Elizabeth Warren Becomes The 8th Senator and 56th Democrat To Skip Netanyahu Speech


Sen. Elizabeth Warren became the eighth senator and fifty-sixth Democrat to announce that she will not be attending Netanyahu’s address to Congress.

In a statement Sen. Warren said, “I strongly support Israel, and I remain deeply concerned about the prospect of an Iranian nuclear weapon, which I discussed in detail with Prime Minister Netanyahu when we met in Jerusalem last November. It’s unfortunate that Speaker Boehner’s actions on the eve of a national election in Israel have made Tuesday’s event more political and less helpful for addressing the critical issue of nuclear nonproliferation and the safety of our most important ally in the Middle East.”

The Democrats who are skipping the speech have made it clear that their decision was based on Speaker of the House John Boehner turning the speech into a partisan political affair. Boehner’s motivation was to divide Democrats and humiliate the president. Boehner and his fellow Republicans are also desperate to assert their power in some way. As each of their legislative efforts to use their congressional majority have failed, Rep. Boehner (R-OH) has resorted to more desperate means to prove his relevance.

The mainstream press has taken to calling this a difficult decision for Democrats, but there hasn’t been much public agonizing, because Democratic leadership, including the White House, washed their hands of Boehner’s stunt early on by leaving the decision up to each member. By taking this course, Democrats made sure that Boehner never got the partisan with or against Israel framing of the speech that Republicans wanted.

In total, nearly a quarter of all Democrats in the House and Senate are not attending the speech. The joint the session of Congress that Netanyahu speaks to will contain nearly five dozen empty seats. The Democrats have exposed Netanyahu’s speech a desperate failed grab for power and publicity. The members of the Democratic caucus who took this stand deserve praise for sticking by their convictions.

Here is The Hill’s updated list of Democrats who will not be attending:


Rep. Karen Bass (Calif.)
Rep. Earl Blumenauer (Ore.)
Rep. Corrine Brown (Fla.)
Rep. G.K. Butterfield (N.C.)
Rep. Lois Capps (Calif.)
Rep. Andre Carson (Ind.)
Rep. Joaquin Castro (Texas)
Rep. Katherine Clark (Mass.)
Rep. Lacy Clay (Mo.)
Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (Mo.)
Rep. James Clyburn (S.C.)
Rep. Steve Cohen (Tenn.)
Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-N.J.)
Rep. John Conyers (Mich.)
Rep. Danny Davis (Ill.)
Rep. Peter DeFazio (Ore.)
Rep. Diana DeGette (Colo.)
Rep. Lloyd Doggett (Texas)
Rep. Donna Edwards (Md.)
Rep. Keith Ellison (Minn.)
Rep. Chaka Fattah (Pa.)
Rep. Marcia Fudge (Ohio)
Rep. Raúl Grijalva (Ariz.)

Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (Ill.)
Rep. Denny Heck (Wash.)
Rep. Ruben Hinojosa (Texas)
Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (Texas)
Rep. Marcy Kaptur (Ohio)
Rep. Rick Larsen (Wash.)
Rep. Barbara Lee (Calif.)
Rep. John Lewis (Ga.)
Rep. Zoe Lofgren (Calif.)
Rep. Dave Loebsack (Iowa)
Rep. Betty McCollum (Minn.)
Rep. Jim McDermott (Wash.)
Reps. Jim McGovern (Mass.)
Rep. Jerry McNerney (Calif.)
Rep. Gregory Meeks (N.Y.)
Rep. Gwen Moore (Wis.)
Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D.C.)
Rep. Beto O’Rourke (Texas)
Rep. Chellie Pingree (Maine)
Rep. David Price (N.C.)
Rep. Charles Rangel (N.Y.)
Rep. Cedric Richmond (La.)
Rep. Jan Schakowsky (Ill.)
Rep. Bennie Thompson (Miss.)
Rep. Mike Thompson (Calif.)
Rep. John Yarmuth (Ky.)


Sen. Al Franken (Minn.)
Sen. Tim Kaine (Va.)
Sen. Patrick Leahy (Vt.)
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)
Sen. Brian Schatz (Hawaii)
Sen. Martin Heinrich (N.M.)
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA)

28 Replies to “Elizabeth Warren Becomes The 8th Senator and 56th Democrat To Skip Netanyahu Speech”

  1. Good

    I fear some won’t go, but will watch it elsewhere thereby making not going simply “a show” for certain voters, but privately assuring AIPAC that they stand with them…

    SMH at the whole debacle…

  2. Thanks Sen. Warren. I hope at the time of the speech, more follow your lead. Sometimes actions speak louder than words.

  3. DJ,
    Its kind of hard to be a patriot to a country that makes such an effort to keep its citizens in the dark of its true mechinatians. Although I do think most of the citizens are equally at fault, to busy with their I-gadgets and watching DWTS to really see what is happening to them. I am sure somewhere Bernays and and Goebbels are laughing their asses off at this show.

  4. Thank you Senator Warren. Sigh, only one from Pa. I hope Senator Casey walks out as Mr. Netanyahu approaches the podium.

  5. Show? Yes, Speaker Boehner and Mr. Netanyahu have made a circus out of this. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  6. Elizabeth did not miss anything.
    I have just watched Netanyahu Speech.
    His speech was just like Sarah Palin’s.
    No alternative plan was discussed.
    Only Rhetoric!
    Almost feel like this guy tries to exploit the conflict between Israel and Iran, in order to maintain his power.

  7. You know what they say Rick, “The show must go on.” So it will because that is what the puppet masters want.

  8. >House John Boehner … dominate the news backfired

    I’d be the first to agree that this whole thing was just inappropriate, but
    Apparently it hasn’t backfired, because this event is all I read about today, and Boehner’s name is in every one.

  9. God you’re a stupid and ill tea bagger TROLL

    Conservatism Linked to Lack of Education

    Conservatism as a Mental Illness
    Republican polls have recently exhibited 10 telltale signs of mental illness:
    Denial, Delusion, Hallucination, Disordered Thinking, Anger, Anti-social Behavior, Sexual Preoccupation, Grandiosity, General Oddness, Paranoia

  10. Boner is the WORST SOTH in our history.

    The 111th Congress, led by Speaker of the house democrat from California Nancy Pelosi, is one of the most productive in History, next to the 89th that came in with John William McCormack, a democrat from Massachusetts.
    ALL of course in contrast to what we have now, one of THE most unproductive Congress’s in our History with the worst SOTH Boehner.


  11. On 09/11/2001 and assortment of Egyptian/Lebanese/Saudi’s took down the World Trade Center, damaged the Pentagon and killed over 3000 innocent human beings. In response the United States of America under the leadership of Vice President of the United States DICK Cheney (PUPPET MASTER) convinces his henchman in chief President of the United States George W. Bush (PUPPET) to lie us into wars with Iraq and Afghanistan, but in fact the entire Middle East.
    Ever since the imperial wars of aggression against the oil rich began I have wondered why Iraq and Afghanistan and not Egypt/Lebanon/Saudi Arabia. It’s like the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor on 12/07/1941 and in response America declares was on Argentina and Chile. It makes no real sense. I get it that Al-Qaeda/Taliban are a real threat, but instead of a reckless overreaching power-grab by the US perhaps a less kneejerk and thoughtful approach would have been better.

  12. (continued)

    Now all we have to show for the new American crusade is…

    • Over 225,000 human beings dead, which include US military personnel and civilians trying to live their lives in an already difficult situation.
    • $6 Trillion in US spending
    • Estimated $450 billion in veteran spending far into the future
    • Total disdain of a large percentage of the rest of the world

    US Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq to Cost $6 trillion

    Cheney’s Halliburton Made $39.5 Billion on Iraq War

    “I’m fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in.” – George McGovern

  13. As we been treated to 6 1/2 years of Wingnutistan phases “He not like us,” “Not in my America,” “Take America back,” “Whe he hate America?” It originated from the 2008 presidential campaign. And it been getting worser and worser. Every time Pres. Obama kick their a**!!.

    Pres. Obama have a brillant way of turning a setback into a major success. As Carl Bernstein said, “President Obama made monkeys out of the Tea Party”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjS-PGXtAEo

    Actually real journalists, economist, historians have said, Pres. “Obama is most consequential president in modern times,”
    World leaders respect and a great partner,: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYeqGJJoPrY

    And this is what mess with their devious little minds, so they cheer on characters (Putin, Assad, Netanyahu, Kim Jong Un).

    So while Boner/nut-n-yahoo go through their kabuki threatre. This is what the Pres. is doing: https://twitter.com/ZekeJMiller/status/572772437869391873

  14. Not according to protocol? Yes. Democrats acting like spoiled children and snubbing a world leader. Yes! Like hiM or not, he should be shown courtesy and respect . Your behavior is a shame to America

  15. No it is your stupidity that is a shame to America. How dare you even think of giving over our national interest to a foreign country. Your hate for President Obama is so strong that you would become part of a fifth column yo lead us into a war we wont win and cant afford

  16. So Bibi talks the talk. Now what? Will he walk the walk? You know he can’t do $#it to Iran without running it by the United States FIRST. And he knows his bombing plan will be VETOED. Sure he play the mosquito on an Elephant’s ass, but will the elephant stir? BTW, Iran is playing with Bibi’s head and also those Republican fear mongers who are shivering in their loafers.

  17. @ Bostonboob. Notice Binyamin (jewish spelling) heaped praise for things Obama did for Israel that Fox never reports on? The actual government of Israel said, and you can find this, just not in right wing or American media, that Obama has done more for Israel than any President since the Carter years. Yup, more than even Saint Ronnie and the Shrubs and Clinton. Get some education man, it is never too late.

  18. You liberals are delusional. So sad. Like ISIS you will be “degraded” – by your own speech! Crawl back under your rocks[Snipped for wasting space] Your time is over. Bye Bye liberals! Keep lying to yourselves. You are detestable human trash.
    – Not hateful, just disgusted.

  19. Moderator snipped the factual material “for wasting space”, even though it was significantly less than the “maximum”. What a bolshevik! Diversity of opinion? Sure!
    Here it is again:
    Political? Nonsense! No alternative? Nonsense! As Bibi stated clearly, Iran must 1) stop invading its neighbors, 2) stop funding terrorism, and 3) stop threatening Israel (and Jews) with extinction. Concrete actions, not useless talk. Should not be hard to do, or for liberals to understand. But apparently it is hard. Because you don’t. You are stupid and tragic. You are all Jew-hating racists and bastards, even the Jewish ones. Not polite? So what! There is no discussion with idiots, and no tolerance for Jew-bashers. Just defeat and crush. [WINK]

  20. Sir djchefron – you have marked yourself as an idiot as you have not noticed that Iran through its proxy armies has invaded, Syria, Yemen, Gaza and now Iraq. Wise up and you will be better for it.

  21. Whoops – let’s not forget that Iran has also invaded Lebanon and imposed brutal control through its proxy Hezbollah for many years!

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