After Second Attorney Quits John Boehner Can’t Find A Lawyer Who Will Sue Obama


For the second time in two months, a law firm has dumped Speaker of the House John Boehner and refused to represent House Republicans in their lawsuit against President Obama.

Politico reported,

Attorney Bill Burck and the Quinn Emanuel firm halted preparations for the proposed suit in recent weeks, according to two sources familiar with the situation. Last month, the lawyer originally hired to pursue the case, David Rivkin of Baker Hostetler, made a similar abrupt exit.

A spokesman for Boehner declined to discuss the status of the House’s relationship with Burck and Quinn Emanuel. However, spokesman Kevin Smith said Wednesday evening that House leaders are considering having the lawsuit filed by lawyers already on the House payroll.

In other words, Boehner can’t find an outside attorney, so they are going to force the attorneys that are already on the House payroll to file the lawsuit.

Democratic Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) responded the news that another Boehner lawyer has quit, “Speaker Boehner cannot find a single lawyer in the entire country – even at $500 dollars an hour in taxpayer money – to file a lawsuit that is so totally devoid of any legal merit.”

The lawsuit is so bogus that House Republicans can’t find decent legal representation for $500 an hour. There are lots of terrible lawyers who would be willing to file the lawsuit for that kind of money, but no law firm who values their reputation will touch it.

Any private law firm that would represent the House Republicans would be destroying their credibility. The lawsuit against the president has absolutely no legal merit, and Republicans may not be able to find a court that is willing to hear it. Even if House Republicans can find a court willing to hear it, the lawsuit is expected to be laughed out of court.

Instead of wasting taxpayer money on an outside firm, House Republicans will waste the time of those who are being paid by the taxpayers by forcing them to work on their lawsuit against President Obama.

The reason Boehner’s lawsuit hasn’t been filed is that he can’t find a law firm that is willing to take the case. Much like everything else that the House Republicans touch, Boehner’s lawsuit against Obama was full of talk, but completely lacking in action.

19 Replies to “After Second Attorney Quits John Boehner Can’t Find A Lawyer Who Will Sue Obama”

  1. They don’t have grounds for a lawsuit, that’s why the attorney’s are fleeing. How much has this charade cost us taxpayers?

  2. I loved it when Lawrence ODonnell kicked that crazy harpy off of his show. This whole thing is laughable and proves that the Reich Wing has nothing.

  3. What? Orly Taitz is too busy with the whole Birther thing? Has she retired? Gone into rehab? Checked into a sanitarium? Finally lost her law license?

  4. Taitz’s latest non-Obama related lawsuit dismissals:

    In December 2013, in response to A&E suspending Phil Robertson, Taitz filed an administrative complaint in Colorado that accused A&E was “engaged in discrimination against heterosexuals in favor of homosexuals, engaged in discrimination of religious people, particularly Christians, in favor of godless atheists”.

    In May 2014, in response to the National Basketball Association banning Donald Sterling for making racist remarks, Taitz filed a “complaint” with the NBA, requesting that it also ban Shaquille O’Neal because he, in Taitz’s opinion, “publicly bullied” a disabled person.

    In July 2014, Taitz filed a lawsuit challenging the transfer of undocumented immigrants from South Texas to other states, claiming they would spread communicable diseases.

  5. If not Orly Taitz, then maybe Larry Klayman or Mat Staver would take it on.

    Actually, I don’t think the Big Orange Boner ever meant this ‘suit’ to go to litigation anyway. It was just a way for him to get the rabid hamsters of the pro-impeachment mob to shut up for awhile. Boner knows the suit has no legal merit, but he also knows that there’s even less merit to an impeachment proceeding.

  6. UncaJoe, too funny! Sad thing is it’s so true. Orly is a nut, why isn’t she in a mental hospital already? At the very least you would think the legal system would be sick of her by now and bar her from practicing law. Well hopefully someday soon.
    BTW, love the name, I remember the show well.

  7. And, of course, Boehner sent out his aide to say that the reason top law firms are refusing to accept the House TPers’ case is because wealthy dems are threatening them. Stupid, stupid, stupid. The reason major law firms don’t want to sign on to represent the House TPers in this joke of a lawsuit is because it would hurt their reputation. The lawyers at these firms have one quality Boehner and the TPers lack–integrity.

  8. Apparently Boehner and his band of madmen, don’t give up on their foolish quests. No matter how ridiculous it is. There are Republicans in the House who believe the Birther nonsense. There are Republicans in the House who STILL believe that OBAMA is into the so-called cover up, and that he did not order the cavalry to come to the rescue of those trapped Americans 100%, there are Republicans who believe Obamacare is NOT good for the country or any individual. There are Republicans in the House and Senate who believe that Shutting down the Government is a good move. And there are Republicans in the House who are certified incompetent fools.

  9. Maybe the Orange one could call George Zimmerman’s lawyer Mark. Or Casey Anthony’s. They are ambulance chasers, and dirty as Boehner is themselves.

  10. The only word a Conservative uninformed Fox News watcher can spell over 4 letters long……… Congratulations. you made it to the top of your learning challenged class.

  11. Orly Taitz is still around. Most recently she’s been involved in immigration and Ebola quarantine litigation in Texas, with a hearing earlier this week (the case is Taitz v. Jeh Johnson and there is a nice article in the Brownsville Valley Morning Star newspaper). Her long-standing case, Taitz v. Mississippi Democrat Party, is still creeping along as well. I would expect that both will be dismissed eventually.

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