Extremist Christian Banned From Daughter’s School After Making Terrorist Threat


It is unclear exactly when some Americans became so adamantly against education, but it is likely since conservatives and the Christian Right decided any curriculum not based on the bible, or Texas revisionist history, originated from Satan the Devil. There has been a concerted effort among a certain religious hate group to spread fear and incite anger against public school history curriculum that does not portray religions unrelated to the Judeo-Christian faith as inherently evil. Last week, the hate mongers’ efforts finally paid off and drove an extremist Christian into a rage that earned him banishment from the Maryland high school his daughter attended for making what amounts to a terrorist threat against school officials.

The man, Kevin Wood, was driven into a rage when his eleventh-grade daughter came home from school with a world history assignment on Islam and its influence in the Middle East. Wood  called the school enraged and threatened to disrupt classes if his daughter’s world history class continued to study the religion and its impact on human history. The history assignment dealt with the formation of Middle Eastern empires centuries ago, and both the history teacher and school vice principle told Wood the history curriculum has never been considered controversial in the past and that “the assignment has been given for years.”

Undaunted, and still in a religious rage, Wood promised to come to the school if Islam was mentioned any further and threatened to “bring down a shit-storm on them like they’ve never seen.” He also said that if his “daughter can’t practice Christianity in school, they can’t practice Islam in school.” Then he boasted to reporters that he told the history teacher “you could take that Muslim-loving piece of paper and shove it up your white [expletive]” because “the school is violating his daughter’s constitutional rights.”

Mrs. Wood, who obviously has not paid attention to the curriculum her daughter studies in a typical 11th-grade history class until the subject of Islam came up complained that “We cannot discuss our Ten Commandments in school, but they can discuss Islam’s Five Pillars? We don’t force our religious views on them, so don’t force your religious views on me.” The curriculum includes the impact and history of all the world’s major religions, particularly the Christian religion, but the Woods were convinced that Islam got priority over Judaism and Christianity.

After banning the maniac Wood from coming onto school grounds, Board of Education member Jennifer Abell posted a statement on Facebook explainingThe particular unit in question at La Plata High School is on the formation of Middle Eastern empires in which students learned the basic concepts of the Islamic faith, along with politics, culture, economics and geography that contributed to the development of the Middle East. It’s part of the curriculum, and it’s part of the standards you’re supposed to learn in a world history class. We are not teaching religion. Part of those world history studies involves the economics of a region and part of that is the religion which relates to the economy of that part of the world. In the Middle East, Islam contributes greatly to the economics of the region. Religion is a big part of world history.”

This is not the first, and certainly not the last, time evangelical parents have accosted history teachers and school officials over world history curriculum even mentioning Islam. Three weeks ago a California junior high history teacher was confronted by a group of parents, school administrators, and district representatives who were outraged the parent-approved text-book did not portray Islam as a murderous faith borne of Satan the Devil. The evangelical parents informed school officials they were directed by anti-Islam websites to confront teachers and demand that “schools stop lying about Islam.”

It took about thirty seconds to locate just one of hundreds of hate sites devoted to inciting parents to, like Kevin Wood, “demand that schools stop the dangerous lies about Islam being taught to our children.” One notorious anti-Muslim who is not going to get a mention from this column counsels evangelical “Parents in these schools to demand more informed lesson plans that focus on “Islam’s history of jihadi wars, land appropriations, cultural annihilation, and enslavement.”

What the Islamophobes fail to understand, is that the same world history curriculum does not focus on the 6,000 history of the Judeo-Christian religions’ mass extermination, often of other Christians, cultural and literal annihilation of indigenous people around the world, and enslavement of entire nations. It is something public school curriculum, particularly in America, sweeps under the rug; particularly the past four centuries worth of Christian atrocities including German Christians’ attempt to wipe Jews off the face of the Earth resulting in the massacre of over 6 million innocent men, women, and children.

It was only a matter of time before evangelical hate-mongers’ efforts to incite rage against curriculum mentioning Islam in the context of world history produced a terrorist threat against a public school. The Maryland school officials were right to ban Kevin Wood from trespassing on school grounds; particularly after a direct threat to “bring down a shit-storm on them like they’ve never seen” unless they “stop studying Islam’s impact on human history in the Middle East.”

One wonders how evangelicals would react if public schools included, as part of their world history curriculum, the thousands-of-years of atrocities against mankind at the hands of devotees of the Christian religion. However, they will never have to address that prospect because public school history curriculum focuses on the cultural, economic, and political impact of all the world’s major religions; not their bloody history.

It is noteworthy that as a major religion, Islam has not had nearly the deleterious and deadly impact on world history as Christianity. If evangelicals cannot believe it, they can consult their faith’s holy scriptures for the beginning of a deadly six-thousand year history of bloody religious wars, land appropriations, cultural annihilation, extermination, and enslavement;” something their children will never learn in school; but they certainly should.

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  1. How funny that these parents never took the time to understand what the kids were studying. The kids will learn about Martin Luther King and his accomplishments, there is no reason to skip Islamic accomplishments. Islamic art mixed with Hindu art Is the finest architecture and art in the world.

    If one looks at the carving and art work on the Taj Mahal, it is beyond much of what is even considered today

  2. Even though I’m a life-long atheist, I find it interesting and fascinating (from a historical standpoint) to read and learn about all of the religions of the world with their many contradictions, rules, regulations, traditions, etc.

  3. Notice the Dominionist aspects of the parents’ objection? It’s the intellectual equivalent of a demand that the school stop teaching Science because it conflicts with their Luddite ideology, or Geography, because the world is flat, according to Christian dogma. They want a conformist curriculum, or by God, they’ll burn down the school.

  4. It’s really quite simple. He can take his daughter out of the school and home teach her. Public school is to teach (in this case) a general history of ALL of the world. Teaching fantasy and ignorance is best taught in home schooling.

    Problem solved.

  5. These religious zealots act very similar to other nations’ extremists. Not surprising, we have them here, too. Dangerous in that their ‘rights’ can usurp ours….how did that even come close to happening in America? Church/State must stay separate!!

  6. You know one thing that always strikes me as odd about all of this is the notion that “America was founded on “CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES”. Which, clearly it wasn’t!!! Our founding fathers saw first hand the bigotry, hate, greed, wrath and all of that nice stuff that church can create and wreck on society.

    These founders were almost to a person, everyone of them were DEIST. And my friends, these were not CHRISTIAN men!!! If not mistaken a Deist believes in a higher power, but they do not try to frame that higher power, they don’t believe in a higher power that is an all controlling, ever guiding , mystical entity. We may have simply been given a boost and left to our own devices, sink or swim. Nothing more or nothing less!!!

    I know it seems incredibly hard to wrap a conservative head, mind around, but so is the truth!!!!!

    But, hey our founding fathers also used drugs, believed ladies were possessionss, people of differing colors were not well I’ll not go to there

  7. Idiots like the Wood’s obviously have never left the confines of this country. They’re the type of people who say “Why would I ever go to another country? Everything we need is here.” To paraphrase Mark Twain, travel is fatal to prejudice and narrow mindedness.
    Then, think of the poor daughter in this. Ya think she’s going to catch a “shit storm” of grief from her peers because of her lunatic parents?
    Utter morons.

  8. A person behaving like a terrorist not liking terrorists! The KKK are terrorist, has she complained about them?

  9. Don’t forget that the Salem Witch Trials were less than a century before the Revolution, which pretty every one of founding fathers were a part of. I’d say that piece of history was quite influential with including Freedom of Religion in the 1st Amendment.

  10. Not ban religion. Just make it so that religion, money, corporate interest have absolutely no place position in American politics!!!!

    But, I see one of two things happening in our Amerika. We’re either going to become a Christian Theocracy, or a Corporate theocracy. Don’t really know which is gonna happen, but it is quickly lurching down that road.

    Oh wait, sorry am I in a time warp or……… hasn’t that already happened on both accounts????? And there is the crux of the problem, how can they serve two masters, two Gods. the Kochs bro’s on one hand and the Church on the other. Can’t be a whore to both, or can you?????

    And to think the Republican party really was at one time in the past a party for the people!!! Somewhere over the last 40 or so years, it became a party of the church and a party of the Corporation, IMHO!!!

  11. If only they were teaching the truths…! Anything short of exposing the true evil of Islam should never be introduced as a testable subject in any American public school…including state-funded colleges.

  12. I taught the same info in world history classes in GA, and none of my students abandoned Christianity for Islam or any of the other religions covered in the unit.

    I understand what this system is dealing with with this Wood character. One of the strangest things that happened to me was having a parent enter my classroom on Parents’ Night, see a poster of MLK on my wall and tell me it didn’t need to be there. I told him that I was a social studies teacher and that included studying/teaching about all aspects/topics and persons in the entire world. He backed down after he found he couldn’t bully me into removing the poster. Of course, I knew he was a racist because he never objected to seeing the posters of Rockefeller, Thomas Jefferson, or any white person on my wall. Of all of the posters, he chose MLK to object to. SMDH.

    Because most Americans aren’t teachers, they have no idea about the number of nuts that teachers deal with everyday/year.

  13. WHich shows how gullible you are. Everyday Islam itself is not violent just as everyday christians are not violent. Extremist Islamists are violent. Christian fundamentalists would be if we didnt have laws.

  14. listen up dems. im telling you folks this is crazy. those rightwing evangelical phanatics and republican conservatives, CANNOT AND MUST NOT be given any more political power. we must turnout and vote. that is how we change this country. you can get angry, you can yell and curse, jump up and down but it wont do any good unless we get to the voting booths on November 4th and vote for democrats. we must get rid of every single republican we can. the whole GOP party needs to be destroyed to dust. it starts this tuesday and will continue on November 4th, 2016. please, get out and vote!!! we must not allow republicans to take the senate back. vote for dems!!!

  15. Interesting that no one seems to get that Jews, Christians, and Islam all have the same G_d. Man are those folks screwed up. All this crap over a bunch of make believe.

  16. The 6,000 was in reference to historical years of Christian’s committing the same atrocities the radical religious right attributes to Islam. Hence, the authors satirical view of the radical religious rights hypocrisy.
    “Six million”– it was spelled out, but I don’t think the dumb fireman read or couldn’t comprehend the article thoroughly– is in reference to the German Christian genocide of Jews.
    Here, read it again and maybe you can come up with a constructive comment, dumb.
    It is something public school curriculum, particularly in America, sweeps under the rug; particularly the past four centuries worth of Christian atrocities including German Christians’ attempt to wipe Jews off the face of the Earth resulting in the massacre of over –> 6 million innocent men, women, and children.

  17. Basic argument of this article is sound, but not sure where the 6000 years of Judeo-Christian atrocities comes from. Christianity has only been around for 2000 years (and wasn’t a problem in the early centuries) and there are very few occasions recorded where Jews were guilty of oppressing anyone. More often they were the victims.

  18. Which is why they all are at war with each other. To prove their religion is the peaceful and the only real thing. I hate to say this but I am going to add that my religion is the most peaceful. I worship the Goddess of Java. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have coffee. If it weren’t for coffee, I would be a lunatic bitch going into deep end!

  19. It sounds to me that a failure to study the impact of Islam on the history of the Middle East smacks of “cultural annihilation”.

  20. Head for the Hills, Brothers! When we’re tired of chasing Sanborn, we’ll go home to our House in Maxwell, where you can Folger feet on the sofa.

  21. I was thinking the same thing. If they object so much why are they sending their daughter there in the first place?

    I’m sure she’ll be quite happy with them if they deprive her of all the social aspects of public school with peers and instead force her to sit alone at the dining room table while pumping her full of their lies and fantasies.

  22. Islam was a major power in the world until a few hundred years ago. It had a huge influence on science, maths, medicine. In a historical context, of course it’s important to understand Islam. As a religion to somehow be understood as a beacon of light to humanity? The study of history enables us to overcome our ignorance in many areas. Oft times the answer isn’t just black and white. Islam is one of the three largest religions in the world. It’s a “major religion” by any meaningful definition.

  23. Judaism is before Christianity and of course, continues today. All you have to do is read the Old Testament and see when all the mayhem started. About 6000 years ago to present.

  24. Its important to understand the contributions of Islamic countrys and people, not understand Islam. Any more then its not important to understand christianity

    In school.

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