72 Percent Of Americans Support Allowing Undocumented Immigrants To Stay in US

Republicans on immigration reform

A Pew Research Poll released on June 4, 2015, found that nearly 3 in 4 Americans support allowing undocumented immigrants to stay in the country provided they meet certain requirements. The national survey of 2,002 American adults, conducted from May 12-18, 2005, showed broad public support for granting undocumented immigrants a path to legal status in the United States.

According to the poll, 72 percent of Americans believed that undocumented immigrants should be able to remain in the country legally, by applying for either U.S. citizenship or permanent residence status. Unsurprisingly, there was a significant partisan divide on the issue of granting undocumented immigrants a path to legal status.

Democrats (80 percent) and Independents (76 percent) overwhelmingly supported granting undocumented immigrants a path to legal status. Republicans were much less enthusiastic, although even 56 percent of Republicans agreed that “there should be a way for undocumented immigrants to stay in the country, if requirements are met”.

The Pew Research Poll demonstrates just how thorny the immigration issue could become for Republican candidates in 2016. While most of the GOP field is adopting a hard line anti-immigration stance, that position puts them at odds with a majority of American voters.

The poll also underscores how difficult the GOP’s attempts to win over Hispanic voters will become. 86 percent of Hispanics, including 79 percent of American-born Hispanics, believe that undocumented immigrants should be granted a path to legal status. Republican candidates who dogmatically refuse to consider any compromise on immigration policy risk alienating Hispanic voters even further.

In 2012, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney only managed to win 27 percent of the Hispanic vote, a sharp drop from the 44 percent the GOP secured in 2004, when George W. Bush won re-election. The Republican Party has not moderated their position on immigration since the 2012 campaign, so their odds of attracting Hispanic voters remain dismal if they continue to adhere to their current intransigent anti-immigrant positions.

Most Americans have adopted a pragmatic, human rights centered perspective on immigration policy. While they may want undocumented immigrants to fulfill some requirements and “jump through some hoops” in order to stay, an overwhelming majority of Americans believe they should be allowed to stay. The position of the American public is a reasonable one. Because it is reasonable, it also spells trouble for leaders in the Republican Party who have attached their electoral fortunes to an ever-shrinking xenophobic minority.

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  1. Is it that or is it because of human decency and compassion? I think you might be correct for those on the conservative side but what about everyone else?

  2. I think that people progressive or rethugs love their cheap produce. Now speaking for myself I understand that people since the dawn of time has migrated for a better life. My family on my mothers side came her after the hurricane of 61 I think from Belize.

    Now the American Taliban use this issue to drive votes to their side. Mainly white people who don’t really look at how they contribute to the overall economy.

    I just wish we can have an honest debate about this issue but it wont happen

  3. why do so many here call teabaggers and republicans…RETHUGS ? they are wimps and girly men…talk tough but in the end do very little

  4. Dude before you wright me off here listen to me for just a sec. then flame to your hearts content.
    But I come from immigrants as well. Thanks to the English I am no longer Irish. We came here, applied for citizenship and it was eventually granted. (we I mean family I was born here). Now being from immigrants and seeing as to how ALL Americans come from immigrants I am not opposed to immigrants. What I am opposed to is ILLEGAL immigrants. I don’t mind people coming here but do it through the legal means available. Become a citizen and integrate into the culture.

  5. I’m as progressive as anyone. In almost all areas. But I agree with billybones on this one. I do have empathy for these people… But, we just can’t sustain this degree of Illegal Immigration. As a side note, President Obama’s administration has been deporting illegals at a record rate.

  6. James, Good point. I’ve never thought of that. I have a cousin who is 70 years old,Takes SS and Medicare. He is the biggest right wingnut ever. He HATES SS or so he says, yet gladly takes his check every month. It makes me sick.

  7. John Boner:

    They are “illegal” because Immigration and naturalization does not have the assets or resources to process the applications that are backing up. Why do they not have the needed assets and resources? Because the Republicans have been cutting the INS budgets for years.

  8. Why are the illegals here?

    Because we employ them. If we didn’t employ them, there’d be far far fewer of them.

    DJfrechon is correct- cheap strawberries, cheap labor to exploit.

    All to enable folks like Wal-mart and their moral equivalents, a bigger profit margin.

    Everytime I.N.S. or such, cracks down on those who employ illegals- businesses bitch til they back off.
    And the cycle continues.

  9. Obama salutes Americans’ diverse backgrounds in weekly address with Immigrant Heritage Month

    One of the remarkable things about America is that nearly all of our families originally came from someplace else. We’re a nation of immigrants. It’s a source of our strength and something we all can take pride in. And this month – Immigrant Heritage Month – is a chance to share our American stories.

  10. That prompt may not get ya to the article. If so, just
    google:”The Devil Weed and Harry J Anslinger”.
    Jah bless

  11. Could it possibly be that Republican candidates know they stand no chance, for at least the next generation – or two – or three – or four, of getting more than 15% of the Hispanic vote? So why allow them to become citizens anyway? That 56% who think it’s a good idea will vote for them anyway. So how does it benefit them?

    Nah. That couldn’t be what motivates them. **Ahem**

  12. This is actually to Billybones but the site won’t let me reply to him.

    Can you be absolutely certain your people came here legally? I know I can’t. One branch, at least, of my family came in through Georgia. I know a lot of people came that route illegally. Was my family among them? I don’t know. We’re pretty well blended in now. We’ve been here for 5 or 6 generations, after all. So should I go back to England or France [where my folks came from?] Please inform – I’m dying to know if you approve of me.

    Hint: If you think the current crop of Hispanic immigrants are the only folks who ever came in illegally [or are doing so now] you are sadly mistaken.

    But hey – it’s your hobby horse and you’re welcome to ride it to your heart’s content. Just don’t expect 72% of the rest of us to join you.

  13. A large proportion of the over 11,000,000 who are here illegally, not because officialdom does not have the wherewithall to process the paperwork but because they have NEVER SUBMITTED ANY PAPERWORK. They choose NOT to go through the process that those of us who are here LEGALLY have. So, show sympathy where it is due and not play the violins for those who have chosen NOT to play by the rules!

    As for the claim made by this article, it’s a bit pathetic to make the claim of 72% based on a survey of just over 2,000 individuals! Really does not have much credibility.

  14. How many of those illegals are European or Asian or it only peoples hate that singles out Latinos?

  15. …if any o’ those bitchin’ about illegal immigrants knew what thier living conditions were before; you MIGHT change your tunes…lemme put it this way…a US campground of “Primitive” conditions has better sanitation;I’ve seen the barrios {we call ’em ‘tenements’} of Tiajuana and Panama…
    When you’re in an area where your sons are either pressed into a gang or used for target practice, your wife and daughters can be raped without corrupt cops lifting a finger, and jobs are the next best thing to slave labor…and someone says you can go north and better yourself and your family…I’d jump at the chance…let ’em stay and become citizens!!!
    …’nuff said…

  16. When POOR, white,TEAtards, living im mostly conservative states with TEAtard state governments, start paying top-dollar for their American harvested fruits and veggies (as djchefron suggests) then illegal immigrants will no longer have reason to migrate to the USA.

    But, this means that the RICH, white TEAtards living in the suburbs of WEALTHY cities all across America will also have to give up their cheap labor for mowing lawns, pouring concrete, cleaning pools, busing tables and parking cars at their local country club, being nannies to their children, and cleaning their houses.

    Face it, whether it is RICH or POOR TEAtards, they love their cheap labor, just as they love spending as little cash as possible at America’s low-cost outlets, like Walmart and Hobby Lobby.

    Even though, in spending their dollars at businesses that IMPORT cheap plastic junk from low-wage China, they are SUPPORTING the GENDER-selective abortion of FEMALE fetuses, which the Chinese governmnet pays for.

  17. To my fellow libs, we can’t sustain anymore people. Not just our social services being strained but our natural resources (water). Illegals leave 4x more of a carbon print in the USA than they do in their native country.

    Let’s get real, sure people want to help but only so much. We have to stop illegals. Not people who are coming to the USA through the legal channels, but illegal.s

  18. The average American family pays a staggering $6,000 a year in subsidies to Republican-friendly big business.

    So where does some of that $6,000 that you and I are paying every year actually go?

    For starters, $870 of it goes to direct subsidies and grants for corporations.

    This includes money for subsidies to Big Oil companies that are polluting our skies and fueling climate change and global warming. Compare that to the $36 you and I pay for food stamps a year.


    I’m sorry LiberalandProud- I didn’t hear you the first time around- would you please say that a little louder?

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