John Boehner Fox News Sunday

A Screaming John Boehner Cracks Up and Admits He Is Going To Shutdown Homeland Security

John Boehner Fox News Sunday

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Speaker of the House John Boehner cracked up on Fox News Sunday and admitted during his Stepford-like screaming performance that he is going to let Homeland Security shut down.


On Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace asked Boehner if he could promise that he was not going to allow funding for Homeland Security to run out.

Speaker Boehner answered, “The House has acted. We’ve done our job. Senate Democrats are the ones putting us in this precarious position, and it’s up to Senate Democrats to get their act together.” Wallace seemed baffled by Boehner’s refusal to accept reality, “But, all I can ask, and I’ll ask again.”

At this point, Boehner started screaming, “CHRIS, CHRIS, ONE MORE TIME. THE HOUSE HAS DONE ITS JOB UNDER THE CONSTITUTION. IT’S TIME FOR THE SENATE TO DO THEIR JOB. Listen, I’ve got a tough job here, so does Senator McConnell, but Senate Democrats are standing in the way. They’re the ones jeopardizing funding. Why do they get on the bill and offer an amendment and offer their ideas? Let’s see what the Senate can do.”

Wallace asked what if funding runs out, and Boehner answered, “Well then Senate Democrats will be to blame. Very simply.”

Chris Wallace followed up, “And you’re prepared to let that happen?” Boehner answered, “Absolutely.”

This is the first time that Boehner has gone on the record and admitted that he has no intention of keeping his promise that he would not allow Homeland Security to shut down.

Boehner’s plan is to shut down Homeland Security, blame Senate Democrats, hope that they cave and support the Republican attempt to overturn President Obama’s immigration executive actions. House Republicans tried this same strategy with the government shutdown, the fiscal cliff, and every other crisis that they ginned up in an attempt to gain political leverage.

Speaker Boehner created this mess when he decided to provoke a confrontation with Democrats over the president’s actions on immigration.

John Boehner is cracking up because Republicans are only going to have a few days before Homeland Security shuts down after they come back into session. House Republicans are fighting with both Senate Republicans and Democrats.

Boehner’s behavior is becoming more volatile by the day. John Boehner’s unstable performance on Fox News Sunday should encourage Senate Democrats to keep the heat on because the Speaker of the House is starting to crack.

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