A Screaming John Boehner Cracks Up and Admits He Is Going To Shutdown Homeland Security

John Boehner Fox News Sunday

Speaker of the House John Boehner cracked up on Fox News Sunday and admitted during his Stepford-like screaming performance that he is going to let Homeland Security shut down.



On Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace asked Boehner if he could promise that he was not going to allow funding for Homeland Security to run out.

Speaker Boehner answered, “The House has acted. We’ve done our job. Senate Democrats are the ones putting us in this precarious position, and it’s up to Senate Democrats to get their act together.” Wallace seemed baffled by Boehner’s refusal to accept reality, “But, all I can ask, and I’ll ask again.”

At this point, Boehner started screaming, “CHRIS, CHRIS, ONE MORE TIME. THE HOUSE HAS DONE ITS JOB UNDER THE CONSTITUTION. IT’S TIME FOR THE SENATE TO DO THEIR JOB. Listen, I’ve got a tough job here, so does Senator McConnell, but Senate Democrats are standing in the way. They’re the ones jeopardizing funding. Why do they get on the bill and offer an amendment and offer their ideas? Let’s see what the Senate can do.”

Wallace asked what if funding runs out, and Boehner answered, “Well then Senate Democrats will be to blame. Very simply.”

Chris Wallace followed up, “And you’re prepared to let that happen?” Boehner answered, “Absolutely.”

This is the first time that Boehner has gone on the record and admitted that he has no intention of keeping his promise that he would not allow Homeland Security to shut down.

Boehner’s plan is to shut down Homeland Security, blame Senate Democrats, hope that they cave and support the Republican attempt to overturn President Obama’s immigration executive actions. House Republicans tried this same strategy with the government shutdown, the fiscal cliff, and every other crisis that they ginned up in an attempt to gain political leverage.

Speaker Boehner created this mess when he decided to provoke a confrontation with Democrats over the president’s actions on immigration.

John Boehner is cracking up because Republicans are only going to have a few days before Homeland Security shuts down after they come back into session. House Republicans are fighting with both Senate Republicans and Democrats.

Boehner’s behavior is becoming more volatile by the day. John Boehner’s unstable performance on Fox News Sunday should encourage Senate Democrats to keep the heat on because the Speaker of the House is starting to crack.

67 Replies to “A Screaming John Boehner Cracks Up and Admits He Is Going To Shutdown Homeland Security”

  1. DHS was designed and implemented by Dick Cheney. For that reason alone, we need to dismantle it. Government overreach. Let it die!
    We can let Grover drown it in a bathtub.

  2. Billions of people on earth and you mean to tell me there is not one person, not ONE who can run against him and win?

    Even the people in the area he “represents” have got to be tired of him- I guess not if they keep electing him

    He is the proud permanent driver of the dumbassmobile-SMH

  3. It is hilarious how quickly the GOP is getting frustrated by the Dems using Rep tactics. It’s about time Dems went on the offensive (pun intended).

    I hope the Dems made good use of their Amendment powers.

    As for President Obama’s immigration policies, he has already deported more illegal immigrants than GWB and O’s policies are mostly enforcement of GWB’s.

    DHS was Cheney’s baby and got him closer to controling the population. It should be dismantled or ‘remodeled.’ We already have the National Guard for military defense.

  4. I’m far from an expert, and this is (thankfully) a longshot, but I wonder what would happen if the Republicans managed to get this funding bill through as it stands (especially if the Democrats broke and they got it done over a presidential veto). It seems to me that since they are stomping on the executive powers of the president, it would clearly violate the separation of powers in this country. It would be congressional overreach, and could be subject to judicial review. It’s really not that much different from Congress passing a law that states the Supreme Court’s decisions are no longer binding on Congress.

    Wouldn’t it be quite a sight to see Congress smacked down for congressional overreach after all of the bellyaching the Republicans have done about the president’s executive actions?

  5. The Repthugs keep expecting the Democrats to cave as they have in the past. I’m very glad that they may finally have some backbone. They just need to keep stiffening it with every Repthug attempt to dismantle our democracy.

  6. So, this drunken clown is the one the repubs. deem as the best one to “lead” their party? How pathetic must the rest of them be? He should have to take a breathalyzer test before appearing in public, and especially before going to “work”.

  7. Once again, the Congressional GOP and their propaganda peddlers at FOX News have chosen rhetoric over reality.

    True to form, Boehner and his clueless GOP cohort are once again suggesting that Obama and/or Senate Democrats will responsible for the damage done by a federal government shutdown.

    This is a completely nonsensical assertion, akin to a kidnapper who holds a gun to the abductee’s head while making pie-in-the-sky ransom demands, defiantly proclaiming that any harm done to the victim will be the fault of the family members who don’t comply with his ultimatums.

  8. The only thing the GOP has even attempted to pass is what benefits them and their 1% masters. They are not working for “the people or the country.”

  9. OK, how often have they used this song and dance routine?

    I can tell you how often it works… which is zero.

    The people in this country are starting to wise up to the antics of the Republicans and should telling them to stop it and actually get some work done… Wait, who am I kidding. Getting any work done is too much work for them.

  10. For 6 years the GOPT has been throwing up roadblocks to any & every thing. Now a month, and a half of their own tactics used against them, and they cry like a bunch of Titty Babies.

  11. Is there a more partisan politician in Washington? Guess he knows where his bread is buttered and plans to make sure that corporate support continues

  12. This is an example of a “statesman”, elected by the people as their representative, to serve the best interests of our country? God help us! Not only is John Boehner behaving as though he’s in dementia ( maybe he is!), but he has not one clue of how to be a “lawmaker” or an intelligent, forward-thinking statesman. His performance(s) as Speaker have been despicable, disrespectful to the Office of the President, and traitorous towards the country he’s supposed to support.

  13. The House Republicans have not “done their job.” They passed a bill knowing full well that it will be vetoed by the President if it passes in the Senate. The President has already said he will not try to work with them.
    The GOP are not leading, but whining when the Pres won’t take the venom they offer. They aren’t even able to understand what the words “no” and “veto” mean. This living in fantasyland has got to stop. It’s ridiculous.

  14. I think John Boehner is really losing it! All of his bad decisions and choices are catching up with him. Trouble is, it affects the rest of us in a nasty way too.

  15. THE GOP Speaker of the House of Representatives in the U. S. Congress (And 2ND IN SUCCESSION TO THE PRESIDENCY OF THE U.S.A.) John Boehner gave me the (disgusting) impression and image of an overflowing “spittoon” bucket on a Bar Room floor. It was equally as sickening and disgusting as S.P. being nominated by the GOP for V.P. of the U.S.A.. The GOP are all LUNATICS!!! In my opinion. UNBELIEVABLE…

  16. Brent, a statesman is usually considered to be a public figure who has had a long and respected career. It’s also “A male political leader regarded as a disinterested promoter of the public good.” While he has had a long political career, he certainly does not promote the public good, and even many House republicans do not seem to respect him. To me he is nothing more than a purchased politician.

  17. Thank you Jason Easley for watching and reporting on the Sunday morning garbage programs. I don’t have the stomach for them.

  18. There is only one way to deal with a bully who won’t quit and that is to stand up to him, consequences be damned.

    Republicans are now trying to use scorched earth politics, where some of their tactics would have been unthinkable 30 years ago.

    We cannot negotiate with them anymore when they put the economy, our eco-system, the security of the country at risk.

    I don’t know how it will end, although I like to THINK this will ultimately fizzle out, but no matter what if we continue to cower to them and concede it will not end and get worse.

    So, blow the place up if necessary, but the answer is effing NO!

    There are some things worth sacrificing for, even dying for and I am afraid that time is near if not here.

    NO! We will not fund security with a ridiculously cruel and political rider attached to it.

    Then let the chips fall Mr. Speaker and Republicans.

  19. President Obama bested the GOP by getting the government funded, so they couldn’t hold it hostage, now they are doing it with Homeland Security.

    The hatred they have for POTUS and the American people is very serious. It is not normal, these people are very mentally ill.

  20. Which should give all sane Americans the determination to ensure that NO Republican wins the White House in the next decade – or two.

    Two Con justices are ripe for either being retired or keeling over in their seats, but they’re waiting for another Republican to take the White House before they make such a move.

    Justice Bader-Ginsberg is not going to be on SCOTUS another ten years. “Justices” Kennedy and Scalia are around her age.

    We CANNOT afford to put our liberal preferences before the country should SoS Clinton decide to run for the nomination. According to every poll I’ve seen, she can beat any Republican the Koch Bros and Sheldon Adelson can buy.

    Although a more liberal Democrat is preferable to me, the country doesn’t see it my way, so should SoS Clinton decide to run, she will have my full support because I look at the bigger picture and understand that the world doesn’t revolve around me. We CANNOT lose the WH to another Republican. Period.

  21. Does this man never listen to himself? We passed the bill, now let the senate to it too. Sorry Rep. Boehner, but they can give you a clean bill right back in your lap an say “now pass the bill” or shoot the 12 million hostages on the immigration bill your holding in the head, or send the dirty bill back to us an well do it again, an again, an again———–while YOU shut down the Government!Some one should tell him, he is not the President! He doesn’t get to make our Foreign Policies or direct them to his own suiting! Our Federal Logan Act: Says he has to get Full Authorization to confer with a Foreign Power/Offer or Agent of another Government when dealing with a Subject that our Governments are in “Dispute or Controversies” with! I’d say we are in full “Dispute an in full controversy” with what Netanyahu wants OUR government to do on Iran an what the United States President who has the Foreign Policy Making ability has in mind for Iran. So,I’d say he broke the Law of the.l…

  22. Then he tells a bald faced lie about Obama not calling it a terrorist attack for two weeks when he is on tape calling it a terrorist attack the very day after it happened. They did try to see if any of the terrorist attack had anything to do with Benghazi, which is essentially what they are doing. Hillary told congress multiple times that cutting spending on overseas security poses risks to all volatile embassies and consulates around the world and they did not listen. Yet, these arrogant SOBs now have the kajones to call the admin out and blame them???
    Why did people vote these jackasses in? And why did so many liberals not vote at all and allow this to happen!?

  23. LMAO…
    The reason that the Senate Democrats are not practicing equivalency is that they’re obstructing the Fascist, insurrectionist and seditious agenda of the GOP while the GOP used the filibuster, etc. in a Fascist, insurrectionist and seditious manner to obstruct the President. Any claim to the contrary is false equivalency.

  24. The republicans is getting more outrageous everyday that goes by. What they will come up next is anybody guess. They are trying to throw the president all kinds of bluffs and see which one he will take. The still have not figure out that the president is lot smarter than they are and is three steps ahead of them all them time. When they find out they have lost, they are caught flat footed and try to figure out where and how it happen.

  25. “That’s the way the system work”, “except when the roles were reversed. Right, John. The most ineffective Speaker in history. Bar none.

  26. I have never in my long life seen such a display of a childish temper tantrum from a adult especially from someone sent to Washington to represent all the people, not just the 1%, this man needs serious psychological help, and it doesn’t start on a bar stool. What an asshole.

  27. It’s hard to believe that House Republicans voted Boehner Speaker of the House. He shows no leadership skill at all. I also don’t understand why the Senate doesn’t craft a clean DHS bill, vote on it with bi-partisan agreement, and send it to the House. Would that be too much the Immigration Bill sent more than a year ago?

  28. I wouldnt expect any less from faux “news”. They now profit from terror propaganda provided to them by isil. This is just more theatrical gotp bs to indoctrinate the lesser thinking people. Boehner has to appease the pee party inorder to preserve his speakership.

  29. Think about this truly magnificent GOP leadership possibility. President John McCain, Vice President Sarah Palin, and then still maintain John Boehner as 2nd in line for succession to the Presidency of the U.S.A. (this is really truly dangerous and scary stuff) which is now his “current position” (should something happen to President Obama and V.P. Biden) What kind of a country and government does the GOP leadership and their corporate and religious masters and rulers truly have in mind for all of us serfs??? It has too be on the GOP’S fast track plans to perfect a true “HELL ON EARTH” governed and ruled by absolute morons for all of us the 99%. In my opinion.

  30. Republicans can dish out lots of vile sh*t, but they can’t take it. For six years they have obstructed everything, but now that democrats in the Senate are saying no to the House DHS bill, for good reason, Boehner is about to have a massive stroke. What goes around, comes around. I’ve never understood why republicans in general tend to think they can do lowdown, dirty, vicious sh*t and get away with it, but when others mimic their behavior, they need rows and rows of fainting couches and thousands of bottles of smelling salts because they’re offended and outraged that anyone would even think to use their own tactics against them. I’ve often heard it said that many republicans live in an alternate reality. The attitude and behavior of Boehner and his buddies in the House toward this DHS bill validates this opinion. They want what they want when they want it, refuse to compromise and then say it’s the democrats’ fault that they’re failing at governing effectively.

  31. THIS (immigration bullsquat) is a big FAT (POISON PILL), which has become the habit of John Boehner and his Tea Bagger knuckle dragging nincompoops.
    As far as Boeners admitted SNEAKY UNDERHANDED ATTEMPT to undermine the President’s foreign policy issues, it is DISGUSTING
    THIS is Netanyahu’s idea of democracy.
    He’s just a war mongering fascist.

  32. Absolutely! The GOP are soldiers for the 1%. Dems should admit we are soldiers for the 99%.

    The GOP has all forgotten:
    “Whatever you have done for the least among you…you have done it for me”

  33. This was a Republican program, put together and pushed by Cheney. Anything Cheney is in favor of should immediately be canned and shipped off to China along with the steel from the World Trade Center buildings he destroyed. Boehner is a drunkard whose strings are pulled by the Koch brothers and that alone should be reason enough to have him removed from office along with McConnell. Neither is representing the people or the states they are from. They represent big business and big business is private prisons, Blackwater, big Pharma companies, big insurance and big banks. Monsanto produces GMO’s to kill us, Koch Industries produces gas and oil product s just like their father did for the NAZI’s and Communists. This is what’s behind Boehner and McConnell and the entire Tea Party.

  34. Today on CNN Sunday news I heard one Republican say it first in one interview followed by a Democrat in another interview the same thing. The greatest threat that our United States faces today is the dysfunction that is going on in Washington DC. Strange how I have been using that comment for the past two years. We have met the enemy and it is us !

  35. Boehner is a full blown alcoholic and a danger to the health and safety of this country.

    He needs to get professional help before he gets us all killed.

  36. I agree. I don’t think there were any new agencies created, just a huge new bureaucracy created (lots of partisan jobs and money). All the agencies could go back from hence they came.

  37. Listen – the American people are tired of not having republicon artist selfishly take all the money and power for their own use. To be used as they (1%) see fit. The American people are tired of Boehner speaking for them without him having to listen to what the minority says. And to think, the American people want this type of democracy to spread all over the world!

  38. DHS did not exist until the Dubya administration. All it is is a big umbrella with 22 agencies that were already in existence. Do we really even need DHS? It appears to be just another level of government that isn’t necessary.

  39. Mr Mustard and alberta Treadway: I agree completely with your stated opinions. Let us encourage our Senators to stand strong and be more vocal. I do not understand why all we hear about are the outrageous lies of these so called congress people and I have not heard of all the good things that are being done for the good of Americans. Can someone point me in that direction. Reading this is no way to start my day!

  40. He thinks he is the president and wants to make sure we all know it. The only thing to know is he is bought and paid for by the rich and he is a puppet to their wants and needs. He should be impeached for standing in the way of the needs of the American people. He is a danger to this country!!!

  41. True, however each sides interpretation of who’s responsible for the dysfunction differs. They agree that things are phucked up but blame each other. Maybe we should send them all home and start over!

  42. No surprise. They act like lawyers. 1) Never take responsibility, and 2) blame the other guy. There has been no leadership from republicans since braindead Raygun was elected.

  43. 50 Shades of Orange

    Boner is pure evil, McConnell is pure evil, Cruz is pure evil and the Koch Brothers are the GOP puppet masters. Where are all the deranged, gun toting assasins when you need ’em

  44. …I had a lovely dream last night in which We the People took back our Govt. from the Billionaires Club and thier whores…we looked around, and decided to put that huge scaffold around the Capitol to good use…I woke up SMILING!!!

  45. John “KMA” Boehner is picking a fight with president Obama and the Senate Democrats! ‘Ol Alchi is going to lose. Send a clean bill to fund Homeland Security or put the nation at risk! You do the math. How many Americans will be killed when terrorists strike? This “low-life” is risking the nation over presidential directives his party, TEA/KKK/pseudo-Republican party, want killed. Obama will not cave nor will the Senate Democrats. Send a clean bill to fund Homeland Security or put the nation at risk! Boehner and TEA/KKK/pseudo-Republican are proving they are terrorists!

  46. You’re right about the alcoholism. Anyone who is familiar with alcoholics can see his watery eyes and the way he comports himself as obvious symptoms of alcoholism.

    What the HELL are we doing with a mush-brained alcoholic as 2nd in line to the Presidency?

    Boehner is appalling!

  47. So what about my young children? how are we going to buy food, keep our health insurance to make sure they are healthy and keep our bills and roof from being taken away from us? How could they hurt working people, albeit disliked by many, but should my children be punished for this? No! putting their welfare on a very dangerous line for politics is disgusting and unjust and not fair! Job markets are not there even if we wanted to adjust our living expenses, these ill gotten politicians need to be weeded out and democracy needs to be rebuilt!

  48. I don’t know about that. I think they believed they were getting a blunt instrument with which to bludgeon President Obama. What they got was an over-pickled limp dick.

  49. 16% ? And yet voters put them in office. What a shame. So the end result is, we as voters get to do the same thing that congress does. Point the finger and say it’s their fault. Truth be told, it’s the ignorance of the american voters fault.

    As for Boehner, I’m guessing he has a rather large campaign contribution waiting in the wings pending the success or failure of his childish antics.

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