Louie Gohmert Announces Challenge To Boehner For Speaker Of The House


Grandstanding tea party Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) has announced his intentions to dethrone John Boehner (R-OH) as Speaker of the House. While it is hard to imagine the the bombastic East Texas Congressman has much of a chance, his challenge signifies the difficulty Speaker Boehner faces from the radical wing of his party. Gohmert made his announcement on Fox & Friends on Sunday. 

Gohmert criticized Boehner for supporting “amnesty” and for signing the cromnibus spending bill. Gohmert accused Boehner of broken promises, and argued that it was time for the House to change course.

Whether Gohmert poses a serious challenge to Boehner or just a minor irritation remains to be seen. Ted Yoho of Florida and Thomas Massie of Kentucky have already indicated that they will not support Boehner for Speaker when the new Congress convenes. Each of them, as well as Gohmert, voted against Boehner as Speaker in 2013 as well. At that time, nine Republicans voted against Boehner for House Speaker. Boehner secured enough votes to retain his position, but with just six votes to spare.

So far the Republican members who have said they will vote against Boehner, are the usual suspects who have voted against him in the past. In addition, Gohmert’s reputation for being just plain goofy, probably limits his appeal even to some conservatives who may be deeply dissatisfied with Boehner as their leader.

Despite Gohmert’s weak candidacy, Speaker Boehner cannot afford to take dissent within the GOP ranks lightly. Around thirty Republicans would need to revolt to deny Boehner his Speaker position. That seems highly unlikely. Gohmert and other firebrands like him, however, will continue to try to flex their political muscle to pull the party further to the right. In the process, they will give John Boehner a few more headaches in the months ahead.

Even if Speaker Boehner staves of the Gohmert challenge as expected, his efforts to contain the fringe elements within his party will be far from over. The next two years could be a wild ride for the tea party flavored GOP House as the pragmatists and dogmatists duke it out for supremacy within the Republican Party ranks.

35 Replies to “Louie Gohmert Announces Challenge To Boehner For Speaker Of The House”

  1. Louie “the Lip” as SOH would put extra funk in dysfunctional and be… let’s just say very entertaining. [wink]

  2. Go ahead man… I’ll bring the popcorn and watch as the Republicans basically go from ‘political party’ to ‘Jerry Springer Show guests’ in no time flat.

  3. neat… the clown in the trunk now thinks its his turn to drive the clown car…

    coconut cream pies all around…

  4. From a political party to an all out BYOB (believe your own bullshit) redneck rendezvous in one fell swoop.

  5. as the Good Book never said…

    let he who is without aspersions cast the first asparagus…

    hmmmm… sounds like a line from Blazing Saddles…

  6. Louie Gohmert babbling after gettin schooled by Eric Holder after Holder negates Gogmerts lying during hearing.

  7. I’m all for it. Jon Stewart would have even more material…….talking asparagus is a good thing!

  8. Gohmert on Social Security, Medicare, Women’s Rights, Immigration Reform, Income Inequality etc, etc …

  9. Goulhmert might just be the best thing that could happen. He is far worse then Mitch the bitch, not sure if even mitch could work with him.

    But the Ghoul will certainly kill the gop idea that Obama is the party of no.

  10. gohmert will not be speaker he will lose and john boehner will win again and be speaker, it will be close but i read an article a few ago and it said boehner will win again though close, so gohmert is will not get it

  11. Louie Gohmert as speaker would be a monkey driving a Maserati. Spinning out and crashing into walls would be funny for a while, until the car started on fire and exploded, leaving yet another mess to clean up.

  12. folks the next two years are gonna be a blast watching these republican whacko birds. pop some popcorn and get ready for laughs.

  13. I’d be laughing except for the fact that Congress has been the biggest embarrassment for this country as long as I’ve been alive. The idea that people actually voted for this idiot to represent them is ridiculous and now he thinks that he should be third in line for the Presidency? Scary!

  14. Stock up on the popcorn, it should be interesting to watch. Keep an eye on the newbie congressperson from NC Mark Walker,he has no experience in anything, on his web site he has (or had) a bunch of stuff that was so outrageously wrong that I have kinda picked on him, sending emails and
    pointing out the facts, his helper tries to avoid me. This man has hardly been out of NC
    and his debate with a really intelligent and experienced lady showed how crazy he was, he says he worked in the refugee camps in Europe, being a longtime resident of many countries in europe I asked where
    he worked in refugee camps, after many emails I have yet to get a straight answer.When I went to vote I was almost
    grabbed by his father telling me to vote for his son, his dad is a rather confrontational baptist preacher!

  15. I guess when there is no clear-cut agenda, all the nuts come out. Republicans have absolutely nothing to offer at all. Their recent contributions:00000000.

    Come on people, we are literally paying them huge salaries for doing nothing. GOP complains that Obama plays golf, but hes gotten 1000% more accomplished than they have. Weird how that works in their minds.

  16. Yes! Louie! Do it! Don’t let all those RINOs talk you out of it!!!!!


  17. I for one think he should be the Speaker of the House. Not because he deserves it but because the Reich Wing voters who put this kind of blatant insanity into office deserve him calling the shots. His kind of complete pathological insanity NEEDS to be put into the publics eyes and ears on a daily basis so that every one sees just how screwed up the Reich Wing is. This election cycle is going to be a crazy one because all the crazy ones will throw their tinfoil hats into the ring against Hillary. And when she wins the mental health fallout from the Reich Wing will make what they put Obama through seem like a cake walk.

  18. I disagree – the one’s who voted for these room temperature I.Q. cretins may certainly deserve them, but the rest of us sure as hell don’t, not even those who didn’t participate in the electoral process. The pathologically insane aren’t qualified to govern, even if elected to do so.

  19. Now wouldn’t that be just the thing Loony Louie as Speaker of the House. And here we thought the last Congress was dysfunctional.

  20. The Party with a Goofy face on it…Goehmer Pyle. IF they select Gohmert to take the lead.

  21. …”Teatard Louie” sounds like a particularly obscene “Schoolhouse Rock” character…in a song released ONLY on Comedy Network…[WINK]

  22. Gohmert looks like Porky Pig, is as honest as Bugs Bunny, has the temperament of Yosemite Sam and sounds like Daffy Duck… Looney Tunes all the way.

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