Andrea Mitchell Not Rachel Maddow Named The Best Host On MSNBC


andrea mitchell best host on MSNBC
A poll of cable news hosts found that Andrea Mitchell, not Rachel Maddow, was voted the best host on MSNBC.

Mediaite polled dozens of cable news hosts on MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News and asked them who the best and worst hosts were on the three cable networks. In a surprise, MSNBC’s noon host Andrea Mitchell was the runaway winner of the best host voting.

According to Mediaite, “The host of the noon hour program, Andrea Mitchell Reports, garnered a majority of the anonymous votes, besting a slew of single-vote runners-up that included Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Abbie Huntsman, and Joe Scarborough. Mitchell has been in the broadcasting business a long time, and has developed a respected reputation among her peers for her many years as either a foreign affairs, White House, or congressional correspondent for the Peacock Network.”

Mitchell is beloved by her colleagues, and she is a well-respected journalist, but she is not the best host on MSNBC. The worst host category on MSNBC came down to Ronan Farrow and Al Sharpton. Farrow is terrible, so that vote makes sense. Sharpton has his fans, but he is not a professional host. Rev. Al mispronounced names and mangles reading from a teleprompter on a daily basis. Again, none of this is Sharpton’s fault. He isn’t a professional host. Sharpton seemed to get dinged in the poll because the people in charge of MSNBC decided to give him a nightly show.


I suspect that MSNBC viewers would have a vastly different view of who is the best host on the network. Maddow is the runaway favorite host of the audience. The network doesn’t have a consensus second most popular host. Ed Schultz, Chris Hayes, Lawrence O’Donnell, and Chris Matthews all have their fans and their detractors.

Rachel Maddow isn’t a part of the Beltway media club, and it wouldn’t be surprising if she lost votes because she isn’t afraid to criticize the media. The idea that Joe Scarborough got votes as the best host on MSNBC is laughable, and it demonstrates how conservative some of the hosts on cable news are.

The media think that Andrea Mitchell is the ideal MSNBC host, but for viewers Rachel Maddow is the obvious choice.

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  1. Rachel is the best of any of them from any of the networks. She’s fair, doesn’t take sides and will admit mistakes when made.

  2. So Mrs Greenspan won best host. Hmm. Secret ballot? Okay but I have another theory on why she won. Comcast. This is from a post I did on the turtle thread. It was on the firing of dancing dave
    why David Gregory was fired from Meet the Press outlines five factors that led to his ultimate ouster from a show NBC still considers their flagship political property.

    Reason #1: Comcast According to the article, Comcast had a much more hands-on approach than GE did. They were connected in Washington, DC, had lobbyists and political operatives all over Capitol Hill, and viewed Meet the Press as yet another lobbying arm to further their corporate objectives.

    Let me connect some dots. Mrs Greenspan whose hubby is Alan Greenspan a disciple of Ayn Rand carrying out Comcast mission of total corporate dominance of the country.

    But I am quite sure that has nothing to do with it

  3. Rachel hosts a show, but she is a journalist. Mitchell is not. She is a shill for Comcast and her husband. She may be ‘respected’ but not by the audience. Rachel is hands down the best broadcast journalist on TV. And no matter that MSNBC put a college dropout in as Head of News or whatever Todd is, Rachel is the best interviewer, the best researcher, and the fairest person on any network. No wonder the right hates her.

  4. I watch Rachel daily just before moving to The National, a Canadian news magazine that is on after Rachel each night. This way I get the best news from both countries.

    Rachel is far and away the best news person on TV at this time.

  5. Not true. Not true at all. This is a travesty. Will Scarboro now be given the People’s Choice Award? If Maddow was to pack up and leave, MSNBC would be toast.

  6. Mika mispronounces names daily and walks out if she doesn’t like what she is reading. Why wasn’t she in the “worst” pile?

  7. All of this is true. However I wish that she would mention adoption as a policy option. It’s all abortion every day. “Pro choice” and “pro life” can include adoption.

  8. oh please! anonymous vote? six people vote and she wins? how laffable!!
    rachel is and will be on my teevee each time she’s on-air.

  9. When looking for something to watch at noon I have The Bold and the Beautiful and Andrea Mitchell. In the middle of prime time I have a lot more choices and Rachael often looses out to one melodrama or another. Now that they are in reruns I’m going to tune in more often. Still not a big fan of Andrea. Too softball.

  10. Outrageous! Mrs. Greenspan hates progressives – she does not belong on this channel. MSM SUCKS

  11. “It’s all abortion every day.”

    That’s definitely not true. Rachel Maddow talks about the environment, veterans, current affairs in the news (Ferguson, elections, Cuba, Putin, weather phenomenons like hurricanes and tornadoes), debunking RW propaganda (Debunktion Junction), Friday Night News Dump, and she occasionally mixes drinks on camera.

    Please point us to your evidence of “all abortion every day”.

  12. He was/is supposedly a Rhodes Scholar, but he seems to have a limited “on air patter” vocabulary. He seems to close every guest commenter appearance with the same phrase. I guess he’s laboring under the same disadvantage Rev. Al Sharpton is — not being a professional host of a news/opinion program.

  13. Why do you call her Mrs. Greenspan? She is Ms. Mitchell, look up what Ms. means. Not all women take their husband’s names and why should they?

  14. No, she just happens to be really good at her job. I adore Rachel, and prefer her, but that doesn’t mean Mitchell is not great at what she does.

  15. Laughable!!!!!!
    Seems there’s no truth even in the minor things reported never mind the serious stuff…..

    Media equals zero truth and zero value just like republicons……

  16. There are 30 million too many people today in the USA for the available jobs out there because of automation /technology so exactly how do we fix that ? Would eliminating abortion fix that ? I don’t think so.

  17. I agree, Mrs Greenspan is fighting for the 1% not the working class, get her off MSNBC. We need a Bernie Sanders type to replace her.

  18. Have you ever actually watched Rachel’s show – consistently? I only ask because your statement about the coverage of abortion is so far off the mark.

  19. Oh come on, this is Mediaite we’re talking about. All you have to do is look at their comments section to see how conservative many of the readers are. I can’t believe this silly poll has received so much attention.

  20. Rachel is the best by leaps and bounds—she reports on whatever the republicaNazis would like you NOT to know, is flippant about it and does NOT COWTOWE TO THE IGNORANCE THAT IS ON OTHER MEDIA OUTLETS!!! I like her in your face reporting, and the truth that is out there which is, in most cases, obviously absent from any other media reporting on other channels. Mitchell? Although she’s ok at her job, her reporting leaves much to be desired…..too many people on her show from the right for my tastes; too many blantant lies and falsehoods allowed. Just WHERE did they take the poll again? And, they used people from fox “news”??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That’s like asking the KKK to judge at a Black Beauty contest……..and just about as laughable.

  21. Oh no. Say it isn’t so. Not Miss Mitchell!

    She has such a hard time of getting her words out fast, very slow talk in reporting news. It is her past and long reputation that keeps her in the spotlight with NBC. She is of the era of Tom Brokow. Ugh. The studios treat Andrea M. As always the star no matter what.
    When her show comes on I quickly change the channel.
    It hurts to see AM fight for words to come out of her mouth.

  22. Love Rachel, but whose bright idea of a “contest” is this? They’re two different people with different responsibilities and different personalities and different “market niches” and I have tons of respect for both of them.

  23. Maddow brings out what others are hiding. She gets to the marrow and exposes what others don’t. I’ll watch her at any hour. An anchor is not what Maddow should accept.

  24. Andrea had John Sununu and Marsha Blackburn on all the time and Reince Priebus, she never once called them on their lies or anything. Yu can tell it was right wingers voting as Abbie Huntsman got on the list as opposed to Krystal Ball, Joy Reid or Alex Wagner, all are better than Abbie.

  25. Rachel is super-intelligent and does dig deeply (primarily her own digging with help from others at network). I think that some people might be having a tough time crediting her because of her sexual preferences.
    I have no idea how Ronan Farrow got his own time slot on a cable news show. He is NOT a news man….his claim to fame is his birth status. Mia Farrows’ son…and the father is still up for grabs between two different men…Frank Sinatra and Woody Allen. [WINK]

  26. Look, Andrea Mitchell is an excellent journalist and an excellent host on TV — there really isn’t any doubt about that. Rachel is very good too, but it doesn’t have to be a conspiracy to choose Andrea over Rachel as the best MSNBC host. The both have their strengths, but experience and the ability not to force feed your political views on the audience makes Andrea the better choice. Rachel gets better every year and will one day be the superb journalist Andrea Mitchell is now. I agree that including Joe Scarborough on the list is a bad joke. However, I am sorry Lawrence O’Donnell didn’t score better. He is an excellent host.

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