Bernie Sanders Storms The Senate and Rips The Republican Rich Get Richer Budget

bernie sanders republican budget

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) showed why he was named to the top Democratic post on the Senate Budget Committee by shredding the Republican budget proposals/


Sen. Sanders said:

As I examine the budget brought forth by the Republicans in the House and here in the Senate, this is how I see their analysis of the problems facing our country.

At a time of massive wealth and income inequality, the Republicans apparently believe that the richest people in America need to be made even richer. It is apparently not good enough that 99 percent of all new income today is going to the top 1 percent. That’s apparently not enough. It is not good enough that the top one-tenth of one percent today own almost as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent. Clearly, in Republican eyes, the wealthy and the powerful need more help. Not only should they not be asked to pay more in taxes, the Republicans believe that we should cut tax rates for millionaires and billionaires.

It is not good enough that corporate America is enjoying record breaking profits, and that the CEOs of large corporations earn some 290 times more than what their average employees make.

“It is apparently not good enough that since 1985 the top one-tenth of 1 percent has seen a more then $8 trillion increase in its wealth than what they would have had if wealth inequality had stayed at the same level that it was in 1985. An $8 trillion increase in the wealth of the top one-tenth of 1 percent! Apparently, that is not enough.

Meanwhile, as I understand the Republican view of our country, as manifested in the House and Senate budgets, it appears that millions of middle class and working families, people who are working longer hours for lower wages, people who have seen significant declines in their standard of living over the last 40 years, these people apparently do not need our help, rather they need to see a major reduction in federal programs that help make their lives, and the lives of their kids, a little bit better.

At a time when we have over 45 million Americans living in poverty – more than almost any time in the modern history of this country, my Republican colleagues think we should increase that number by cutting the Earned Income Tax Credit, affordable housing, and Medicaid. At a time when almost 20 percent of our children live in poverty, by far the highest childhood poverty rate of any major country on earth, my Republican colleagues think that maybe we should raise the childhood poverty rate a bit higher by cutting childcare, Head Start, the Child Tax Credit and nutrition assistance for hungry kids.

To summarize: the rich get much richer, and the Republicans think they need more help. The middle class and working families of this country become poorer, and the Republicans think we need to cut programs they desperately need. Frankly, those may be the priorities of some of my Republican colleagues in this room, but I do not believe that these are the priorities of the American people.

Sen. Sanders was correct. The Republicans are offering up the ultimate rich get richer budgets. The goal of the Republican budget is to take money away from poor and middle-class Americans and give it to the people at the top. Sanders was spot on. No matter how much wealth the richest Americans accumulate, Congressional Republicans believe that they deserve more.

The House and Senate Republican budget deserve the scorn of the American people because they explicitly confirm the Republican goal of creating an oligarchic society that consists of a few haves and everyone else being a have not. Bernie Sanders saw the picture behind the budget. The Republican budgets have become an annual declaration of economic warfare against the non-rich.

President Obama and Bernie Sanders have both sounded the alarms bells as it relates to this budget, and if Republicans want a fight, they’ve got one.

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  1. The GOP will be putting us all into Nazi Death Camps at their masters orders soon! In my opinion. Don’t take a shower after your train trip to their Death Camps in the over crowded cattle cars. I hear the showers “water” makes people very, very, sick.

  2. I am SICK of the horrible Republican party. I do believe god allowed them to control both parties so they could demonstrate how “Caligula” they have become. They are out to destroy the masses so they can plunder the land. They would cut their own grandmother’s throat if she owned a mansion.

  3. Kathryn, while i could not agree with you more about the Republicans, we can’t let many Democrats off the hook they desreve to be on. Specifically, our President is pushing hard for fast tracking the TPP, the most onerous “trade” deal ever proposed. He, alongwith many other Democrats, is so deep in the pockets of the corporatocracy he needs infrared goggles to see daylight. We have to hold all servants of the oligarchs accountable, regardless of party affiliation.

  4. You’re correct Buhe!
    Conservatives are doing it for MONEY!
    Democrats are fighting for THE PEOPLE.

    They have forgotten:
    “Whatever you have done for the least among you…You have done for me”

  5. Both parties are traveling to the same destination. One is following Koch and company, the other is following Wall Street and corporations that will benefit from TPP, those who already benefit from NAFTA. I think they should pass the Republican budget in its entirety. That will hasten the revolution. Think tea thrown into Boston harbor.

  6. Sadly “We the People”exist solely for the profit of the corporations.Voice your opposition to these regressive republican policies.Vote,while you still can.

  7. Obviously you have not read the Republican budget or you would not make that comment. Everything that Bernie Sanders said is 100% true. Republicans lie just about everything and all they are working for is the 1%; they cannot even hide their disdain for everyone else.

  8. As always, Bernie Sanders gets it all exactly right. And the GOP gets it exactly wrong. Unfortunately, the moronic electorate in the US, doesn’t get it at all.

  9. To djchefron, first of all, we have not had 30yrs of failed Republican policy. We have had 13yrs of Clinton and Obama, unless they don’t count. Secondly, your need to call someone who disagrees with your small-minded opinion a dumbass only highlights your ignorance.

  10. Okay you’re right. I meant since Reagan republican policies have been utter failures dumbass
    The US economy performs better under Democratic presidents. Why?

    The Obama Economy vs. The Reagan Economy: It’s Literally No Contest

    See when your world view is govern by ideology other than facts then yes you are a dumbass

  11. I hear a lot of individuals talking about the GOP. While it’s true the stink. I was just wondering which elected democrat is a typical middle class citizen? It’s time for term limits and fund raising limits. I do not believe any elected official regardless of party represents “We the People.”

  12. I appreciate what Bernie Sanders stands for but I’m tired of the same old soundbites he keeps reciting over and over. Okay, we all get it… create jobs by rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, equal pay for women, the wealthy should start paying their fair share of federal taxes, yadda yadda yadda and we the people couldn’t agree more. You have our attention, Bernie, but it’s time to start getting into some specifics!

    What, exactly, is in the republican budget proposal? What is the exact wording that gives all these breaks to the wealthiest 1%? What is the exact wording that undermines programs to help those in need? In short, WHAT EXACTLY IS IN THE PROPOSED BUDGET??

    One thing I appreciate about Elizabeth Warren is that she focuses on specifics and thus, helps us to understand exactly what is going on. She doesn’t dumb it down for us common folk, and she doesn’t keep reciting the same old sales pitch. I’m starting to think Bernie has the right idea but can’t get past s…

  13. But not once were you tired of trickle down raise all boats, voter fraud, tax cuts grow revenue, kill them there so they wont kill us here, Jesus fill in the blank, welfare queens yada yada yada

  14. Make a Overseas Protection Tax. If you go to a Federal Park and wonder off a trail, then get lost , your found at fault , you have to refund the government for the Search & Rescue Operation to find you. Well look at the whole United States as that State Park. Then you always here we have to send troops overseas to protect those interest almost daily from republicans and democrats alike. The interest are over there to get away from Labor Laws, Environment Laws, Taxes, paying high wages and benefit packages, making billions daily. Then we here in America pay taxes to send our children to be injured or to their deaths as troops to protect them. Now they just cut social packages to us and increased military sending. Here’s a way to cut trillions of our deficit a year, OVERSEAS CORPORATE WELFARE. Charge anyone with in a 1500 mile of a military intervention overseas. They left this country out of greed, they left this Federal State Parks boundaries the United States. Anyone who left this co…

  15. He keeps repeating these “sound bites” because a, they’re true and b, the Republicans keep failing to put forth ideas, budgets or a philosophy that demonstrates any form of care for anyone other than the rich.

    We do need to create demand and thus jobs
    We do need to fix infrastructure
    Women do need to be paid fairly
    We do need to address income inequality

    Until we fix this, and all our other problems, I pray Bernie and those like him who care about the non 1% keep yelling their message from the floor, in the media, hell, from the rooftops. If you’re sick of it, maybe that’s more a reflection on you than on Bernie and those like him…


    For the benefit of actually knowing what Mr. Sanders was talking about, may I suggest you blowhards actually click the above link and READ the budget?

    While ol’ Bernie lays into the GOP doing all he can to vilify them, he completely ignores the legitimate claims they put forth in the budget.
    I defy ANY of you folks to dispute the realities of waste and inefficiency that exist in our bloated government bureaucracies today.
    While the GOP budget may indeed propose the cuts Mr. Sanders skillfully used to incite the Liberal masses, he willfully ignores their intent to reform wasteful programs.Since when is it a bad idea to make INFORMED decisions about what we should be spending our money on? [Edited for length]

  17. So what do we do, if both Party’s leaders are in bed with the oligarchy? Just sit on our thumbs, or do you have a solution working? Given that Obama is leaning toward the Trans-Pacific Trading Pact, which is the least desirable of all, the GOP has proven to be leaning toward Fascism. Should they gain control of most government in ’16———-they would choose the next Supreme Court Justice, Privatize everything from Social Security to Education and on to the USPS etc. etc. And the problem of inequality and abject poverty would spiral out of control We would not recognize our Democracy.

  18. From the link: “People will receive smaller health-insurance subsidies as they make more money. So for many families, it just will not pay to work.”

    Except that most employers will be *required* to provide health insurance to their full-time employees, so the subsidies become irrelevant. Unless the suggestion here is that nobody is going to work full time any more, that is.

    “By balancing the budget, the Path to Prosperity will promote economic growth.”

    Bull. Most of Europe tried to do that during the Great Recession, and *none* of them came out with their economies in good shape. Balancing the budget (or, ideally, running a surplus) is something to attempt during boom times, not [what they’re characterizing as] a prolonged recovery.

    “Our corporate tax rate is the highest in the industrialized world, and the tax code is full of loopholes and deductions that serve only the well- connected.”

    Which effectively means that our corporate tax rate is one of the lowest in …


  20. I don’t see anywhere in the budget that they address the wasted money on corporate welfare or the military industrial complex. You think they are trying to cut waste? How is cutting taxes for the wealthy cutting waste? Your attempt at defending this ridiculous excuse for a budget falls way way short. This budget is nothing more than a give back to their campaign donors and others who stuff their bloated pockets. You’re turning a blind eye from what is staring you in the face. Maybe you should reread the budget.

  21. Yea, Rick, Robbing Peter to pay Paul with money and tax breaks Paul does not need. Paul needs to pay his FAIR share so we can fix infrastructure.

  22. B. Sanders well describes the increasingly big $$ oriented Elephant Party. Reagan’s trickle down economics inoculated them from concern for the rest of Americans and they have clearly morphed into the Oligarchy Party. Good luck with the idea of winning national elections…you’re gonna need it since the electorate now has a clear choice of which political party is worse, which will do less harm to what is left of America.

  23. Since Citizens United, we’re even further away from Federally funded elections or even the possibility of having a uniform rule for both State and Federal elections (States still determine the “rules” for Federal election voting. That said, I don’t give a fig how much money a candidate has. Reality is, a poor person will never get elected in this capitalistic country, so the best we can get are (b)millionaires who actually CARE about the non-millionaires, working poor, and poor, and when you see it that way, you’ll understand that only the Democratic Party stands up for us folks.

    There are plenty of millionaires and billionaires who do. Guess what? They all support and vote Democrats.

    Examples? Beyonce and Jay Z (combined $1 billion), movies stars, Steven Spielberg ($3.6 billion), Katzenburger ($957 million), Sean Penn ($150 million), Oprah ($3 billion), Warren Buffet ($72.3 billion), Bill Gates ($79.3 billion) – Democrats.

  24. Also, revoke tax exempt status from so-called non-profit corporations that act like for-profit corporations – as it just happened in California.

    California has revoked the non-profit tax exempt status of Blue Shield of California that has as much in their bank ($4.2 billion) as the surplus of the entire State of California ($4.2 projected surplus).

    With that tax exempt status revoked, Blue Shield of California is on the hook for tens of millions of dollars to the State every year.
    California legislature isn’t going small potatoes. Democratic controlled CA legislature is going after the big cheaters.

    Elections do matter. :-D

  25. The key is a full employment economy as Sanders mentions at the end of his remarks. If we have that, then the Government has done its job. The debt and deficit will be whatever they are, but, for the case of the USA, it doesn’t much matter what they are. The debt and deficit are not a measure that is related to the economic health of this country as directly as is the employment level and the living standards of the middle-class.

    I am sure that with Sanders’ appointment of Stephanie Kelton as his chief economist on this committee, he is fully aware of how little importance the debt and deficit are for a country like the USA that is sovereign in its own currency. I wish he had the courage to either explain this more thoroughly or to at least stop talking as if these two measures were as important as the Republicans pretend that they are.


  26. I don’t see how anyone can say President Obama and “ALL the Democrats ” are in bed with the rich and corporations just like the Republicans ?? Obama pushed the Health Care act,,, and the REPUBLICANS just bitched and STILL want to do away with it!! Obama wanted to tax the rich more and the working class less,,,and the REPUBLICANS bitched about that !! Republicans are pushing the Keystone pipeline that in the end creates only 50 to 60 PERMANENT jobs,, but of course it makes THEM richers with their investments in this project !!! Republicans want to do away with Social Security,, WHY?? WE are putting the money into this for OUR RETIREMENT,, they act like they are giving us THEIR MONEY,,,ITS OUR MONEY!! They CUT SCHOOL FUNDING,,CUT MEDICARE FUNDS, yet they can INCREASE MILITARY FUNDING that is ALREADY OVER BUDGET anyway !! why,, because they are making their military contractor friends richer,,and themselves too !!! So,,do you REALLY think the REPUBLICANS are for WE THE PEOPLE ??

  27. It is recorded fact that the economy does measurably better during Democratic administrations than in Republican. Look at the statistics and it is very clear that the American economy thrives under Democratic leadership and fails under Republican leadership. For example, Bill Clinton left George Bush a nearly balanced budget with a plan that would have the budget balanced in 2 more years and he left GWB a huge surplus. Bush promptly blew through the surplus and destroyed the economy with his two failed wars and huge tax cuts for the rich and for mega multinational corporations. Obama came into office with the country in the most devastating recession since the great depression, with GWB loosing 800,000 jobs a month and the DOW, which with Clinton was nearing 15,000, reduced to 5,000. Now Obama has steadily created millions of new jobs, restored the DOW to 18,000 and put our manufacturing base back on track. There’s no disputing the facts of this.

  28. Republican greed for money is about as easy to slake as their thirst for innocent blood in unnecessary wars.

  29. Don’t worry Bernie, the gang that cant walk and chew gum at the same time is having a budget food fight
    The Republicans’ new dead-on-arrival budget could soon prove a stumbling block for the GOP’s four 2016 hopefuls in the Senate. It seems they’ll have to take sides: should the budget cut, cut, cut (just as the economy makes a legit recovery); or should we be pouring money into defense coffers for an endless global war?

    “I think part of our national security is trying not to overburden the country with debt,” Paul said.
    Graham fired back: “I agree with Sen. Paul that one of the threats to our nation is the debt. But I reject the idea that defense spending has anything at all to do with that.”

  30. How about instead of throwing tea overboard, we just throw tea-party-rwnj’s overboard (preferably with lead weights attached).

  31. Carl,
    “Republicans want to do away with Social Security,, WHY?? WE are putting the money into this for OUR RETIREMENT”
    First I want to say that both parties are equally disappointing. But SS is an issue we need to a solution for all of us. We are not paying into our RETIREMENT we are paying for those who receive it now. My fear is the lack of workers behind me who will pay into SS so I can receive it when I am of age. The Demographics do not look good. In 2009 the Office of the Chief Actuary of the Social Security Administration calculated an unfunded obligation of $15.1 trillion for the Social Security program. Consider this shortfall and the fact that there were 9 workers for everyone who received SS in 2000 and it is projected to be 3 workers for everyone that receives by 2020. I think there may be a problem. 52% of Americans “legally” did not pay taxes in 2014. I have not seen either party come up with a solution that makes sense. I will plan that it will not exist for me.

  32. Ted – You need to watch CSPAN. I watched the mark-up yesterday.

    Defeated as markup:

    Raising the minimum wage
    Not cutting old age programs (Meals on Wheels)
    Not cutting Pell Grants
    Student Loan Relief
    Removing the deductibility of moving expenses when a corp offshores its HQ
    Not cutting Medicaid for seniors (people who have outlived their savings and are, for the most part, in nursing homes)
    Requiring tarsands corporations to pay into the clean-up fund
    Requiring tarsands corporations to pay the taxes levied on “conventional oil”

    The list goes on and on.

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