John Boehner Going To Israel To Try To Sabotage Likely Obama Nuclear Agreement With Iran


Republicans are opening a new front in their campaign to undercut the Commander In Chief. Speaker of the House John Boehner will be going to Israel to meet with Netanyahu around the same time that the White House expects an agreement to be reached on Iran’s nuclear program.

CNN reported:

Boehner spokesman Kevin Smith confirmed the visit, which will take place during the Easter recess and marks Boehner’s first trip to the nation since becoming Speaker. His last visit was in 2008.

“The Speaker will visit Israel during the next district work period. He looks forward to visiting the country, discussing our shared priorities for peace and security in the region, and further strengthening the bond between the United States and Israel,” Smith said.

According to Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the speaker’s trip will begin March 31, and he’ll be leading a congressional delegation of Republican lawmakers.

Boehner’s visit will coincide with the when the White House anticipates that a deal will be reached with Iran on their nuclear program. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters, “At the end of this month we would anticipate a political agreement.” A political agreement is not the same as a formal agreement. It is expected that the hammering out of key technical details will not be completed until June.

Given the fact that an agreement is expected to be reached by the end of the month, it’s clear why Boehner is going to meet Netanyahu. It is widely anticipated that Speaker of the House will stand on foreign soil and criticize the President Of The United States. Boehner’s actions will reflect those of a political party that has been unable to hide their contempt for the President Of The United States.

Rep. Boehner will be going to Israel in order to sow divide and discord. The Boehner trip will be the next move from Republicans who have sworn to oppose a peaceful and diplomatic solution to Iran’s nuclear ambitions at all costs. Beyond disrespecting the president, congressional Republicans are still frantically trying to assert their power over Obama. Speaker Boehner will be openly siding with a sworn enemy of diplomatic peace while undermining the foreign policy of the United States of America.

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  1. It won’t matter what he, Boehner, says or do in Israel. Nothing is going to change the process that’s going on with the P5+1. But Boehner will look more and more as Netanyahu’s flunkie. Bibi has said he can manipulate “these Americans”, and I think he meant only Republicans. They kiss his ring each and everytime. Democrats tell Bibi to kiss their Arses. Bibi needs the United States, not the other way around; therefore Bibi plays the country for all he can get.

  2. The statement that “Boehner will be going to Israel in order to sow divide and discord” is demagoguery at its worse. The threat to the WORLD is from a nuclear armed Iran with ICBMs. It is sickening to witness people so locked into their political ideology that they are blind to the calamity awaiting us. Netanyahu is doing us all a huge favor. People need to get over their hostility to Israel and look at the big picture.

  3. Why on God’s Good Earth is this ass-wipe not under arrest for Sabotage, conducting Traitorous Acts, being a National Security Risk and for just plain being a jackass?

    This Republican BS and especially this particular Republican’s BS has gone on long enough and it’s time – PAST TIME – his antics be STOPPED.

    God forgive me but he needs to be put out of OUR MISERY!


  4. Not being a historian is anyone reading this site aware of another period in our history when the opposition party made more of an effort to undercut the foreign policy of a sitting POTUS?

  5. The part that I do not understand is that they need us, we do not need them. Maybe years ago America was all gun ho on Israel, but the times they are changing and it is not like that anymore. I don;t like all the money they get, including weapons. We pay for just about everything and they have national health care, but we in America cannot………..what is wrong with this picture?

  6. The only time I can remember was Wilson and the League of Nations and even then it didn’t reach this level

  7. And it, like all of Boehner’s (and Tom Cotton’s) actions, will bite him in the
    @ $ $ REALLY hard.

  8. Strip John Boehner of his U.S. Citizenship and deport him to Israel on the next flight out. In my opinion.

  9. The report is not so unambiguous as the title of this article, though I don’t doubt the Speaker’s intent. I trust he is being watched.

  10. If Boehner does anything else to undermine the executive branch of our government. At his immediate return from Israel should be arrested for treason PERIOD Enough is enough~

  11. Will or Willy or whoever you are, you are just wrong. Iran wants nuclear power.If they weren’t also in the nuke sights of Pakistan and Israel, both armed by the US, they might never think of making a bomb. Why is it that only the US (and Israel) get to decide who is the most armed? How about we DISARM all of us with nukes…how about that? This agreement will ensure that Iran does NOT get a weapon. Frankly, I do not blame them for wanting one.

  12. That should happen while he is in Israel, and revoke his passport. Then when Boehner tries to come back he is denied reentry.

  13. The Republicans will keep this up until someone shows some interest in looking into the ramifications of the Logan Act.

    Why does Obama think punitive measures are the only way to get the Iranians, the Russians, the Syrians, and North Korea to talk, but he thinks sweetness and light will sway the Republicans? [WINK]

  14. Why does Isreal need us so much, if I remember correctly, during his speech to my GOVERNMENT, he said that “for the first time in a 100 generations Isreal can defend herself” so again I ask why do they need us so much

  15. All of the ones DJ listed and the Brooks, DuPonts, J.P. Morgan, and the Koch/Bush families when they tried to hire Smedley Butler to overthrow FDR.

  16. What part of this is not a violation of the Logan Act? This is beyond writing a retarded letter to Iran. This is openly committing treason.

  17. Oh for goodness sake. Iran does NOT have nukes. Israel HAS nukes. Who has Iran attacked! And furthermore, if this peace agreement doesn’t work who the hell is going to fight Iran which is 3 times larger than Iraq. Is Israel going to NUKE Iran? Is that what you people want. Then what? Have you bothered to ask what are the consequences? No! Republicans never look further than their noses. Look what happened by invading Iraq (a country that had absolutely NOTHING to do with 9/11. You will NEVER learn!

  18. How much is this stunt costing us the tax payer? The republicans cut food stamps for children but continue to waste on republican made up scandals, and plans to overthrow our government……

  19. Oh for goodness sake. Iran does NOT have nukes. Israel HAS nukes. Who has Iran attacked! And furthermore, if this peace agreement doesn’t work who the hell is going to fight Iran which is 3 times larger than Iraq. Is Israel going to NUKE Iran? Is that what you people want. Then what? Have you bothered to ask what are the consequences? No! Republicans never look further than their noses. Look what happened by invading Iraq (a country that had absolutely NOTHING to do with 9/11. You will NEVER learn!

  20. I tried to find out but the only thing I came up with was Pelosi trip to California which cost 101k so with staff. food, lodgings, security and other groupies I figure we are looking at least 2 million

  21. “It is sickening to witness people so locked into their political ideology that they are blind to the calamity awaiting us.”

    Yes indeedy it is.

    So why have you not opened YOUR eyes.

    I have a bigger concern with Pakistan having nuclear weapons than Iran because they actually HAVE those weapons and they have had numerous confrontations with their neighbors. You have the Taliban, al Qaeda and ISIS/ISIL all mixed up in that mess. IMO, there is more danger of a calamity there than in Iran.

    Take your own blinders off. You are just as locked into your political ideology which, IMO, causes worse tunnel vision than any of the regulars on this site.

  22. UN report: Iran continues to meet its commitments under interim nuclear deal

    Iran has continued to meet its commitments under an interim nuclear agreement with six world powers, a confidential United Nations nuclear agency report seen by Reuters showed on Friday.
    The monthly update by the International Atomic Energy Agency said Iran was not enriching uranium above a fissile concentration of 5 percent. It also said Iran had not made “any further advances” in its activities at two enrichment facilities and a heavy water reactor under construction.

    Under the November 2013 accord between Iran and the United States, France, Germany, Russia, China and Britain, the Islamic Republic halted its most sensitive nuclear activity and took other steps in exchange for some easing of economic sanctions.

  23. I and the rest of the world are looking at the big picture. Israel is believed to have an estimated 150-300 nukes, is not a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty, and is demonstrably an aggressive, land-grabbing, and genocidal nation. Iran hasn’t been in a war for centuries, IS a signatory, and has no nukes. It is also not gong to drop a bomb on Israel, as the fallout will affect every surrounding country and many millions of Muslim lives catastrophically. Iranians aren’t stupid.

  24. Cant do that but being the asshole that I am I would put him on the no fly list and give him a full body search

  25. These Fkers are going to push it right up to the edge before falling over..
    Cotton: “U.S. should say anything to undermine negotiations in Israel:

    Gohmert: “It’s time to bomb Iran”:

    McConnell: Urging states not to comply with federal law (EPA). To undercut Pres. Obama’s International negotiation ‘Global Climate Change Treaty’ (Dec. 2015):

    These Traitors is trying to start sh#$ they can’t handle..

  26. Sorry, sentence should say,
    Cotton: “U.S. shouldn’t said anything to undermine negotiations in Israel.”

  27. Republicans had systematically undermining themselves very since a person of color had been placed into the Presidential position in the USA. And in every case…a negative attempts had backfired upon the fear & war mongering political party.

    So what is new? Nothing new coming from the Republican Citizens United puppets of the political donors puppeteers.

    As a response POTUS needs to make Voting Mandatory in our nation to help correct what Citizens United and gerrymandering is doing to our nations politic dysfunction and chaos!!!

  28. I’m a bigger ahole than you. I would arrange for a second amendment solution like Putin did to his opponent last month.

  29. Iranains, if they don’t have nukes and Isreal does? The largest most significant threat to the world is: Republicans. Hats off Iran, you’re doing the right thing with these settlement talks. Done a bit of research, hopefully, the talks will be fruitful. Isreal has a problem with it’s prime minister, power to the people??? Sh** . Yo! Benny, dare you to go to the hood and spew you’re venom Mr. Rat.

  30. The same Prescott Bush that was a business partner with and overt Nazi sympathizer. Yeah, that Bush family.

    I believe Nutjobyahoo is the biggest danger to world peace we face. Where is a good sniper when you need one?

    Everyone should have a homeland. Give Palestine to the Palestinians and Wyoming to ISIS. They’ll feel right at home with their fellow psychopath terrorist Dickless Cheney and his whore daughter.

  31. Traitor should not be allowed back in the USA once he leaves for this trip. He is a hater and a traitor. Karma is going to come back and bite his stupid A**. Idiot

  32. can’t do that? I am quite sure it could be done….he breaks all kinds of laws, the constitution, etc. Who’s gonna stop us?

  33. I agree. This nonsense by Boehner and Netanyahu will simply serve to assure that an agreement will be signed by the USA+5 and Iran.

  34. Remember that this potential agreement with Iran is an agreement between the members of the UN Security Council and Iran, not between “Obama and Iran” or between the US and Iran. It is rare enough that the Security Council members can agree on anything so this would be an amazing outcome.

    I think the US, to the extent that it can, should withdraw nuclear weapons from Israel. We should never have given Israel that capacity. And Israel is at best an apartheid state, much as South Africa was.

    I’m also curious about why the media, given all of its misleading coverage of this issue, has always failed to mention Israel’s nuclear capacity.

  35. This traitor should have his passport cancelled, just like any other traitor and don’t let him back into the country. This A$$hole doesn’t deserve to live in this country he is destroying for the wealthy other Ahole Kochs, etc.


  36. John Boehner is a traitor. He should be arrested and tried for treason – now – before it’s too late.

    Netanyahu is a bigger fool than I thought he was earlier when he accepted Boehner’s invitation to speak before Congress.

    IMHO this is an unholy alliance. The U.S. should immediately cease all financial support for Israel. Instead, we should propose sanctions on Israel … that is, unless other countries propose them first! “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations…entangling alliances with none” – Thomas Jefferson

  37. We no longer have investigative reporting, but a corporate media.

    Remember, our government has been bought by corporations, millionaires and billionaires.

    Listen to The Thom Hartmann Program, M-F. Also, check out, Ben Cohen’s website to see what we the people can do about Citizens United and McCutcheon.


  39. Great idea bebe if it was possible. revoke all their passports, make them all stay there. These thugs are nothing more then traitors! Certainly Not men who are working for the nation and it’s best welfare. War is there only concern, for war makes them all richer.
    Is there a single rethug who will vote against going to war? Please name them.

  40. Like your suggestion. lets hope someone from Isil is reading this. But Bonehead will not be flying in a private plane and many others could be killed too. Their lives should not be shortened because of this idiot rethug or nut en yahooo.

  41. The only way to do that is to reinstate the Draft.

    This time, though, with NO deferments, NO excemptions for any religion (Mormons received special exemption and was the only religion in the U.S. during the Viet-nam era draft that got it), and NO special treatment for college grads and wealthy and well-connected for those cushiony job in the air-co offices and National Guard.

    Oh…and institute a progressive war tax on incomes over $250,000 that goes up in percentage as income goes up.

    Reinstate the draft this way and you can bet that NO Republican will be publicly warmongering.

  42. Head hits desk. You have to wonder is this an preemptive April fools joke

    New York Times columnist Tom Friedman suggests arming ISIS to counter Iran
    Tom Friedman
    New York Times
    March 18, 2015
    O.K., so we learn to live with Iran on the edge of a bomb, but shouldn’t we at least bomb the Islamic State to smithereens and help destroy this head-chopping menace? Now I despise ISIS as much as anyone, but let me just toss out a different question: Should we be arming ISIS? Or let me ask that differently: Why are we, for the third time since 9/11, fighting a war on behalf of Iran?

    I simply raise this question rhetorically because no one else is: Why is it in our interest to destroy the last Sunni bulwark to a total Iranian takeover of Iraq?

  43. Maybe they are going to collect their payment from Adelson? Imagine where we would have been if these traitors had supported OUR President this way? Charge everyone of them for being traitors when they return. Unless their plane gets blown out of the sky, which would be really sad, doncha think? Disgusting excuses for human beings, certainly not “representatives” except got Bibi.

  44. Amen. Go to every frat house and deliver draft notices, no excuses, EVERYONE must serve. Imagine the uproar that would cause. Since some young people join the military because there are no opportunities elsewhere, let these rich, racist, frat clowns see what it is like for people who “fight for our freedoms”

  45. That was my first thought. If he can revoke Snowden’s who was working for world peace, surely he can revoke Boehner’s for a l-o-n-g list of mutiny, treason, et al.

  46. Obviously the 47Traitors don’t take the petitions too serious and think it’s a joke,I urge everyone to sign.

  47. 2gsb…demand that they pay their own way rather than using taxpayers’ $$$. I would bet that most would decide to forgo that trip.

  48. When will Boehner visit Ferguson MO? It’s certainly much closer than Israel. Could save the tax payers money. Just a thought.

  49. I bet the TP/GOPs wouldn’t be so arrogant against the President and the USA, and lazy, etc., since Citizens United.

    Big money and greed are the root of today’s political problems. Our government has been bought by corporations, millionaires and billionaires.

    Check, Ben Cohen’s website (co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream) shows us how we the people can and will overturn Citizens United.

    Also, I strongly urge you to learn who your state and federal representatives and senators are – sign up for their newsletters to see what they’re up to. Speak out or send emails. I do!

    A word of caution though, the communication might not go through if it’s “negative” or “critical” of some action. In that case, you and friends can visit offices together: there’s strength in numbers.

    Be diligent! Learn, act, speak out. They’re supposed to represent US not big $$.

    ”The cornerstone of democracy rests on an informed electorate.” Thomas Jefferson


  50. When are the Democrats in Congress going to get a set and start thinking about starting some kind of charges against this clown. World wide we are becoming a country who has no right or business to tell other countries what to do when we have a renegade Congress doing whatever the hell they want. Boehner has no respect for the President nor this country. It’s time for pressure to be put on him on the treasonous actions he is committing.

  51. There is a saying in Italian that says:

    “Dimmi con chi vai e ti diro’ chi sei.” Translated it means, tell me who you go with and I’ll tell you who you are.

    An axiom that comes to mind is:
    “Birds of a feather flock together.”

    Boehner had no right to invite Natanyahu to speak before OUR Congress and Netanyahu had no business in OUR legislature. This was deliberate and sneaky – behind our President’s back.

    And now another “mortal sin” to be committed by Boehner and his TP/GOP cohorts, a visit to Israel.

    Snakes … with all due respect to the snake population!


  52. How about the #47Traitors be required to register as foreign agents of Israel? Then committee assignments be changed to reflect this status. With the foreign agent status what committees would be available that would not directly affect US foreign and domestic security? I’m for creative solutions that will directly affect these politicians and their ability to either represent US citizens or be re-elected.

  53. The Republican backed Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu comes out saying that the USA must do more than just impose sanctions on Iran. That not going to war with Iran would be worse than letting them build nuclear weapons. Due to computer virus intrusions by the United States and its European allies into the Iranian nuclear computer programming, the confirmed deaths and defections of nuclear scientists, Iran’s ability to create nuclear weapon technology has been rendered useless for many years if not decades to come. Giving the sanctions against Iran time to diminish the influence of it’s government over the good people of Iran. Netanyahu says this is not a political ploy to get anyone elected. If you honestly believe that…well….kiss Republicans ass and call yourself stupid. If we allow ourselves not to believe this, then there is only one other reason. Religious indifference and intolerance.
    Iran is in the European communities backyard….not ours. The only direct threat from…

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