President Obama Is Getting Revenge On Fox News For Their Years Of Lies


After years of putting up with their attacks, President Obama is getting his revenge on Fox News by freezing them out of access and denying them exclusive interviews.


Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace went into full whine mode because the Obama White House refuses to send guests on to his show, “We wanted to ask Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson about the terror threat while the White House put him on another Sunday show. They declined to make him available to Fox viewers. The White House has made a number of guests available to other networks this year while excluding us and you. We did get to interview Chief of Staff Denis McDonough and DHS Secretary Johnson once this year, but only when they appeared on all five networks.”

Fox News nuked their bridges with the Obama administration a long time ago. Before the President first took office, Fox News was pushing racism and birtherism. Fox’s behavior has only gotten worse over the years. Fox News has openly tried to get this removed from office with their constant conspiracy theories and propagandizing.

President Obama’s White House would be rewarding bad behavior and inaccurate reporting if they allowed administration officials to appear exclusively on Fox News. The Obama administration is paying back Fox News for their years of biased and inaccurate reporting.

Fox doesn’t get to have it both ways. They can’t be baselessly accusing the President of illegal behavior on a regular basis and expect to be rewarded with exclusive interviews.

The problem with Fox News isn’t that they are critical of President Obama. The problem with Fox News is that they are deeply partisan, and ignore facts and reality. Fox News doesn’t practice journalism. They practice partisan warfare disguised as journalism. For this reason, they should not be surprised that the White House has no interest in sending officials to appear on their network.

Fox News needs access to White House officials. The White House does not need Fox News for anything.

President Obama is getting his revenge by freezing out Fox News.

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  1. Considering that Fox “News” is the cable TV propaganda arm of the Fascist Republicans, my only surprise about this is that he waited so long to start doing it. If I were in the President’s position, I’d have started that right after I got re-elected.
    Besides, Fox “News” likes to edit or intentionally misinterpret what the President and his Cabinet say and do, anyway. We need the truth and facts, not the Fascist propaganda of the GOP>

  2. While this may be true, and I believe it is, this article needs a good editor. It’s repetitive and redundant from one sentence to the next.

  3. It would be funny if the Big O himself went on; the whelps on Fox would have no capability of dealing with someone who has, for over half a decade, fought off and beaten the hostile congress and still managed to push forth an agenda that actually betters the lives of many. I’d even tune in to see Obama destroy Hannity or O’Reilly…

  4. Its about time! Fox is not a legit news outlet. They are an entertainment (gossip/opinion). What real news outlet would throw a complete hissy fit when the candidate their boss dumped millions into lost bigtime? None but fox. They have to objectify women to get the old men engaged and receptive to the daily propaganda meal.

  5. Fox “News” is a joke and they are going to hate and lie and chastise President Obama, regardless.

    They’re nothing but a propaganda machine for the GOP and I don’t think they deserve any attention at all whatsoever.

  6. yeah…

    its all part of the War on Christmas, Homo Agenda, Sharia Law imposition, forced vaccination, Texas Martial Law, anti-faux xtian takeover…

    tinfoil hats will be issued… keep your eyes on the sky for the black helicopters and wear Ray-Bans at all times…

    keep your guns close and your powder dry…

  7. If I remember correctly, the Bush administration did the same to Helen Thomas, though in Thomas’s case it was for daring to ask embarrassing questions. I don’t recall Fox standing up for her at the time.

  8. “They declined to make him available to Fox viewers.”
    Uh, Chris, old boy, fox viewers are permitted under our form of government to watch other news outlets besides fox.

    It is nobody’s fault but fox’s that the administration won’t waste their time on fox, and nobody’s fault but their own if viewers are too stupid to change the channel every now and again and watch something other than the gop pr channel.

    What an asinine complaint.

  9. Yeah, well, it isn’t like those pissants have been nice to him, so fair’s fair.

    Besides, Faux isn’t any kind of real news outlet anyway. Why should they get any access?

  10. Revenge is an attempt to harm someone or something, taken out of anger or hatred due to a perceived wrong. Would it be “revenge” not to continue to do business with someone who has shown themselves to be dishonest? This is not “revenge”, this is a carefully thought out decision not to send members of the administration to a broadcasting organization that time and again has shown itself to be biased, untrustworthy, dishonest, and partisan. Why should the Obama administration reward an organization like that?

  11. The Obama Administration can do more to control “Fox News” which is owned by 21st Century Fox which also owns the Fox Television Stations Group which owns TV stations such as WJBK Fox 2 in Detroit near where I live. The FCC can investigate whether the Fox owned TV stations should get their license renewed or whether the behavior of Rupert Murdoch’s employees should make the FCC force Fox to sell or pull the station licenses.

  12. Years ago I remember stories, perhaps from an interview, I don’t recall now, about how Bush and Cheney wanted Fox on in the White House and the hotels, etc. when they travelled before they even entered the rooms. Just in case they would accidentally have to listen to the REAL news till they could change the channel to their only station, FOX.

    It is nice to see Obama’s inner “Luther” coming out, it has to be cathartic.

  13. Maybe its time for the FCC to review licensing. It would also be a good idea to limit foreign interests ownership in US media outlets.

    PHUCK FAUX and PHUCK RUPERT MURDOCH…..May they both die a slow, torturous death.

  14. No intelligent person considers Faux a news agency. They are bought and paid for by the Kochs, Adelsons and the rest of the GOP machine. Faux is owned by foreigners including a Saudi sheik who apparently likes American dollars but not Americans.

  15. I can totally get behind Obama on this one. After all, it doesn’t matter what the W.H. does or say- Pox News will just continue to make stuff up.

  16. Why indeed bother to let Pox News interview? They’ll come up with some unsupported accusations no matter what the White House does.

  17. Is that actual sniveling I hear?? Poor Faux Newz, nobody wants to come on their show, boo hoo hoo. Maybe if they…awe never mind. VOTE BLUE!!

  18. Well, reality can be a harsh mistress and they’re finding that out the hard way.

    BTW, I consider Fox News in the same way as I would the National Enquirer or The Sun: sleazy tabloid worthy journalism. Except those two publications aren’t as blatant about who they hate.

  19. Those pussies wouldn’t last 5 seconds on MSNBC because they would lie and get called on it right then and there.

  20. About time! FOX isn’t “News”. Why should the President give a right-wing mill of lies and propaganda network the time of day?

  21. This is what happens when you constantly lie t the American public and try to fortify your bullshit: “conservative, bible ranting, conspiracy theorist, racist, right wing NUT JOBS,” BASE! Take your spanking for misbehaving, learn you lesson and change your ways or the punishments will continue……bunch of morons!

  22. This is what my first comment was meant to say, ignore the first one. Your typical Fox News viewers as I’ve seen them comment on this article as Obama is somehow attacking our first amendment rights, but I remember a few attacks on our first amendment rights by republicans, but they’re willing ignoring it. Boy someone should ask them that, but since Fox viewers mostly likely still believe Fox lies like: “all the Obama lies on Obamacare, NSA Illegal Spying, The Corrupted IRS, Americans Abroad cancelling their citizenship, Illegal Amnesty Immigration, the war on ISIS, Wasteful spending on his vacations and fundraising that doesn’t benefit us the taxpayer. Corporations like Burger King moving their head offices abroad to pay less corporate tax rate.” But seeing as a lot of these have been disproven all ready, I guess Fox viewers will believe anything.

  23. Considering the huge viewership that Fox News has compared to other cable news networks, I think the idea that the White House, “does not need Fox for anything” is a little bit short sighted. If Obama, as he said, wants to be President of the “United States” (i.e., all Americans), that includes Fox News viewers.

  24. I would certainly feel better if Obama admin booked itself on other conservative shows like radio shows because then it would be clear he was doing it to FOX because they deserved it but one cannot say for sure that he is not doing this to just avoid the overly-critical members of the press which is not admirable.

  25. Duh….how many fictional entertainment shows does the White House send people to? The only news Fox “news” is, the word is part of the title. The rest is just a nasty dishonest copy of SNL. They have even said when the heat has been on about their lies they shouldn’t be held to the same rules as real news shows, they are an ENTERTAINMENT show. I will even go farther.. It’s more of a circus with evil clowns. More like Carnival on HBO than even the other networks. Sold their souls to warmongering devils. And now they cry because real Christians won’t come around.. I’ll cry with the hypocrites…boo hoo.

  26. There was a famous interview that Rachel Maddow did with Rand Paul during his senate run. She was fair, but he couldn’t stand the scrutiny. That’s why they never a appear on MSNBC.

  27. It’s about time for the President to push back against FOX NEWS. They don’t report what the President does and says, they “distort” it. They shouldn’t be given access to anyone from the administration. If I had my way they’d close up shop. I used the think Mike Wallace was more sane than the rest, but time has proven me wrong.

  28. Fox News has more viewers than all the other cable news channels combined. Just look at the rating of MSNBC and CNN. Even people who are of the progressive side watch Fox News. Why is he going to cut off his nose to spite his face. This is very short sighted. Maybe he doesn’t want a large audience to explain his policies.

  29. I can remember my first encounter with fox news. Who watches this stuff. Very weak minded people who can’t make up their own minds. Every once in a while I will stop on their channel to see if they have change their tune. Seconds into what ever they are reporting I turn because I refuse to spend anytime with negative people. Negative breeds Negative.

  30. This thread reminded me of Hillary in 07 walking boldly through the gates of hell into O’Reilly’s show for a no holds barred sit down grilling. Oddly, when she was sitting there and could defend herself his teeth were gone and they had nothing to attack her with.

    in three parts on youtube

    She also walked into the offices of the pittsburg media mongol who stirred up all the conspiracies on Bill and she gained his admiration! The man who dragged Bill in the mud called her one tough and smart little lady.

    They shut up when the person they attack can defend themselves. Bullies.

  31. Gee Chris, your show has the worst ratings of ALL the Sunday shows…..

    So….it appears no one is watching anyway, crybaby

  32. Uh Paul, just so you know — that “huge” viewership you’re talking about actually averages about 1 million, in a population of 330 million. You do the math!

    Wallace only said what he said to make all those million viewers continue to think badly of the President — that is all.

  33. Seems counterintuitive. If the administration wanted to reach more viewers than all other cable news outlets combined, they should appear on Fox.

    Latest cable news ratings (it’s not even close):

    Prime time ratings:

    FOXN 2,025,000
    CNN 381,000
    MSNBC 576,000
    CNBC 427,000
    FBN 48,000
    HLN 276,000

  34. Delicate in its coarseness; original in its plagiarism; and even somewhat substantial in its superficiality…

  35. Please don’t put news after fox, it makes them seem legit. call them what they really are entertainment.

  36. Fox News has fallen from Grace for persistent fabrications, twisting facts; and, “hating,” on the Obama Administration. Much of what they say; simply is not true. Knowingly, telling Lies for Political Gain; is Pure Evil; as is subverting Democracy by literally Buying Elections. Can’t be Fair & Balanced; when you take money from the like’s of the Koch Brothers.

  37. When you only talk to the people that agree with you is no longer news, is propaganda, have you read an independent news paper in Cuba or North Korea?

  38. um, Paul? Does your brain register anything akin to “commom sense?”

    When you add up the other news networks (which try to propagate some semblance of REAL news) and compare it to the only extreme right-wing propaganda network, FOX is just a drop in the bucket.


  39. Huckelberry this is untrue. They have cornered the RWNJ market of people who are elderly. Totally. I agree with that.

    They are on one hand one finger, the middle one for example. Now on your other hand there are 4 fingers and a thumb.

    The middle finger hand is one. The others are non RWNJ stations on cable. Together the one hand is more than the one middle finger.

  40. He’s smart to send representatives to more credible media outlets. I believe he’s thinking about sending one to The Jerry Springer Show, but he’s drawing the line at Fox “News”. [WINK]

  41. I love how FOX implies that the President is discriminating against “FOX viewers.” For some reason the Right believes that being gay is a choice that one can change but “FOX viewers” are incapable of turning the TV dial if they want to hear from a White House official.

  42. What did they expect? I remember vividly Fox talking about the “failed Obama presidency” TWO WEEKS into his first term.

  43. Faux isn’t any kind of real news outlet anyway. Why should they get any access?
    I’ll tell you why.

    First of all, the administration has been snubbing Fox for years….this isn’t new.

    But when the DHS Secretary is appearing on other networks discussing the ever increasing threat of “lone wolf” terror attacks in the U.S., he should be doing the full Ginsburg and trying to reach as many people as possible to remind them they need to be vigilant at all times.
    The WH and Jeh Johnson should be MOST concerned with the safety of the People and helping to protect them from these potential threats. If the concern becomes “revenge” on Fox News, it shows the wrong priority.

    But the WH isn’t the only one playing this game.

    Along with Saudi king, most Gulf rulers to skip US summit

    Karma came quick.

  44. Maybe they didn’t want to be called out for their support of ISIS
    The “State Sponsors” of ISIS, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey: Why are they No Subject to Sanctions?

    Syria: What if Turkey and Saudi Arabia install al-Qaeda in Damascus?

    I wonder why that isn’t the BIG STORY

  45. When the news was breaking that four Americans were killed in Benghazi, I remember feeling sick watching FOX telling viewers that Obama was watching real time via drone TV and ordered rescuers to “stand down”. They bring on the father of one of the victims who says the people in the White House are guilty of murdering my son. FOX kept asking where was Obama when they were being killed? For the next 3 years FOX continued to push the line that the attack in Benghazi was the fault of Obama and Clinton, they were lying about it, we could have rescued the people but decided not to. I really was the most despicable coverage of war casualties I’d ever seen in my life. FOX has really done some sick sick stuf, then they get all pumped pushing how popular they are on cable. Not sure how they sleep at night. I guess the money helps.

  46. Offering administration officials to be “interviewed” on Fox would only legitimate that crew of fascists. He should have done this years ago. There’s no sense in feeding that squalid bunch anything.

  47. For that matter they could go on the Young and the Restless or American Idol. But government policymakers should really stick to serious news outlets, not stuff like WWB wrestling or FOX.

  48. All these states have been watching the Iranian negotiations closely and have been critical of the U.S. allowing Iranian influence in the region to rise. They aren’t happy campers…
    which is more likely the reason.

  49. The other channels don’t agree, they ask the right questions. But the other news channels never encouraged viewers to think of Obama as an illegal with a fake birth certificate. Or tell viewers Obama was watching Americans killed in Benghazi real time but refused to help them. Crazy stuff like that disqualifies FOX. Disagreeing is not the problem. It’s the lies and slander that need to be addressed.

  50. O my stars and garters you have heard of this civil war between Sunnis and Shias? But then again being right wing and uneducated you probably scratch your ass and say but they all mooslims so what’s the difference
    SMDH at the ignorance in this country

  51. When fully half the people in the US are conservative and the only real outlet for conservative views is Fox, we’ll you put remember whether you like them or not, you are the President and go address the issues. You don’t have to stay forever but you owe it to the country. If the roles were reversed, we’d demand the same. GWB and his gang, whether we liked him or not, did the Sunday rounds on all the channels. We risk losing the high ground by being petty.

  52. Fox News is not an news organization so the Obama Administration is not violating an code of ethics by not indulging them.

  53. Exactly! They lie and insult him, his wife, even his daughters! I think any association with fox ended when they called his daughters something like “club-ready” ironically said by some fake blonde with her skirt pulled up to her asscheeks. fox is old man propaganda meant to instill hate towards enlightened women, minorities, and anyone that threatens their 1950’s western mentality.(men brave, women weep)

  54. White House staff should only appear on legitimate news networks that employ real journalists. Fox doesn’t qualify.

  55. President Obama doesn’t provide access or exclusive interviews to Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey, Two Broke Girls, or Strip joints, either. Just to actual news organizations. As it should be.

  56. If you like your Dr [Snipped]
    [Boilerplate quatsch that lost us at “libtards”]
    are just too dumb to see that!!

  57. If your sole source of information is Fox entertainment, you don’t have enough facts to make a plan of action. So ‘greatest number’ is irrelevant. The access is there, if you’re too clueless to seek it out, get out of the gene pool and don’t home school.
    Thank you.

  58. Fox viewers can turn to other legitimate news channels if they want to hear what President Obama has to say.

  59. There should be laws on the media reporting, the media should not be allowed to report opinions, lies and biased propaganda. Fox news and people like Chump Limpballs are outright racists like the tea party and boner.

  60. To be a news station you first must be unbias in your reporting and Fox is not that. Second you must correct things and forcefully as you report incorrect things and third you must stop being a propaganda arm of any political party. You want to be informed watch anything other than Fox, you want to be entertained watch Fox. Me personally i want to be informed, entertainment i can get from watching WWE. Fox is no more a news station than i am the pope and guess what i love women and sex, so i aint the pope.

  61. I thought this is called freedom of the press, like a lot of other American rights, the president would like to see gone. Just because they don’t agree with the president, doesn’t give him the right to snub them. If all we had were news that totally agreed with our leader, we’d be Russia. These are part of our Bill of Rights, & as president, should be upholding, not trying to change hem to suit his politics.

  62. I know they don’t teach the Constitution in hillbilly U but it said that congress shall make no laws . If no one wants to talk to you abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press,idiots that is not stopping your freedom of speech.
    Sheesh the stupid coninues

  63. Really? as opposed to the truth the Government has been telling us for 200 years? the pot calling the kettle black

  64. And here’s a tidbit of information for you all, there are 6 companies, (people, families), that own ALL media outlets, shy of independent news, what makes you think you’re getting ANY news that isn’t officially sanctioned?

  65. Yoleberry: What it actually is is that FOX viewers watch ONLY FOX, while the rest of the country get their news from many sources, not just one. But when you add up all the people who DO NOT watch FOX, it is many, many times the amount of people who do watch it. While you have FOX blaring all day, I am watching many different news shows on different networks. Most of us like to form our own opinions rather than to be told what to think, and the best way to do that is to gain as many perspectives as possible. FOX is myopic and inaccurate; people who watch it exclusively have a very poor understanding of national and world events.

  66. Fox News viewers have made it clear they don’t accept President Obama as “their president.” After six years of this very loud sentiment from FNC, I doubt there is anything Obama could say or do that would change their very narrow minds.

  67. Keep in mind, that the White House tried to stonewall Fox Noise early in his first term and mainstream media objected and came to the rescue of their journalist friends at Fox. They had more to gain by supporting Fox Noise brand of journalism than the White House’s attempt to throttle down any form of journalism. Besides, you never know when a mainstream journalist would want to cross over to the “dark side” in order to make more money. Its happened.

  68. Arrogance and entitlement is the fabric of America and regardless of how silly one portrays or how repungent an entity is, like FOX, they will always be the dumb, dummer, and the dummest, and at their own cost. It’s inevitable. They are consistence with the slogan, Ignorance is Bliss! Go Fox, go!

  69. The White House shouldn’t be so mean to FOX NOISE. At least they should offer to send Rush “LimpButt” to appear on their Sunday shows.

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