Bernie Sanders Rules Out Third Party Run If He Doesn’t Win Democratic Nomination

Bernie Sanders Portland, Maine
On Thursday, Bernie Sanders explicitly ruled out a third party presidential bid if he fails to secure the Democratic nomination.

Sanders was very candid in pointing out that he did not want to play spoiler and help elect a Republican in 2016. While speaking at the Newseum in Washington D.C. the Vermont Senator stated:

I would not want to be responsible for electing some right-wing Republican president.

He explained his reasoning as follows:

As I was contemplating what I’d do, one decision I had to make was, there were a lot of people telling me to run as an Independent. They said the Republican Party is an extreme right-wing party, and the Democratic Party is too conservative, too cozied-up to big money … and that I should run outside of the two party system.

I thought about it, but I reached the decision that the only way at this particular moment in history that we could run an effective campaign was within the Democratic primary and caucus system.

Sanders’ announcement is likely to be greeted with a sigh of relief from Democrats who remember Ralph Nader’s quixotic third party run that helped George W. Bush get elected over Al Gore in 2000. Nader’s candidacy almost certainly cost Al Gore victories in the states of Florida and New Hampshire. Had Gore won either of those states he would have cleared the 270 Electoral Votes needed to become president.

Sanders is committed to taking his case to the Democratic Party voters in caucuses and primaries. Sanders is “in it to win it.” However, if he does not win the Democratic nomination he plans to be a team player. Sanders has no intentions of becoming a sore loser by running a third party campaign that would split the votes on the left and thereby enable a Republican to win the White House.

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  1. I don’t think it will come to that. My concern will be if Hillary endorses Bernie after he has defeated her?

  2. Good for Senator Sanders. We need to hold our coalition together and support the democratic nominee. Let the repugnant party split their votes along with trump and jeb( or whoever it is).

  3. That was Bernie’s reason for declaring he won’t run as an independent. He said we can’t let a radical right winger win the White House.

  4. I see your argument and this is a big but, republicans will always vote for their candidate. They are lemmings and dumbasses. The Democratic party on the other hand if their favorite son or daughter don’t get the nomination will stay home or vote for some bullshit party just to say I stuck it to the man.

    It almost happen in 2008 with the PUMAS but their numbers wouldn’t have made a difference especially after Hillary said she supported Barack.

    Now in 2000 no matter what they may say you had the far left voting for Nader because according to them Gore and Bush was the same. I don’t need to go into that bullshit to show they were full of shit.

    I fear from what I have been reading on various blogs if Sen. Sanders don’t win then fuk it why vote because of this disease the emos have contracted call bosthsidesisthesameism.

    I hope I am wrong

  5. Unlike republican, we Democrats are free thinkers, and as will Rogers once said. “I’m not a member of an organized party… I’m a Democrat.” Or as Thom Hartmann ofter says “Organizing Democrats is like herding cats.” Our independence of thought is our greatest strength, and greatest weakness.

  6. A politician who puts his country ahead of personal gain,
    imagine that? Really like his position on Keystone and
    decrim, too. I’ve been unfairly critical of his gun control
    record and stand corrected as well as apologetic. The
    more you learn, the more ya feel the Bern.

  7. If Sanders beats Hillary Clinton in the primaries, she will endorse him. No way she wants the GOP to win the White House. Whatever else you can say about her, she was a team player in 2008 and will be again if she were to lose in the primaries.

  8. No need for a third party, Hillary Clinton saved her 2008 concession speech that will work just fine when Bernie Sanders wins the nomination!

    Do not miss Bernie Sanders’ mega rally on the University of Washington campus in Washington State on Saturday, August 8th at Alaska Airlines Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion (University of Washington campus)!

    RSVP Here:

  9. If Biden can be the vice president, then perhaps Sanders? Regardless, Sanders will have a prominent position in the next administration. The Clinton people aren’t going to waste an opportunity to sew up the election early.

    Why do I get the feeling that Obama might be a broker in hashing out the details?

  10. Interesting reading in the UKGuardian this am, concerning the 70 or so congressmen who are freshman, they are leaving on a tour of Israel bought and paid for by AIPAC and Sheldon Addelson, flying business class and staying at 4 star hotels, they are going to get their instructions from Israel on
    blocking Obama’s deal with Iran. I really think they are traitors, we pay them and they support a foreign government I do not think this is acceptable.

  11. Well any lingering doubts of mine concerning him has been expelled.

    Service before self- I can get behind that!

  12. Bernie Sanders has been saying this since April. It is very . disappointing to many of us because it boils down to a vote for Bernie or no vote at all. Democrats seem to feel we will all swing around and support Hillary Clinton. I won’t. Her backers: the oil and gas industry,big banks and Wall Street, Monsanto, etc promise the country a bleak future and I will not support more of the same.

  13. A NOT vote for Hillary could very well bring about the election of a Republican- do you honestly feel that such an outcome would bode well for America?

    Your Pride overflows.

  14. See this is why we lose because dumbasses have a purity test. Let me tell you something Sanders aint all that. His immigration policy is lacking. He supports job killing measures like when he voted against the Export/import bank. Who gives a rats ass that you marched with MLK 50 years ago when you cannot even keep your cool when some obscure group at the time challenge you.

    You ar probably one of the idiots who in 2000 voted for Nader because to you bush and Gore was the same. I have read your posts, I think you live on fantasy Island who have no idea on how shit works because everything that your savoir says he will have to get Congress to approve it. Free College? How the fuk will he pay for it? Break up the oil industry? You and him need to put the pipe down.

    Vote don’t vote but if you don’t vote and the republicans win then you will really know what a shit sandwich taste like

  15. Ahhhh but Adelsen and the others give them so much more. Are the Senators from Israel, McCain and Little Missy going along as guides?
    A lot of money is riding on endless wars. The whole republican party and the faction in Israel that causes so many problems in the world is worth one drop of America’s blood or one dollar of our tax money.
    Any republican that goes on that trip should be labeled what they are TRAITORS.

  16. If Hillary wins the nomination, I’d prefer that Bernie, as well as Warren, not get cabinet positions, I’d rather that they stay in the Senate, where they can be the most beneficial, unless we can overturn the Senate majority in 2016, also. One can only hope……..

  17. And yet you expect a president to be able to accomplish miracles all on his/her own when “democrats” like you claim to won’t help. They can’t accomplish much if we don’t give them people to work with instead of obstructing every single thing.
    For some reason I get the impression you are hot air and BS, you have no intention of voting for any Democrat. In fact looks to me as if you are starting early with the excuses to not bother at all. But it has to be someone else’s fault.

  18. Another issue that is dividing us, the TPP has come back in the news

    One of the biggest ongoing arguments in the TPP negotiations (as far as we know, anyway) remains the question of how far the United States can push the other signatories to adopt its views on intellectual property law. The contentious points revolve around the ability to undertake criminal legal action against IP violators. “The U.S. wants the standards for damages to be very high, and to go beyond TRIPS (Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights) obligations for injunctions and the destruction of infringing goods,” according to James Love of Knowledge Economy International. The United States has also pushed for increasing the ability of government to undertake criminal legal procedures against intellectual property infringers.

    What’s at stake? The criminalization of IP infringement in a multilateral agreement would give the United States legal teeth for enforcing its preferred system of intellectual property protection across the world

  19. Charlotte, if you’ve ever seen the movie “Master And Commander” there was a scene where they were sitting at the table, watching two weevils that had crawled out of the bread barge, and the doctor asked the captain to choose one, so he picked the larger, and the doctor laughed and said ” don’t you know you must always pick the lesser of two weevils?” This tongue-in-cheek analogy may be roughly applicable in Nov 2016 – rather than not choosing at all, the lesser evil between any Dem and any Rep will invariably be the Dem.

  20. A vote for HRC is a vote for republican lite. I have, at this point, decided to write in Sen. Sanders if he does not get the nomination. This can, of course, change. I fear the national election will come down to choosing the lesser of two evils, again. Sen. Sanders is the best choice for our country at this point, as he says, our country needs a political revolution. He is right. I will continue to volunteer for his campaign for as long as it runs. The goal is the White House, not to further damage our great country.

  21. The only smart vote is a straight party vote. If you want Joe or Jane as President, give Joe or Jane the Congressmen and Senators who will work with him or her to do what is in the party platform. In the case of we democrats, that is what is best for the country.

    Ditto for the Governor and the state legislature.

    I am pro Bernie. He is as good as it gets. But if the Hill wins the nomination as she probably will, I will certainly go vote for her. I know better than to deliberately shoot myself in the foot. [WINK]

  22. If the goal is the White House then why cast a write in vote? And if you really want change have you looked into progressives running for Congress? After all its Congress that writes the laws

  23. From the start, it’s been obvious that Bernie Sanders was running for president because he cared about liberal, progressive, or socialist issues. And that’s a good thing. The last thing he wants is a Republican in the presidency who would be an obstacle to the advancement of those issues. He has always known that anybody with his type of views running as an independent would ensure that a Republican obstacle would be the next president. He doesn’t have the (all about ME) Nader mentality, which is why he’s running as a Democrat on his issues and is willing to win or lose on those issues. If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, I’m sure he’ll support her in order to defeat any of those Republican right-wingers. And defeating them is extremely important.

  24. …as far as I’m concerned; anybody who says “Oh, I’m SUCH a good Democrat…as long as my candidate wins!!!” is a DINO= Democrat In Name Only…and worthy of only contempt…{spits}

  25. well Charlotte, when the thugs get in again and things are not going so well for you remember…. your not voting will you? You will have no cause to complain, you had your chance to change the way this country goes and blew it!!!People like you, have no right to complain and moan about this country, no right at All so shut the f … up.
    Believe me I do not use that kind of language often, to well brought up. child of the 50’s

  26. Again, this election will be the most important of our lifetime. Since 2000 this has been true with every election because the stakes keep getting higher with the repug deceitful plans to transform our country into something that is truly difficult to imagine. Do some dems, because they might not get their choice elected, want to expedite this horror by not voting?

    We now have a broken Congress because dems stayed home in 2010. Throw on top of that voter suppression and duplicity by repugs, it becomes apparent that pouting and denying your vote not only for the Presidency but for fellow dems is pure idiocy and vindictiveness.

  27. People like you, have no right to complain
    Of course charlotte has a right to complain.

    Not voting is a form of speech.

    Bernie/Trump supporters are similar in that they represent the fact that there is a genuine disturbance in American politics. It is -so far- an unnamed populist movement which we are witnessing , one that bridges both sides of the political aisle and unites Americans against the elite establishment.
    People look at government with an anger and a frustration which DC (and many others) do not understand. But at some point for everyone, an FU vote vote/non-vote does become completely legitimate.

  28. Of course she has a right to complain, and yes not voting is also speech.

    But she doesn’t have the right to expect the adults in the room to approve of such childish selfish behaviors.

    I’d expect such peevishness from a Cruz brown-noser. Not from someone who claims that they’re going to vote for Sanders.

  29. One thing I’ve learned about life: The need to differentiate between a Tragedy, and an Inconvenience.

    Bernie not getting the nod would be an inconvenience. Perhaps what is said about Hillary may be true.
    So what happens? $5 a gallon gas again? It’d be an inconvenience. I can easily live with that.

    But if a Republican gets into power? We’re talking the invasion of another country- guaran-freaking-teed.

    So what happens with that? More of our best and most valiant will die in yet another unnecessary war.
    Would be a tragedy.

    And any damned selfish twit who won’t vote for whomever gets the Democratic Nod, because it’s not their favorite flavor- contributes to that tragedy.

    And I’ve no time for selfish gits. The Republican party has plenty of them as it is.

  30. I’m not “encouraging” anyone to do anything.
    I’m merely showing some understanding of the sentiment charlotte expressed.

    Did I or did I not tell you already that if we end up with a Jeb/Hillary pick- your- choice- of- aristocrats election that turn-out could easily end up historically low?

    You will see… plenty of voters on both sides will give a collective middle finger to both Dems and Pubs.

  31. They give the finger because they wallow in ignorance. Speaking of which you never answered my question on the job losses pertaining to the Export/Import bank

  32. you never answered my question on the job losses pertaining to the Export/Import bank
    You want to talk about the ripple effects of capital market distortions?

  33. As will I.

    Any person who sits out this election because their choice of nominee didn’t win will be just as culpable for the destruction of this country as any GOPTea’er will be.

  34. Thank you. :) Sincerely.

    I cannot fathom what would make anyone decide to throw away a vote when we’re facing what we’re facing. It’s moronic and you, Ohio, are not a moron.

  35. Sunny, I agree.

    Quite a few comments I have seen on other publications saying if Bernie Sanders does not win, I won’t vote.

    No people..we must go to the voting booth and vote for the candidate who wins the primary. Not to vote, is a vote for the GOP. Please Dems, do not do what you did in 2014 and stay home.

  36. By all means, fight like hell for your nomination. But if you vote what’s best for our country and it citizens, you’ll vote for whomever wins the democratic nomination. If you choose not to vote because your canidate doesn’t win the nom then you only really care about being right.

    Hair pulling and taking your toys home is something you should have grown out of decades ago.

  37. Charlotte, do you mean you would not vote if Hillary wins the primary..EVEN TO PROTECT women’s rights???

    Rethink that my friend. Hillary is not perfect, but neither is anyone else. At least she will protect women’s rights and not voting could put an extremist right wing in the WH, and then many will lose rights to vote, women’s rights, etc. The GOP cannot govern, period. Please rethink, and vote for Hillary if she wins the primary.

  38. As much as many like Bernie Sanders, the US at this time will not ever have a pure left wing President. It will not happen, has never happened.

    There has to be moderation. No matter who wins the Dem primary, they have my vote.

    We need to do that, our lives and those of our kids and grand kids depend on it.

  39. Clinton isn’t my favorite but you know what? If she gets the nomination, she will get my vote.

    You know why?

    Because a Republican in the Oval Office is a disaster for you, me, and everyone else in this country.

    Don’t vote for Hillary, if she is the nominee, and you are, in effect, taking your voice out of the process altogether and giving it to the Republicans.

    Support Sanders all you want but I guarantee you, if Clinton is the one that gets the nomination, even HE will support her. HE knows the disaster awaiting us if we don’t. HE knows.

    And so do you.

  40. You will split the Democratic vote and if enough of you do that, you will hand the White House to the Republicans.

    Why not just save everyone the trouble and just vote for the Republican nominee? Just cast your vote for that person.

    Because you accomplish nothing for yourself or anyone else by writing in Sanders IF he doesn’t get the nomination.

    Even HE will support her.

  41. “As much as many like Bernie Sanders, the US at this time will not ever have a pure left wing President. It will not happen, has never happened.”

    Really? I respectfully disagree. If we can have pure right wing Presidents i.e George W. Bush we can have pure left wing Presidents too. In fact the time is right, and there is a craving in our nation for a pure left wing President. The right wing has been screwing the American people for far too long.

  42. “Hair pulling and taking your toys home is something you should have grown out of decades ago.”

    That’s what republicans do.

  43. Ah, to be petulant and stamp our feet and hold our breath until we’re blue because our candidate, our favorite, didn’t get the nomination.

    Let’s stop fighting amongst ourselves and do what we did in 2008 – support our favorites through the primary and then, when the nominee is chosen, take that support and throw it behind him or her and hang onto the White House that we fought so hard for in 2008 to obtain and in 2012 to hang onto and let’s keep the Republicans OUT.

    After all, isn’t that the ultimate goal?

  44. We need to use this election to eliminate and purge the GOP from our government. Their reign of terror must come to an end and force the GOP to go the way of their predecessors the Whigs.

  45. “I am not a member of an organized political party…I am a Democrat.”{Will Rogers}
    …another thought on DINOs who wanna throw a hissy fit over our candidate not being whom THEY want…
    In the Fleet, all that’d get ya is the key to the crying towel locker, and a chit to see the Chaplain…
    …all better now??? Now wipe your nose and TURN TO!!!{{{Turn to=Get to work}}}

  46. STOP IT. You are trolling for Hillary. There is no split in the party if we all agree to support the Democratic nominee. Most do. A few supporters of Clinton may well stay home in despair and a few Sanders supporters may write in Eugene Debs.

    The vast majority of us will work our fingers and our asses off to get Sanders nominated and elected. If he does not get nominated, we will vote for Clinton however unenthusiastically because we cannot afford a republican in the white house.

    Please stop beating on straw men and dead horses. None of them have done anything to you and do not deserve your abusive behavior.

  47. What Charlotte Scott and the other gadflys here on Politicususa are here for: To plant the seed of motivation that would help the Right to win.

    As demonstrated in practically every article there is at least one wolf in sheep’s clothing doing a drive by commentary.

    Abuse is the only thing those ravening wolves comprehend.

  48. I believe the word we are thinking of is INTEGRITY, which the GOP considers to be a grey area.

  49. PURE BS. Not voting for a precise reason is insanity, & those who do deserve what they get, & relinquish the right to bitch about it, or we get to slap them into a coma with a dead carp.

  50. I was thinking that it would be a four-way race between Hillary, Bush, Sanders, and Trump, with Clinton and Sanders splitting the sane vote, Bush getting the Koch followers, and The Donald getting the Lunatic Fringe.

  51. Don’t worry, he won’t win the nomination. No one wants an old white man at 75 yrs of age to try to head this country. We will have a repug HOUSE in 2016 (Dems cannot win 30 seats with GOP gerrymandering and voter purges. So, all these socialist things he says he’ll do will be stopped 100% by the House. It’s a wasted vote. In fact, I’ll never vote for Bernie. I don’t like him, never have in all the years I’ve known of him. If by some miracle he won the nomination, I’ll write in Joe Biden.

  52. Who do you think that you are? With age comes….WISDOM! If you’re too immature and ignorant to understand this, then I have nothing else to say……OTHER THAN….BERNIE SANDERS IN 2016!

  53. I I will only vote for Bernie Sanders. If he doesn’t get the Democratic nomination, I will either vote third party, or will not vote at all. Bernie Sanders may support whomever he wants, if he does not get the nomination. I have a brain and I can think for myself and act accordingly.

    But I have absolutely no doubt. Bernie will win the Democratic nomination, Bernie is the next president of the United States. Go Bernie 2016!

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