Mitch McConnell Begs President Obama To Reconsider His Planned Keystone XL Veto


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell campaigned on forcing the president to bend to the will of Republicans, but it is the Kentucky senator who is now on bended knee asking Obama to reconsider his promise to veto the Keystone XL bill.

On the Senate floor, McConnell said:

The Keystone Jobs bill is just common sense. That’s why this bipartisan legislation already passed the Senate with support from both parties. That’s why labor unions support it. That’s why the American people support it.Americans know that construction of this infrastructure project would pump billions into the economy and support thousands of good jobs. They also know that America could achieve this with, as the President’s own State Department has indicated, minimal environmental impact.

So Americans are urging President Obama not to interfere in the review process for political reasons any longer. Americans are urging the President to finally heed scientific conclusions his own State Department already reached.

“Let American workers build this infrastructure project, Mr. President.

Sign this jobs and infrastructure bill.

Powerful special interests may be demanding that the President veto Keystone Jobs, but we hope he won’t.

If the President does ultimately bow to these special-interest demands, that’s a discussion we can have then. But either way, Americans should know this: the new Congress won’t stop pursuing good ideas.

This new majority is committed to refocusing Washington on the concerns of the middle class. And the passage of bipartisan bills like Clay Hunt and Keystone Jobs shows we’re doing just that.

McConnell promised to repeal Obamacare, combat the president’s policies, and to break Obama. So far, he is 0 for 3. Obamacare repeal is DOA. McConnell’s efforts to engage in combat with the President have resulted in defeat after defeat, and the man who promised to make the president do the GOP’s bidding is now “hoping” that that Obama will reconsider his planned veto of Keystone XL.

Obama will veto the bill because Republicans are trying to hijack the process. The President and many others have pointed out that this bill is neither a jobs nor an infrastructure bill.
McConnell’s attempt to sell his few jobs creating gift to the Koch brothers and Big Oil as a jobs bill would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

McConnell was forced to announce yesterday that the Senate can’t pass the House’s Homeland Security funding bill that also overturned President Obama’s executive actions on immigration. President Obama is having his way with the Republican congressional leadership, as Mitch McConnell has found out that the imaginary Obama that he promised to take down bears no resemblance to the man who is currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

52 Replies to “Mitch McConnell Begs President Obama To Reconsider His Planned Keystone XL Veto”

  1. Says the Turtle, “Americans are urging the President to finally heed scientific conclusions his own State Department already reached.”

    Oh, now the Party of No “believes” in Science.

    The Reichwing is bordering on being metaphysically evil.

  2. No, no and no. This bill is NOT a jobs bill. This bill has absolutely nothing to with rebuilding our infrastructure. This bill will not benefit America, it will only benefit a foreign company and their foreign country. This bill has already allowed that foreign entity to take American property away from American owners. This bill has the probable potential to become an environmental disaster as bad as the BP Deepwater Horizon in the gulf.

    On top of all that, congress is continuously carping about the President’s overreach, yet apparently feel they have the right to make decisions that are not within their authority to make.

    President Obama, please veto this bill.

  3. It will result in less that 50 permanent jobs while destroying the land and water. So many folks have been sucked in by the repubs and Fox News with their usual lies. Can’t wait for the veto!

  4. How the tide has turned. McConnell is getting precisely what he deserves. Be careful what you ask for or you may get it. Let him squirm like the worm be is

  5. The turtle and his band of neo confederates are sorry bunch. They think just because he is black the President is just suppose to back down to their wishes.

    Remember when they said “We are going to break him” They were sipping their mint juleps thinking the President was off the ship and on the auction block

  6. Now they’re trying to rewrite science, the Bible, the Constitution inorder to fit their whackjob, backwards thinking.

    Veto Veto & Veto.

  7. Well said! And after Boehner’s little PR stunt that should have him thrown out of his job and jailed, I think the President should just ignore the House for the next two years.

  8. “Special interests?” Yes, the President is bowing to special interests all right, the interests of the people of this country. You know, Mitch, the people you were elected to serve instead of the Keystone Cops, the Kochs, and all those who dumped millions into sliming Allison so you could strut around more microphones and lie? I am SO happy this President is using common sense, science, and FACTS when he makes his decisions. And the veto of this crap pipeline is a vote FOR the people. Now, Mitch, how about you get a real infrastructure bill out there before we lose lives when the next bridge collapses?

  9. Lie number one, “The Keystone Jobs bill is just common sense.”
    Lie number two, “That’s why the American people support it.Americans know that construction of this infrastructure project would pump billions into the economy and support thousands of good jobs”.
    Lie number three, “So Americans are urging President Obama not to interfere in the review process for political reasons any longer.”
    And on and on it goes. Americans are urging CONGRESS not to interfere in the Executive Branch review process. Finally, it’s a cruel joke to call this an infrastructure or a jobs bill unless what he means by that is that bursting pipelines will destroy infrastucture and create jobs cleaning up the disaster that follows.

  10. He’s a sniveling, lier. He’ll say whatever it takes to try and get his way. A crackwhore is more ethical than this guy. How are you liking your new job so far Mitch?

  11. Let’s allow the Koch brothers to use eminent domain to take land away from american citizens to build a pipeline with Canadian steel across a giant aquifer in the west. The construction crews will likely be Canadians if anything goes wrong the US can clean up, profits go to the Koch’s, the oil will be shipped and sold over seas but 35 to 40 jobs make it all worth while. No wonder the Koch’s have promised the republicans almost 1 billion for 2016.

  12. The State Department deals with the legality of cross-border issues like this as well as the legalities involving land rights, imminent domain, etc. It’s the EPA that has hung this project out to dry regardless of any other legal ramifications.

  13. I wonder if Bitch McConnell’s masters, the Koch Brothers will order his execution when President Obama vetoes their pipeline?

  14. “pump billions into this country”… are you f*cking crazy mcconnell??? the keystone will pump billions to the Koch brothers, not America. these lies are pathetic.

  15. Mitch. Why not let these “special interest” folks speak to a joint session like Bibi? You know, the special interest farm owners or the native American tribes you are stealing land from with eminent domain? Or how about the special interest farmers and truckers who will have to pay around 20 cents more per gallon for Diesel, as it takes so much to push the nasty dilbit through the line. Or, how about us American citizens who will have to pay more for meat, milk and produce at the grocery because the farmers and truckers can’t swallow the losses the pipeline causes?

  16. What American people is he talking about? About 85% of Americans people know this is a very bad idea, even the Native Americans call it an act of war. Turtle Man, go back in your shell.

  17. Turtle does not know what he will do if the pipeline is vetoed, and he has to explain to Koch masters that what he promised them will not come to fruition…

    Lookout Mitch, 1000 lashes with hot pastrami await you!

  18. Hey Mitch I and the majority of Americans voted for President Obama. Thus, President Obama is listening to the majority of America when he signs the VETO.
    President Obama will continue to fight the numerous LIES of the TP/GOP with all of the power the Constitution gives him.

  19. It takes more than command sense to accomplish the things America needs, moving forward, THE PIPE LINE, is not one of them at this moment.
    This President have the ability to make considered decision, then he see’s fit for this country

  20. What’s fucking funny is that turkey necked son of a bitch is still pushing that “thousands of jobs” bullshit. That pipeline will only create 35-50 permanent jobs and it is designed to enrich Kanada & Mortimer and Randolph Koch. Obama should veto any piece of garbage legislation that crosses his desk

  21. It’s ironic that after witnessing all of the GOP”s obstructionist drama against the President now that they have what they most desired they are still at a disadvantage. I bet the devil is enjoying a good laugh.

  22. Here is another “bright” idea by a desperate group.

    So, if they can’t cross the N Dakota border let’s try Alaska. The president would still have have to ok the deal as it still crosses an international border. This would make the pipeline 3 or 4 times (or more) longer then the current plan. Alaska doesn’t have the refinery capacity to process the tar sands.
    The idea of a rail line is even being floated.
    The rail line defeats the whole GOP reason for a pipeline, “It’s safer then rail”.

  23. Oh, Peter, Peter, Peter, we’re not whining, we’re laughing our behinds off! Listening to McConnell and Boehner push for passage of the Keystone bill is comedy gold because we know they’re lying about it, but they don’t think we know they’re lying. Good times! They never felt the need to compromise with the president before 2015, why do they think he should suddenly give in to their every wish? They did not recognize his wins in 2008 and 2012, so he owes them nothing. NOT GONNA HAPPEN.
    They were so sure that if they had majorities in both houses of Congress, they could steamroll the president. I guess they didn’t read Article II of the Constitution and neither did many of their supporters. Our nation’s government doesn’t operate on the idea that Congress can force the president to do its will. That’s why it is divided into three branches, each with separate powers, buttressed by checks and balances. In order for our government to function effectively, there must be compromise.

  24. Proof that this is not a jobs bill: We have seen from the past, that if this were really a jobs bill, the Republicans would be against it.

  25. A point the Dems neglect to mention which tells me they either don’t know it or think it not important and Ed Schultz doesn’t mention it enough:

    Should the pipeline be built, the contract sets out that the landowner whose land the pipeline is built on/through, is responsible for cost of clearning it up. WTF?

    Jane Kleeb who has appeared numerous times on the Ed Show and is a party to the lawsuit in Nebraska re eminent domain spoke about it on Ed’s show. The group formed by the land owners is Bold Nebraska. Both on twitter with up-to-date info re votes, info, etc.

    Another fact — Boehner has a huge chunk of ‘stock’ in this. If built, he makes $$$.

    Also – Koch Bros have massive interest – in US and Canada. They are largest lease holders of the Canadian Tar Sands.

    The Canadian Prime Minister is from Alberta — another Conservative in ‘bed’ with big oil.

  26. That ‘Alaskan’ pipeline that Palin said ‘was built’ in her GOP Convention speech in 2008 — and still isn’t — was a contract she signed while Governor with a company called TransCanada — the same TransCanada that would build Keystone. Same TransCanada trying to take US citizens land.

  27. you know what folks? the GOP taking the senate in the midterms might just be the best thing that could have happened for the dems.

  28. Typical McConnell-TP/GOP ploy — since their meeting on January 20, 2009 when they pledged obstruction of everything President Obama wants.

    Now they want him to not veto dirty oil so they could collect $$ from the Koch brothers to repay the Kochs for their financial support Keystone XL to get them elected and re-elected especially in 2014 election.

  29. There is a cleverer and more honorable approach than a simple veto. That would be coupling the veto with a statement outlining amendments and conditions for approval that would (1) ensure that leaks are quickly and reliably detected, (2) require that the pipeline owners and their parent companies be fully responsible for spill remediation costs and for toxic tort damages suffered by landowners and communities affected by any spill, backed by a $100 mllion bond and/or a Canadian government guarantee.

  30. The pipeline that $alin contracted Transcanada to built was a Gas line to carry natural gas from the north slope to central Canada . this Natural gas would have supplied fuel to operate the refineries in Canada to process the tar sands.

    the story is about a new pipeline to carry tar sands to Alaska for export.

  31. His arrogance, and that of his fellow Republicans, led him to believe that once they won the Senate, they would have a president who would unhesitatingly accommodate them. The fact that he tried repeatedly in the past to be reasonable with them had no traction. That’s because they were trying to make him a failure. Now, it’s poetic justice to see this clown in a position of supplication to the president he has treated with such disrespect. Karma is indeed brutal.

  32. The keystone pipeline will come up again and again,only it will be attached to other bills that will need to be passed and are popular with the public. Eventually the pipeline will be built going to the west coast of Canada. The there will be no long or short term jobs. This will be great news for the Chinese. This pipeline has been studied for years. There will be minimal environmental impact.

  33. I see you haven’t been paying attention. B.C that’s British Columbia has already said no way. So like everything you have posted your ignorance shows

  34. I’m fully aware of the what the pipeline was for. My comment was setting out that it’s the same company.

    As to your reference that the the gas pipeline was needed to ship from AK to Albera for them to operate their refineries in Canada — NOT. Actually, that’s the first time I’ve ever heard that ‘use’. But then, that could just be another rumour or another out and out lie or made up story to hoodwink people. But then – when have we heard truth from Palin or TransCanada. The gas was going to connect to another pipeline and then ship to lower 48. It’s been the same story for pretty much a decade. And so you know –Canada has sufficient supply and actually ships to the US and offshore.

  35. That pipeline has to go through First Nations’ land. They have more say-so than our American Tribes. They say, “NO”.

  36. McConnell is a BOLD FACE LIAR!

    We the people don’t want Keystone XL.

    Colorado has created a $50,000,000.00 dollar tax surplus which by law is supposed to be returned to taxpayers, but the taxpayers don’t want the money back, they want it to go towards schools/education.

    Meanwhile Koch owns a large portion of Canadian tar sands and stamds to profit billions.

    Whom is it McConnell is really representing?


  37. This BS has me skipping words…

    The $50,000,000.00 tax surplus was created by “pot sales”.

    That’s right… Weed created that tax surplus, but you won’t see McConnell supporting it.

    This isn’t about doing what we the people want, it’s all about “Koch”.

    “Time and again taxpayers have said… No Keystone”!

    If McConnell gets Keystone pushed through it will prove once and for all that our democracy is a complete farce.

  38. Why is this pipeline and tearing down health care their top priority and the only thing on their minds? That alone should tell you something. These thugs are crooks, and the sooner they are out, the better off this country will be. If these thugs ever get full control, we are all doomed.

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