As Trump Calls Him Stupid, Jeb Complains President Obama Uses Big Words



Jeb Bush says he wants a return to his brother’s dumbed-down, go-with-hunches administration. Because, you know, Obama uses big words. This is a strange complaint to utter and the timing could not be worse, as last night his biggest contender, Donald Trump, called him stupid.

Let’s face it: his brother was not known for being an intellectual. George W. Bush could barely speak intelligible English. Almost as if it was a second language. It was bad. Very bad. Great hilarity ensued.

Jeb is somewhat better spoken, but the difference is a matter of degrees, and it is more than language. Jeb, after all, has already said the guy who brought America to ruin is his biggest adviser. Jeb might want to be more conscious of his family legacy when he complains about Obama’s big words.


His brother’s malapropisms and other inexplicable lapses have entered the English language as the “Bushism.” There were some doozies:

They misunderestimated me.” [Bentonville, Arkansas; November 6, 2000]

“There’s an old saying in Tennessee—I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee—that says, ‘Fool me once, shame on…shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.'” [Nashville, Tennessee; September 17, 2002]

“Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?” [Florence, South Carolina; January 11, 2000]

The answer to the last ought to be self-evident. After all, as Dubya said on Feb. 21, 2001, in Townsend, TN, “You teach a child to read, and he or her will be able to pass a literacy test.”

Unless his name is Bush.

Which brings us to Jeb.

In an interview published by the Union Leader, Jeb complained that Obama’s big words harsh his buzz:

You don’t have to be the world’s policemen, but you have to be the world’s leader and there’s a huge difference. This guy — this president and Secretary Clinton and Secretary Kerry – when someone disagrees with their nuanced approach where it’s all kind of so sophisticated it makes no sense. You know what I’m saying?

Big syllable words and lots of fancy conferences and meetings and – We’re not leading. That creates chaos. It creates a more dangerous world. So restoring the alliances that have kept the world safer and our country safer – getting back to a position in the Middle East where there’s no light between Israel and the United States.

Yes. The world is certainly not a more dangerous place as a result of his brother’s inattention to detail when he destroyed a stable Iraq and replaced it with civil war and the new Assyrian Empire of the Islamic State. George W. Bush established a surveillance state, condoned torture, America’s reputation fell with its credit rating.

Mission Accomplished.

I think most of us understand the president, Jeb. We shouldn’t have to dumb down the discourse so you can follow along. Maybe we can produce some coloring books for you?

After all, it was your brother who said, “One of the great things about books is sometimes there are some fantastic pictures.” [Jan. 3, 2000]

It is obvious that events have proven the world is too complex for the Bush kids. They cannot understand it, they cannot articulate it – heck, they can’t even articulate the degree to which they can’t articulate it.

I would suggest Jeb Bush learn some big syllable words – what the rest of us call polysyllabic words – or he could just tell America what his brother told Brian Williams during a 2006 interview: “Look, the key for me is to keep expectations low.”

With Donald Trump no longer barking at his heels but loping alongside him, and calling his intelligence into question, Jeb couldn’t have chosen a worse time to complain about his inability to understand big words.

(You can watch the full no-complete sentence or finished thought interview at C-SPAN here. Warning: it’s painful.)

29 Replies to “As Trump Calls Him Stupid, Jeb Complains President Obama Uses Big Words”

  1. God forbid we have a President who is smart, articulate, well schooled and doesn’t “dumb down” like some Ivy League educated Republicans (some Democrats too) do.

    I personally insist that anyone who gets my vote for president is smarter than I am and not afraid to show it.

  2. hey!!! El Jebe!!!

    here is an intellectual exercise for you…

    translate ‘My Pet Goat’ into Spanish so you’ll have something to read the next time a Bush allows the country to be attacked…

  3. PRESIDENT Obama- uses big words.

    NOT-PRESIDENT Jeb- dislikes big words.

    Jeb is clueless- again.

    sTRUMPet and I agree on one thing. But it doesn’t mean I’m gonna gush over that blowhard.

  4. At least trump doesn’t use “biggerly” words in his oratorical screeds.

    I hear that he hates when his name is not capitalized.

  5. Repugs know they usually have to dumb it down so the simpletons can get it. What they do not acknowledge, though, is it takes one to know one. This group of morons who think they are presidential material shows they still need some more “book larnin”. Maybe Jeb and his cohorts will graduate to the big words someday.

  6. OH, MY, GOODNESS! the republican party has turned in SCTV! remember SCTV? John Candy, Dave Thomas, Eugene Levy, Gilda Radner etc. J.E.B. bush is a idiot! I’m dead serious! and he’s a symbolic of todays america! where the biggest idiot or douchebag always captures or media spotlight! C’mon, if jebber wasn’t born with NAZI profits from WW2, he’d be working at JACK IN THE BOX asking, do you want fries with that shake? I look at the GOP and just fall out laughing most times! J.E.B is simply doing what most republicans do, making intelligence a defect, making common sense, a SIN! so jebber is upset because Obama has a vocabulary?! OH BOY! Let’s’ analyze his issue, shall we? what jeb is REALLY saying is, I’m too mother FU@KIN’ STUPID to keep up with you! so rather than fix MY DUMBAS$, I’ll try putting YOU down! This is so typical of most republicans! WHY? because they’re usually $HIT for brains MORONS! and they know it! so they foolishly take out their frustration on the LIBERAL.

  7. Did anyone tell Jebbie that he isn’t running against Obama? Might help if he got his priorities straight.

  8. Let’s do away with the clown car, we need a
    clown bus, a big one. Rubio says he will outlaw abortion here and in other counties, you see, he will be emperor of the world!

  9. Actually, instead of a ‘clown bus’ what we really need is a large Paddy Wagon. They have all got to be drunk. Very few sober people could be so dumb and ignorant.

  10. People complained about their votes changing from their Democratic choice to a Republican candidate right before their very eyes after voting on a Republican owned Diebold electronic voting machine after every election since those machines were introduced.

    Why do you need to be intellectually brilllant to become President of America if your last name is Bush?

    With every election, Republicans have been gradually winning more electiions than Democrats. A lot in states they haven’t won in years. Now, exit polls aren’t adding up.

    They won a bunch of state seats, Governorships, congressional House and Senate elections.

    Wirh another idiot Bush in place, is America too stupid to figure out what’s next?

    We need a paper receipt after each vote and an equal number of Democratic and Republican election officials.

    I know. I’ve said it before. Wonder how many times does that make?

  11. The Bell Curve is perfect for these people. Just perfect. The race in which many claim to be superior to nonwhites fits them to a T. Yet, they would be I indignant if you told them so

  12. So, Jeb! I guess you’ll be tapping the great innovative elocutrix $arah Payme as your running mate? If you can’t baffle the proles with bullshit, give it to them in words and syntax that don’t even exist.

  13. why on earth the 1% and corps have given him $120 million or whatever so far is beyond me? If this guys last name weren’t Bush he wouldnt even win town dog catcher……..I can only assume he will be a dutiful servant and govern for the 1% and corp interests………maybe that is all they need. He certainly doesn’t seem electable, to me these contributions are going right down the toilet as this guy is beyond hope.

  14. Either the Bushes are thick as a brick and got some heavy tutoring in their Ivy League days, or their daddy bought their grades.

    Or the Ivy League educations aren’t as premium as people would have us believe.

    The end result is despite their educational pedigrees, they are nose pickin’ morons.

  15. Considering his real name is
    John Ellis Bush

    Babs used his initials J E B as his “name” because he couldn’t spell.
    He’s also LOPSIDED and leans his head to the right, so he probably had some brain damage when he left the womb.

    It’s very scary, Dumya was considered the “bright” one.

  16. Dumya was APPOINTED president in 2000 because of ballot irregularities in FL where JEB was governor.

    Dumya was “elected” in 2004 and with MANY ballot irregularities with the diebold voting machines.

    What a CON job, right?

  17. Oklahoma has one thing right — we vote by paper ballot by filling in circles, the ballot is numbered and you insert it in the machine which registers how many ballots have been cast. Also our Voter ID card with no picture can be used to vote as it is an official document. Several times we have had recounts with 10 votes separating before and after. Guess we have to do something right!

  18. I think the grades were bought, most notably W,s. That man is just plain stupid. Yet, to this day, some people think he was a great President.

  19. This is how he won in 2004. Who knows how many states this type of corruption involves now?

  20. He knows Shrub III is a moron but doesn’t seem aware that he himself is a bloviating douchebag and a tool, I say they cancel each other out.

  21. when I was in High School English, there was one boy( a basket ball star) who when asked to read, would read until he came to a word he, could not say, then say (BIG WORD)and continue. He still is rather stupid dull and not too intelligent. Jebby must be the same?

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