Hillary Clinton Attacks A GOP Achilles Heel By Calling Out Their Fake Concerns For Small Business

Hillary Clinton

“Republicans in Congress insist on using this issue to give relief to community banks as a Trojan Horse for rolling back protections for consumers and rolling back the rules for the biggest banks,” 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday at an event in Iowa.


Clinton has angered the press corp by basically ignoring them. They spend a lot of time complaining that she won’t answer questions from them and griping about the way she is running her campaign, because she is focusing on small groups and even individuals, instead of big campaign events.

Tuesday, for example, Clinton had a discussion with small business and lending communities in Cedar Falls, Iowa. She advocated for something that sounded distinctly Senator Warren-ish, saying that the regulations needed for big, too-big-to-fail banks should not apply to small, community banks with deep local ties that are being squeezed by regulations meant for Wall Street banks.

“We should not apply the same restrictions on community banks as those needed to regulate our big banks,” Clinton said. She continued to call out the way that Republicans use “concern” for small businesses to justify giveaways for big business, which actually harms small business.

“It’s not the big banks that need relief from Washington, it’s small banks and small businesses. We should be doing more to rein in risky behavior in Wall Street and too-big-to-fail banks, not less. I fully support the regulations from Dodd-Frank on the big banks, but we should pass common sense community banking reform right now. However Republicans in Congress insist on using this issue to give relief to community banks as a Trojan Horse for rolling back protections for consumers and rolling back the rules for the biggest banks… We should call this what it is, a cynical attempt to help those at the top.”

During these micro events, Secretary Clinton is able to discuss the issues that the press hasn’t been very interested in yet — issues of wage equality, actual small businesses as opposed to pretend small businesses, and good paying jobs. Things that really matter to the average American, instead of chasing the latest scandal and playing personality politics. But the press has focused more attention on the already debunked claims of a disgraced Republican activist author and the resulting questions of that author’s conspiracies than the issues that actually impact American voters.

Every candidate should answer questions from the press, which Clinton did today, but the press should accept responsibility for amplifying every conspiracy artist the Republican machine cranks out against Clinton before they even vet their claims. Accountability is a two way street. This is particularly annoying when it results in harming democracy, the very thing reporters are claiming is being harmed by Clinton not engaging with them. Democracy is for the people, to discuss the people’s issues, not to elevate Beltway drama and gossip.

The real question here is why won’t our press get as invested in actual issues. Clinton handed them a great story today, by busting the way Republicans use small business rhetoric to hurt small businesses while they deregulate and subsidize too-big-to-fail.

Or maybe I just think it’s a great story because it has bothered me for years and I’ve wondered why no politician has made it an issue. Clinton made it an issue today — but the press responded by commenting on her treatment of them and asking about the money she made from speaking events, as if earning money means that her actual policy positions don’t matter.

It’s not that their questions shouldn’t be asked and answered, it’s that the people’s questions deserve some air time as well. And the press is supposed to be asking questions for the people. The people do not give a crap about much right now, except why they are working so hard but getting screwed again and again while Republicans hand their tax money to big businesses who aren’t even paying taxes.

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  1. because she is focusing on small groups and even individuals, instead of big campaign events

    Seems a lot like some other recent Democratic presidential campaign tactics… Bill Clinton (against Bush Sr) and Barack Obama (against Ms Clinton) come to mind.

  2. Since the press has become part of the system and merely reports whatever they are told, in newspapers that nobody reads and on tv news programs, that only the senior in the nursing home watch.

    Then, why bother with a dead system?

    What is needed, is muckracking journalism, but that would require people digging in and expose powers that could harm them, so we just have pretty talking
    heads going: “blah, blah…” and calling it news.

    Good job Hillary for listening to the working stiff!! we need lots of help

  3. H> Was outstanding…Buttoned up.
    Actually very Strong!

    She may have been the power behind the Clinton-Throne…sharp as a tack!

    No one has the experience that H> holds (under her belt)…never in US History!
    She knows exactly what COMBAT is.

  4. Factual, political discourse just isn’t exciting enough for the masses. My neighbors in this senior apt. complex would rather hear about “the coloreds” rioting and the “hero policemen” blowing them away. They also have an affinity for stories about Lindsey Lohan.

  5. Did the grifter cry when he said that and more importantly how many dumbasses sent him their social security checks?

  6. “How dare she talk to her constituents without us to translate!!!!!”

    Benghazi, bitches. She tweets, instead.

  7. She sounded very Hillaryish to me. She was in the Senate from 01- 09 saying these things. She was the FLOTUS saying these things when Warren was still a Republican nobody.

    Warren became a Senator in 2013.

    What did Hillary sound like before then.

    Rolls eyes.

  8. Look up “Clinton Rules” and remember what it says. The press isn’t looking for a story on what policy she has or how she stands on anything. The press is looking for a story that sells papers, or today, gets clicks. They love drama.

    She told them she was going to listen for a while and start her campaign at the end of May. She told them that once, on day one of her campaign by her staff annoucements in the roll out first days.

    She is listening. She has a very long campaign ahead, there is no hurry.

    She is known. There are sites with hundreds of pages of her stances and actual votes, books, records to sift through, youtube has speeches galore, just google her name with any subject and it is there.

    But soon her campaign will begin. She will talk. She will fill arenas. There will be music and video and long lines of people at her campaign offices.

    There will be late night pizza and knocking on doors. And fun. And lots of wins. Not yet, later. Promise.

  9. A while ago, maybe about a year ago, he admitted he had some brain illness, some sleep disorder or something that made him stop being public for a while. He was sleep deprived and delusional he said.

    I SAID NO CHIT, we knew it was something.

    Still not sleeping I see.

  10. Krugman on Clinton Rules:

    So there’s a lot of buzz about alleged scandals involving the Clinton Foundation. Maybe there’s something to it. But you have to wonder: is this just the return of “Clinton rules”?

    If you are old enough to remember the 1990s, you remember the endless parade of alleged scandals, Whitewater above all — all of them fomented by right-wing operatives, all eagerly hyped by mainstream news outlets, none of which actually turned out to involve wrongdoing. The usual rules didn’t seem to apply; instead it was Clinton rules, under which innuendo and guilt by association were considered perfectly OK, in which the initial suggestion of lawbreaking received front-page headlines and the subsequent discovery that there was nothing there was buried in the back pages if it was reported at all.

    Some of the same phenomenon resurfaced during the 2008 primary.

  11. Holding up the little guy as someone who needs to be defended from the big guy, all the while doing everything they can to screw over the little guys of America and the World?

    Sounds like the justification for just about EVERYTHING Republicans have espoused: Iraq War, Bank Bail outs, Savings and Loan, Grenada, War on Drugs…

  12. Off topic
    Federal court orders State Dept. to release thousands of Hillary Clinton’s emails

    US judge ordered the State Department on Tuesday to promptly release thousands of emails from Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, dating back to her time as America’s top diplomat.

    In his ruling, US District Judge Rudolph Contreras ordered that the hub of US global diplomacy must come up with a “schedule for rolling productions of Secretary Clinton’s emails” by next Tuesday, a State Department official said.
    Read More

  13. Like she said, she doesn’t own them and she has requested they be released ASAP all along.

    FOIA is so backed up, due to the idiots on the right, we need a branch of govt to handle it these days. Crazy.

  14. Hey Clinton Campaign, keep on ignoring Beltway Media
    Well, you guys went ahead and did a press avail, and look what it got you. A bunch of bullshit questions about bullshit topics from the bullshit people who form the Washington Media Establishment. Not a single question about anything even remotely important to voters or the current issues of the day. Not even an intelligent gotcha question. Let this be a lesson to you. Do what Barack Obama has done in two successful campaigns: do not waste any time at all on these people no matter how much they complain. In fact, don’t worry about it at all if they pull they entire pool. You truly do not need them. President Obama has proved this. Twice.
    Read More

  15. Now DJ, cut them some slack. They are still looking under their seats for that non-disclosure agreement she told them about when she promised to make nice-nice.

    They want a Pulitzer for showing up.

  16. Yes she wants them back before official start of campaign. Doesn’t want focus why they’re not returned.
    Republicans ” State Department won’t return Hillary’s. Emails
    They found corruption. .. blah blah” She should have them. I believel there is approximately 32,000 pages and they only have 300 something done.

  17. Hillary Clinton Sees Problems With Obama’s TPP Proposal

    Hillary Clinton took aim Tuesday at two core components of a massive free trade pact that President Barack Obama is negotiating — signaling some agreement with the deal’s liberal critics.

    The Democratic front-runner in the 2016 presidential race said she wants to see rules included in the Trans-Pacific Partnership that would penalize countries for driving down the value of their currencies in order to give their exports a price advantage in the U.S. market.

    And she said she’s concerned about a provision that would give “corporations more power to overturn health and environmental and labor rules than consumers have.”


    This as far as she will go. So Sanders and the professional left is pushing her a bit but not to far so she wont piss off the President

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