House GOP Budget: More Money For War, Repeal Obamacare, Cut Food Stamps and Medicaid

tom price

House Republicans unveiled their budget proposal on Tuesday, demonstrating that their priorities are still to wage war and to give the rich a helping hand, all while sticking it to the poor. The House budget proposes removing most of the 2010 reforms that were implemented to regulate Wall Street and prevent a greed-driven collapse, like the one that crashed the economy in 2008.


The GOP plan by House Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price (R-GA) also calls for drastic cuts to food stamps, Medicare, and Medicaid. Furthermore, the House budget would also slash funding for Pell Grants. Those grants are designed to help make college affordable for low and middle-income families. In addition, The GOP blueprint calls for the complete repeal of Obamacare, even though health care reform has added coverage for 16 million Americans who previously lacked insurance.

The proposal is basically a rewrite of the Paul Ryan plan, which has been panned by critics and rejected by the U.S. Senate repeatedly. The plan does however, increase spending in one key area. House Republicans want to spend 94 billion dollars to fight the global war on terrorism in 2016, more than double the amount requested by President Obama.


Republicans believe their budget proposal will create a 33 billion dollar surplus by 2025, but that projection is based on “dynamic scoring”, which presumes that supply-side economic growth will increase tax revenues. Republicans used the same “dynamic scoring” in 2001, to argue that the Bush tax cuts would spur tremendous economic growth and fill the federal coffers with tax revenue. In their theory, the prosperous nation would have so many high income earners that lower tax rates would paradoxically create more tax revenue.

That, of course, never happened, but Republicans still believe it will work differently this time around. They don’t score their proposals based on what is likely to happen, but rather on what they want to happen. Somehow, it always works out beautifully on paper that way, though never in the real world.

While it should be obvious to the American public what the Republican Party’s priorities are by now, the recently unveiled House budget serves as yet another reminder about what the modern GOP stands for. The Republican Party’s eagerness to cut programs that benefit poor and middle class families, while lavishing favor on the big banks, the corporate CEOs, and the military contractors, demonstrates all too clearly who they work for.


The GOP House budget may very well fail in the Senate. Even if it passes the Senate, it will face a certain veto from President Obama. Nevertheless, House Republicans have once again, made it abundantly clear, that they have little regard for the average American family or the typical American worker.

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  1. I would love any conservative to explain how this budget will the Average American benefits and wont drive up deficits

  2. What a surprise!
    Since the same morons are re-writting the same story, we are not surprised…

    Take more money from the poor and give it to the rich and wait for the trickle down, just does not work. Instead, should just give the $$ to the poor so that they can feed their kids & families and that gets the dollars back into circulation.
    Basic needs and education for our future citizens & leaders are fundamental to the survival of the republic.

    How big does our defense budget needs to be? is already @HUGE huge% of our entire budget!

    Hunger & poverty is what drives people to join radical factions, as they feel marginalized and left out of the conversation.

    I am just saying….

  3. Permit me to answer:
    God will provide, through the intercession of His Ressurected Son JeeeZusssss, and the prayers of Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Michelle Bachmann.

    Praise JeeeZusssss
    Et cetera. Et cetera. Et cetera.

  4. Like I’ve said before and it bears repeating, It is NOT Democrats VS. the GOP anymore! It IS Americans VS. the GOP!

  5. Well what can be said except NO!!!!! One of the few words they comprehend. There are some mental handicaps, that just can’t be helped.

  6. This billionaire sponsored death spiral of our democracy is brought to you by , the GOP/Tea Party.
    “Skin in the Game”.. “Takers”… 47%, as explained by Paul Ryan, ” there is a pie in the middle of the table, seated at the table is a billionaire, a middle class and a poor person. The billionaire takes the pie cuts a sliver , gives it to the middle class(working poor) guy and says,” this poor guy wants half your piece.

  7. The GOP are no better than “Shit” on your shoes. They need to be scraped-off now!!! They smell like “Shit” because that is what they truly are. 100% Human-waste. In my opinion.

  8. I believe Kansas, Wisconsin, Louisiana, and most other red states have used “dynamic scoring” to figure their budgets.

    Every single one of them are running $1B + in the red.

    Why in the world would the Democrats/ progressives be willing to sign onto that fiasco?

  9. Well since most of didn’t bother to vote the CBO will now use dynamic I mean magic beans to score their insanity

  10. Republicans love running state deficits.
    Wisconsin – $2.2 billion budget deficit
    New Jersey – $7.25 billion deficit
    Pennsylvania – $1.8 billion deficit
    Kansas – $1 billion deficit
    Wisconsin – $2.2 billion budget deficit
    Arizona – $1.5 billion deficit
    Alaska – $3.5 billion deficit
    Alabama – $950 million deficit
    Louisiana – $1.6 billion deficit
    Alabama – $700 million deficit
    Michigan – $454 million deficit
    North Carolina – $445 million deficit
    Oklahoma – $600 million deficit
    Maryland – $1.2 billion deficit

    Democrats love running a surplus
    California $4.2 billion surplus
    Minnesota $1 billion surplus

  11. Blue State, Red Face: Guess Who Benefits More From Your Taxes?
    Top Ten the ones that take more from the federal government in taxes than they pay into
    New Mexico, Mississippi, Alaska, Louisiana, West Virginia, North Dakota, Alabama, South Dakota, Virginia, Kentuckey
    Now consider the bottom 10, the ones that give more to the federal government in taxes than they get in return
    New Jersey, Nevada, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Illinois, Delaware, California, New York, Colorado.
    Anything strange about that list? Yes, they are all blue states (or the deepest of purple).

  12. rejected by the Republican Senate.

    H.R. 466 – Wounded Veteran Job Security Act became H. R. 2875.
    H.R. 1168 — Veterans Retraining Act
    H.R. 1171 – Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program Reauthorization
    H.R. 1172 — Requiring List on VA Website of Organizations Providing Scholarships for Veterans
    H.R. 1293 — Disabled Veterans Home Improvement and Structural Alteration Grant Increase Act of 2009
    H.R. 1803 — Veterans Business Center Act
    H.R. 2352 – Job Creation Through Entrepreneurship Act

    Veterans organizations were upset with Senate Republicans after they failed to gain enough votes of support to move forward with a measure that would have expanded federal healthcare and education programs for veterans.
    60 votes were needed to waive the budget rule. 41 out of 45 Republicans voted against it and killed the bill.

  13. 94 billion to fight a global war(so called) by the rethugs? I’d say we can’t afford that war. we can’t afford to feed the poor, children, the elderly, Vets. who placed their lives on the line so these fat thugs a can cut every helpful item placed in the last 55 years.
    If, we can’t afford to take care of our citizens, we surly can’t afford any type of WAR! SO (boys) of the thug party you wrote the ticket, live by it.

  14. went to the site suggested by andyca

    top states who use food stamps ect.

    7 Louisiana
    6 west Va
    5 Tennessee
    4 Oregon
    3 New Mexico
    2 D oF Columbia
    1 Mississippi
    so, folks in these states get set, the thugs are coming for you (OR) you could fool them all and change the way you vote.

  15. The GOP are working and acting “exactly” like “termites”. They are 24/7 hollowing from the “inside-out” our country’s (U.S.A) Government programs and infrastructure projects that benefit the 99%. THEY ARE THE PUPPETS OF THE ELITE 1%. In my opinion. They want the U.S. govt. to collapse so they can “take-over” and control “us” for their masters. No “shit” Sherlock!!!

  16. $5.5 Trillion. What they call ‘savings’ is basically screwing the middle class hard with no condoms or lube.

    I have an idea: Instead of giving that money to fund world domination via war or giving their rich donors handies 24/7, how about putting that money into those safety nets… oh wait, I forgot that we poor people don’t count anymore.

  17. another ignorant of the FACTS with the 1 NO WAYer (so far)

    The tea bag/repubs LOVE war to make $$$ but absolutely, without a doubt HATE our troops when they come home, damaged.
    Our troops are not dispensable and to be thrown away!!

  18. thank you, I try to do as much homework as I can.

    I was at the right/wrong age when ReaGUN was talking of war with Iran in 1981-82.
    Hell, I registered for the draft.

    The tea bag/repubs LOVE war to make $$$ but absolutely, without a doubt HATE our troops when they come home, damaged.

    Our troops, men AND women, are not dispensable and to be thrown away!!

  19. And those are not even Government Stastics! The ASI Index is higher! When Wall Street admits it is messin up, you should run!

  20. These are people who claim to care so much about children? They care so much that they would cut assistance to families including food stamps and spend 90 billion on the military budget. This is immoral, plain and simple.

  21. House GOP Budget: More Money For War, Repeal Obamacare, Cut Food Stamps and Medicaid.
    The GOP budget referring to, are for those who fight their “wars”. Make them the big bucks, while taking everything away, that the poor, people of color the lower middle class need. Sen.Cotton wants more money for military. Why not take it from :Foreign military-spending.

    Please click here for complete report..pass it on
    Israel,$9,000,000 a day
    Where does USA Military Aid Go
    Israel $2,799,544,121
    Vietnam $2,590,000
    Afghanistan $6,800,308,625
    Iraq $1,005,989,000
    I just signed the petition “Stop Funding Foreign Country’s Military and cut ours.” and wanted to ask if you could add your name too.

    This campaign means a lot to me and the more support we can get behind it, the better chance we have of succeeding. You can read more and sign the petition here:
    Thank you
    PS.Support “…

  22. Dustin,
    No, we didn’t count and we don’t count now You young people have to speak up…another Selma should begin for the people who fight the wars, build the bridges and roads, plant the gardens, feed the animals, work the farms,take care of the sick and wounded from evil wars, fight the fires, the people who built and still building this country, and it isn’t the GOP in Congress nor the USSupreme Court nor the KOCH Bros or Citizen United. Its people like you, poor,lower middle class, people of all colors, all races, all religions, these are not your enemies…you see how they treat Our President, thats what they think about you.. gather together for peace and justice stand up for your rights,
    “We the people” great group I found,”Win without War” check it out.
    March on Congress is Due

  23. Hopefully the American electorate is paying attention this time and will come out in droves in 2016 and vote every Republican traitor out of office.

  24. How much of the Federal dollars are sent to the impoverished RED STATES. We, the taxpayers, are tired of supporting them. The get more cents on the dollar than Blue States. Seems they mismanaged state monies, don’t encourage worker productivity contributing to their tax base, Why isn’t the GOP investigating this money pit allocation? The northeast states recoup far less Federal monies on the dollar. Why is that?

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