With Romney Running Chris Christie Implodes By Attacking The Media


Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) has reacted to Mitt Romney weighing a third run for the White House by completely imploding and attacking the media.

The media in New Jersey was not happy that Christie held a gathering for the national press only before his State of the State address. Matt Arco pointed out that Gov. Christie has been dodging the local media for months, “Christie has limited taking questions from local media as he mulls a national campaign. He hasn’t held a Statehouse news conference since September and has limited the number of questions he takes from local press at his public appearances since then that included time for questions. Asked after his State of the State address whether the decision to speak exclusively with national reporters was a sign he’s putting more attention on exposing himself to a national audience, Christie responded: ‘No.'”

Christie reacted to the New Jersey media criticism of his decision by self-destructing.
Michael Barbaro tweeted:

Chris Christie responded to Mitt Romney basically pushing him out of the 2016 race for the Republican nomination by launching a bitter attack on the local media, who are the same people that the national media will turn to for analysis and reporting if Christie decides to run.

Beyond being a dumb decision, Chris Christie’s behavior illustrates why he will never be elected president. This is the same lash against your enemies compulsion that caused Bridgegate. Gov. Christie can’t control his impulses. He lacks the discipline that a winning candidate must possess.

If Romney runs against Jeb Bush in 2016, there is no room in the Republican field for Christie. Bush and Mitt Romney will be battling for control of the pro-business establishment wing of the Republican Party. A poll released this week by Fairleigh Dickinson University revealed that Christie’s job approval rating in New Jersey is stuck at 39%. Christie’s approval rating plunged during Bridgegate, and it never came back.

The only person who thinks that Chris Christie can win the Republican nomination is Chris Christie. What the American people are witnessing is a pathetic governor holding on to a delusion of something that will never be.

19 Replies to “With Romney Running Chris Christie Implodes By Attacking The Media”

  1. Imagine him near “The Red Button!?”

    A little self-control, my good man!


  2. Please, please, please, let this pulsating gelatinous mass run in the Repubtile primaries. It would be such a laughfest. We could watch his meltdown on national tv, maybe even see a stroke/aneurism in real time and get to laugh at it without compassion. He deserves every bit of contempt thrown his way.

  3. right out of the nixon, rove, ailes, atwater, luntz, bozell, et.al playbook. just roll some old video of nixon in his heyday…. this is going to get ugly in the world of rw funbags. the hate will be great…

  4. Leave fat bastard,, I mean his jolly self alone. Its not easy being a fat err I mean a jolly asshole to be ,well a fat asshole

  5. Christie is absolutely not Presidential material, by any stretch of the imagination; but then again, neither are the other GOP candidates. Slim pickings GOP, very slim.

  6. I have an idea for him: Instead of going to Dallas Cowboys games, do your damn job!

    The state of New Jersey is already crappy enough. With him in charge, ‘Already crappy’ has turned into ‘Nuclear Wasteland’.

  7. I Hate Chris Christie, he’s a Bully and More than that he’s targeted people who were superior to him, Like Teacher’s, he has no respect for anyone else. Seriously. All the Nasty things he said about them are just Obscene. He picks on those Weaker than him as though Might makes right (It doesn’t.) and Worse he Is a Champion of the Piratization of public schools, Never mind that charter schools often underperform public ones he’s got an IDEOLOGY that says the private sector “always” does it better by Default and If anyone questions that assumption or says that you need to examine it closer It’s thought of as unthinkable to his ideology. To him the private sector CANNOT underperform the public, that’s “unthinkable” ….Yet if you look into in many places it actually is.

    And they will bully anyone who doesn’t stomach this ideology and parrot it without questioning it.

    If you examine your assumptions on this they will steamroller you over. But PLEASE STOP FAT SHAMING HIM….

  8. William The Conqueror had become exceedingly corpulent. Upon his death, his men tried to fit him to a casket that was a bit too small. His gaseous body exploded… literally… , spraying the assembled with a most foul intestinal and abdominal effluent. Thus ended his reign.

    Christie’s last words?
    Let my casket be ample.

  9. It has NOTHING to do with winning. The Party leaders who ever they are, decide and then let the country know. It has surely already been decided unless there is a huge screwup and that is more media job, to spin that.The rest of all this “theater” is just greedy BS. My guess is Bush.
    All this clown car business is for one thing..MONEY..Media this, media that is just more garbage we are fed with a straw spoon. When you consider who owns the media and their track records. Think about who benefits most by the BILLIONS of dollars raked in by all these “elections”. The more clowns in the clown car the more money pours into the “right” pockets. Doesn’t matter a bit which party. Our brand of “Democracy” has been turned into a VERY big business. It is like one big chess game. NC is a good example of how the game is played. Most of the top players are dishonest carpet baggers and the state has been redistricted until the real people cannot win.

  10. Christie behaves like an immature bully,who loses it when someone stands up to him. His environment of corruption so widespread in failing NJ, just imagine adding the Koch corruption ingredient – all out chaos. The end of a middle class.

  11. Maybe he should run for Governor of Texas. Christies best buddies with their big money and I hear the Governor might be looking for another job.

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