Bachmann, Palin, Gohmert, Cruz, Paul,
    The list goes on & on & on.
    That list doesn’t cry out EXCEPTIONAL!
    That list cries out EMBARRASSING!
    & I’m not even sure WHO it makes look
    worse, the people who Voted these guys
    in OR the people who sat back, didn’t
    Vote, & let it happen………….

  10. Think tank? Don’t you need to know how to think first?
    As for the 6th dist. we in Mn wonder too!!
    WE have had our share of just plain Koos tho…starting with Jessie.

  11. Perhaps the investigation into her failed presidential campaign may have something to do with it. Sarah, if I recall, was also under investigation when she quit her term as governor of Alaska.

  12. this woman is absolutely crazy!!! she has has plenty of problems to worry about besides bashing Obama. here is yet another republican accused of crimes. bachman is under investigation for campaign fraud and misuse of campaign funds from her 2012 presidential attempt.

  13. “But it is just as possible that a terrorist is here illegally, what with terror being their job. It seems they would be unlikely to announce themselves to the feds at any rate.” This is the argument for allowing illegals in to the country and then granting them amnesty?

    “they figure the constitutional crisis can wait until after their bread is buttered with reelection.” So this couldn’t possibly be the reason Obie is waiting until after the mid-term election to put his pen to paper… could it?

    Why are the Dems so against securing our borders? Could it be that they are attempting to expand their voter base?

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