Marco Rubio Thinks Rape Victims Who Become Pregnant Should Be Forced To Give Birth

On the debate stage Thursday night, Florida Senator Marco Rubio denied that he ever supported allowing rape victims access to abortions. After Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly noted that Rubio introduced a 2013 bill banning abortions after 20 weeks that included an exception for rape or incest victims, Rubio shot back:

I have never said that, and I have never advocated that. I have advocated that we pass a law that says all human life at every stage of development is worthy of protection.

Given a chance to clarify his stance on Friday, Rubio doubled down, telling CNN’s Chris Cuomo:

I think both of those instances [rape and incest] are horrifying, and fortunately, they’re extremely rare. It happens, and any time it happens, it’s horrifying, it’s a tragedy. But I personally and honestly and deeply believe that all human life is worthy of protection, irrespective of the circumstances in which that human life was created. I personally believe that you do not correct one tragedy with another.

Just to be clear, Marco Rubio’s position is that if a woman who is raped becomes pregnant, she should be compelled by the state to give birth to the rapist’s child. If an incest victim becomes pregnant, Rubio believes she should be required by law to carry her pregnancy to term.

Rubio’s extreme stance on abortion put him firmly in the Todd Akin-Richard Mourdock wing of the Republican Party. In Rubio’s opinion, rape and incest are awful things, but no so awful that a woman should have the right to choose whether or not to terminate her pregnancy. No, for Rubio and other Republicans like him, it is the state’s job to decide that the woman has an obligation to give birth to the rapist’s baby.

Rubio’s “anti-choice even for rape and incest victims” position can be dressed up in pious rhetoric and syrupy bromides about the “sanctity of life”, but that doesn’t change the fact that he favors state mandated compulsory childbirth for rape victims who become pregnant.

Despite all his rhetoric in favor of limited government, Marco Rubio supports government enforced childbirth for rape and incest victims who get pregnant through no fault of their own. Rubio’s position is extreme, but today’s Republican Party is an extremist party, so his position is probably in line with that of GOP primary voters. Just understand what his position is, because if he wins the GOP primary he will do his best to shift gears and hide his contempt for women in a general election.

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  1. I have advocated that we pass a law that says all human life at every stage of development is worthy of protection.

    Oh really?

    Would that ‘protection’ include such notions of environmental toxins that are expelled into the environment by way of “people-ish” corporations?

    Or would such be more ‘government intrusion’ that Conservatives like to claim that they’re against?

    How Low can you go? Such a question appears to have been taken up as a challenge to Rubio.

  2. Well you know the human body has a way to shut that whole thing down. Another f’ing idiot, the 2016 version!

  3. Any woman who votes for any republican should be committed to a mental health facility for at least five years – or longer until she understands that gopers ain’t her friend.

  4. RepublicanWays…Good for them,bad for us..I wonder what they would do if their daughters were raped..We must vote this garbage out of our government or we are doomed. VoteGOPout!!!!!

  5. Forcing rape victims to give birth is as old as history.

    You see people, it is NOT about abortion, unborn or any of that nonsence, it is about CONTROL; the CONTROL of Women.

  6. …what a GD Teahadist hypocritical SOB…you can bet your ass if one of his teenaged daughters was impregnated by a rapist SHE would get an abortion in a heartbeat…or get the “morning after” pill…

  7. No abortions even if raped? That is insane. How about we drop them off at your house Rubio and you raise and provide for the child.

  8. He can’t balance his checkbook as it is, but everyone else needs buck up and take take responsibility for themselves. Even if you find yourself pregnant after an unfortunate rape.

  9. I always remind my sisters that if I had been impregnated by the ass that raped me, I would have stuck a knife in my gut to be rid of the demon seed. They have always known how important it is to make exceptions to any rule. It is a woman’s prerogative to choose for herself!

  10. Control, control, control.

    This is what they want.

    This is what they’ll never get, at least not from me.

  11. Little putz. How any woman could vote for him or anyone who believes this is just stupid to put their life and freedom in a repug’s hands. And believe me, we better be very cognizant about birth control, because these fools are trying really hard to link the two.

  12. Maybe Marco would like to take care of all those babies when born? He’s dooming single mothers to a life of welfare, which the GOP is against as well just because he believes in the dusty words of a nomad tribe from 200+ years ago? What a moron!

  13. He wouldn’t be singing that song if one of his loved ones found herself needing an abortion…wait…no one would ever know. I’m sure there’s a republican doctor out there doing this kind of procedure.

  14. Right, and there ISN’T a GOP war on women.
    How can a women vote for the party who HATES her, is considered 2nd class and not worthy of the same pay???
    There is a special place in hell for you.

    Would he like to bring-up a child who was the result of his wife being raped??

    I’m a liberal with a Y chromosome who cares.

  15. He would take them on “vacation” to Switzerland and charge the tax payers

    Marco Rubio has a ‘big money’ problem
    “The Tampa Bay Times described him as “barely solvent” as he plotted his ascent to Speaker of the House in 2006 and the lead up to his 2009 run for the U.S. Senate. During this time, Rubio apparently used the resources of his two political committees and an American Express credit card from the state Republican Party for some of his personal expenses”

  16. He would take them on a “vacation” to Mexico and charge the tax payers

    “The Tampa Bay Times described him as “barely solvent” as he plotted his ascent to Speaker of the House in 2006 and the lead up to his 2009 run for the U.S. Senate. During this time, Rubio apparently used the resources of his two political committees and an American Express credit card from the state Republican Party for some of his personal expenses”

  17. John, spot on.

    One common thread between all of these jokers running in the GOP field is that they are verbally and emotionally abusive to women. “Making” a woman carry a fetus even in dire circumstances; Trump calling “bimbo” to women, and “disgusting” for breast feeding an infant. If the USA does not wake up, LOOK AT THESE MEN and their abusive characters. Now take a look at President Obama and his ultimate RESPECT for women.

    You are right John, any woman who votes GOP is absolutely either a masochist or spineless.

    Can you imagine how these “men” and I use the term loosely, treat females in private, if they do this publicly??

  18. “extremely rare”
    I hope he does know that it isn’t always the strongest little swimmer that makes it. But in his case it must have been because he’s all “cough” brawn and no brain.

  19. Extremely rare???

    Proof yet again that the GOP is full of misogynistic men who don’t understand real world facts and figures.

    What will the wacky GOP come up with next?Defunding agencies and orgs that use federal money to investigate or prevent rape (who needs them…rape is so ‘rare’)? Ooh, I know! No weapons charges in rape cases, because that violates a perp’s 2nd Amendment rights.

    Most of US would consider that ~300,000 assaults a year is an appalling number.

    About 5% of rapes result in pregnancy. A year. Year after year. Sounds like a COMMON occurrence.

    Rare or not, it’s cruel to torture a rape survivor by prolonging the horror with a full-term pregnancy.

    [BTW Francie: there’s no such thing as a fortunate rape.]

  20. Any male who says this about a woman who becomes pregnant through rape needs to become pregnant himself.

  21. Not even a long stint in a psyche ward for recovery would help the simpleton who wrote that drivel.
    It’s further proof of the results of those studies that proved the neocon mind can barely function.

  22. I wonder how Rubio would feel if any woman in his family including his wife were raped? Once it gets personal, the whole philosophy gets turned upside down. Rubio is a baby-faced putz anyway. He is barely qualified to be in Congress and his constituents should feel shame.

  23. I find it absolutely incredible that someone would be unreasonably anti-abortion for any reason considering that his mother named hers “marco”.

  24. Thanks Doris, I was going to ask the same question. also, it seems rethugs can not understand a problem unless the same tragedy happens to them. so.. unless one of their own happens to get raped or molested, they have no sympathy. so goes the Christian party called the Republican’s of today.

  25. Andy, he could also go on a little Christian trip to Israel too. They (and we send money to them)allow abortions… where or where are the so called Christian?? of today on this issue? Still backing this Nation 100%, Congressmen even going against their own country to back Israel? Hey, you Christians, Israel allows abortions!!!

  26. Thought I wrote unfortunate, which I believe was how either Akin or Murdoch phrased it. I guess I should have been clearer.

  27. The forced birth fanatics are evil in their intent to control and demonize women. It’s wrong to force the birth of an unwanted fetus just to punish the woman for having sex, no matter if forced or not and punish the unborn while having not one concern about the future of said baby. Wake up people – these people more closely resemble a taliban mindset in a theocracy.

  28. So Senator are you going to propose companion legislation to fully fund:
    Foster Care?

    Because that is where these “fetuses’ are headed after they are born.

    Oh wait the Industrial Prison Complex is funding his campaign….neva mind!

  29. Marco might feel differently if someone raped him, and he was forced to carry the sperm in his rectum for 9 months. Sperm is human life too.

  30. …yeah, but the sperm would have to be “Reapplied” every couple o’ days…that is how long those swimmers live…lol

  31. As bad as Rubio is Walker, wants no exceptions even for the life of the mother. It’s much better to just let both mother and child die, or force you to carry that dead, or severally disabled fetus. As bad as those two are it gets worse, Huckabee wants to use the 14th amendment to declare personhood, which would outlaw all abortions, and most birth control. It also comes with a whole host of other problems, from inheritance, to jail for miscarriages, and more. Joni Ernst, and of course that dip Tom Cotton supports this amendment too. Some people vote Republican for only two reasons, abortion and gay rights,giving them a pass on all the other evil they impose on us.

  32. I am ashamed of the stupid that comes across the stages of (so called) debates. There’s no values of what the current issues are, only demands and (forced) compliance. Our founding fathers did not claim this a “Christian” country, but yet this is what the GOP pushes. Who gave them the mouth to say what a woman can do with her own body.! I wonder at the Christian Revisionists that now pepper our Senate and house. Nowhere in the Constitution is religion mentioned, except in exclusionary terms. For Marco Rubio to make these statements in a public forum, to try and make them part of the American law is dangerous aspect of who we vote into office. I’d like to know how he’d feel if his wife was raped, and FORCED to carry the child, knowing fully that it wasn’t his, and that he’d be responsible for that child, under the law. “When a long train of abuses and usurpations… evinces a design to reduce (the people) under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off …

  33. He’s not a woman and hasn’t been raped, therefore no one who isn’t in that position can give a fair policy on abortion.

  34. Who could possibly want a woman forced to mother her rapists baby? they kill their own constituents by denying them healthcare though so why am I surprised? All of them are monsters and don’t trust Kasich either. the entire GOP is hideous yet disgraceful. I’m very afraid too that Joe Biden might be needed just to mullishly change the subject. what the hell do I know though? I still wish President Obama could stay.

  35. Rubio is the prime example of the Republicans rectal mentality. For women to vote for this poor excuse of a man would be an exercise in utility.

  36. He’s an idiot. Start with his statement that rape and incest are RARE. How the hell would he even THINK to say something that stupid, let alone forcing women to give birth after rape.

  37. I wonder how many women Mario Rubio has raped? He likely would say they were all consensual, but I’ll bet he has raped at least one man or woman in his life. I don’t know how I would have dealt with it if I had gotten pregnant from the man who raped me. I think that I would have killed myself had the GOP forced me to have the child. Of course, they would have allowed me that, although condemned me for killing the fetus while killing myself.

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