Fox News Turns On Mike Huckabee And Tries To Kill His Presidential Campaign


Fox News has decided that Mike Huckabee should not be the Republican nominee, so Chris Wallace went on the attack against Huckabee’s flat tax plan on Fox News Sunday.


CHRIS WALLACE: You want to abolish the income tax. You want to abolish the IRS and create a fair tax, which as you say is a national sales tax, but critics say the problem with that is that it’s too regressive. The Tax Policy Center said this, that “the average rate for the lowest income group would exceed 33% while the average rate for the top group would fall to less than 16%.” The argument, Governor, is that the rich, who spend less of their income, are going to end up making out pretty well on this, and the poor, who spend almost all of their income, are going to end up paying the most or at least the highest percentage.

MIKE HUCKABEE: They have it exactly wrong. In fact, it is the bottom third of the economy who benefit the most from the fair tax, and the people at the top third of the economy benefit the least. Although, everybody benefits some. That tax study is one that has been discredited.

WALLACE: Sir, doesn’t it just stand to reason that if I make five thousand dollars, I am going to spend a larger percentage of my income just for the necessities than if I make a million dollars I’m probably not going to spend as much of a percentage of my income because I’ve got more money.

Wallace followed up by going after Huckabee for his suggestion that if he is elected president he would not follow Supreme Court ruling that he disagreed with.

Huckabee’s fair tax argument was completely backward. Repeated studies have shown that the flat tax would only benefit the rich because investment income would be tax-free. Unless the consumptive tax is around 60%-70% the numbers don’t add up, and the pre-bate that Huckabee and other Republicans are so fond of would be bigger than Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Fox News has two different ways that they treat their candidates. Favored presidential candidates get interviews full of open-ended questions that allow the interviewee to look good. Candidates who Fox has decided should be cut off at the knees get more challenging questions, and key parts of their platform criticized.

Chris Wallace didn’t go after Huckabee on the flat tax because Fox suddenly cares about poor people. Wallace was trying to kneecap Huckabee to raise doubts with voters, especially in Iowa, about Huckabee’s electability. Fox News already has their favored Republican presidential candidates in Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, and Marco Rubio.

A recent study by Bruce Bartlett revealed that Fox News is harming the Republican Party by brainwashing their viewers. Fox News is trying to turn their viewers against the flat tax, which is a way of making sure that the presidential campaigns of Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson go absolutely nowhere.

In other words, Fox News tried to kill Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign today.

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  1. Hahahahaha! I wonder how Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson like it that they’re being excoriated by the very cable propaganda outlet they thought they’d find favor with, and be treated like all Democrats – and especially President Obama – have been treated.

    Dollars to donuts, the Huckster doesn’t like it ONE whit.

  2. Investment Income would be tax free. Amazing isn’t it? How EVERY tax plan that Conservatives come up with invariably comes up with something that allows Rich Folks to not pay taxes?

    If you allow even one exemption- then it’s not a Flat Tax. And you’ve opened the door to further exemptions down the line.

    Pox News has smelled blood…

  3. I agree with the above. If a flat tax is going to work, ALL income has to be taxed. If Coca-Cola makes 3 billion dollars in sales, I don’t care whether they invest it, hide it off-shore or throw it down a well. They will pay the 30%.(or whatever it is) No problem there.

  4. And here I thought they were going after Huckabee for defending the Duggar’s son on felony charges. I’m living in a fools paradise to think that Fox would even bring it up.

  5. FOX News has chosen Bush, Rubio, and Walker? Maybe. Politicus USA has chosen Hillary and Bernie. The difference is…..?

    Oh, I know! One side has choices to make; the other side doesn’t.

  6. Hey dummy we didn’t choose the democratic nominee, other than O’Malley they are the only ones running and Sanders haven’t even declared yet he is running

  7. He’s been wrong about everything else, so what makes his position on taxes any different. Now if he had been for a graduated income tax on ALL income regardless of source (capital gains, sales of homes, earned income, interest and dividends all taxed the SAME rate), not sales tax, he might have a point but his corporate backers do not want any taxes on their businesses at all.

  8. So? We didn’t pick our 19 candidates either. There they are, and Fox news would do Republicans a favor by pounding all of them in turn. We have to thin the herd and take out the week ones. Bush is getting his head handed to him by the mainstream media. Good. If he can’t handle the heat, throw him over the side.
    At the end of this process, our candidate will be a debate hardened, seasoned candidate.
    Hillary has answered 26 unscripted press questions since she announced. Maybe she can win with one hand tied behind her back. That’s the way she’s acting.

  9. Unlike your candidates, she’s been there and done that.

    She kicks off June 13th. Big event, thousand of people.

    Hope it is in your town Robert and you hear us ROAR our delight!

    She isn’t working for the media. They run after her.

  10. djchefron, I believe Senator Sanders has declared that he’s running for president on Wednesday, April 28, 2016.

    Other than that, your post is spot-on. We haven’t chosen a candidate for president yet because the primary elections haven’t happened yet.

    I believe Robert didn’t understand that part.

  11. Fox is only weeding out the Republican mega-losers from the Republican losers so that the mega-donors will stop putting their money on those mega-losers and give it all up for the three losers for the Republican nomination. That’s all.

    But there’s no way another Republican will find his way into the White House again, no matter how much money the Kochs and other anti-American billionaires throw into the race.

  12. Those three have the only stats with possiblity to break out from the pack. The others are not doing well in key states they would need.

    Jeb and Rubio – FLORIDA – a must have.

    Walker – won three times – likely to be VP if they don’t go with the obvious:

    Bush/Rubio – double down their chances on Florida and those two worked together as mentor – student.

    My crystal ball reads R bullcrap for years.

  13. That’s just TOOOOO funny. To get “kneecapped” by his precious FAUX NOOZ like they do to all others they don’t like, just like The Huckster himself does to everyone HE doesn’t like…


    Considering that this a$$hole is DEFENDING a child molesting pedophile as being “good people” and having “made a mistake in judgement” — he DESERVES every bit of the maleficence that FAUX NOOZ (and any other media source) can dish out.

    Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it Hucky-boy?


  14. It’s amusing to see the cabal of cutthroats just eat each other like baby sharks.

    You just get the feeling that by the time we get to the conventions next year, the Democrat nominee (which is either Clinton or Sanders) will be well rested and ready for battle while the Republican nominee will look like they’ve been through hell thanks to the cabal of cutthroats.

  15. For the record Mike Huckabee ended his own political career by defending a
    childmolester. Mr. Huckabee’s decision to stand by the Duggar’s is disgusting, unethical, and incomprehensible.

  16. I don’t watch Fox (not) News, but if they attack Hucklebee great. Add Santorum to their list and I will be delighted. Seriously, how MANY stupid people can the GOP have running for president? As my husband would say…TOO. [WINK]

  17. After Huckabee voiced his symapthy for the pedophile and pedophile-enabler in the Duggar family, rather than for the victims, he did a pretty good job of ruining his own campaign.

    Whoring for pedophile votes will not get you elected POTUS, nor is it likely to get you the GOP nomination, although that is not certain based on the current klown kar krop of kandidates.

  18. Not surprising, you’ve totally missed the point. ALL income is tax free under the fair tax. It is a sales tax, so all get a chance to be Joe Biden Patriots, and pay their fair share. Sales taxes work flawlessly, and most (all?) States use them. You will be happy to know the “rich” will still pay the lions share of taxes, because the spend the most money, by far. It will also tax drug dealers, tourists, etc.

  19. Mike Huckabee has also defended child sex molester and Christian hypocrite Josh Duggar. That alone will kill any chances he had of being nominated for President.

    Sales tax IS a regressive tax because it affects low and middle income people more than rich people. The fact is that low income and middle income people need to spend most or all of their money just to live. Rich people only need to spend some of their money to pay for their expenses and then they can save the rest which would be tax free.

  20. Maybe you should look into why Walker won in Wisconsin. Gee could it be the $100 million that the Koch brothers spent in order to buy Walker and Wisconsin? Gee could it be the big lie that Walker told voters that he would add 250,000 jobs in his first term (but didn’t even add half of that)? Gee could it be that his campaign paid $23 for every vote he got in the recall election and that doesn’t include the money spent by the Koch brothers and others of that ilk. Gee could it be that Walker “cut taxes” for people in the last election which actually amounted to a pizza meal for a middle class family.

    Look at the lies Walker has told in order to fool people into voting for him. Walker also claimed in the last election that he wasn’t running for President and intended to serve out the four year term of governor. Gee do you think that was another lie?

  21. I just happened to run into this article the other day about all the skeletons in Mike Huckabee’s closet. These alone would of derailed his Presidential run besides his defense of the pedophile Josh Duggar and his pedophile justifying / excusing / hiding / hypocritical family.

  22. Mike huckabee killed his presidential bid with the dug gar remark. As a thiest I am not thrilled by a baptist minister as president even though I agree with some of his policies and many I don’t.

  23. So by huckabee’s logic, if the Supreme Court overturned Roe V Wade, then no one would have to abide by it. Or is it just the laws that the TEAthugliCONS don’t agree with? Be careful what you wish for…………………

  24. Huckabee is superficial and foolish in touting the “FairTax” (FT) so passionately.

    FT is a Progressive financial scam – see more at http://sceldridge/sceldridge

    It is MORE tax welfare.

    The REAL FT sales tax rate is 42% (plus more hidden taxes). Like Jonathen Gruber laughed, they hid 12% by having the fed + S/L govt pay FT – they must pass that on to taxpayers.

    It also hides future tax increases because FT has no allowance for evasion, “avoidance” & “substitution” and so that large tax shortfall will have to be made up with other taxes – most likely is a NEW Income Tax on top of the FT>

    The IRS is NOT dead. The FT has its own IRS (the STAA) that may audit CONSUMERS and the old IRS would come back with a NEW Income Tax.

    New homes would cost 40% (+/-) and the sales tax must be paid up front. home sales would be destroyed.

    A very Flat Income Tax makes a lot more sense. IRS is neutered, we can all file our own tax return on 1 page in 1 hour – no more need to do tax plan…

  25. Sorry to all the democratic hacks that commented here. Mike is far from dead, in fact he is tied for the lead among Presidential candidates for President. This is another attempt to destroy a candidate who is a christian. This is a warning to the Republicans. If this continues evangelical christians will form a separate party. The Republican Party can not win an election without the evangelical vote. We are all watching! I am not saying we will all vote for Huckabee, but we will certainly take a dim view of this kind of unfair attack against a christian candidate, simply because he wants to see a more moral nation. We will also find another place to watch for our news if Fox continues in this vwin!

  26. @christians watching, let me help YOU out, if you think mike huckabee is a christian, then that tell me everything I need to know an about you! you’re a PHARISEES! PERIOD point blank! you fake religious RIGHTIES are more TWISTED than you GOP MASSA’s! YOU 21st century PHARISEES are AMAZING! it’s painfully obvious that you haven’t even touched a bible? @christians watching, please please split off from the republican party! PLEASE!! because then BOTH of you agents of evil will FINALLY DIE off! You’re right, the GOP couldn’t survive without you fake christians! and you certainly can’t breed without your mother whore either! BYE!

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