We Need To Phase Out Medicare, Says Jeb Bush at Koch Brothers Sponsored Event

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush told an audience at a Koch brothers’ sponsored Americans for Prosperity event in New Hampshire, that we need to phase out Medicare. Bush, the so-called “moderate” candidate in the GOP field, is ready to scrap Medicare, stripping away a vital program that helps cover medical costs for elderly and disabled Americans.

Bush made his intentions clear when he stated:

The left needs to join the conversation, but they haven’t. I mean, when [Rep. Paul Ryan] came up with, one of his proposals as it relates to Medicare, the first thing I saw was a TV ad of a guy that looked just like Paul Ryan … that was pushing an elderly person off the cliff in a wheelchair. That’s their response.
And I think we need to be vigilant about this and persuade people that our, when your volunteers go door to door, and they talk to people, people understand this. They know, and I think a lot of people recognize that we need to make sure we fulfill the commitment to people that have already received the benefits, that are receiving the benefits.
But then we need to figure out a way to phase out this program for others and move to a new system that allows them to have something – because they’re not going to have anything. And that argument I think is going to be a winning argument if we take it directly to the people.
What Jeb Bush does not seem to understand is that what passes as a winning argument in a room full of Koch brothers’ GOP lackeys and what passes as a winning argument with the American people are two very different things.
According to a Kaiser Family Foundation survey released on July 17, 2015, 89 percent of Americans want to leave Medicare as it is, or they want to increase funding for Medicare. 77 percent of Americans say Medicare is “very important” to them, including 69 percent of Republicans. Only 4 percent of Republicans, 3 percent of Independents and 1 percent of Democrats say Medicare is “not very important” or “not at all important” to them.
Mitt Romney was widely regarded as out of touch in 2012, for wanting to completely ignore 47 percent of the electorate. However, his formula for victory at least was mathematically possible if he could have somehow implausibly ran the table with the other 53 percent of voters. Jeb Bush, however, thinks its a winning argument to send people door to door to push a policy that will have the support of just 4 percent of Republicans and less than 3 percent of Americans in general.
Apparently when a candidate spends all his time sucking up to the Koch brothers, he loses sight of what constitutes sensible or popular public policy. Jeb Bush, by all means, go ahead and send your paid staffers and your volunteers to knock on every door in America with the message that you want to phase out Medicare. Oh, and good luck with that.

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  1. I wouldn’t trust Jeb “Snake in the grass” Bush for anything. He will say and do anything for a vote, especially if he thinks it’s going to help him steal the Presidency. In fact I believe this man would sell his father and brother out if it helped to get him votes. Besides it’s easy to cut programs for others when your pockets are full. F**king snake!

  2. Too bad the village, I mean the political media wont question him about it because with their 7 figure incomes they wont need Medicare

  3. How anyone expects Jeb to win the repug nomination is a wonder, let alone a general with the chit that he spews. He truly is the dumb one.

  4. another feature of sending people door to door is that they can use retired and disabled people to do the canvassing…

    then they can reduce their Social Security payments because clearly they’re able to ‘work’…

    thus solving the ‘Social Security’ solvency problem too…

  5. We need free Healthcare for all including animals. We have a lot of sick animals, not because people don’t care, but can’t afford care for them either. It’s unfair that only people with money can stay afloat. If we mess up, get a ticket, have an accident, or need a car or home repair we are priced out of the system. Medicare is better than nothing, but it needs much improvement I have co-pays that are more than 3000 a month. I never will be able to pay that off. Disability doesn’t cover the bills, let alone one extra expense.

  6. Well Mr. Bush, go to Main St and have a town meeting where the demographic is mostly elderly retired, and spout that issue to them at a town meeting. Don’t be a coward and just say it at the Koch festivals.

  7. Republicans drive me crazy with their wanting to privitize anything and everything. Making money off every social program will not make this country better!

  8. This the smartest of all the Bush’s??? ; pandering to the libertarian AKA John Bircher Koch’s; as if these lord fontleroy’s are not rich enough; they want to make the entire USA into a company town working for subsistence wages and dying off when the poor can’t
    work anymore can’t work anymore.

  9. And this, from Jeb, after so many years of the “Government Hands Off My Medicare!” sign of the Tea Baggers… on display.

    Yes that is an appropriate response Mr. Bu$h, Paul Ryan pushing a wheelchair person off of a cliff- and you’re the one cheering him on.

    We HAVE been part of the conversation- but as usual, the Right Wingers Refuse to Listen.

    Jeb’s Clue Numbers are in the negative range.

  10. Is this going be like Obamacare, get rid of it and hope we’ll have “someting” to replace it with????

    I’ll bet he wants to go the voucher route “here’s your 10 pack of vouchers, use them wisely. Once they’re gone we could care less about you, oh and vote GOP because we care”

    Didn’t the brain dead tea bag scream “NO TO GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTHCARE AND DON’T TOUCH MY MEDICARE”
    The idiots didn’t know medicare IS government run healthcare, and it WORKS!!!!


    Oh and here is the ad with the wheelchair

  11. We need to phase out Republicans. Seriously, how/why are they still a thing? We really don’t need a crazy point of view.

  12. Chuckie, Davey, and Jethro…
    three excellent examples of animated excrement.
    These disgusting toads should be delivered to ISIS
    and their fortunes donated to charities.

  13. 2013 per capita national health expenditures: $9,255 or 17.5% of per person GDP. This is the highest dollar amount and % in the world. The answer to our opaque, corrupt, and expensive HC system is to give everyone a Medicare card at birth. There are other obvious changes that we would need to make. You advocates of “free” markets can take a nap…there is NO MARKET for HC or Rx drugs in the U.S. No one shops for either. People with insurance don’t shop, because all they pay is a deductible. People without insurance use Medicaid or wait until they are deathly ill, then visit an emergency room, a visit for which taxpayers usually pay. Next time you need a doctor or dentist’s care, try shopping. Same with a Rx drug. Good luck. The system is rigged and Congress has been well-bribed to keep it that way. Congress will not even permit Medicare to bargain for Rx drug prices, something that Walmart does.

  14. This is the Kochroaches’ genocidal agenda for this country. They would like ALL Americans to die so they can step in, grab the land (which they are in the process of doing), and share it with the rest of the billionaire elite. The RepubliCons are too stupid to realize this, so they actually support these scum. Jeb Bush must have cost a hefty price, but then he wasn’t doing much before they bought him. If we allow a Koch-owned dirtbag in the White House, they will continue to enact laws designed to kill off the maximum number of people. “Phase out” Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, etc. and you will have PILES of bodies littering the streets with nobody to bury them. Hell, the Kochroaches will probably start a Soylent Green company so they can make money off of genocide too.

  15. Too bad this wasn’t recorded by someone so they could play it over and over again every time Jeb! hits a town hall meeting. Is this a Romney 47% remark? His brother tried to gain support for privatizing medicare and that did not go well. Jeb! is a tool.

  16. And what would that new system be? This is the problem: They want to get rid of this, that and everything else, but they never offer any VIABLE alternatives.

    The art of governing is compromise and he says “the left does this or the left won’t do that” but he doesn’t talk about the right – doesn’t acknowledge that Republicans in Congress are no longer interested in governing. They say “we want this” and if they don’t get exactly what they want, they stamp their feet and scream “NO!” Well, that’s not governing – that’s acting like petulant children and the last time I checked, you had to be an adult to be in Congress.

    What I’d love to hear from these Republicans is that they are willing to work with Democrats, that this is the way one governs, that compromise is not a dirty word, so that we come up with viable solutions to our problems.

    But you won’t hear that. Not from Jeb or any of the others.

  17. The reason you wont hear from the American Taliban/republicans is they don’t believe in compromise but in absolutes. Its their way or we will bow everything up.

  18. jo I agree with you. I am on SSDI myself. Medicare only covers 80%. That leaves you on the hook for 20%. Back in the day when I could work if I had some thing extra I could put overtime or get a part time job to get me by. When you are on a fixed income where is that 20% come from? My only options are to sell my ass on the corner or sell drugs at the play ground. I just hope one of those volunteers comes knocking on my door. I would give a dose of reality. Thanks folks for letting me rant.

  19. My goodness. The republicans want to strip us of everything. Next they will make us line up and beg for food and housing.

  20. His mama and papa don’t need it so everybody else can go to hell. That is the Republican Christian Way.

  21. Jeb should phase HIMSELF out as a worthless selfish heartless P.O.S. I was THERE when he came looking for his family’s Springer Spaniel at HIS County’s Animal Control. It was packed with skinny, scared hungry tick infested dogs in diarrhea covered kennels. Dogs who hadn’t been fed or watered for the 4 days they had left on Earth before they were killed (80 in ONE HOUR every single day). Tied a dozen at a time in the euthanasia room & then while, they were dying, each one was encouraged to run towards the furnace so the County employee sub-humans did not have to CARRY them so far. Yes.. dead OR still alive, each was thrown in. THIS was DADE’s Animal Control when JEBBIE BOY was a FL Senator FROM DADE & ya know what his answer was, when asked if there could be some better management and improvements for these poor animals – in HIS FRIGGIN’ COUNTY? QUOTE: “BUT they are just STRAY DOGS!” & then he walked away with a disgusting smirk & a shrug.. THAT is Jeb! He can’t deny it. I was T…

  22. Hey Jeb, wanna eliminate the need for both Medicare and Social Security?
    The solution is well-known … “Soylent Green”.

  23. Yeh, Jeb, make sure your volunteers have their
    Obamacare up to date before going door to door with the recommendation to end Medicare. They’re gonna’ come back limping…..

  24. Nothing like a lifelong millionaire Republican, born, raised and living in privilege wanting to phase out Medicare. Surely band aids and aspirin would suffice for the “little people”. You will notice this was spewed out at a Koch sponsored event. They would also like to see Social Security “phased out” as the “little people” should be happy to work for minimum wage until they die. Unless you are worth millions you might want to consider voting AGAINST anyone with an “R” following their name in 2016.

  25. CNN: Jeb Bush Defends Medicare Comments
    At a town hall Thursday, Jeb Bush refused to back down to criticism from Democrats, and one animated local voter, who charged him with “Attacking The Seniors” over his push for entitlement reform.

    “The woman told Bush she was very concerned about news reports alleging that Bush’s policies would do away or change Medicare.

    “My Medicare right now is wonderful and I paid into it for all these years. Why are always attacking the seniors?” she asked Bush.

    However, the GOP Presidential hopeful said his comments on reform had been taken out of context”.


  26. Thing is old people eat this shit up, until it actually hits them. Vote Republican if you want to live on the streets as an old dementia patient!

  27. “They know, and I think a lot of people recognize that we need to make sure we fulfill the commitment to people that have already received the benefits, that are receiving the benefits.”

    And, we the people need to come back with – Great, glad you are not thinking of dumping me & all retirees into the poor house all at one time. However, Medicare, that I pay into is not just for me & all of us that are currently retired, but I along with a lot of other working people pay into SSI, & Medicare for our future generations – our children & grandchildren you twit. Now get off my property.

  28. Thanks for posting Robert Reiche’s YouTube movie. I have bookmarked it so I can go back and finish watching it. Lots of really good economic history and how we can really grow our economy to all of us have the opportunity to grow to where we feel comfortable.

    Something a lot of wealthy people fail to realize. Most middle class don’t aspire to enormous wealthy – but to have a comfortable life style – a decent place to live, healthy food on the table, & be able to pay our living expenses.

  29. We are all stray dogs to those types. The list is too long to try to list but we can start with just this article, the Koch’s and the Bushes.

  30. There is a certain element in our country that is hell bent on creating an American Oligarchy. The plan goes something like this;
    1. Destroy the middle class by destroying unions and gutting labor laws. Legions of lobbyists and lawyers would be deployed to pursue and implement financial, Regulatory, and tax policies that benefit only the elite class.
    2. Control Women’s choices over their bodies and “keep them in their place”. This would force them into poverty with no choice but to forcefully create and contribute to a population of impoverished underclass citizens created by the policies described above. Women would be prevented from ever thinking about careers that provide choices and upward mobility.
    3. Create a ready made pool of desperate,impoverished laborers willing to take any job and work slave wages to provide cheap labor benefiting the elite.

    please next Post for points 4-7.

  31. If you propose ending medicare at a Koch brothers meeting do you automatically get a hundred dollar bill stuffed into your g-string?

  32. Continuation from first Post;

    4. Create a ready made warrior pool who will willing join the military as a means out of poverty to fight and die in NEOCON wars.

    5. Enact voting registration laws and influence the media with money that will ensure desired election outcomes.

    6. Gut healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security severely enough that most members of the population pool created above will have enough decency to die prior to reaching retirement age never become a “burden” on the elitist’s version of a perfect society.

    7. The answer to all of society’s problems for this Oligarchy would be Soylent Green.

  33. Elderly woman rips Jeb in townhall: “I paid into that for years – now you want to take it away?”

    “We’re not going to have adequate coverage for our children or our grandchildren without Medicare. I paid into that for years and years just like all these other seniors here and now you want to take it away?” said the woman, who did not identify herself and left before the town hall concluded. “Why are you always attacking the seniors?”
    “Well, I’m not,” Bush responded. “Here’s what I said: I said we’re going to have to reform our entitlement system. We have to.”

    “It’s not an entitlement,” the woman shot back. “I earned that.”

    “It’s an actuarially unsound healthcare system,” said Bush, who said something must be done before the system burdens future generations with $50 billion of debt. “Social Security is an underfunded retirement system; people have put money into it, for sure

  34. You just now figured this out?

    “Looking at the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Company Stores, and Welfare since…forever’.

  35. It’s ‘underfunded’ because the god damned republicans have kept diverting the SS money to pay for their god damned wars!

    Underhanded bastard.

  36. …Jeb’s horny and wants to fluck everybody under millionaire status…we can either bend over and take it…or we can cut his balls off…which would YOU choose???

  37. Sever his scrotum, then dispose of the rest. As his overly large balls are the only semi-useful part of him.

  38. IMO, that’s insulting to snakes. I catch/release/rescue snakes. I teach people how to identify snakes, their behavior and benefits to our ecosystem. Snakes are better than Jeb.

  39. And the people will vote for Bush, against their own interests, and then whine when he does get rid of Medicare.

  40. Ten years ago, Medicare was a runaway freight train. Spending was projected to increase indefinitely, rising to 13 percent of GDP by 2080. This year, spending is projected to slow down around 2040, and reaches only 6 percent of GDP by 2090.

    Six percent! That’s half what we thought a mere decade ago. If that isn’t spectacular, I don’t know what is.

  41. Fred, call your local Health & Human Services to see if you would be eligible for “Extra Help”. It helps people who have Medicare cover their co pays and prescriptions, and even the cost of your Medicare coverage. Good luck to you.

  42. How about we phase out welfare, put people to work and not pay Iran 15 million to have a nuke pathway? Disappointed in you, Jeb.

  43. Are you stupid? Who the fuk is paying Iran any money to have a nuke? Another dumbass who comment on shit they know nothing about

  44. Well said. It is a scary future for millions of people. We retired at 62 for fear we would have no Medicare in a few years. We used to be “middle class” back in the mid-1970’s and worked very hard the last 40 years just to watch everything we had diminish us to the point of being considered in the low income range, going without healthcare, not being able to save money. We scraped by paycheck to paycheck, and still do. I don’t consider us poor by any means; we do own our own home, we have love in our family and I consider myself rich for that.

    This country needs to stand up to these bullshit republican douches and revolt! I am very afraid for our grandchildren’s future–not so much economically as just plain poisoned by pollution, fracking, and contaminated,toxic food from Monsanto. Our only son is too “Yuppy” to see this coming, and actually will not discuss it. He’d rather bury his head in the sand. Sad. We didn’t raise him like that. I hope everyone votes, and I’…

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