One Picture Shows Why South Carolina Must Take Down Their Confederate Flag Right Now



Even after the murder of nine African-Americans in a hate crime, South Carolina Republicans are refusing to take the Confederate flag down from the state capitol, but one picture shows why the flag should come down right now.

This is the Confederate flag that hangs over South Carolina’s capitol:



Here is the car of Dylann Roof, the man accused of murdering nine African-Americans in a hate crime in Charleston, SC:


The same flag that flies at the South Carolina state capitol was prominently displayed on the car of a mass murdering racist.

The idea that the Confederate flag represents Southern heritage is true. What the defenders of the flag don’t say is what the term “Southern heritage” means.

According to the Cornerstone Speech by Alexander Stephens, this is what the Confederate flag stands for, “Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid, its corner- stone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery subordination to the superior race is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth.”

The Confederacy and the Confederate flag stood for the inequality of black people to white people. According to Dylann Roof’s roommate the shooter was, “He was big into segregation and other stuff. He said he wanted to start a civil war. He said he was going to do something like that and then kill himself.”

Dylann Roof understood what the Confederate flag represents, which is why his car had three Confederate flags on it.

South Carolina Republicans can keep feeding themselves excuses about “Southern heritage,” but they aren’t fooling anyone.

The Confederate flag is still flying over the South Carolina state capitol, just as it flies on the getaway car that Dylann Roof used to make his escape after murdering nine African-Americans in a house of worship.

South Carolina’s Confederate flag must come down right now.

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  1. The flag should come down but it will not erase the problem of racial hatred/fear of the other which dwells in the hearts and minds of too many people in the US.

  2. Roof admired Apartheid South Africa and racist Rhodesia. Google Cecil Rhodes and learn what a monster he was.

    Living in a state that, lets face it from John Calhoun, Fort Sumter to that POS Wilson who hollered you lie lives for white supremacy.

    Some may say its a mental disease that made Roof commit mass terror. The only mental disease is the philosophy which hold one race superior and another
    Inferior, that is what they believe in and until we come together and wipe them from the face of the Earth there will be more killings and he will hear the same bullshit about our prayers are with you, we walk together yada, yada.

    Sorry for the rant

  3. Show some respect….take down that flag! Watch and listen to the pro confederate flag RWingers hold on to it like their guns. Well, the ones that do this, you know where their hearts are!

  4. By a principle articulated in a recent SCOTUS decision regarding vanity license plates in Texas, about how the 1st Amendment cannot be used to compel speech in either direction, governments can’t compel the speech of individuals against their will, nor can individuals compel the speech of government against its will, flying any flag at half-staff at the State House on such an occasion is an instance of government speaking for South Carolinians, among whom are members of the Black community who suffered this profound tragedy, so, ergo, the governor is compelling the speech of those victims in a certain manner against their will by using this particular flag, and NOT using a different one, and is, thus, violating their 1st Amendment rights under the Constitution.

  5. The U.S. flag and state flag are flying at half mast at the statehouse grounds. The confederate flag is not at half mast. I am sure that makes the racists in South Carolina very happy that their symbol is flying higher than the U.S. flag.

  6. I say expel the entire South from the nation. End all federal assistance, and build a 30′ high 20′ think border wall along the Mason-Dixon line and isolate the South. Let them be the third world white trash failed state they dream of.

  7. Seems as if it was a premeditated hate crime. BS mental illness, he knew it was wrong, that’s why he ran. Maybe he thinks he is daddy’s hero now.

    Sick pos.

  8. That’s disgusting and a stick in the eye to all POC. Gov Nikki Haley is a racist to leave it up. You are judged by your actions and inactions. Listen to their dance around why it should be up……..if this is your stand, YOU’RE A RACIST.

  9. Take Down the Confederate Flag—Now

    The flag that Dylann Roof embraced, which many South Carolinians embrace, endorses the violence he committed.

    Last night, Dylann Roof walked into a Charleston church, sat for an hour, and then killed nine people. Roof’s crime cannot be divorced from the ideology of white supremacy which long animated his state nor from its potent symbol—the Confederate flag. Visitors to Charleston have long been treated to South Carolina’s attempt to clean its history and depict its secession as something other than a war to guarantee the enslavement of the majority of its residents. This notion is belied by any serious interrogation of the Civil War and the primary documents of its instigators. Yet the Confederate battle flag—the flag of Dylann Roof—still flies on the Capitol grounds in Columbia.
    Read More

  10. I think we should all be more concerned with radical racism in our own county, which leads to homegrown hate groups and terrorism among us. Paranoid closet racists are a larger proven threat, than the Isis rebels stealing our wonton oil in far away lands.
    The confederate flag is a hurtful symbol that should be outlawed. It is as inflaming as the swastika. I’m a believer in the seperation of Church and State. But if a cross on government grounds is illegal, how can the confederate flag be flown proudly on government grounds?
    It’s a celebration of non-Union separatism. Not a pro-American position, is it?
    Germany doesn’t celebrate the history and heritage of the Natzi’s. It is a total embarassment to them. Why do we promote the glorification of a flag, symbolizing one of the most vile parts of America’s history?
    If any US citizen wants to fly the confederate flag on their own front lawns, they have the right to take ownership of their ignorance and the judgement it draws.

  11. Just saw Chris Hayes interview former governor now representative Mark Sanford and he was definitely dancing all around the flag issue. Heritage and tradition and all that crap.

    I say only ignorant racists want to embrace that kind of southern heritage.

  12. But I can’t live without warmth snd sun, California is way expensive, and Arizona makes Florida look intelligent.

  13. You bring up a good point which seems to be ignored or at least unasked. Where did he learn this hatred of blacks? It’s not something that suddenly dawns on you like an apiphany. This was something ingrained in him from early childhood. Was it his mother or more likely, the same person who gave him the gun on his 21st birthday, his father. What has he to say about all this? What do people who know him say about his beliefs and says about other races? I’m curious.

  14. The Confederate Flag is the proud symbol representing the long heritage of people who are …


  15. Thanks for the link Susan. I just sent my message. I agree with John, too. Instead of waging a horrible Civil War where over 750,000 people died, we should have just let them secede. I wonder where their “country” would be now. They do not want a “United” States of America. I don’t think the south will ever “get over it.”

  16. I blame these red bible belt states for the racism that is going on since the president took office. The president looks black to them and it makes these people crack. I live in one of those red states. I see and hear the way people talk when “one of them” enters a public establishment.

  17. …this senseless act of Domestic Terrorism brought to you by the NRA, the Republican Party, and the letter “”H”. {for hate}

  18. QUESTION: If the victims were White, in a White Church, and the shooter was Black—-would the confederate flag be flown then at half mast? You bet it would. Because that flag represents White People ONLY! The city fathers will NOT bring it down for no 9 Dead Black worshipers. Sad to say it, but I think that that is the reason.

  19. Make flying or displaying the Stars and Bars an act of treason (legally, it already is anyway) Then, if any inbred does so, we can jail them and also stop them from ever voting again as they would then be felons. Maybe we could even deport them?

  20. This is a horrible tragedy but you can’t make them take down the flag. They have the right to have it up there. It’s like telling the KKK you can’t march; it’s not right because then you are shunning one side of opinions. As much as this flag is horrible and as much as the KKK is horrible you have to protect there speech. Feel free to bash my opinion tho that is what makes this country so great haha you can hate on me if you want this is just my opinion, I can definitely see where people are coming from though on why the flag should be taken down but I think that is just over stepping boundaries. Again may all those who were killed rest in peace and God bless.

  21. First its their not there and no matter how your whiteness try to justify the flag, the confederacy and white supremacy till they are wiped from the this country like Germany did with Nazism then this sick country will never heal and move forward

  22. Emmm…no. These aren’t private citizens. This is a government entity with a duty to (a) represent its citizens impartially; (b) obey the Flag Code in its official displays, which requires that, except in a foreign enclave (the vessel or embassy of a foreign sovereign), the flag of the United States shall be flown higher than any other flag or ensign. If the Stars and Stripes is at half staff, the Stars and Bars must be lowered or struck.

  23. I can’t even believe that you say whiteness and who cares if I mess up gramatically. You have an opinion, I have an opinion. Agree to disagree and let others decide who is right. I obviously see you hint to the notion that I am racist which obviously shows that you are not even slightly tolerant of my opinion. But that is okay, people like you are what cause only one side of the story to be heard because you assume my whiteness gets in the way of my views. Just leave out the hurtful comments I mean gosh dude!! I’m not racist I play basketball on a team with all black dudes and they know I’m hard core republican and they don’t care because we just have different views. It’s not like I hate them because they are a different color them me. I have more black friends then I do white. So no I don’t believe I have whiteness in me!!!!

  24. I did not know that. Learning something new everyday haha! Well if that’s true then the flag should come down, that is if what you said is true. Thanks for the insight I’m gonna look into that.

  25. I have no tolerance for people who try to justify the original sin of this country, well one of the original sins seeing how you people justify the genocide of the Native Americans. You can hide behind free speech but in the end unless you call for the end of this sickness then you are a part of it

  26. They have the right to do this I don’t believe it’s right At all. just as pro life people can call pro choice people baby killers and I don’t think it’s right it’s really wrong to call someone that or stand up for racism. But in America the minority must always be protected… “Always” that is what I believe In and many people who have a conservative ideology believe the same way. You seem to have a liberal ideology and there is nothing wrong with that we just think differently. We both know what the problem is but we have different solutions to the problem. Let’s just stop talking about this, we both think differently and that is what makes this country great. We can both say what we want and it’s for the people to decide who is right. Founding fathers would be happy right now… Have a good day :)

  27. I have read the proceeding posts which many are filled with extreme hatred for the South. So one messed up racist kid that is on meds is suddenly the poster boy for the entire South? So many people that don’t live in the South are so quick to judge and call all Southerners “inbred”, “racists”, etc, etc, which are themselves hate filled words. So hate filled words spewing from the mouth of a Northerner is somehow better than hate filled words spewing from the mouth of a Southerner? Come on! Newsflash….the South today is not the same South of the Civil War era. The Civil War was 150 years ago; I think it is about time that people on BOTH SIDES get over it, grow up and stop the mudslinging!

  28. Remove the NAACP flag from its pole. Heck just bring down USA flag too. You’ll know the one that use to stand for something before those politicians and mouths like the President and Mitt begin yelling Gun Control, Racism, Confederate flag blah blah. Most everyone that’s shouting aren’t even US veterans. They think freedom in this “country” is a birth right! Today, Mitt proved his isn’t fit of the Presidency. That Confederate flag did not cause those deaths in South Carolina. Did not cause issues in MO, MD, FL or even OH neither. No, USA poor leadership and failed parenthood is the culprit. USA citizens are fed up with smoke screens, and they’re are far from being called leaders! USA used to be a great nation before politicians begin bickering on the Hill, and elsewhere. We don’t even act like Homo Sapiens anymore. Something affects a society, then solution is attack! Want to stop the violence then act like humans, not a beast of an animal. Beast are considered reckless creatures…

  29. You sound just like the comment I posted. You talk with a foolish mind John. If that’s racism to you, great glad you’re attentive – At least, I am not the nut wanting a safety barrier. Is it status of the pack your after John? Best find you a better pack to hang with, or don’t go back to anymore Christian gatherings John, you have no business crowding pews of any church or socials. Christians are found in those places; and, with that posting you;re far from being a Christians. You hate Whites that bad then burn ever Bible you have in your presence because the man I plan to meet one day in the aftermath isn’t a racist, but you’re w/out doubt 100%. Just because that young man was White does not close doors on any society; but, when Blacks are involved where a white girl is rape, or both Blacks and Whites are injured or fatal shot in a robbery – Nobody seems to care, it’s never put on the front page of any newspapers – Why is that John, may be they have a safety net too.

  30. I must lead a sheltered life–I couldn’t believe that racist rag would be allowed to fly over a state Capitol building in the U.S. In this day and age. WTF?!

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