Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski Tears Into Ted Cruz For Leading America “Down The Road To War”


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During an extended interview segment on Tuesday’s broadcast of Morning Joe, co-host Mika Brzezinski tangled with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) over the letter 47 Republican Senators sent to Iran. Cruz, who signed the letter written by freshman Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), wholeheartedly defended the GOP’s decision to send it. Republicans have been criticized for interfering in delicate negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program. In her conversation with Cruz, Brzezinski sided with those accusing Republicans of trying to undermine the White House during its talks with the country.

The fireworks between Mika and Cruz began when Brzezinski asked the Texas Senator about the letter and if its intention was to stop any deal with Iran. Brzezinski also pointed out that it has been reported that Iran has brought up the letter twice during the negotiations with America and its P5+1 partners. Mika also brought up that Iranian hardliners acre using the letter for their own purposes. She asked Cruz, ”The fact that the twice now it’s come up and caused problems in the negotiations and hardliners are using it, that was the intention? You wanted that to happen?”

Cruz responded by implying that the White House is not interested in defending national security. He also stated that negotiators should be using the letter as leverage.


“The idea that hardliners are using it is utter silliness. If we actually had negotiators that were trying to defend our national security, if anything the letter would help them, because what the letter makes clear is for any deal to be binding, it has to go through Congress.”

The Morning Joe host fought back, telling Cruz that his and other GOP Senators’ actions were interfering with ongoing negotiations and it appears that the next step is to go to war with Iran.

“I’m still talking about the fact that you are saying to me that what’s happening now in terms of the hardliners using the letter to stall on these negotiations was actually a part of your intention. It just seems extremely destructive. [Crosstalk] I think it’s not inappropriate for Congress to have a say and to have a voice. But to interfere with a negotiation with Iran, and to actually possibly even undermine a deal in the making? Basically, the next step to that is to just get right down the road to war.”

At this point, co-host Joe Scarborough, who on Monday conceded that the letter was a bad idea and its combination with the Benjamin Netanyahu speech has been toxic for the country, tried to jump in and come to Cruz’s defense, stating that we wouldn’t be on a road to war if the negotiations fell through. However, Mika completely ignored him, continuing to fire away at the potential 2016 GOP Presidential candidate. She asked Cruz point blank whether or not he even knew if the deal with Iran was “a bad deal.” Cruz relented that he didn’t have all the information and was only basing his opinion on leaks.

Eventually, Scarborough and Cruz tried to double-team Brzezinski, bringing up Reagan-era Nicaragua as a precedent to this letter. (This is something Scarborough has done recently on the show so he gladly assisted Cruz in lecturing Mika.) Brzezinski was able to get the last word, though. After sitting there and listening to the two Republicans deflect, she once again brought things back to the basic issue.

“But this is all deflecting, the history lesson. It’s deflecting from whether or not the intention of the letter is what’s happening. And I’m concerned you’re saying you’re liking the effect it’s having.”

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of MSNBC:



It was refreshing to see Mika Brzezinski break through and give a well-known politician, especially one who as aspirations for the White House, an extremely tough interview with difficult and uncomfortable questions. If it were up to her cohort Scarborough, Cruz would have been able to use the segment to sell himself as a candidate and toss out his well-worn talking points. Instead, Brzezinski went on the attack and didn’t let up. Kudos to Mika for a great and tough interview.

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  1. Joe speaks out of both sides of his mouth. It depends on convenience as to what side to use. Finally Mika speaks up and holds her own. Ted Cruz is just a crazy tea partier. I hope he does run to show just what a disaster his campaign will be.

  2. If I remembered correctly Mika concluded by telling Cruz how nice he is. There is nothing nice about the sociopath Cruz.

    We all observe things differently, but I thought Mika was very easy on Cruz.

  3. Ted Cruz and Joe have proven they are Idiots, but it doesn’t matter its time for Joe to go to Fox. Cruz needs to go back to Cuba and run for office there in his home country

  4. I haven’t seen the interview, but to learn that Mika at least asked some of the right questions was good news. The fact that Scarborough came to his rescue was not a surprise. If he hadn’t, his buddy Cruz might have not returned to his show, after all, that’s the excuse given by Chuck Todd. It would have been fun though if Mika was allowed to hold Cruz’s feet to the fire. He eventually would have lost it and the true demon that he is would have surfaced.

  5. Why was he on in the FIRST place? !!! Is he being rewarded with signing? Given a platform to rub it in? That’s what it seems those scoundrels who go on about defending their mutinous letter seem to be doing. Why allow them to piss us off further? And Ted Cruz pisses me off everytime I see his face and hear his nonsense.

  6. MSNBC’s attempt to lurch right will cause the few viewers it has left to ignore them completely.

    There has been a parade of right wingers on every show.

    It just proves the employees will do anything for money and have zero integrity.

    I can’t tell if they want to be Fox or CNN

  7. I’m confused about something. In 2008, the gotp said President Obama was not eligible for the presidency citing their conspiracy theory beliefs regarding his birthplace. We KNOW Rafael was born in Canada, so now it doesnt matter ? I guess, as long as hes white….

  8. Just for once can Joe keep his mouth shut and let the woman speak? I felt she was really easy on Cruz. He talks about being willing to compromise when he is the one who is always wanting to shut down the government. The man is an abomination and should not be in any position of power.

  9. He wanted the letter to help the negotiators about as much as he didn’t want to shut down the government.

  10. Does he have any idea what he said? Whether the little girl cried or not. The world isn’t on fire. Everyone but you’re party and Israel are in nuclear peace talks you moron! And Obama isn’t leading from behind. He’s leading in front of 5 other Countries with his ideas of peace and diplomacy. These morons are so far removed from the word peace anymore that they don’t even know what it looks like. Quite obvious the only thing they do know is war and how to rally people toward it! The sky is falling???? Geez..wake up America!

  11. I’m not getting up at 3am pacific to watch Morning Jack-off.

    The tea bag/repubs love to govern on FEAR and keep everyone scared shitless and I’m FU***** sick of it!
    They’re a bunch of chicken littles shouting “THE SKY IS FALLING”

    But when we talk about PROVEN CLIMATE CHANGE we’re nuts?

  12. That silly grin of his—pisses me off
    That smirk’s got to go! It pisses me of.
    His arrogant bombast’s got to go. It pisses me off.
    NOTHING about this chap is positive. A negative cloud seems to hang over his head. And he carries it EVERYWHERE! Prince of Gloom and Doom. And he seems to Love his scorched earth approach to EVERYTHING! Why is he in the United States Senate? He gives it a bad name (him and others).

  13. Well, gee whiskers. She sort of did attempted journalism, instead of public butt kissing. Round of effing applause.

  14. Hope the tea baggers are still smiling if and when someone tells them we need a draft so their own sons and daughters can have a chance at fighting for the country in the war they so strongly desire.

  15. A CNN/ORC poll released Tuesday showed that 68 percent of Americans favor the Obama administration’s diplomatic efforts to keep Iran from achieving nuclear capabilities. Here’s the breakdown:

    Direct diplomatic negotiations with Iran are broadly popular, 68% favor them, while 29% oppose them. That support cuts across party lines, with 77% of Democrats, 65% of Republicans and 64% of independents in favor of diplomacy between the U.S. and Iran in an attempt to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

  16. Mika was taught how our Constitution works and its checks & balance works. Many comments on this sie resorts to defaming another whose opinion differs, yet want all Republicans go along with demo ideas. I saw where Mika acted lady-like realizing TCruz is earnest in his approach and that she did not understand the purpose of the letter from Rep in Senate to Iran. Joe was not running interference to save TCruz as he needs no one to do so. Joe knows how the Constitution defines the 3 branches work and how they control each other.

  17. So says the lying Faux Nooze watchin tea bagger

    The Cult Of Fox News: New Study Affirms Blind Devotion To Cable’s Church Of Disinformation
    While Conservatives have only four sources that they trust more than 50% of the time, liberals express trust for nine different sources at that rate: NPR (72%), PBS (71%), BBC (69%), New York Times (62%), CNN (56%), NBC (56%), MSNBC (52%), ABC (52%), and CBS (51%).

  18. And the only other sources they trust more than 50% of the time are similarly far-right partisans: Sean Hannity (62%), Rush Limbaugh (58%), and Glenn Beck (51%).

    I have nothing else to add

  19. Joan, do you really think that the rich right wing politicians will have THEIR children go to war? It will be the poor and non white children that will be drafted, while the Elites will have ‘deferments’ or cushy at home assignments a la GWB.

  20. Mika started out on the right foot, but fell flat in the end. Ted Cruz is a sophmoric junior high school punk and typical of today’s media, gets a ticket to ride when asked about his economic plan (abolish IRS, flat tax). He has none, in his own words, and yet no one seems to call him out for the huckster that he is. What a slimy goofball. Run Ted, run.

  21. Cruz relented that he didn’t have all the information and was only basing his opinion on leaks.

    This appears to be a trend for Mr. Crud. A shoot-from-the-hip method of ‘leadership’. America cannot afford another George W. Bu$h clone.

  22. Really Teale, I want someone to ask him where his Mother is, why she does not come out to support him, Why she seems to have disowned him. I would LOVE to hear his answers… she she alive? where does she live? Is she proud of him and his stand on things? All those personal things that make a person. IF that is possible with Dear Teddy.

  23. Well done, Ted! They sure love clawing at people on this network. I thought Ted handled himself very well. I don’t see why so many of you hate the tea party members so much.

    [“I wonder why nobody don’t like me
    Or is it just that I’m ugly?”]

    [That answer your question, Andrew?]

  24. Who cares? it really doesn’t matter what his parents think of him, it matters what his policies are and where is morals are. I think he would make a great commander in chief.

  25. You dumb a$$. [Bad language]
    [Have some Fels Naptha laundry soap]
    If you’re really hung up on that you should learn to think on your own.

  26. wow. so now I’m racist and I can’t spell… hmmm what did I spell wrong? And why the hell does that matter?

  27. Well since I don’t know you can’t personally call you a racist but the teabagging nation are racist. So birds of a feather…..

  28. No you are a dumbass. His father was a Cuban citizen who fought with Castro then moved to Canada and just recently received his US Citizenship

  29. Cruz and rotten cotten seem to like throwing words around like ‘Hitler’ warning that this is just like the 30’s.
    To a point they are right but not in the way they think.During the 30’s and to 1940
    Europe was trying to wage the war with Nazi Germany, but there was a huge network of US
    allies working and funding the Germans to defeat Britain and the allies. Think Sullivan and Cromwell, John Foster Dulles, Standard Oil, Brown Bros Harriman, Prescott Bush and Henry Ford.
    Just as the jewish lobby AIPAC and Adelson etc are funding Netanyahu. A british spy sent over here to root out the traitors was named Donald MacLaren (actually he was scottish) a fascinating story if anyone wants to research it.

  30. Of those who were taught how our checks and balances work, not one was you. In fact, you have just displayed your monumental ignorance of the subject.

    Assuming this were about a whole new treaty, the Senate would still not have anything to ratify until a final draft, agreed on by the signatories, was before them. But the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty has been ratified for a long time. The negotiations are about its *enforcement* . Into these negotiations, not the senate as a body, but #47traitors, have lawlessly intruded with the utmost arrogance,Hell-bent on war. And now, Sir, return to your Groundsmell wallow and wait for the very first round to heatseek your porcine, gas-emitting vent.

  31. Cruz is not Constitutionally eligible to President. Not born in the USA. Why is this even being discussed?

  32. Andrew, run do not walk, run to the DR, you must have had way too much rethug bs for lunch….That’s bad for the head, bad for the stomach, bad for the health.

  33. Andrew, didn’t you just make a very big mistake. Remember the fels soap? perhaps you are the one needing it in the mouth?

  34. Why Joe would come to the defense of this traitorous Canadian-Cuban fraud is beyond the ability of the lucid human mind to comprehend. Cruz is unfit for public service, and should be given the Bum’s Rush in 2018.

  35. Why do we hate the Tea Party? Because you assholes are nationalistic scumwaffles unfit for doing anything other than what you do best: Sit on your lazy, redneck asses and force the rest of us to pay for your lackadaisical behavior. I’m tired of my taxes going to pay for red state residents’ refusal to work.

  36. Mika needs to lean over and slap the crap outta her co-host, daily. He is some kinda Kool-Aid drinkin’ jerkoff.

  37. Hannity’s an interesting one… When Jon Stewart was on his show, they were discussing guns and Hannity informed Mr. Stewart he was armed; seriously? How much danger could he be in on his own show in the Fox Studios? Paranoia or what?

  38. AND…his name is not “Ted Cruz.” On his birth certicate, he is called
    “Rafael Edward Cruz”, born in Alberta, (Canada)
    SOoooo what name does he use on the ballot box.

    (Where did RafaelEdward Cruz get the name “Ted”? It is not on his Birth certificate or anywhere else. Is it on his Voting Record/registration was it legal.How did he becomre a senator using Ted as his legal name)

  39. Can you imagine his panic? The big money has a new protege. Whiter and legitimate. I bet Bill Kristol won’t even return his calls now. Cruz is too far out there to be the Star of the pony show, too much baggage, too many unanswered questions to be that effective any longer. He sure earned his keep while he was the Star though. He did a lot of damage to the American people and our economy.

  40. According to the Constitution, one has to be a native born citizen in order to be President. I don’t understand why this is never mentioned.

  41. In that case, Ted Cruz, send in your family to the front lines first. We want our families home with our families, not prancing about to satisfy YOUR and other WARMONGERS’ bloodthirsty ambitions!

  42. I am impressed with Mika, she did an outstanding job. Get rid of Joe and have her running the show instead.

  43. Does “extended interview” translate to “only seen on the internet”? If so very few Fox viewers saw it. AOL Disks aren’t great for streaming video.

  44. Senator Cruz is absolutely correct, future Congresses and Presidents can undo or change this or any other treaty. President Carter did so twice during his stay in office. Article II, section 2 of the Constitution gives the Senate powers in the treaty making process in order to give the President advice and consent, check presidential power, and safeguard the sovereignty of the states by giving each state an equal vote in the treaty making process. Two-thirds of the Senate present at the time must concur with the President in order for any treaty to be ratified. The two thirds rule also gives those opposed to any treaty the opportunity to use dilatory actions (stalling tactics) in order to defeat a treaty. In other words folks Cruz and the other 46 senators have a Constitutional obligation and the authority of the Constitution to block a treaty they do not agree with. The Dems and Progressives are throwing a fit because no one is to challenge the Supreme Chancellor of the Empire.

  45. You don’t get it. The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is *already* ratified. The negotiations are about what constitutes good-faith compliance and how to procure it. Unless and until these negotiations produce an actual new treaty, or at least annex thereto, Congress can have no part except for factfinding, which facts are submitted to the Executive as recommendations. This kind of interjection of male appendages into the teapot at this stage is indecorous, unprecedented, and a violation of diplomatic protocol, and it was procured by a payment of a cool million to a *faction* of the senate to sabotage the talks.

  46. Luke.. You might want to rethink your position. No Government? No laws, or law enforcement? No collective representation? No common interest(s), like National Parks, water quality/quantity, littering, pollution.. no help when someone robs you, bc there would be no police (authority)? Pres. Obama was right on when he said, “you didn’t build it yourself.” We all pay for courts, legislation, patent protections, international trade agreements, intellectual property protections, highways and infrastructure.. All I ever hear from Teabaggers is “No government”. Regulations protect the greater good and their concerns. Our Army/Navy protect our agreements and our borders. Tell me how a nation of over 300 million individuals can operate without government, and it’s oversights. The Teabagger agenda seems woefully naive and it’s advocates seem just plain stupid.

  47. CONGRATULATIONS, al clarke!
    you win today’s FAUX gold star as today’s shining example of the result of a “sound fiscally-conservative education”. your parents must be sooooo proud!

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