Grand Jury Indicts Mississippi Judge Who Attacked Disabled Black Man


On Thursday, a Grand Jury indicted Madison County Court Judge Bill Weisenberger for simple assault on a vulnerable adult. The indictment stems from an incident at the Canton Flea Market on May 8, 2014. Weisenberger allegedly struck 20-year old Eric Rivers and yelled “run, n—-r run.” Rivers is a mentally disabled black male.

Weisenberger turned himself into the Madison County sheriff’s office Thursday. He was released shortly after that on 10,000 dollars bond. If convicted of the felony charge, the judge could face five years in prison. He could also be removed from the bench for having a felony conviction.

Since the reported assault, Judge Weisenberger has come under fire for other racist behavior as well. For example, an African-American was allegedly jailed for the non-existent charge of “roaming livestock”. Another black individual was reportedly given an illegal sentence for a DUI conviction.

The judge’s comments put Mississippi in the spotlight for racial intolerance yet again. Weisenberger’s indictment represents a stark contrast between his commitment to racial equality, and that of fellow Mississippian U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves. Earlier in the week, Reeves sentenced three white men to prison, for their roles in the death of 48-year old James Craig Anderson, who was murdered in a Jackson parking lot. During the sentencing, Reeves spoke eloquently about Mississippi’s tortured past, and he called for a “new Mississippi”.

However, Judge Weisenberger’s alleged behavior serves as a reminder that the “old Mississippi” is far from finished. Recent racist remarks by State Representative Gene Alday (R-Walls) further illustrate that much work is still to be done, to eradicate the cancer of racism from Mississippi soil.

In order for the justice system to appear colorblind, at the very least, overt racists have no position serving as arbiters of justice. If Judge Weisenberger is convicted of assaulting Eric Rivers, he should be incarcerated and removed from the bench immediately.

15 Replies to “Grand Jury Indicts Mississippi Judge Who Attacked Disabled Black Man”

  1. Remove him from the bench? In Mississippi that makes him a martyr for the movement. Better yet, make him serve on the bench wearing a dunce cap. If he refuses, find him in contempt and jail him until he complies. As an additional levy, do not allow him to oversee any court proceedings involving minority plaintiffs.

  2. What judge or jury in Mississippi will convict this criminal! He’ll be back on the bench in a short bit and he’ll get misdemeanor probation and instructed to take ethnic/racial sensitivity training! I may be wrong! I doubt it! Keep me posted!

  3. Judge Bubba Weezyburger suffering from a case of severe Redneck; disease caused by being so ignorant the blood flow destined for the brain stops in the neck lowering Iq’s by about 70 to 100 points depending what the ignoramus started with.

  4. I never wish bad for anyone, but I hope this fat ugly “judge” ends up in a wheelchair horribly disfigured. I really have never felt this for another human being – but since this guy is such an ass, I think he deserves it. He needs an eye-opening lesson .Picking on mentally disabled must make him feel like a big man, the wimp he is.

  5. Some how I have feeling he will most likely get a party. It’s actions like this that has our Nation in the condition it’s in! Our poor beautiful nation has gone out the toilet because of racist idiots like him. may they all burn in hell

  6. “If Judge Weisenberger is convicted of assaulting Eric Rivers, he should be incarcerated and removed from the bench immediately.”

    Regardless of whether he is convicted of the assault, if he actually said what was reported, that in and of itself shows racism and should be enough to have him removed from the bench.

  7. He even looks like your typical racist a$$hole! I swear he looks like he popped out of a mold somewhere in some redneck inbred baby factory. Do you think that the Reich Wing will ever admit that they are the party of White Christian Racist White Men And Women?!? I do not know a single Democrat or Liberal who has EVER uttered such ignorance or even held it in their hearts. You NEVER hear of this kind of pure hatred for any race from the left, this excuse for a man is NOT an American. Put a SS uniform on him and give him the TotenKapf ring and ceremonial dagger!

  8. bebe, the scene in Princess Bride where Weseley is laying in bed telling prince Humperdink what he will do to him comes to mind..

  9. I have always wanted to visit Mississippi & its richness, just to see the type of place it really is… Maybe, I had better bring the media & defense assult team? Gheeze, this is an Officer of The Court in 2015 conducting himself, as so? Hatred is an illness…..

  10. Carmen – visit Mississippi? I used to go there to see my paternal grandparent for Xmas in the 50’s and 60’s. It was like going back in time.

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