Marco Rubio Humiliates Himself On Fox While Trying To Defend The Iraq War


marco rubio fox news sunday

Sen. Marco Rubio took a softball interview on Fox News and managed to humiliate himself by trying to both defend and move away from his support for the Iraq war.



Transcript via Fox News Sunday:

WALLACE: Senator, isn’t that a flip?

Six weeks ago, it made sense to invade Iraq in 2003. Now you say it was a mistake.

RUBIO: No, they’re two different questions. It was not a mistake. The president, based on — this is the way the real world works. The president, based on the information that was provided to him —

WALLACE: But, what she asked you was, was it a mistake to go to war with Iraq?

RUBIO: It was not a mistake given the fact that what the president knew at the time.

WALLACE: No, she didn’t say that. She just said, was it a mistake?

RUBIO: Well, that’s not the same question. The question I was asked is, what you know now? Well, based on what we know now, I think everyone agrees that we still —

WALLACE: Was it a mistake — was it a mistake to go to war with Iraq?

RUBIO: It’s two different — it wasn’t — I —

WALLACE: I’m asking you to —

RUBIO: Yes, I understand, but that’s not the same question.

WALLACE: But I’m asking — but that’s the question I’m asking you, was it a mistake to go to war?

RUBIO: It was not a mistake for the president to decide to go into Iraq, because at the time, he was told —

WALLACE: I’m not asking you that. I’m asking you —

RUBIO: In hindsight.


RUBIO: Well, the world is a better place because Saddam Hussein is not there.

WALLACE: So, was it a mistake or not?

RUBIO: But I wouldn’t characterize it — but I don’t understand the question you’re asking, because the president —

WALLACE: I’m asking you, knowing — as we sit here in 2015 —

RUBIO: No, but that’s not the way presidents — a president cannot make decision on what someone might know in the future.

WALLACE: I understand. But that’s what I’m asking you. Was it a mistake?

RUBIO: It was not a mistake for the president to go into Iraq based on the information he was provided as president.

Today, we know of their — if we — if the president had known that there were no weapons of mass destruction at the time, you still would have had to deal with Saddam Hussein. But the process would have been different. I doubt very seriously that the president would have gotten, for example, congressional approval to move forward with an invasion had they known there were no weapons of mass destruction.

The Fox News Sunday interview wasn’t designed to be a grilling of Rubio. Chris Wallace presented the criticisms to Sen. Rubio, who was supposed to knock them down and make the doubts go away.

Instead, Rubio fell into an Iraq trap of his own creation and kept digging the hole deeper with each answer. Voters were again treated to Marco Rubio’s unique ability to tie his shoelaces together and fall flat on the floor. It is hard to believe that anyone could view Rubio as a serious presidential contender after watching him crash and burn on simple questions.

Most Republicans can’t answer that the Iraq war was a mistake because they have continued to sell military action as the alternative to President Obama’s foreign policy, but this isn’t a difficult question. Hillary Clinton said years ago her vote to authorize the use of force in Iraq was a mistake.

Republicans are dropping like flies because they refuse to admit that the Iraq war was a giant mistake,

30 Replies to “Marco Rubio Humiliates Himself On Fox While Trying To Defend The Iraq War”

  1. WOW!!! This problem isn’t just Rubio’s problem it is the same with all republicans. They shoot themselves in the foot even on Fux Propaganda….. I mean Fox News. They demonstrate daily they are too stupid to serve in our government much less the office of President of the United States of America.

  2. No republicans can never admit it was a mistake because they have hired the same people who lied us into that clusterfuk That is all

  3. The gop sure has alot of candidates that are unable to understand a question – whoever is their propaganda programmer sucks.

  4. He almost made the Walker interview that was just posted seem intelligent in comparison. Walker bloviating about the Air Traffic controllers to show how he too is a union buster, or Rubio who shows he is even dumber than Jeb because he got it all goofed up – right after he saw Jeb get it wrong.

    If he didn’t practice an answer before going on TV after Jebs disaster, then his staff are not doing their job.

    These guys are all in High School politics. Hillary graduated with her doctorate in several subjects.

  5. I have a relative who works for one of the many govern-
    ment contractors who replaced US troops in the war our
    people are still fighting in Iraq. Oil proceeds buy a lot of
    mercs and hardware.

  6. Marco seems to be unaware of the old adage — those who refuse to learn from the mistakes of the past …
    Of course, the first step must be to actually acknowledge that mistakes were made.

    So Wallace intentionally tosses a series of hanging curve balls … and Rubio manages to whiff each one.
    You’re outta here!

  7. We all understand that any GOP prospect, when asked about whether we should have been at war with Iraq, knows the only answer his party wants to hear is “Yes.” Anything else discredits their guy Duhbya. Rubio says it’s not fair to criticise Bush43 today based on there being no WMDs, because B43 had to make his decision without benefit of hindsight, never mind that many experts and inspectors had said there were none leading up to the war. And now, for six years, we’ve seen exactly that kind of criticism of President Obama, time after time, for everything from international developments to measures dealing with the economy, based on 20-20 hindsight weeks or months later.

  8. The man refuses to listen.

    And he’s supposed to be one of the best that Republicans have to offer to be President?


  9. It also shut the door to George Bush comeback on the political stage by his brother Jeb (” I confer to George on foreign policies aka Israel”) and the republicans cover.
    But by no means they’re not going to stop trying.

  10. As the Washington Post notes, the combination of Tea Party primary voters, the 24/7 news cycle, a weak “frontrunner” in Jeb Bush, and the gut of Clown Car Crazy candidates is a recipe for a massive disaster heading into 2016, and the odds of an explosion are ridiculously high.

    Party officials are growing worried about a wide-open nominating contest likely to feature a historically large and diverse field. At best, they say, the Republican primaries will be a lively showcase of political talent — especially compared with the relative coronation taking shape on the Democratic side. But officials also acknowledge just how risky their circumstance is for a party that hasn’t put on a good show in a long time.
    Read More

  11. after primary season, reality will hit for the GOP. when these republican clowns are not surrounding themselves with paid audiences and getting soft ball partisan questions, the sh*t will hit the fan when they go national… and we have seen glimpses just how painful, pathetic, and sad these GOP hopefuls truly are when they are pressed on the issues. rightwing and fox news talking points only go so far. it will not matter who the dem nominee is, the GOP is crashing and burning and I will be damned if I let what happened in the 2014 midterms happen in 2016.

  12. these GOP pretenders are actually worse then the 2012 version and I thought that group would be impossible to top. well, these new guys have already topped it and debates have not even begun yet. we are all in for some seriously funny sh*t!

  13. As I wrote on another site, these people need to own up to the fact that the Iraq War was nothing but a clusterf***. The American people know it – hell, the entire world knows it – and it’s time they stop this song and dance.

    Nothing positive came out of the Iraq War. Not one damn thing…except money for all those contractors.

  14. Isn’t it convenient to forget about the white paper presented to congress by bush with all the intelligence agency’s saying he had no WMD, he had nothing to do with 911 or alkada and he posed no threat all deleted from the report Bush Chaney got. He lied to congress he lied to the american people he took us to war for nothing but his own joy They are guilty of the murder of over 1 million inosent people. this fool knows this everybody does his lies are just showing his guilt also. And still nobody will do anything about it.

  15. The marketing leeches have been just phoning it in since 2012. The quality and originality is long gone. Their web presence consists of cheap ads and trolls.

    They have their imbecilic clients focused on TV campaigns and hate mongering. Which is six kinds of useless in a web based world. But they can demand extraordinary fees for no service.

    Rubio sounds like he’s programmed. He insists on giving the answer he wants and ignoring the question. Classic in the TV one-way world. Not so good in the instant replay world.

    These chumps aren’t even given the tools to do more than churn their ever-shrinking base.

    Marketing rats know they’ve lost and are fleeing the sinking ship.

  16. If Marco Rubican..I mean..Rubiasshola..Rubiasse”… Dang! Republicans take on so many different Identities (Willard, Pyush, Rafael, ect, ect). Either ID, he still appeared like the lyingassed deer in headlights Republican that he appears to be. Like Rich once said, he’s on whichever side that’s winning in the street fight.

  17. So far no Republican candidate Is fit to be president of the US. if Hillary and Bernie would get together, they would be elected.

  18. I disagree. I thought they put on a good show in 2012, if you like watching cartoon train wrecks that is. I’m already stocking up on popcorn for 2016. The show’s already starting and we’re hearing from those who are supposed to be the better Republican contenders. I can’t wait until the “clowns” (Cruz, Santorum, Huckabee, Carson, etc.) start chiming in.

  19. This man is a idiot. He would have gone to war for regime change. Will he go to war to replace Putin, or the fat ass in North Korea? What a complete asshole and there’s people that would consider this asshole for President of the United States. Hello world, wake up and smell the coffee. Get off your asses and come out to vote, and i do not mean vote republican.

  20. Now he and they (Republicans) see and feel what it’s like to be repeatedly asked a question that already has been answered to everyone’s satisfaction but NOT theirs: Iraq is their —- BENGHAZI !!!!!!!

    Hillary and the Obama Administration gave the definitive answer to the Benghazi debacle. Republicans are giving multiple answers and OPINIONS to: Was it a Mistake to get involved in Iraq? Some are saying YES it was a mistake, some are saying NO, some are saying Maybe, and some are saying Yes & NO. Should we have a Senate investigation to get the definitive answer from 100% of the Republicans? The rest of us and the world already know the answer. Outside of an investigation, they are currently on the media’s “HOT” seat. Let them sweat!

  21. I do not think his response was bad at all. I know the media likes the title “flip-flop,” but hind sight is 20/20. They are asking a hypothetical about the past with the benefit of present knowledge.

  22. So think that babbling incoherent mess was “not bad at all” either you “speak babbling incoherent” or you never understood the question like that IDIOT Marco!

  23. I particularly like the parts where Rubio keeps babbling about “the information he(Bush) was given”.
    Marco, you irascible little charlatan, George W was the one who was “giving” the rest of us that fraudulent information.
    Marco can’t even keep the events in their proper sequence, much less accurately speak about them. One hell of a President he would be, eh???

  24. If you listen closely to the statements there are 2 different questions.
    1. If you knew THEN what we know NOW.
    2. With the CURRENT INFORMATION available at that
    I remember hearing Colin Powell stating that Iraq had WMD’s in the hearings. This is a man who has respect on both side of the aisle and refused to run for elected office.
    You could tell he did not feel comfortable with his statment. He was giving congress what they had received from the sources available and I don’t believe he had a lot of faith in his sources.

    I agree our invasion was the wrong thing to do and created a void in the MIddle East that has been filled by ISIS. We ended up giving Iran a major platform to tilt the scales in the area.

  25. Anyone who thinks the world is a better place because Saddam is no longer in charge is CLEARLY DELUSIONAL. Saddam may not have been a sweet guy but part of the reason for his brute force was to prevent people like ISIS from rising up. We took Saddam out which left Iraq in chaos. It made room for ISIS who by the way is far worse than Saddam, and we took out Iran’s constant foe which has now given them all the time they need to pursue their nuclear capabilities. The world is so not a better place without Saddam in charge of HIS COUNTRY. The Middle East is NOT a better place, and I suspect if you were to ask an Iraqi, they will tell you Iraq is not a better place either. Furthermore, lets not forget that even though Saddam was a bit of a tyrant, He also did a lot of good for his country and many of his people. There were actually people who loved him and not because they were forced to but because they actually liked his leadership.

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