Elizabeth Warren Rejects MoveOn’s Million Dollar Effort To Draft Her For 2016



MoveOn.org is trying to draft Sen. Elizabeth Warren to run for president in 2016, but Sen. Warren has already rejected their efforts and made it clear that she won’t be running against Hillary Clinton.

Via a press release, MoveOn announced their member vote to draft Warren,

For the first time in its 16-year history, the 8-million-member group is holding a nationwide membership vote on a presidential draft campaign. If the vote succeeds, the group will focus on persuading the Massachusetts senator, who has become known as a tireless, passionate advocate for middle-class and working families, to seek the presidency.


Voting is open to MoveOn’s full membership across the country until 10 a.m. Eastern time Wednesday morning. The result will be announced at 11 a.m. Eastern.

The campaign, if ratified by MoveOn’s members, will include:

– offices and staff in early primary and caucus states like Iowa and New Hampshire,

– the assembly of a national volunteer army ready to go to work if Sen. Warren enters the race,

– recruiting small-dollar donors who pledge their support,

– and ads and media products that call attention to how Sen. Warren has stood up and fought for the middle class and her powerful vision for our country’s future.

The organization will invest at least $1 million in the first phase of the launch.

Warren’s press secretary put an end to dream of drafting the senator in 2016 by saying for the billionth time, “As Senator Warren has said many times, she is not running for president.”

Sen. Warren is not running because she supports Hillary Clinton in 2016. Warren has shown herself to be a tireless campaigner for Democratic candidates and a loyal party member. She seems like anything, but the go it alone type who would break with her party to launch and outsider bid for president.

There is a candidate that would be perfect for the left that groups like MoveOn continue to ignore. Sen. Bernie Sanders is serious about challenging Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary, and he would welcome a million dollar investment in a primary campaign organization.

Whether progressives want to believe it or not, Elizabeth Warren is not running. She has made zero moves towards a bid for the presidency. If groups like MoveOn were smart, they would be lining up behind Sanders and stop wasting their time chasing the fantasy of Elizabeth Warren in 2016.

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  1. In my view, the Democrats have a big choice to make. They can try to win by being relatively moderate or they can try to win by recapturing populism. Either strategy has potential.

    If they go with populism, the primary thing that needs to be addressed, in my view, is the way that workers’ productivity is being split up. At present, for each hour an employee works, their employer keeps- after expenses are paid- about the same amount as the employee gets after benefits. That is insane. It isn’t even supposed to be possible in a free market. Employers that engage in less profit taking should be able to snatch those employees away from their less efficient, greedier, competitors, and hence increase their own profits. But it isn’t happening that way and only the Democrats have the tools to fix the problem- collective bargaining, minimum wage, antitrust enforcement, progressive taxation,…

  2. Bless their little old hippie hearts.

    The Senate is where the power is, if done right.
    The torture by clown we have been experiencing in Congress cannot sustain itself.

    Warren, Sanders, Grayson and their more timid but willing colleagues are the bellwethers of change.
    President Obama’s Colbert appearance raises the sword of humor against the crudeness of clown inanity. (Been re-reading Morte D’Arthur…sorry.)

    Clinton White House + Senior Senators Warren and Sanders + a few wild-eyed liberal Representatives and its a whole new circus.

  3. She will not run against Hilary? Do we know for certain Hilary is running in 2016? It appears she is, but it also appeared we would kick GOP butt last month, and look what happened!
    Whoever runs in 2016 and receives the Democratic nomination has my vote. I will do whatever I can to help that person win-legally. Voting is not enough, as some people seem to think. I worked to help get Obama and Grimes elected, and I will help with whoever receives the nomination.
    Grimes loss is her fault, but I will work just as hard for our candidate in 2016. And I don’t want to here any whining from voters because their candidate did not receive the nomination. We have to be united.
    If Warren won’t run, that’s her prerogative, and I respect that. We need her more in the Senate tp keep McConnell and Cruz in line, anyway.

  4. “it also appeared we would kick GOP butt last month, and look what happened!”

    In what bizarro universe are you living?

  5. Warren has been very consistent in stating that she has no interest in running and no intention of running in 2016. I wonder about all these people that keep insisting on a Warren ticket, including plans to draft her.

    It sounds to me as though they have no interest in the real, live, actual, Elizabeth Warren, but rather a mythical Warren that they have convinced themselves will be the perfect candidate, made in their image and prepared to do and be exactly what they want in a candidate and President.

    One can only imagine how they would turn on her as soon as it would turn out that she has a mind of her own, and would make decisions and set priorities that are not exactly what her base believe they should be.

  6. I wish they would leave Sen. Warren alone. She has stated multiple times she will not run.

    While I think she would be a better President than Clinton, Warren and her “HELL NO” group is just as good as having a Democratic Senate. If she were to run, we would lose that clout.

    The same for Bernie Sanders. I love that guy and would vote for him over Clinton in a New York minute, BUT we also need him to stand with Warren in the Senate. Because if we lose either one, our protection in the Senate is screwed.

    They have put up a fence to have President Obama’s back that the Republicans will have a tough time getting over. I have no doubt that that they will get over that fence, but with Warren and Sanders, they will pay dearly to do so.

  7. I really have no use for MoveOn.org anymore after several years supporting them.

    I really LIKE Senator Warren, but she should stay in the Senate where she is doing a fine job. It was hard to get her there and she is really very effective. Rather than removing her, MoveOn, why not find 30 or so MORE like her who want to be Senators or Representatives…The more left, the better.

    Given the horrible drag to the right in the US, anyone more left than Hillary probably would never be elected…and Hillary seems to actually WANT to be President, which Warren does not.

    MoveOn, stop playing ego games…it is about the PEOPLE of our country who will be suffering under Extremist Republican rule over the next 2 years…we do not need an extremist Republican President on top of this mess, which we almost certainly would if Senator Warren were our candidate.

    Move On, get over yourselves.

  8. We should have picked up 6-8 gubernatorial seats and about 3 senate seats. I know what I am talking about, you don’t.

  9. “Because if we lose either one, our protection in the Senate is screwed.”

    I question that, and here’s why. If either Warren or Sanders ran for the presidency, and won, then we’d have a strong executive branch…I don’t think either of them would put up with much crap from the Republicans. If they lost, then they’d just return to the Senate, ala Cruz, Bachmann, Paul and McCain. We’d only lost that protection if both ran on the same ticket (president and VP) and won.

  10. I saw an interview with Bill Moyers where Eliz. Warren spoke very negatively about Hillary Clinton. She described a situation in which Hillary took her ideas, acted on them, then took credit for them. Sorry I can’t remember more details. After Hillary became Secretary of State she reversed her position on the issue(s). But politics has a way of making people put their differences aside if it means mutual gain.

  11. What does this say about Hillary’s chances? When you have an organization like Move On looking for a candidate, it tells me that there are a lot of folks who aren’t too thrilled with the prospect of Clinton as the Democratic nominee.

    As a registered Independent, I can tell you right now I will not vote Republican in 2016.

    I can also tell you, personally I would like a choice other than Hillary. She leans a bit far right in my opinion. Anythings she says to convince me otherwise will probably be just that…to convince me, and others.

  12. I like Elizabeth Warren a lot!

    However, we need her voice and actions in the Senate, especially during this horrific time in our country. Our freedoms are at stake, at risk of being lost to the drumbeat of the TGOP and supported by SCOTUS.

  13. It is my sincere belief that Senator Warren is most valuable in the Senate now. I will support her for president when SHE says she is ready to run.

    We need her in the Senate now. We can not afford to force her to stop working and start fundraising. We need a warrior right where she is working and gaining experience that will make her an unbeatable candidate.

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