Here Are Pictures Of Molester Josh Duggar With Scott Walker, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz



Josh Duggar with Scott Walker:
Josh Duggar with Scott Walker

Josh Duggar’s admission that he molested girls has the potential to damage Republican presidential candidates as Duggar has posed for pictures with Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul.

The 19 Kids and Counting star’s history of committing acts of sexual abuse, which was covered up by his parents, rocked TLC and the entertainment world, but the scandal also has political ramifications.

Due to his former position at the Family Research Council, Duggar was friendly with several 2016 Republican presidential candidates.

Josh Duggar with Ted Cruz
Josh Duggar with Rand Paul

The Duggar family has spent years spreading their evangelical right-wing political beliefs, so it isn’t a surprise that Republican presidential candidates would be desperate cuddle up with a man who they thought could provide them credibility with the voter that they will need in order to win the 2016 Republican nomination.

Now, three Republican presidential candidates have been caught smiling for the camera arm in arm with a molester.

The GOP is the same party that happily welcomes self-admitted pedophile Ted Nugent, so it can be argued that hanging out with statutory rapists and molesters is the Republican way.

It looks like a dark and criminal Duggar family secret is about to become a problem for Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul.

Please sign our petition demanding that TLC cancel 19 Kids and Counting.

75 Replies to “Here Are Pictures Of Molester Josh Duggar With Scott Walker, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz”

  1. Good job NSA Good job my suggestion for new rand paul T-shirt ‘NSA know that i take a picture with a molester’

  2. He is sickening to me even before he was outed. I would have had to be chained to a chair to watch one of those shows. Or those phoney duck calling millionaires preaching hate as Christianity. Being paid wouldn’t even do it. The Republican Party just keeps getting worse and worse. What they have done to the word “Christian” is unforgivable.

  3. I was JUST thinking reading the previous article.. hey I wonder how many thug politicians these duggies have associated with? Lookie that. Smell the taint.

  4. That figures, and that nasty looking Duck desperately dude, should’ve been sent back to the woods long ago and canceled. Christians.

  5. The Duggars have always made my flesh crawl for some reason, and now I know why. Mrs. Duggar, the family matriarch, has always reminded me of nothing more than a brood mare, and it’s always been absolutely sickening that she would parade her submission to her husband like being passive is something to be proud of. I am glad this son is being exposed for the rapist he is, and it serves the Republicans right who’ve cozied up to this family that their political aspirations are on the line for that.

  6. It’s must be a Christain thing, to molest and rape kids…..

    Even if their your kin, I wonder who else in that family rapes and molest or is that issue not out yet…

  7. Simply the creepiest snapshots since the first known photograph in 1829.

    Heck of a job Reichwing Christians….

  8. I am not surprised that faux Christian, Reichwing candidates took pictures with that “mother Duggar.”

  9. What family values these idiots have. They spew Christianity at us and are holier than thou but are sinners themselves. Hypocrites. Never watched Duggets nor Duck Dicks.

  10. No there was no way to know, but I don’t see any of them
    condemning him now that they DO know, Liz. Can you imagine if Hillary took snapshots with him? Or Nugent? The RNC would be all over her for ‘palling around with perverts.’ But see, the RNC has a forgiving God, who if you just ask, forgives all your sins and let you keep making millions pretending to follow the laws and live a holy life. The fact that this man was not held accountable in any way for his repeated molestation of his siblings and other young girls tells you just what he and his parents believe, doesn’t it? And if the GOP candidates do not denounce him, well, it tells you just how hey feel about girls and women, as if we didn’t already know from their policies. Please proceed, GOP.

  11. Walker and Dugger and Cruz appear too quite “possibly” be “inbred” (or otherwise) related. In my opinion. Look at their facial features, stupid smiles, eyes (Walker squints his eyes a little but they look like Dugger’s and their smiles look exactly the same. Also their head shapes, hairline, hair color, eyebrows, skin color and noses. And they are all evil christian republicans. What more need be said??? Its hard too tell about Paul he looks like a different litter. Its hard too say… [WINK]

  12. Oh, the hypocrisy. This bigoted cult loves to call gays child molesters. Josh, until recently belonged to anti gay hate group. Fool.

  13. Oldest brother josh was just getting a head start. The quiverfull cult believes that females are subservient and should always submit to the husband. Probably just following the asswipe father, Jim Bob.

  14. Birds of a Feather-Paul Rand has been associated with all kinds of social perverts all along-bigots white supremacists racists etc- all are sociopaths and phony patriots and 1% stooges young lady
    Im a real Republican and these guys are not!! Do your homework so you do not humiliate yourself-the GOP has NO respect for females!!

  15. Google: Republican Sex Offenders. And be prepared to while away hours reading about Republicans and their sex offenses.

    Yet they always bitch about the drop in the bucket democrats.

    It appears that Mr. Duggar’s father chose to wait a year before reporting his offenses…hmmm…

    It’s supposed to be a Vagina, not a clown car.

  16. This is the cheapest shot at a politician I have ever seen in my life. I can’t imagine why this blog would write such a article. Do you remember when john Wayne Gacy was photographed with Rosalyn carter at a democratic fundraiser.and that only surfaced a few years later. These candidates are photographed with many thousands of people, most of which they have no idea who they are. Surely you can think of better things to write about than this.

  17. Hey dummy 19 and counting. A position at the Family Research Council. The idiots knew exactly who he was. Stop ballwashing your sociopaths

  18. This shit just gets more sickening. White Christian values my ass

    Jim Bob finally brought Josh to the authorities when the latter returned from his “Christian program,” in July of 2003, and even then he was taken only to a personal friend of Jim Bob’s, an Arkansas State Trooper named Jim Hutchens. Hutchens did nothing more than give Josh a “very stern talk” and wouldn’t pursue a case beyond that. Interestingly, Hutchens is now serving a 56-year prison sentence on child pornography charges.
    Read More
    The Duggars Deliberately Covered Up Child Molestation in Their Ranks

  19. djchefron- Back to name calling? You do realize you loose any pathetic attempt at making a point when you resort to name calling..Poor ole fella..

  20. We know about it now.

    Ok, let’s try this one on: Would you feel comfortable with Josh Duggar hanging around your daughters?

  21. So now you are defending a child molester. First war criminals and now this. No matter what you think or call me I would never sink that low dumbass

  22. ME TOO Anne. There was something about the whole family that made my skin crawl. I signed the petition with great pleasure, now if only the ducks could be written off..

  23. I am misinformed that you white right wing Christians are hypocrites? Still defending a child molester because they share your immoral views? And I can give a rats ass if you like me or not. I am not here to be like but to squash stupid people like you.

  24. Dumbass you don’t know who Ayers is and whatever he did in the sixties the President was a child. On the other hand you are trying to defend a child molester that his parents covered up so they can get rich grifting from idiots like you. And please the next time you post a link from world nut daily your idiotic ass will be banned

  25. LOL…You should put all that anger to work for you and do some good in this world instead of focusing all your energy on “squash stupid people like you” line of thinking. Who knows maybe you might make fry chief one day if you actually stopped being such a bully. focus sheep go get a job..

  26. In her book, Lena Dunham describes an identical assault on her own sister. She made a campaign video for Obama. Obama has yet to denounce her.

  27. This will not become a problem. (R)s vote for (R)s and (D)s vote for (D). We will believe what we want to believe. Considering what Scott Walker has done to Wisconsin and STILL holds a 41% popularity rating is enough evidence of that. What exactly would a candidate have to do to plummet that to zero? At what point would we be willing to call it a deal breaker?

  28. @yoleberry, REALLY? SERIOULSY? YOU think this article is UGLY? YOU think showing pictures of josh and GOP candidates are UNHOLY? LMFAO!! YOU pathetic low life IDIOT republicans NEVER cease to amaze me!! YOU republicans type make me vomit! the GOP has been the filthiest pack of rabid DOGS I’ve EVER!! SEEN! do I personally agree with ANYONE linking this child molester with those three politicians? NO!! but Jason DIDN’T accuse ANY of them as molesters!! BTW Mr BLACK republican! if there were pictures of Hilary or ANY other democratic politicians , what would the RIGHT DO? it would be 24/7 EVERYWHERE!! it would be FUX NEWS lead story! o’rielly would be nonstop ranting about it!!! @yoleberry, STFU! I’m praying you’re really some idiot LILY WHITE republican posing as a black man, because I would hope NO black person would stoop as LOW as YOU are! YOU filthy disguising A$SHAT! BTW that goes DOUBLE for ALL your republican TROLLS TOO!

  29. WTF!!! Did the President take a picture with the child molester? Was the child molester a executive director of a major democratic org.? Another idiot defending a child molester

  30. Look, I hate the Duggars and all they represent and this incident is just further validation of that.

    To say, however, that these photos represent a problem for the candidates is just hyperbole. It doesn’t mean a thing. To those people that are against Walker, Cruz or Paul, this is just further validation that they are creeps. To those who support them, this is meaningless. To those undecideds, it is a “meh” type of thing.

  31. Cruz, Walker and Paul will just say that’s not them in the picture and then blame the “liberal media.”

  32. @liberty, STFU! it’s bad enough you RIGHT WING TRASH destroy YOU TUBE! you peddle that WHITE privilege BULL$HIT on ALL your conservative sites and now you and your LILY WHITE republican TROLLS want to flood the entire internet! And stop that BULL$HIT WHING about NAME CALLING!!! I’m SO sick of hearing it! YOU RIGHTIES do nothing but insult people!! YOU RIGHTIES play the same juvenile game over and over and OVER!! you engage someone in a conversation and as soon as they disagree with you, here comes typical LILY WHITE sarcasm! LILY WHITE dog whistle insults!! but when someone defends themselves, NOW YOU portray THEM as uncivilized!! @liberty STFU, because times are a changing!! BLACK people are jumping on the political scene and WE don’t take too kindly to insults! So either talk with RESPECT or be prepared for people like ME!! you wanna play DIRTY? lets go!

  33. And President Obama was “pallin’ around with terrorist William Ayers”, amirite? We’re going to get the same non-stop gnashing of teeth from he Right Wing about Duggar being a child molester for the next 8 years as we got about the President having served on the same committee with and lived in the same neighborhood as someone who was convicted and served their time for an act committed when the President was 8 years old and 4,200 miles away, right?

    I’m sure you’ll be the standard bearer for the heinous crimes against nature that Josh Duggar committed – or will you just suggest that his sisters and their young babysitter should have kept their legs together?

  34. The underwhelming concern for the victims of this sexual perpetrator is alarming.
    This is incest, he’s crossed a line that he will again cross.

  35. Someone needs to Take a hard look at the behavior of His Father, Joe Bob.

    His Father waited until the statute of Limitations Expired BEFORE calling the Authorities.

    Concealing a CRIME IS a CRIME.

    Time to Arrest BOTH of Them.

  36. I know right?!? Gacy was a LOBBYIST with FREQUENT contact with Rosalyn. How could she possibly have known?

  37. Both father and soon will go to church!

    They will be “BORN-AGAIN” and cleansed and forgiven from everything.

    And they will get even more money and fame…
    that is the American-(un)Christian-way!

  38. Okso Liz Bill Cosby was accused of alleged rapes that occurred close to 40 yrs ago. Duggar confessed to molesting them 12 yrs ago

    What makes the difference?????

  39. Read your comment again and then if you can comprehend what you wrote you will answer your own idiotic question

  40. I had some other thoughts about taking a look at Jim Bob: homophobia stems from insecurity and also represents deeply suppressed urges. Either he is WAY in the closet himself (kinda reminds me of Lindsey Graham) or he’s been messing with those girls himself. Josh learned this behavior somewhere, and perpetrators were often abused as children. When kids act out, their behavior is directly related to what’s going on in the home. I spent 35 years as a mental health professional, so I am speaking from my experience.

  41. It is fun watching your hatred eat you alive !! Your Soros Liberal friends must be real proud to know you are one of their kind. lol

  42. I’m pretty sure little Joshie learned his perverted behavior somewhere .. . .. Like, from his daddy Jim Bob. Chances are very good, statististically, that this behavior is a family trait.

    Since the Duggars have already endorsed Huckabee, I was interested to read Huck’s reaction To this news. I wish I could post it here (technology-challeged) but Huckabee spewed his verbal vomit about “forgiveness” and that he was “only a kid” nonsense. Huck hangs with Ted Nugent already and raises kids that torture innocent animals, so it’s no surprise.

    God Almighty, these evangelical arseholes have twisted the word “ChristIan” into an unrecognizable definition!

  43. Thank you, DJ. This “Liberty” idiot is too far gone into the stupidity rabbit-hole to waste our time.

  44. I read that Josh’s wife once proudly claimed that Josh is such a wonderful father because he’s always happy to get up in the wee hours of the night to change his own kids’ diapers.

    That claim takes on a whole new meaning in light of these revelations. Once a pedophile, always a pedophile. Why isn’t this p.o.s. Registered as a sex offender, with all the restrictions that accompany that designation?

  45. Good post Liberty. Liberals that have no argument name call and then quit ! They can not handle an intelligent conservative. (now watch dj get trapped here)

  46. LMFAO, @jimmyk let me help you, see you’re a small little man, you’re pathetic and lonely! how did I come to that conclusion? because as much as YOU claim to dislike this SITE, YOU keep coming back! that’s pathetic @jimmyk! I personally don’t go to conservative sites, WHY? because it’s a waste of MY time! listen JACKOFF, if my comments offend you or you disagree with everyone here, then LEAVE!! See @jimmyk you’re the typical republican type! always BITCHING! always CRYING! ALWAYS trying to BULLY people! YOU and your party of greedy nut cases are coming to an END! don’t waste what little time you have BULL$HITTING on the internet!

  47. An intelligent conservative is by definition- an oxymoron.

    Think rather highly of yourself do you not?

  48. The sheep parable posted by LibertyFA is a pointless
    waste of time and confuses more than edifies.
    Go figure.

  49. A Springfield Police spokesperson announced today that Judge Stacey Zimmeramn ordered the 2006 police report on the molestation to be destroyed yesterday. “Judge Zimmerman ordered us yesterday to expunge the record” adding that similar records are normally kept indefinately. “As far as the Springfield Police are concerned, this report doesn’t exist.” Seems the Duggars have influence in high places, and I don’t mean their God.

  50. No, it is not a “Christian thing” to molest children. As a Christian I find your comment repulsive. As far as secularists go, I believe on of history’s biggest secularists, Josef Stalin, actually married his own daughter.

  51. “…so it can be argued that hanging out with statutory rapists and molesters is the Republican way.” What logic led you to this ridiculous conclusion. Yes Liz, the GOP bashers are twisting again. When any of Duggar’s photo buddies condone these allegations then we can condemn them. Until then, this Duggar creep stands solely alone in facing the music for his self admitted despicably heinous acts. Another classic example of the media trying to divide “we the people.”

  52. THIS! Not only that but self-righteous cunt Laura Ingraham was on Fake Noise feeding their racist stupid propaganda by claiming that absent fathers are why trigger happy cop thugs are killing black folks left and right. They don’t have to worry about deadbeat dads just rapist pervert sons that don’t practice what they preach to everyone else.

  53. Not only that the Gang Of Pigs party believes that a child born out of rape is a ‘beautiful’ thing and that they are a gift from God. So the brother who bones his sisters and makes lobster claw babies with them must be a great thing too huh?

  54. O’ Reilly’s own daughter is accusing him of choking her mother and dragging her down the stairs by her throat. And where are all the holier thans whining about Adrian Peterson and ‘protecting’ children? Seems they only care when they have a black man to demonize the hypocrisy of the media especially the right-wing nut is astonishing!

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