Watch Rand Run: Paul Cuts Off And Flees Live Interview When Questions Get Too Hard

rand paul guardian interview

Sen. Rand Paul had another disastrous interview with a member of the media today. Watch Sen. Paul walk out on an interview with The Guardian just as he was being pressed on his flawed campaign strategy.


As you can see, in the video above, The Guardian’s Paul Lewis was in the middle of asking Sen. Paul about how he plans on winning the Republican nomination on a platform of criminal justice reform when the vast majority of Republicans believe that the law is being applied fairly to all Americans. Sen. Paul didn’t say goodbye, or excuse himself from the interview. He just walked out.

The media initially reported that Paul campaign staffers turned out the lights on Lewis, but the Paul folks claim that it was a CNN producer who was setting for Paul’s next interview that left the scene in darkness.

Rand Paul is getting a taste of what happens when journalists hold him accountable for his policy inconsistencies. Sen. Paul seems to be running a very entitled campaign for a family that has perpetually run for president and never come remotely close to winning anything of consequence.

Paul has defined himself as the angry lightweight who is going to deflect from his flip-flops by either attacking or running away from the media. If Sen. Paul wants people to vote for him, media engagement is a free way to reach millions of potential voters. So far, Paul has hit the 2016 campaign trail and fallen flat on his face.

Sen. Paul may not have had the time to answer Lewis’s question, but there are more graceful ways of ending an interview than walking out. If Paul had excused himself politely from the interview, there would be no story, but if Rand Paul can’t handle NBC’s Today show and Paul Lewis from The Guardian, voters shouldn’t have any faith that he can handle being president.

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  1. I can’t wait for the eventual debates wherein we will see any and all of the Right Wing presidential contenders get beat up by a girl!!!

  2. Interesting that he labels himself “Dr. Rand Paul,” instead of Senator. I guess calling yourself Doctor means a bit more to the dweebs on the Twitter?
    That said, Paul is done before he started. I doubt he’ll be around for the first debate, whenever Preibus and Fox get that scheduled. And if he IS still around, wanna bet they don’t allow a female to moderate?

  3. I can’t wait for someone to ask him what he reads! Even Palin was smart enough to TRY to fake an answer.

  4. He didn’t run. Rand Paul is a man of integrity and he wasn’t going to play your gotcha question game. He is a real man of genius
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  5. Heeee-larious!

    Remember, on top of being a slimy Republican, Paul is also a doctor with a God-like complex.

  6. I was thinking the same thing labrat, that is a no brainer…just like Rand and his followers…and the Right Wing. One thing is for certain Rand and the Right Wing have nothing to fear from zombies since they lack the substance of sustenance that keeps zombies ambling ever gruesomely onward.

  7. This clearly should show all that Paul is not Presidential material. Unless you want a President that will run out of the room when issues start getting tough that is.
    Second though most of the TPGOP are not much for handling reality so he might work for them.

  8. If all else fails for him he can self certify himself as president. His VICE-president could be Christie. Neither one can answer a question without being a bully. The only problem I forsee is even Austria will want to drop a bomb on us then.

  9. djchefron, I think that those 8 people so far don’t get the satire in your comment even with the cartoon. I got it immediately and had a good laugh. But then I’m a half Vulcan Jedi so there ya’ go. You may need to clarify for the earth people here.

  10. Joseph, did you watch the whole video? Of course you did! Rand allowed one more question, answered it, then the reporter asked another. Sorry, not following the request!

    Rand ended the interview, then CNN turned off the lights (not Rand Paul).

    Laughing at you now, as one of the great uninformed.

  11. just edit in caribou babbles in 07, and you have the same ignorance. that goes for all the goobers on the right. thats why they will only talk to fox, its all in the script…


    t. hadist

  12. Don’t worry about it because I don’t think its the regular readers but Randy’s ballwashers who are doing the downvoting

  13. This poor sap needs to further his communication and debate skills.

    May be a doctor (of something) but he is not civilized.

  14. Rand has joined a long list of Republican presidential wannabes who feel that members of the news media should act as though they are working for the candidates’ public relations departments, only asking them the questions that they WANT to be asked.

  15. Face facts, people. Rand doesn’t believe he will be president anymore than I do. He is taking over the very lucrative family business, which is running as a perennial losing presidential “candidate”. All he is really interested in is gathering the email address of suckers he can bleed for the rest of his life, just like dear old dad.

  16. The question wasn’t done, Rand hadn’t answered it he just told the reporter that the premise of the question was wrong and said he knew better. The reporter tried to follow-up by citing polling data and Rand decided to leave.

  17. Guys, can you just imagine what would happen if President Obama threw a temper tantrum like that?

    Fools like Paul and Cruz couldn’t take half the heat President Obama has had to suffer.

  18. This is just too funny. I can’t wait for his first debate. I’m not sure he’ll last that long. He is such a delicate flower.

  19. John, yes I watched the entire video and as far as being one of the un-informed. Well YOU John have a lot to learn about politics and in particular the coward/bully tactics of people like Rand Paul. CNN DID NOT turn off the lights on their own, the Rand Paul handlers requested it you JERK! And I am still laughing John..but it is at you and your ignorance of the process. Don’t tilt with me.

  20. has he declared formally that he is running? If not, well the Guardian should not waste time on him. Let him have his publicity when he states he is running for sure. Until then they should ignore the dope.

  21. Something to be said for NOT surrounding yourself with “yes” men, like Mr. Paul has obviously done all of his life.

  22. In two days Rand Paul has managed to insult & make so many enemies within the press it will be extremely difficult for even the most hard-core Republican Libertarian to say anything positive about him.

    It’s going to be a long campaign.

  23. Goodness if Paul and even Cruz can’t answer simple questions without shouting at reporters who ask them how in the hell are they going to be able to hold down being commander-in-chief. This is crazy.

  24. I tend to agree with you. He may “want” to be President, but I believe he knows he won’t be – just like dad. There is tons of money to be made in the business of running for President. Ask Newt or Palin. He’s a grifter.

  25. Maybe you should check out Dana Bash tweets from CNN. She clearly says CNN requested to turn the lights off… Seems you are clearly uninformed and need to have your foot removed from your mouth.

  26. Remember Paul has to either run for President or give up his senate seat he can’t run for both.This is the law in Ken.

  27. One poster said he was in this for the money building his mailing list so he can grift the idiots to the day they die

  28. And,just because Jeb is the LEAST insane of the clown car,doesn’t make him qualified to be our President

  29. None of this matters, you know.

    Rand Paul will never be President of the United States.

    As a side show, however, his candidacy does show promise.

  30. Three Follow-Up Questions Designed to Piss Off Rand Paul As we’ve learned, it’s very easy to make Sen. Rand Paul get as pissy as an aggravated 8th grade girl when he’s questioned even slightly. So here’s some quick follow-ups sure to push him over the edge. They can come after anything from queries about Iran to “Were you really named after Ayn Rand?”1. “Really?”2. “Dude, really?”3. “Are you shittin’ me?” – See more at:

  31. Paul should know that if he wants to run for President we live in a high tech world where everything they’ve ever said or done is vidioed or in print. He can run but he cannot hide. To think he can just walk away and the subject at hand is over tells me he’s an idiot and has no business running for President. He’s so determined to run, you think he’d have enough brains to know his record on issues is on tape and can be played a thousand times over when he flip flops and denies or comes up with a new answer that fits whomever he’s addressing at the time. He’s a lightweight who lies, distorts, flip-flops and plagiarises when he can’t come up with his own answers. I love my Libertarian president said no one ever!!!!

  32. Hey Francine…Austria doesn’t have a bomb…but he can come live with Heider and David Duke, Remember him?

  33. No, of course Rand Paul is not a libertarian
    Sen. Rand Paul is not a libertarian. Yes, he makes noises in that general direction; no, it still does not make him a libertarian. People believe Rand Paul is a libertarian because his father was, generally speaking, libertarian-ish, but these things are not controlled by genes or blood type. Inheriting the mailing list does not make it so.
    Read More

  34. I will never forget his first interview to my knowlege years ago with Rachel Maddow, it was about the3 civil rights act and he had said businesses should be able to turn away people of color, Rachel asked him such tough questions, he got really childish and wimpy and would never come back to MSNBC.

  35. None of these potential GOP “candidates” EVER answer any question directly, because if they did, nobody would vote for them.

    Romney flip flopped, he evaded any specifics like he evades taxes.

    None of them give clear answers and they won’t. They are all a waste of oxygen.

    Furthermore, what is so f’ing special about “White Evangelicals”??? That they are uninformed enough to believe the lies from the GOPT mouthpiece? That’s about it, their claim to fame.

  36. Media elitism on full display. Go up against the elite media and it will NOT be pretty. That, and polling well has put Paul in their cross hairs right out of the gate.

    The underpinnings of the elite media:
    It knows…. you don’t.

    Their slogan should be…

    “We report. You’re a dope.”

  37. Then wouldn’t it be logical that the media did its job for a change to educate people on what an wacko bird he is? And please don’t try that canard that they didn’t do the same to President Obama because they did.

  38. I bet the Vatican would be lobbying for a bomb after an hour of talking with this dipshit. Hence the saying he could piss off the pope. I’d wager Austria could whip one up just for him too.

  39. Then wouldn’t it be logical that the media did its job for a change to educate people on what an wacko bird he is?
    How exactly is the media “educating” anyone? I’m not a Paul supporter, but I can tell when the media seems more interested in creating a narrative than reporting facts.

  40. I’ll check him out a bit more as time goes on….but I want to see real, honest to goodness interactions between journalists and politicians on the ISSUES…not on this stupid shit.
    I do sit in distanced amusement though. Right now, the more the media continues to whine and goes after Paul, the more they’re helping him. If Paul handles this right…he could very well get a new boost out of it.

  41. But he is not handling it right and the only people who are giving him a boost are the delusional idiots who think he going to legalize weed when he has said he wont do that.

    The reporter ask him a legitimate question about the racial injustice in this country which Paul has spoken about to black audiences. Paul said he would say the same think to white audiences. Bu he hasn’t talk about race to whites and that’s why he ran away because that was the follow up question,

    Now if he has proof then show that he talk about racial injustice to white people. See Paul and all republicans don’t want to talk about what they believe in because in their minds when you quote them its yellow journalism according to the Cuban. Any question that don’t suit their talking points is a gotcha question.

    So they package their pale asses around family and talk about god with a smile and dumbasses fall for it and vote them in and then they raped your dumbasses and don’t even give you Vaseline to make it feel better.

    For example the new governor of Illinois who smiled and bought the job by giving platitudes today cut Autism funding on National Autism day. My son has Autism and I was pissed. Now that takes a I don’t give a fuk attitude.

  42. But he is not handling it right and the only people who are giving him a boost are the delusional idiots who think he going to legalize weed when he has said he wont do that.

    I disagree. Paul is handling it correctly – so far- according to the base of the Republican party.
    They want to see someone who doesn’t just sit back and let the media define their candidates.
    Politicians have narratives too, especially presidential candidates. They have a story they are trying to tell, and every campaign stop and interview is a means of advancing that narrative. And sometimes this needs to be done by going AROUND the media. The R base now sees this capability in Paul and he could become even more appealing to Pub primary voters.

    I watched the question and answer with the Brit and the interview with Guthrie and Rand Paul’s “temper” is turning into one of the dumbest media-driven narratives I’ve ever seen barfed into print.

  43. The republican base is right wing christains who dont trust him. Dont beleive me then why wasnt he asked to speak at that Iowa religious Reich klan meeting or the NRA convention? Hell even fox saved hannity is giving him a hard time.

  44. And one last thing…

    I’m sorry to hear that the autism program in Illinois was cut and see why this would certainly hit close to home for you.

    If it isn’t too much to ask…please give your son a big hug from me.

    Just know that I don’t always approve of every decision that is made by every elected Republican. I’m an independent…and sometimes that leads to not agreeing with anyone about anything.

  45. Wait, who walked off first without answering the question? It was Rand. Get it? He was evading the question, and couldn’t come up with a response. Not the brightest bulb on the planet.

  46. The republican base is right wing christains who dont trust him.
    The Republican base isn’t just “right wing Christians”. They are conservatives of all stripes. And this whole brouhaha has bumped Paul up a notch with many of them.

    And Hannity is knocking Paul? I think it’s funny that you know this and I don’t.

  47. hey @Mrs.,charlie, tell everybody about how the ACA was going to be a total failure and how it was going to ruin the usa, REMEMBER? your track record on politics speaks for itself! and you wonder why people here see your screen name just skip to the next post, AUTOMATICALLY, BTW you claiming to be INDEPENDENT is laughable, yet you spout republican TALKING POINTS non stop! LOL now reply with you typical ”phantom” BAD GRAMMAR reply and beat it.

  48. Does anyone else remember the video of Rand Paul having a sandwich with another rep in a restaurant when a dreamer came to the table to ask a question, the other person (who I cannot remember) was listening to the
    young latino when Rand Paul slithered out of his seat and left without eating his lunch?
    He is the epitomy of cowardice, I expect him to one day break into tears and stamp his feet.

  49. Do any of us remember Bernie Sanders and his conversations with conservatives; how even in their own resturants, he wouldn’t back down!?
    Take those Occupy protesters who grew balls and gave a Tea Partier a dose of his own bad medicine! Take Elizabeth Warren who got up from her seat to confront a tea Partier, thus giving another patron courage to speak out!
    That is why the right wants the gays, transgendered, Blacks, Latinos, Hispanics, and women to eat at home and not have their own resturants : they hate confrontation!

  50. I too initially read the comment first and thought “No Way” then I saw it was you DJChefron and went ahhh! Tongue firmly in cheek comment. [wink]

  51. I don’t know what people see in this man. His ideas are just a re-hash of long term Republican talking points. And what’s this about the BIGGEST tax cut in American history. Yeah Rand, that’s just what we need, with a large deficit and 18 trillion dollar national debt. What we need is a financial transaction tax or a national sales tax (which many countries already have) in order to get our fiscal house in order.

  52. Poor dear….your abysmal success rate at constructive contributions continues apace.

    Pro tip: Quit your hyperventilating and try cooling your self-serving jets.

  53. He didn’t answer it, he dodged it. It doesn’t matter anyway because Paul along with the rest of the GOP clown car will fall by the wayside.

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