IL Newspaper Crushes Sen. Kirk’s Moderate Reputation By Calling Him A Loud-Mouthed Radical

In a blistering editorial, The Southern Illinoisan newspaper’s editorial board crushed Republican Senator Mark Kirk’s moderate reputation, by calling him out as a ”loud-mouthed radical who’s hoping to overrun the party of Lincoln with anger and spin.” The editorial was unsparing in its criticism of Illinois’ Junior Senator, lashing out at him for his “irresponsible drivel” on the Iran deal.

Kirk, who is already under fire for a series of racist and sexist remarks made earlier this year, has sunken to a new low according to The Southern Illinoisan editorial board, for equating Obama’s multilateral Iran agreement with appeasing Hitler. Kirk has engaged in reckless hyperbole, claiming Obama wants to give Iran nukes. He argues implausibly that the president will be responsible for “tens of thousands” of deaths in the Middle East when the deal ends ”with a mushroom cloud somewhere near Teheran.”

Raising the specter of nuclear war is a favorite GOP scare tactic. In the run up to the Iraq War, then GOP President George W. Bush warned we must invade Iraq, arguing:

America must not ignore the threat gathering against us. Facing clear evidence of peril, we cannot wait for the final proof — the smoking gun — that could come in the form of a mushroom cloud.

Mark Kirk, however, is supposed to be a different kind of Republican. The mainstream media loves to attach the “moderate” label to Kirk, and he was all too happy to portray himself as a reasonable centrist during his 2010 campaign in traditionally left-leaning Illinois. He has been afforded the courtesy of being called a moderate for over a decade, even though his voting record hardly suggests he deserves that label. After all, even in 2002, as a member of the U.S. House, he fully supported George W. Bush’s Iraq War resolution.

Fortunately, as the Illinois Senator descends deeper and deeper into nihilistic Tea Party madness, even the press is turning on him and discarding the inappropriate moderate tag. The Southern Illinoisan has clearly lost patience with their Republican Senator, as evidenced by this searing but accurate paragraph:

This, folks, is what Illinois has sent to the U.S. Senate. Illinoisans thought they elected a center-right fiscal conservative. They instead got the love child of Michele Bachmann and Ted Cruz, a man more concerned with making a name within his party’s fringe than representing his constituents. And Kirk’s erratic, self-isolating behavior only hurts the state he’s supposed to represent.

Mark Kirk has been exposed for being the right-wing fraud that he is. However, his fall from grace follows a familiar pattern of Republican candidates running as “moderates” in blue states and swing states, only to transform into right-wing radicals the minute they are given a taste of power. Kirk, like Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, Ohio Governor John Kasich and New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte, is anything but moderate. His recent unhinged and apocalyptic rhetoric on the Iran agreement merely underscores just how dangerously radical he and the entire Republican Party has become. Thank goodness people are finally paying attention.

20 Replies to “IL Newspaper Crushes Sen. Kirk’s Moderate Reputation By Calling Him A Loud-Mouthed Radical”

  1. Isn’t this typical? In the run-up to the 2010 election for governor, Scott Walker didn’t campaign on eliminating collective bargaining rights for public employees, but look what he did when he got in? These guys are wolves in sheep’s clothing. We definitely need to pay attention.

  2. Trump is forcing all the gopers even further into never never land. By November of next year, there won’t be a GOP any longer.

    We’ve heard of the FEMA concentration camps, is FEMA building giant mental treatment hospitals? We’re going to need ’em.

  3. Mark Kirk will get the mental health he needs that he didn’t get after his stroke when Tammy Duckworth unseats his ass come 2016

  4. I’ve not seen any calls from Kirk demanding that Obama be impeached- thus this would make him a moderate in Republican terms.

    Project much- they all have a hardon for a Mushroom cloud.
    If that cloud is near Teheran, then I fail to see how that can be a problem for US.

  5. Are you kidding? Any mushroom cloud — anywhere in the world — is a big, big problem for mother earth. All you have to do is remember how a volcano eruption in Iceland grounded airplanes for a few weeks. You think the fallout from an atomic bomb only affects the place upon which it is dropped? And you have to know that one bomb inevitably, I repeat INEVITABLY, begets another, and another, and another…

  6. Unfortunately he is one of my senators. I can tell you every time I wrote him the reply always came after the issue was decided or resolved. It was still a form letter. Worthless Senator IMO

  7. ALL Republicans are nuts ! They’re stupid, mean, and WRONG ! And the few that aren’t hitched to the Fruit-Loop Express are cowards for not calling out the insanity and culling these Darwin candidates from the herd.

    Glad to see some parts of the supposed Forth Estate finally doing THEIR jobs !

    Tammy Duckworth will make a fine Senator. She’s been articulate every time I hear her. Now, we need to get rid of other dolts like Ayotte in NH and Johnson in WI, along with many others.

  8. He must be worried. Here in Illinois he is already running TV ads saying how wonderful he is. Also there’s a rumor that the Nazi teabagger Joe Walsh is gong run against him in the primary. For me I am voting for Tammy Duckworth.

  9. Finally, a paper in my home state goes after him. And from an area that is quite conservative, I believe. Mind you, as a Congressman Kirk was in China and told business and government leaders not to trust our then newly-elected president Barack Obama. As Senator he suffered a stroke and got rehab at one the the best centers of its kind in the country. And even after that he’s against the ACA.

  10. He’s one of mine, too, Earl.

    Can’t stand this man and his ads are so disingenuous that every time I see one, I want to throw something through the TV.

    I will be voting for Tammy Duckworth. (And Brad Schneider in the 10th!)

  11. Maple, America dropped two atomic bombs on Japan at the end of WWII. Besides the moral and emotional issue of killing so many people with one bomb, physical problems were relatively minor in North America.

    Whether scientists or politicians were concerned with nuclear fallout in the U.S. at that time, I can not attest to, but we are still here on this planet, 60 years later, still eating the food grown in the soil, breathing the air.

    Generally the Middle East is half way across the planet from the typical American. I am not concerned with exposure to radiation from the Middle East. I can not speak for those that live closer, all I ask is, can’t we all just get along, and live peacefully?

  12. I am sure the information is readily available, but I seem to recall that the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs were about 1/10th the power or less of modern day nukes. So, a lot more to worry about in 1 of today’s nukes.

  13. Well at least you GOT a reply. He has never replied to my letters. He’s done nothing for Illinois. Durbin does all the work.

  14. My senator too. I wrote him an email asking him to take up President Obama’s challenge to come up with a better deal or just outright admit he was seeking war. I got the form letter thanking me for contacting his office.

    My rep is Rodney Davis, also a Republican and I wrote him a blistering letter about the pipeline. To his credit, he (or someone) actually answered me in detail admitting that we did not agree but he thanked me for the correspondence. Color me shocked. That’s a first for me so I really didn’t expect a real answer from Kirk. I hope the door does hit him in the ass on his way out.

  15. Senator Kirk’s talk and viewpoint is not a surprise. They ALL think like him in the Republican sphere. But the saddest thing is, you must multiply each of these Representatives by the number of constituents who voted for them. Meaning that there are thousands upon thousands in that State (Illinois) and elsewhere who have similar thoughts. {{{{ Shudder }}} They walk among us.

  16. Walker is a compulsive liar. An elected lobbyist for the rich & deranged, & he will ultimately go down as the worst ‘Governor’ Wisconsin ever had, along with the rabid sociopaths in the Legislature.

    I can’t believe he has not been mistaken for a deer…

  17. I shudder several times a day when I realize I’m rubbing elbows with these able idiots as I go about my days work.
    The latest bit of craziness here in Louisiana is beyond what I would expect from the craziest of the crazies. It seems to be a known fact that McDonalds buys baby parts from Planed Parenthood for use as a meat filler in their sausage for the favorite sausage biscuits they all loved so much. Burger King’s business is booming with more business than they can handle during morning rush for breakfast before work. Knowing the gullibility of a people that have twice elected Bobby Jindal, this latest this latest craziness has truly befuddled me causing me to become more cynical than ever.
    It brings to mind a Thomas Jefferson quote. __Man, once surrendering his reason, has no remaining guard against absurdities the most monstrous, and like a ship without a rudder, is the sport of every wind. With such persons, gullibility, which they call faith, takes the helm of reason, and t…

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