Bannon Creates Chaos: Says Koch Brothers are ‘Con Artists’

In a new interview with The Hill, Steve Bannon has inserted himself into some of the biggest controversies and conflicts facing the Republican Party as it heads into the midterm elections. And with his track record of stirring up the pot, it is certain that Bannon will continue to disrupt the status quo while also seeking to increase his own political influence. read more

Trump Attacks Koch Brothers For Pulling Support From GOP Candidates

President Donald Trump went on Twitter Tuesday morning and angrily attacked the Koch Brothers, who have long been two of the biggest donors to the Republican Party. Trump’s attacks were a response to reports on Monday that the Kochs have become very critical of the president and they have started to withhold  donations from pro-Trump GOP candidates. read more

Koch Group Attacks Trump and Republicans in Congress

Senior officials and donors from the groups affiliated with billionaire conservative businessman Charles Koch expressed great displeasure with President Donald Trump and his Republican enablers in the U.S. Congress at the group’s biannual seminar in Colorado Springs this weekend. read more

Koch Brothers Launch Digital Ad Blitz For Heidi Heitkamp

Is it possible that Democrats may take back control of the U.S. Senate with the help of the Koch Brothers?  As improbable as that sounds, it could actually happen.

Americans for Prosperity, a member of the powerful Koch network supported by conservative billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch, has launched a digital advertising campaign supporting Senator Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota for her co-sponsorship of the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protect Act.   read more

The Koch Brothers Are Spending $20 Million to Convince Voters on GOP Tax Bill

Because just 39 percent of poll respondents had a favorable view of the Trump/Republican tax cut bill in an April Gallup poll, the GOP’s biggest billionaire mega-donors are spending $20 million in a new effort to convince more people that they should like the tax law change which gives unneeded tax breaks to billionaires while exploding the U.S. deficit. read more

Opinion: That Moment When a Federal District Court Rules Texas Election Law Is Racist

"Republican lawmakers rushed the voter ID law without the usual committee analysis and debate... to provide an Anglo partisan advantage."

Opinion: Trump Enriches The Kochs, Rex Tillerson and Russians For 35 Jobs

“Keystone XL is not an economic benefit to Americans who will see higher gas prices and bear all the risks. The pipeline is being built through America, but not for Americans.”

Opinion: Trump Administration Email Scandal Involves Secretary of State Rex Tillerson

"Was Rex Tillerson that worried about climate risks for Exxon? Or was he more worried about the risk of revealing them to his shareholders and to the public? Or was it both?"

Opinion: Evangelical Blueprint To “Restore” God in Schools Handed To Trump and DeVos

*The following is an opinion column by R Muse*

One of the downsides of investigating, observing, and opining on the state of American politics is the relatively rare case of uncontrollable rage; not at what’s happening, but that it is happening precisely as no small number of opinion columnists and commentators warned incessantly it would. This is particularly true in the case of Republicans and their close connection to the religious zealots intent on creating a theocracy. read more

President Obama Erects a Firewall Against Trump’s Plan To Wipe Out Environmental Protections

"Because of new and legally inventive strategies, Mr. Obama… may well have built firewalls around environmental policies that could hold off his successor."

Don’t Buy Ivanka’s Climate Change Hype – Daddy Donald Says It’s Fake

No matter what Ivanka says, daddy Don's W.H. "is shaping up to be a bleak wasteland of climate denial and Koch-funded fossil fuel cronyism."

Lewandowski’s Lie Is Probably Preparation For Trump’s Greatest Con on Americans

Lewandowski repeated a Trump campaign lie and said: “Donald Trump won the election campaign by the largest majority since Ronald Reagan in 1984.”

Paul Krugman Cites the Real Outrage in Trump’s Infrastructure Scam

Trump’s plan calls for huge tax credits: billions of dollars in checks written to private companies that invest in ‘approved’ projects which they would end up owning.

Trump Appoints Public School Enemy Number One To Decimate Education Department

DeVos has the potential to undermine progress by diverting resources and failing to uphold government’s responsibility to protect the needs of students.

Coming Soon: Vengeance Against NLRB For Ruling Against Trump in Union Fight

"The question for us is will Trump as president use the power he has to interfere -- given that he has a financial interest in the outcome of these matters."

56-Million Voters Handed the Kochs and Religious Right Control Over America

Instead of a White House firewall to stop the Koch GOP Congress' disasters, the Kochs and evangelicals have a fascist with a rubber stamp.