Whining Kochs Admit They Expect Results After Buying Republicans In Government

It should be readily apparent to anyone with a pulse that someone who spends a significant amount of time and money on a public relations campaign to boost one’s popularity is either running for political office or attempting to convince the public they are not monsters. Since it was first revealed that Charles and David Koch were the brains and money behind the thuggish tea party, the brothers’ reputation as un-American enemies of representative democracy has spread as it should have.

Over the past few months the Kochs have been on a public relations tour to convince Americans that they really love America and Americans, they just hate that America has a government they do not yet control and they really have no use for Americans who are not filthy rich. Earlier in the week the Kochs took advantage of a prime opportunity to boost their image courtesy of MSNBC and Joe Scarborough. Scarborough, instead of conducting an interview as an objective journalist, gave the brothers perfect setups to promote themselves as wonderful Americans and complain like little sissies that everyone in America does not worship the ground they walk on.

The Kochs, specifically the crybaby Charles Koch, said that after donating millions and millions of dollars to buy control of government via donating to Republicans, they damn sure “expect results.” So far, Koch was being sincere and confirming most Americans’ suspicions that the billionaire brothers are attempting to buy the government for their own benefit.  But instead of being completely forthright and admitting what any semi-intelligent human being already knows, Koch said that the only thing the brothers expected for their hundreds-of-millions invested in Republicans is for “the government to end the corporate welfare system.” More on what the brothers really expect for their substantial expenditures later in this screed, but suffice it to say it is much, much more than just ending “the corporate welfare system” that has made the Koch brothers wealthier.

Now maybe Americans can comprehend why the Kochs are on a lengthy and expensive public relations tour; to elevate their image above pond scum and fascists attempting to rule over Americans. They are, of course, typical pathological liars and instead of raising his credibility, Charles Koch revealed why such a significant number of Americans detest him and his brother with really, really extreme prejudice.

One of the primary reasons the Kochs are “on tour” is likely due to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s unflinching and unrelenting criticism that has helped shine a spotlight on the brothers’ subterfuge and drive to rule America. On Tuesday after MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough gave the Kochs a forum to promote how wonderful they are, Harry Reid took to the floor of the Senate to set the record straight.

Reid said,

The Kochs want everyone to believe that they’re not the ones rigging the system to benefit themselves and their wealthy friends. The Kochs also have procured a media that is too intimidated by their billions to hold them accountable.” Then in a direct swipe at Scarborough’s interview fawning over the Koch brothers, Reid said “Wow – those are some really tough questions asked by the hosts of Morning Joe. That’s tough journalism.”  Senator Reid’s sarcasm aside, it was an MSNBC tribute to the Koch brothers and likely just one of the pre-arranged stops on the Kochs’ “please love us tour.”

Koch has been particularly irritated by Senator Reid accusing the brothers of being “un-American,” and naturally Koch acolyte Scarborough gave the brothers a nationally-televised venue to respond. Scarborough said,

I want to ask you something personal… about how surprised you seemed a few years back at the level of vitriol leveled against you and your family. Even Harry Reid called you un-American, something that we talked about on our show time and time again. Were you shocked by the level of vitriol?”

Koch responded,

It’s frightening for the future of this country to have these public officials try to hurt and destroy private citizens who oppose what they’re doing, rather than have a conversation and find areas we can work together on, things we agree to make the country better. Instead of this vitriol and these dishonest attacks.”

Jesus likely wept at the level of mendacity and self-aggrandizing coming out of Charles Koch’s lying mouth; decent Americans’ heads likely exploded that Koch actually assumed Scarborough’s audience wanted to hear him spew sheer bovine excrement and expected them to believe a word of it.

First, the only people in this country “trying to hurt and destroy private citizens” are the Koch brothers and their underlings in the evangelical, tea party, and extreme conservative movement; all groups the Kochs provide with very generous amounts of funding. Now, this remark that the Kochs, or any of their sycophants, are willing to have a conversation, or find areas to work together, to make America better is the height of absurdity and patently false. Koch, and every conscious American who heard one word of Koch’s sophistry, knew he was lying through his teeth. The reason the U.S. Congress is regarded as doing the least legislative work in America’s history is only because the Kochs’ Republican puppets know very well that even thinking about having a conversation with Democrats, forget finding areas to work together, is a certain political death sentence administered by Charles and David Koch or any one of their well-funded and powerful political advocacy groups.

Joe Scarborough, a cretin who is immune to facts did, believe it or not, include one minute kernel of truth in an otherwise false statement when he said that the Koch brothers are “true believers whose political values align with those of most Americans.” Scarborough is right on one account; both Charles and David Koch are true believers in a fascist corporate America void of any form of representative government. They just do not believe in America with a government because they are libertarian fascists on a crusade to rule America and the federal government is, as of now, their only impediment to rule as dictators. As far as their political values aligning with most Americans, Scarborough is either a liar, or an honest-to-dog fool. Only hard line tea partiers, evangelicals and extremist conservatives crusading to destroy the U.S. government are aligned with the Koch’s political values; especially Republicans on the Kochs’ payroll.

To get a sense of how extreme the Koch values are, after George W. Bush started a couple of very profitable wars and enacted unfunded tax cuts that enriched the Kochs, Charles said he was disappointed by Bush. He said he first supported Bush because the Republican’s values seemed in line with his own; until he realized “he was going in the opposite way” after a promising start. Apparently Bush’s tax cuts for the rich and deregulatory campaign was insufficient and prevented the Kochs from getting the results they expected for their investment; an end of taxation and elimination of all federal regulations.

In fact, as promised earlier in this rant, what the Koch brothers really expect as a return on their hundreds-of-millions in Republican campaign donations is the elimination of all facets of the American government. For example, and only a partial list, the Kochs want the FEC, SEC, CDC, FAA, Commerce Department, Energy Department, public education, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, healthcare, Transportation Department, the Postal Service, national parks, minimum wage, taxation, all regulations, and the EPA abolished in their entirety yesterday. The idea of the Kochs claiming all they want eliminated is corporate welfare might be remotely believable if the brothers were not hauling in tens-of-millions from taxpayers in the form of corporate welfare.

There are a fair number of groups and individuals in America that warrant seriously extreme animus as enemies of the people, but none more so than Charles and David Koch. Their reach across the government, particularly at the state level, has already “hurt and destroyed private citizens” and the brothers are far from finished assaulting Americans.  They intend on spending hundreds-of-millions of dollars more in the next election because as the brothers admitted on national television; they expect results for their investment that include America without a government and a population of peasants serving the un-American fascist brothers.