President Obama Calls Out The Republican Lies About Medicare

Obama medicare

President Obama is pushing back against the Republican lies about Medicare while celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid.




The President said:

This week, there was a big birthday you might have missed. Medicare and Medicaid turned 50 years old. And that’s something worth celebrating.

If one of the best measures of a country is how it treats its more vulnerable citizens – seniors, the poor, the sick – then America has a lot to be proud of. Think about it. Before Social Security, too many seniors lived in poverty. Before Medicare, only half had some form of health insurance. Before Medicaid, parents often had no help covering the cost of care for a child with a disability.


But as Americans, we declared that our citizens deserve a basic measure of security and dignity. And today, the poverty rate for seniors is less than half of what it was fifty years ago. Every American over 65 has access to affordable health care. And today, we’re finally finishing the job – since I signed the Affordable Care Act into law, the uninsured rate for all Americans has fallen by about one-third.

These promises we made as a nation have saved millions of our own people from poverty and hardship, allowing us new freedom, new independence, and the chance to live longer, better lives. That’s something to be proud of. It’s heroic. These endeavors – these American endeavors – they didn’t just make us a better country. They reaffirmed that we are a great country.

And a great country keeps the promises it makes. Today, we’re often told that Medicare and Medicaid are in crisis. But that’s usually a political excuse to cut their funding, privatize them, or phase them out entirely – all of which would undermine their core guarantee. The truth is, these programs aren’t in crisis. Nor have they kept us from cutting our deficits by two-thirds since I took office. What is true is that every month, another 250,000 Americans turn 65 years old, and become eligible for Medicare. And we all deserve a health care system that delivers efficient, high-quality care. So to keep these programs strong, we’ll have to make smart changes over time, just like we always have.

Today, we’re actually proving that’s possible. The Affordable Care Act has already helped secure Medicare’s funding for another 13 years. The Affordable Care Act has saved more than nine million folks on Medicare 15 billion dollars on their prescription medicine. It has expanded Medicaid to help cover 12.8 million more Americans, and to help more seniors live independently. And we’re moving our health care system toward models that reward the quality of the care you receive, not the quantity of care you receive. That means healthier Americans and a healthier federal budget.

Today, these programs are so fundamental to our way of life that it’s easy to forget how hard people fought against them at the time. When FDR created Social Security, critics called it socialism. When JFK and LBJ worked to create Medicare, the cynics said it would take away our freedom. But ultimately, we came to see these programs for what they truly are – a promise that if we work hard, and play by the rules, we’ll be rewarded with a basic measure of dignity, security, and the freedom to live our lives as we want.

It’s a promise that previous generations made to us, and a promise that our generation has to keep.

As usual, the President didn’t mention anyone by name but it was clear who he was talking about. Jeb Bush has made phasing out the beloved program that help the poor, seniors, and the disabled a key piece of his campaign. Republicans routinely misinform in an attempt to provide justification for their ideological goal of destroying Medicare/Medicaid.

Republicans are still claiming that Obamacare is destroying Medicare when the reality is that the ACA has added to Medicare funding. As we move into campaign season, the Republican lies about the stability and future of Medicare will return to the surface. The truth is that the Republican goal has been, is, and will continue to be to get rid of Medicare.

Obama nailed it. Republicans are wrong about the ACA, Medicare, and Social Security. The President is standing tall and not letting the right’s ideological fallacies go unchallenged.

18 Replies to “President Obama Calls Out The Republican Lies About Medicare”

  1. I hope the President continues his TRUTH TOUR all the way until next November. Americans are slowly seeing the light that the GOP will do nothing to help them. Fox is losing viewers, and Trump is losing the GOP votes. Maybe the tide is turning. Maybe sanity and caring and taking care of one another will return to the USA. Keep telling the truth, Mr. President!

  2. When have the repubs ever told the truth?

    Everything put into place to help Americans, even those they implemented themselves, they want to get rid of.

    Before SS, seniors and the disabled lived in poverty.
    Before medicare, seniors went into bankruptcy to stay alive, most died.

    They STOLE from SS and claim it’s bankrupt.
    Ronald Reagan and The Great Social Security Heist
    Government Owes $2.7 Trillion to Social Security. The government has embezzled all surplus Social Security revenue, generated by the 1983 payroll tax hike, and spent the money on wars and other government programs. None of the money was saved or invested in anything.
    Who Stole Your Social Security and Why?

  3. And many happy returns.

    The only right to death that Republicans support- the Death of everyone on Medicare.

  4. Truly these programs save lives. Thank you dems. Go to hell Jeb, wanting to do away with the safety net. But thanks for being dumb enough to say it.

  5. Racism mars the history of health care in America. For years, black patients were relegated to separate—and appallingly unequal—hospitals and wards. Many were simply denied medical attention, either “dumped” into the care of other facilities or turned away at the hospital door.
    Fifty years ago this week, that started to change as Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law two programs—Medicaid and Medicare—that constituted real progress in the cause of health care justice. For one, these programs greatly expanded health care access for the elderly and the poor, of all races. Also, building on years of civil rights work and legal challenges, Medicare was wielded to finally end explicit hospital segregation; hospitals hoping to become certified for the program were required to comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act.

    Yet despite this important achievement, racial justice in health remains an aspiration, not an achievement.

  6. Yeah, we definitely want to return to the fine experience of The Great Depression don’t we? That is where the GOP wants us. Again.

  7. For one, these programs greatly expanded health care access for the elderly and the poor, of all races.

    NOW, I understand why the Right is so against Medicare.

  8. And the self same “Pro”-lifers who cry crocodile tears over feti, are also the same ones who scream outrage over Obamacare.

    They deserve to be insulted.

    19,000 already born.

  9. I was a nurse in the mid-50’s until I retired in 2004. I have to tell you, DJ, that in any hospital, Catholic or otherwise, we did not practice racial segregation, lesser or “different” care for any patients. At least, not in any hospital I ever worked. I worked in Big, giant hospitals, and I worked in suburban and rurally classified hospitals. None were segregated racially. If you saw it, or were subjected to it, I would like to know how, when, and where.

  10. Those who proclaim they are “pro life” should change their claims to being “pro birth”, because they certainly do not want any funds contributed to see that the children they wanted to be born, to have food, clothing, housing, or educations.

  11. Back in the day at Cook County if you were poor they put you in wards. I remember my mother was in one. Now did they get sub-standard care, That I cannot say but if you saw the conditions you wouls have been pissed

  12. The USA is the last holdout with market-priced medical care not because of any inherent conservative or free market ideology. Rather, as the wealthiest nation that ever existed we are the last ones who can afford it.

    The reason that no nation, including the wealthiest can allow markets to set the prices of medical care indefinitely is that demand for medical care is inelastic. Demand for a good or service is inelastic if a percentage increase in price results in a smaller percentage decrease in the quantity demanded. Basic economics tells us that sellers facing inelastic demand will continuously raise prices until prices reach the elastic portion of the demand curve. Consequently in every developed country in the world, all goods or services with inelastic demand have their prices regulated by government. Medical care in the USA being the only exception…”

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