Unbelievable! New York Cop Who Killed Eric Garner With Chokehold Will Not Be Indicted


NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo will not be indicted on any charges relating to the death of Staten Island man Eric Garner. Even though the New York City medical examiner ruled Garner’s death a homicide due to the compression around the neck that Garner suffered when Pantaleo wrestled him down during an arrest with a chokehold, the officer will face no charges. Garner, who weighed about 350 pounds and suffered from asthma, complained during the arrest that he couldn’t breathe. A number of NYPD officers confronted and then arrested Garner for selling loose cigarettes on the street.

Garner’s July arrest and the chokehold by Pantaleo was captured on a cellphone video, which can be seen below:



The news of Garner’s death sparked protests over the summer that grew even louder after Michael Brown was shot and killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. Garner’s death was just one of a number of instances where unarmed black men were killed due to confrontations with police this year.

Right now, it is not clear how many jurors on the grand jury agreed not to bring charges against Pantaleo. Also, it was not made readily available what charges the officer was facing. In a New York City grand jury, as many as 23 people makeup the jury. At least 12 have to vote for an indictment for the prosecutor to move forward with charges. In this instance, the grand jury returned with a ‘no true bill.’ Per MSNBC, 23 jurors made up this grand jury. Of those, 14 are white and nine are non-white, with five being black.

The news of no indictment will definitely not ease racial tension across the nation. Since Wilson was not indicted last week, protests have continued across the nation. During the post-Thanksgiving shopping weekend, demonstrations took place on the streets and in shopping centers, leading to a drop in Black Friday sales. Since then, demonstrations have included protesters walking out of work and school in what has been described as ‘Hands Up, Walk Out.’ Prior to Wednesday afternoon’s announcement, a number of actions were seen across the nation where students and workers had walked out.


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  1. So again, like in Ferguson, a majority white Grand Jury lets a white cop off after he kills a black man.

    In what world does this make any sense?

  2. Sell loose cigs on the street warrants the death penalty. Crash the economy grift your way to billions of dollars on Wall Street you get more tax breaks.

    Only in America

  3. Per MSNBC, 23 jurors made up this grand jury. Of those, 14 are white and nine are non-white, with five being black.
    Among New York State’s cities, as of 2010, New York City is 44% white, 28% Latino, 25% African American, and 13% percent Asian American.

    Stacking the deck I see. If minorities make up more than 56% of the population shouldn’t the pool reflect that?
    White privilege. Do you now believe?

  4. What in the actual fuck do you mean by “Unbelievable!”????

    It is utterly predictable. Totally believable. Absolutely expected.

  5. lessee… If I’m a cop and use a choke hold distinctly forbidden by police policy, I get away with murder. But if I, as Joe Sixpack, do the same thing, then the best I can hope for is conviction of second degree murder.

    I don’t know what legalese BS allowed this, but this isn’t over. The demand for accountability isn’t going to go away.

  6. This is BullSH(t!! When is justice going to be for all of us instead of who the Reich Wing chooses justice to be given to!? I have breathing problems myself and I’m here to tell you that if some police officer or a rent-a-cop tried that with me He is the one who will be slipping off his mortal coil. If it’s a legitimate offense I wouldn’t resist BUT!!! if I’m innocent and I know it, that officer WILL be shown no quarter!!!

  7. No Indictment for the White Cop Who Choked Eric Garner to Death For just a moment, you can have sympathy for the grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri. They didn’t have multiple video recordings of the minutes when Michael Brown had his run-in with Darren Wilson. No one had their phones pointed at the street when Wilson shot Brown. No one captured the moment he died. If only for a second, you can feel a bit of pity for the jurors because of what the prosecutor forced them to wade through, for having to figure out if deadly force was necessary without such readily obvious evidence. And that second can only exist while you are burning with anger at the grand jury on Staten Island that just declined to indict NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo for choking Eric Garner to death when Garner was accused of selling untaxed cigarettes. – See more at: http://rudepundit.blogspot.com/2014/12/no-indictment-for-white-cop-who-choked.html#sthash.ZNezaQC5.dpuf

  8. His death was ruled a homicide…….so whose going to be held accountable? Choke holds are banned because they kill people!
    Anonymous we need you….justice is failing, our DA’s are failing….they can not head anymore of these type of cases!

  9. The fix was in when they went to Staten Island. This is the same place that elects Peter King and Michael Grimm. Whenever a cop commits a crime in NYC they always send it to the hellhole because they know the make up of that community will never indict

  10. Once again I hold the Prosecutor accountable. A Prosecutor is suppose to bring a strong “narrow” case to the Grand Jury to seek an indictment. You know the whole “indict a ham sandwich” saying. In these cases the state/local Prosecutor have close ties with the cops. When cops kill unarmed people, a Special Prosecutor should be called in. A Grand Jury will follow the Prosecutor. If the Prosecutor doesn’t believe the case should go to trial, the Grand Jury will not indict.

  11. Man! Getting a cop in trouble for murder is like pulling teeth. And this is even worse because the whole thing was on video! WHAT WAS THIS JURY THINKING?! Surely there can’t be that many hardcore bigots in New York State! Some of this jury wasn’t even white!


    It’s like these people were completely unaware of the stuff going on in Ferguson.

    There is no law that states that cops are above the law and allowed to murder! Sorry sweetie but there will be punishment because KARMA is all-powerful!

  12. Did anyone read the actual transcript of the DA’s speech following the Michael Brown decision? There was video evidence – someone on a video chat caught the whole thing in the background…and what did that show? Well, as the D.A. explained it showed a large angry man running at a police officer. I’m not sure about you, but if I were a cop who just came upon a suspect who had held up a convenience store and assaulted the clerk, I would be on red-alert. After that suspect tried to grab my gun and battered my face, I would be very afraid. Now, less than 10 seconds later, when that suspect turns around and starts back after me, I’d feel extremely threatened for my life. Clearly, Michael Brown showed no concern about breaking the law, and showed no regard or respect for the authority we have put in place to enforce it. I am sorry he is dead, but he was a large, angry criminal that threatened a cop. He made a bad decision and paid for it. Put yourself in Wilson’s shoes-what would you …

  13. Put ourselves in “Darren Wilson’s shoes?”

    I think the problem is that too many people aren’t putting themselves in the shoes of the Michael Browns and Eric Garners of the world.

  14. Did you ever read witness 40 statement to the FBI and compared that to her perjury when she lied to the Grand Jury? I don’t think you will but here you go
    Please read Witness #40’s FBI interview and grand-jury testimony. Just read it.

    I know it goes against what you believe but that’s what having white privilege affords you

  15. It doesn’t seem to matter whether there is video or not. Cops aren’t going to be indicted no matter what.

    This calls into question the push for cops to wear body cameras so they can record their interactions with the people they encounter.

    What difference does a body camera make when THIS particular crime was on video and they STILL didn’t indict the police officer for ANYTHING. Not even a misdemeanor.

    I’m not saying they shouldn’t be worn, but I am saying that I don’t think they will make one bit of difference when you have grand juries that will not indict police officers for their misconduct.

    Moreover, who owns the video? Will the video be automatically uploaded somewhere so that it is safe and police departments & prosecutors can’t alter it? I wonder about this.

    All that said, I am very sorry for Mr. Gardner’s wife, children & grand children. Their family member was killed for no reason and they have not received justice.

  16. Clearly there are plenty of haters out there, as well as idiots, but what makes you think that 12 members of the grand jury all put full stock into Witness #40? They all had to agree that the evidence in its totality was insufficient to conclude an indictment was appropriate. We’re not talking about a verdict here, we’re talking about an indictment – something readily obtained and handed out by grand juries everywhere when the evidence meets the meager burden required. The standard rules of evidence don’t apply in grand jury testimony, so hearsay and other witness recollections are freely admissible. It’s not a perfect system, far from it, but don’t confuse lack of perfection from a systematic intent to discriminate.

  17. He didnt when he first approached them. He then heard it on the radio and then backed up the car to them.

  18. OMG!!! How in Gods name did they not indite? This cop??
    NYPD said it’s illegal to use a choke hold!!! Did the so called jurors not see them doing that to this man?? Did the jurors not hear the man say “I can’t breath”!!! This cop is so guilty!!!! He needs to be held accountable!! Period!!!! It’s time to make the cops start taking responsibility for what they do!!!! No more excuses!!! It is a obvious that this cop is guilty!!!!! I’m white!! I no right from wrong and this is so wrong!!!!!!!!!! Charge the cop for blatant murder!!! That’s what this is!!! I can’t believe he wasn’t charged!!!!

  19. Even when it’s shown on a video ,just like Rodney king,nothing was done.why are cops so angry ,what kind of brain washing is part of police training,trains them to be against all civilians.cops the biggest gang in the world

  20. Well Bilbo, I think its bigger then that. Personally in these cases I think the fix is in so they can force Black people to riot and then say they should not be voting due to their actions. I think there is purpose behind this

  21. I’m ashamed of my state. This just tops it.

    The man who was shot was only trying to sell some cigarettes for crying out loud.

    I could expect it in Missouri..NYC no.

    What precedent these 2 cases are setting. This is total bullshit, why do they have to kill them???? I’m sick over this.

  22. Darren knew what he signed up for when he became a cop. That is no excuse. He is a cop, he should be ready to SUBDUE not KILL an unarmed person.

  23. Killson was part of a police department that was disbanded because of its racism. He is what he his. There are even some reports that he is a klansman. He should have never been given the authority of a law enforcement officer.

    Michael Brown is dead and nothing will ever change that but if there is an investigation into the entire St. Louis county police to see who are white supremacy idiots then maybe Mike Brown legacy will be to root them out

  24. Congressman Says Eric Garner Is Responsible For His Own Death: He ‘Was So Obese’
    As protesters hit the streets in New York City and around the country Wednesday night, Congressman Peter King (R-NY) appeared on CNN and delivered an extended defense of the police killing of Eric Garner. King said that the officer, who employed an illegal chokehold to bring Garner down, was just doing his job. Ultimately, King pins says Garner was actually responsible for his own death: “If he had not had asthma, and a heart condition, and was so obese, he would not have died from this.”

  25. This is inhumane!!! I don’t believe they aren’t charging this man with murder. If they obviously viewed the fact he was obese why use excessive force? There has to be some kind of exception on a man with this size for the all the reasons it can go wrong. The problem is these racists cops can careless about how they bring down a 300 lb black man as long as he’s down and in custody they give two shits if they killed him. U know what God will take care of this and this disgusting man who did this will have to live with the fact he took a father away from a family. U piece of shit! Roy!!!

  26. Did you know that grand jury service is not picked for a particular case. So the makeup of the grand jury had nothing to do with this case!
    I’m not defending anyone, just telling you that your wrong. the grand jury was made up long before this case.

  27. Wow that’s some kreskin shit. They empaneled the grand jury even before the crime. I be damn I didn’t know the government had those powers.

  28. The Grand Jury system needs to go, along with the “broken windows” system of policing! The States is the only country in the world that has retained a Grand Jury system, and it’s clearly a flawed system with the verdicts we are seeing. Juries should never be secret, and prosecutors should never be able to run a jury proceeding.

  29. We can’t put ourselves in Michael Brown shoes nor Gardner because they are both dead. In Brown case, yes he was way in the wrong for going at Wilson, but just like in the Gardner case, does it mean you have to take their life. I honestly had 2nd thoughts about the Wilson case, but seeing this makes me a firm believer. This is o wrong on so many levels! And you say you are tired of the protest in your name, would you be so tired if it were your son or your family member. If they were the victims. This is not right at all!! I just don’t understand the mentality of some of my fellow Americans, (u noticed I didn’t say a particular race) but we are all human and American “supposed” to be one nation under God and Justice for All, but I like to say One Nation under a Government and Fighting for Justice. I see no Justice for All. Justice means fair treatment! It’s supposed to be about what is right and what is wrong!

  30. Been researching this matter. Because of supreme court rulings…grand jury all based on “intent”. Officer stated not his “intent” to kill this man. Do we all have this defense? I didn’t intend to shoot my wife…the gun just went off seven times! I didn’t intend to run over that jogger…he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time!

    What was the intent as they left Eric Garner on the street unattended to die?

    I am white. No excuse for this. Similar wrongdoings in my predominantly white area…with both whites and blacks. Problem is that some police believe themselves to be “above” the law. Some justify driving at unreasonable speeds to a non-life threatening police matter. Some justify man-handling women. Some justify entering your property without a warrant.

    There is no justification for this matter. It is impossible to challenge with the supreme court siding with “police intent”. Focus needs to be on intent when not helping a man expressing a need for…

  31. I could care less about the DA’s speech transcript as I do about the 272 pages of grand jury testimony. I have read each and every page and I can only say this about the matter: prosecutors are supposed to obtain an indictment; period! In fact, in 99.9% of all grand juries they do just that. However, reading the transcript from the Wilson case, one can see the several times his testimony was not even questioned. In addition: he did not even have a right to testify before the grand jury nor was it the job of the DA to present exculpatory evidence (evidence exonerating Wilson).

    Something is fundamentally wrong here when we seek so many justifications for a system that is not working for the minority portion of our country. As a white male; I am highly disturbed!

  32. Shiva,

    I think you are onto something here. Case in point: they had the Ferguson grand jury decision at 8:00 in the morning. Why did they wait to publish and announce at 9:00 at night? That right there stinks!

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