Florida Democrats Tell Jeb To Lawyer Up After Bush Lied On Voter Registration Form


Jeb Bush is treating his claim that he is Hispanic like a big joke, but Florida Democrats are suggesting that Bush might want to call his lawyer after he submitted false information on his voter registration form.

The Florida Democratic Party tweeted:

The Bush campaign (in waiting) is treating the story like a big joke. Bush spokeswoman Kristy Campbell said, “It’s unclear where the paperwork error was made. The Governor’s family certainly got a good laugh out of it. He is not Hispanic.”

A paperwork error? Jeb Bush signed the voter registration form. The Bush people are trying sell that somebody else screwed up the voter registration form that Bush filled out and signed.

The same Republicans who are trying to make voting more difficult for Hispanics and other minorities are happy to look the other way when a Bush is involved. If a person who wasn’t a Bush made the same mistake, one can be fairly certain that Republicans would use the inconsistent information to deny a Hispanic voter their vote.

Bush’s felonious false information also indirectly highlights the thorny issue of his support for immigration reform. The (future) Bush campaign is trying to downplay their candidate’s gung-ho support for comprehensive immigration reform.

Republican insiders are already worried that Jeb Bush is going to crash and burn. The lukewarm reception that he has received from Republican voters has created a wide open 2016 field for the Republican nomination. The double standard that Republicans are applying to Bush is a slap in the face to the millions of minority voters who have had their votes suppressed by Republicans in the last twp presidential elections.

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  1. Republicans would be having a field day with this if it were a Democrat. Double standard? Of course not. He’s a Republican.

  2. ‘Going to crash and burn’? Jeb doesn’t believe in the Theory of Gravity! It doesn’t apply to him. Keep telling him that….

  3. Imagine if Obama had done something like this! Apparently Jeb–and all his supporters– thinks this is one big funny misunderstanding? This was no oversight. When you blacken in a box like that it takes time and you see what you are selecting. This crooked pos Nazi knew exactly what he was doing when he signed it. I hope this lying scumbag gets booted from the GOP clown car for thinking he is above the law!

  4. Someone once called the Jeb/W/Neil etc. generation of Bush offspring, “the product of tired loins.”

    Genetic regression will out.

  5. Well, It appears the Republicans finally found an the person voter fraud culprit.


    hmmmm How many times has he voted fraudulently ?

  6. What can anyone hope for?

    1. He’s a Bush
    2. He’s Republican
    3. He’s rich by inheritance
    4. He’s white and entitled

    when has he needed to stretch?

  7. Watch nothing become of this. The GOP/TP power-brokers and the players in the FL judicial system will find some reason to not bring charges against him. Wait for it. It remains to be seen whether a U.S. Atty will do anything about it. If he’s a GOP/TPer, I doubt it. Rick Scott will probably send Pam Bondi out to say that after the state conducted a “thorough” investigation of the issue, no charges will be filed. We’ve all seen this song and dance before and know now it ends. Justice means something entirely different to the “haves” than it does to the “not haves.” Remember the kid in TX whose lawyer successfully floated the “affluenza” defense and got him only time served in a mental health facility after he got pissy drunk, got into his truck and killed four people and injured two others? He should be out sometime soon, so yeah, wealth makes a difference in our judicial system today.

  8. How many minority voters registration forms has been tossed away for the same type of error. Payback is a bi*ch but it’s coming. Jeb may think it’s funny now, but I hope the Democrats push this issue, then he won’t think it’s so damn funny.

  9. Not that it matters to Liberatards, But just out of curiosity what group of people constantly come out in groves to vote for the ole dems Ahh yes it would be some of the wealthiest people in the world the Hollywood crew, oh do tell about there willful employment of course most of you loud mouth democrats wouldn’t know anything about that either ever notice the Hollywood Elite love to run there brash ignorant mouth about WEALTHY REPUBLICANS, Pleas you people have played the shame game far to long

  10. The statute requires that the violator wilfully/intentionally provided false information, which clearly isn’t the case. Republicans understand the significance of this and would never falsely accuse a political figure of a crime he clearly didn’t commit. I suggest expanding your reading beyond “politicususa” if you are actually interested in learning these types of things.

  11. This is America. Any Jerk (as played by Steve Martin) can self identify as a minority. Republicans are on safe constitutional and movieground when they say our Jerk is more authentic than any Jerk your side can produce.

  12. Republicans would never falsely accuse a political figure of a crime he didn’t commit? What robot erote this for you, since,clearly, you can’t read?

  13. they should double check the law. the oprah show did an episode, approx. 20 years ago. about race and how you identify yourself when filling out these forms. at that time, they stated that the law now lets you identify yourself by whatever race you choose. i doubt oprah would make a mistake about something like that, so unless the law was overturned, this is much ado about nothing.

  14. Surely you jest.”Republicans understand the significance of this and would never falsely accuse a political figure of a crime he clearly didn’t commit.”

    Yet they accuse President Obama of falsifying his birth certificate, WHEN HE WAS BORN, in order to run for the Presidency Of The United States. Stop watching Fox “News” and step out of your bubble. Republicans “would never do” what they’ve been doing for the past six years? LMFAO!

  15. Honestly, I think it may have been an actual mistake. However, if I was about to sign something that actually informed me that if I falsified anything on that paper, that I could be charged with a felony, I’d have checked it over before signing to make sure that I didn’t make any mistakes, unintentionally or intentionally. That said, was it malicious or just plain laziness? Neither is an acceptable excuse in this case.

  16. Then explained to me while Rethuglicans, led by none other than Karl Rove, keep referring to Sen. Elizabeth Warren as Pocahontas?

  17. Just proves that he is NOT the smart Bush. Same shallow gene pool as W, Neal and Marvin. I doubt that there IS a “smart” Bush, just lucky they have the name, although I fail to see WHY that is a compliment. He claims to be his own man, while surrounding himself with the same losers that his father and brother had. Warmongers, every one.

  18. Your post, full of mistakes, proves that your really ARE a republican. Why do your people not believe in education? The gop welcomes the uneducated, carrying their bibles and guns, easily manipulated. Surely there is a community college close by, where you might get an education beyond HS?Voter fraud is something the gop appears rabid about, but only if they think a democratic voter is involved. Dim witted Jebby is an exception, since his family is rich. Dumb but rich.

  19. Should he have signed his full name, instead of his nickname? What’s next Crash McCain, Frothy Santorum, Koch Sucker Walker?

  20. Lying runs in the Bush family: Bush #1: “Read my lips – no new taxes,”
    Bush #2: “Iraq has WMD’s and we’ll be hailed as liberators.” That’s only 2 of the many.

  21. @Notso. and how would you know what he was thinking when he made this false claim on his voter registration form? Were you in the booth with him, did you have a discussion with him before/after the fact that he lied and comitted a crime?
    Typical RethugloCon/Teabaggie hypocrite.

  22. So they come out in groves? Does that mean they’re dumb as stumps?

    Do you really think your illiterate drivel convinces anyone? Go back to grade school and learn to spell before you post another comment, dumbass.

  23. It’s odd he signed a legal form by his nick name instead of his legal name. I was told by lawyers this would cause problems and void legal contracts. I always use my legal name on important papers.

    In fact signing your voting ballot differently than it is stated voids your vote in my state. Maybe Florida is more lax?

  24. Imagine the uproar if President Obama had checked “White” on his voter form? THEN is would have been a felony, according to the gop.

  25. I love how the author tries to relate the story to Voter ID laws. Why is it the same democrats that require ID to go to their convention don’t think you should have to prove who you are to vote? Why is it even the poorest person in the nation can get a government ID card in most states for $5 or less, but the dems say getting an ID card disenfranchises them? A government issued ID card which is required to cash a check, get a loan, show proof of age when buying alcohol, cash a welfare check, buy insurance, go to the doctor or hospital, apply for Social Security, apply for Medicaid, apply for SSI.

  26. From the previous post:
    Tune for the next episode of the old Bush & the Hispanic maid HAVING BABY JEB saga coming to light after many years of secrecy…

    Or the other question is: who is his real father? Was Barbara having a fling with
    Marco the gardener? or Angelo the pool guy?
    The other posibility was the mailman?

    Stay tuned for the exciting tele-novela from Texas and the Love/Hate-them-Latinos relation.
    Join us to see the new:
    Bring your box of paper tissue for the sad scenes, cry and laugh at the “capture the white house antics”

  27. Voting is a right and responsibility. Going to a convention is a privilege like driving. Apples and oranges Mark.

  28. Jeb doesn’t give a $$t about the white vote.
    Go ahead and become Hispanic, those of us who are white and proud of it will make your campaign toast.

  29. So you use race as a basis for your vote even though it might not be in your interest? Thanks for the confirmation spartky

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