Donald Trump Calls Republicans Deviants As He Refuses To Apologize To Megyn Kelly


Donald Trump tantrum

On Meet The Press, Donald Trump suggested that the Republican Party is full of deviants as he refused to apologize to Megyn Kelly.



Trump said, “There’s nothing to apologize. I thought she asked a very, very unfair question. So did everyone on social media and I answered the question very well. I won every poll on the debate. Time magazine, Drudge, Newsmax, every poll, and people thought I won the debate easily. And you know sort of an interesting thing, they did not like the way I was questioned, and I understand that. I just want to get on. What I said was totally appropriate. There was nothing wrong. Only a deviant, and I literally mean that only a deviant would think what I said was anything other than that.”

Todd told Trump that his comment towards Kelly was animalistic and demonic and demeaning.

Trump claimed that he meant there was blood coming out of Kelly’s eyes, nose, and ears. Donald Trump said that he doesn’t talk that way. Todd called him out for personally insulting anyone who criticizes him, which Trump claimed that he never does.

Donald Trump brought up Jeb Bush’s attack on women’s health issues, and it said it was worse than Romney’s 47% remarks. Later, Trump said that he was the reason that 24 million people watched the debate, and without him, Fox would have two million viewers. He also complained that he leads the Republican polls on jobs and the economy, but Fox News didn’t ask him a single question about this topic.

The feud between Trump and the Republican Party is only serving to push the billionaire towards a third party run.

I don’t buy for a second that Trump wasn’t picking on Kelly’s gender, but many Republican voters hold sexist positions. They don’t support equal pay for women, and women being allowed to make their own health care decision to name two, so it is unclear whether or not this Republican attempt to stop Trump will work.

Donald Trump was saying what many Republican men believe, and this remains the party’s biggest issue with Trump. The more he appeals to the ugly core of Republican “values” the more popular he becomes.

The irony is that the most outspoken misogynistic Republican deviant of them all is Donald Trump.

33 Replies to “Donald Trump Calls Republicans Deviants As He Refuses To Apologize To Megyn Kelly”

  1. Kelly could have addressed that question to any one of the current GOP presidential contenders because all of them must dislike women intensely to hold the views that they hold – on women’s health issues, on income inequality, on any subject that involves women in a different way than it involves men. We’ve all heard their ranting and panting after the Tea Party vote.

    But I think that most of the other contenders would not have taken the question quite so personally as Trump did. He simply has no ability to control his anger and it flares up whenever any one, but especially a woman or a member of a minority group, questions his judgment or his choice of words.

    Off topic but it’s interesting that Trump has replaced McCain on Meet the Press.

  2. “On Meet The Press, Donald Trump suggested that the Republican Party is full of deviants.”

    Suggest? Just say it, they are deviant! They support rapist and attack women who have been victims of rape. Right is wrong, and wrong is right in their world.

    Meanwhile, I’ll just sit back and enjoy watching the GOP self destruct at a time when they should be unifying

  3. …Trump is flavor o’ the month to the Teatards Faux Spews have trained for SOOOO long…{Me, I think it’s “Distilled Raw Sewage”} The only diff between Trump and the others {aside from being a billionaire} is any form of criticism causes him to attack in as personal and as dirty as he and his scummy psychophants {puns all intended} can come up with…
    …to those of us with at least some degree of sanity this means he should NEVER be near “the Football”…unless you replace it with a goldplated NFL football…

  4. It was very obvious to us non-deviants that the moderators were out to embarrass and humiliate Trump. I am not one of his supporters, but the truth is the truth.

  5. We must be reminded that 45% of the female voters harbor evangelical or strong fundamental religious views. That was revealed with Phyllis Schlafly’s ability to defeat the ERA, 45% of the women still don’t support it.

    These women hold that the man is the head of household and they are second class. So don’t be surprised that Trump survives this.

  6. Trump is unvarnished …and in a strange way, reveals ( not necessarily ‘tells’ ) the truth.
    Was the MG ‘misogynist’ question legitimate ? Yes, but it was also an obvious ‘gotcha’ question intended only for DT. He sensed that and so counterattacked, which is his forte.

    Basically, the GOP is what they are: a bunch of stiff and smug liars, and the morons they lead, and Trump knows it …knows THEM.
    Trump, for all of his bluster and bombast, is NOT stiff, and believes in himself totally. In that, he IS telling the truth.

  7. will women ever learn anything about the Republican clown car? and I’m not asking the women here because its preaching to the choir… its a rhetorical question…

    defend Megyn Kelly but insult other women and expect to call it a joke… abuse ‘Abortion Barbie’ and Sandra Fluke come to mind…

    try to criminalize a legal medical procedure because the little ladies can’t be trusted to decide what’s best for their bodies…

    defund Planned Parenthood… when I was younger and wilder, you know back in the cave days, I got sent to Planned Parenthood for a suspected below the waist illness…

    it goes on and on and they never learn… neither the clowns justifying the ‘classy-it was a joke’ crap or the women not listening to what’s really being said…

  8. Conservatives don’t apologize they just double down. Republicans don’t really give one iota of concern for how conservatives talk to and about women.

    Republican outrage that Trump said something mean about women is fake. They just don’t like trump. Talking trash about women though is par for the course in Republican Politics. To all you fake journalists and reporters who are so upset about what Trump has to say, where were you when Rush was talking trash? Here’s just a tiny sliver:

    “Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women access to the mainstream of society.”
    -Rush Limbaugh, The Rush Limbaugh Show, August 12, 2005

    “Women should not be allowed on juries where the accused is a stud.”
    -Rush Limbaugh, 1994

    “Socks is the White House cat. But did you know there is also a White House dog?”
    -Rush Limbaugh, while holding up a photograph of 13-year-old Chelsea Clinton on his 1993 television show

  9. I am massively underwhelmed by his humility.

    Republicans are deviants? And why do you wish to run as a republican Mr. Grump?

  10. SNL can’t touch this BULL$HIT! it’s beyond comedy, trump whether he’s playing the FUX NEWS line dance or he’s just self promoting himself, either way, TWO huge things are emerging, he’s got the ear of the base, KINDA, FOR NOW! trump is speaking for EVERY LILY WHITE republican MALE! which is a basically a closed head injured neanderthal! it’s archie bunker without the prozac. Trust me, the bill o’reilly types have a “MAN CRUSH” with trump, like most teenage boys have with Lady GaGa! it’s some hilarious $HIT! as a black man, I’m laughing my A$S off! watching trump rip the WHITE power structure is pure ecstasy!! republicans are deviants? LMFAO is the Pope catholic?! republicans are deviants! it’s just a perk for the very wealthy LILY WHITE republican male! that’s why these FREAKS can’t hold on to a woman for long! trump?, 3 FAILED marriages?! limbaugh? 4 FAILED marriages! and lets not talk about ALL those republican men who just can’t keep their young BOYS!

  11. This was an inside job by the RNC and their mouth piece, Faux news to distroy Donald Trump. They are petrified of him. They are embarrassed by him and they want to get rid of him. Unlike any of the other 16 empty suits that they have, he’s the only one that doesn’t need their money and so they are trying to dispose of him. Hope he holds in there for the rest of the debates, then goes independent and sues them for all they got! And the Democrats can keep 1600 Penn Ave.

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  13. Let’s be clear, Megyn Kelly is a tool, gender aside. But so is Trump. It’s funny that the conservative GOP created the likes of these folks and they forgot to include a “stop” button. Hilarious and pathetic at the same time.

  14. trump is going to fizzing out SOON! WHY? because trump isn’t going to french kiss the religious right! watching those other pasty face gubbers and, I’m SORRY, and their HOUSE NEGRO, Uncle Ben carson, fist fighting over who’s the bigger christian is hilarious! NEWS FLASH, god told me, YOU don’t represent ANYTHING spiritual or christian, wait.. wait. he’s telling me, he’s gonna SUE ALL of you! hey trump, I guess you aren’t the only one who can bully someone by taking them to COURT!

  15. Trump is a Democrat in disguise. An operative in the Republican ranks. A “Sleeper” on a mission—Destroy the Republican Party establishment, from WITHIN. To me he is the Democrat’s virus inside the Republican camp, destroying them slowly, creating panic and hysteria. He is causing them to eat their own, fight for him or against him. Do you see how they are afraid, AFRAID of him becoming a Third Party candidate? In frank speak: Trump’s got them by their Ba!!s. And he is not about to let go. Ouch! ;)

  16. Supplementing my post above:

    It is a part of an under cover agent, spy or infiltrator to Agitate and to Trash talk the “other” side to look as though he is against them, thereby dismissing any suspicions that he “LIKES” the other side. So you see, Trump attacks Obama, hoping to convince the rabid conservative anti-Obamite that he is “One of them”. See the tactic? Ha, ha….I dunno, but I would LIKE that this theory of mine be true. Just being conspiracy minded…Hmmmm. ;)And I think some of the Republican leadership MIGHT be wondering about this too. Hmmmm. Trump is eating their weak and spitting out. What are they doing? SWEATING!

  17. I’ve never understood how women can vote for the party that HATES themr, wants to keep her pregnant and barefoot, uneducated, lower wages and without healthcare.

    I’ll NEVER, EVER understand the log cabin republicans either, why be with the party who HATES your guts and would love to see you put to death.

  18. I don’t believe Prebius wanted this to happen because the GOP is so screwed when Trump goes 3rd party.

    I’ll enjoy the next democratic president inauguaration on January 23, 2017, won’t you?

    This was all done by Faux Nooze, the GOP propoganda channel, who is trying to pick OUR president.

    Rupert Murdoch Wants to Stop Donald Trump, But First He’s Got to Rein In Roger Ailes

  19. Trump gives $$ to all, sees who’ll take the bate , kisses his RICH feet and sucks his %%%% first. I think his Slovianian immigrant takes care of the latter.

    The GOP is under Trump control and yes he’s got them by their balls and he isn’t letting ’em go.
    They’ve created a political Frankenstein they can’t control.

    Prebius is sweating and is shitting his pants now because his GOP won’t be elected to the WH.

  20. Is it ok if another woman makes disparaging remarks about a woman? Just asking, because if I remember right, Fiorina made some snotty remarks about another female candidate she was running against a few years ago. Or is it only Fox News persnalities that are off limits. They can all sit back a say the they new what he was refering to, but I can’t figure out what their criteria is. It’s ok to say horrible things about MO or HC, or even calling David Souter a “goat f@cking ccild molester”, but Meggys off limits. Go figure.

  21. Sorry, I muddled my point a bit, root canal drugs. I was thinking of what Erickson said about Souter, and that he had the stones to disinvite Trump to his Atlanta bitchfest.

  22. As a Capitalist Corporate Insider… DT is shaking up and exposing the “ugly psyche” of “fake republican political correctness”.

    Republicans are human too… and no one loves a bs that says “how it should be” and actually lives and DOES the opposite.

    DT is just being himself reflecting… like this article says appealing to the ugly Republican core values and LOVES THE POPULARITY OF JUST BEING WHO HE KNOWS BEST… Himself and the fake republicans can not stand; seeing, hearing an embodiment of real republican core. LOL!!!


  23. He will never apologize, and far-right Republicans will love him for it.

    This is the field the GOP and Fox News deserves. They have made people angry, ignorant, and paranoid. Now they may be losing control of them, because those people have created Trump.

    Roger Ailes, the king of Fox News and the GOP, has a theory he calls “The Orchestra Pit Theory,” which is basically his blueprint to destroy political candidates with sensationalized stories. Well, he may have fond one that is immune to his theory.

    Fox News seems to be losing control of many of its viewers, who like Trump.

    Fox News Losing Control of Hateful, Paranoid People It Created, Who Created Trump

  24. So true, lol. A teabagger friend of mine from high school was all ga-ga over Scott Walker until Trump came along, now she’s drooling over him.

  25. Good for Trump.

    Although I’m liberal through and through, I’d rather have someone like him say stupid things to me than a bible-thumper shake my hand while trying to take away my rights, my healthcare, advocate for less pay for me than an equal male, squander my social security, remove my ability to choose, etc.

    Until the TP’ers and rethuglicans apologize for their deplorable actions against women, why should Trump? At least I know where he stands.

  26. They; Aren’t running for the office of the President.

    Grump is.

    Yes it’s good to know where he stands, and he’s ankles deep in cow patties of his own making.

  27. I think Kelly was set up by Faux producers because she’s the ‘girl’, they knew it would send Trump over the edge, and she’s not bright enough to figure it out. Faux got what they wanted–viewers.

    BTW, I think the format was all wrong for any kind of a meaningful debate.

  28. I agree totally. I see two really big problems in our election system right now that has and will cause our country big problems.

    The biggest is the dishonest media which has taken the roll of trying to control our elections, usually being either extreme right or extreme left, depending on their views. The Rep debate is a good example of this. It was obvious that they were trying to take Trump down and promote the “established” candidates and Carly.

    The other is people who blindly follow either of the parties and support it no matter what. It has become something like a sporting event to support the team you like. The best for our country would generally be somewhere in between the 2 parties. I am reading forums with Dems fretting about having to vote for Hillary, but saying that if she is the candidate they will support her no matter what. Reps are same way. Some people would vote for Hitler just to support their political “team”. That is just stupid!

  29. Seems this is the pot calling the kettle black, considering the whole Obama administration and Hillary. There are a lot of liars in both parties and what’s worse is that we don’t really even know most of the time what’s what because of the dishonest media.

  30. When I heard Trump talk about “blood coming out of her eyes” I thought of all the literary and artistic uses of this imagery to indicate rage in the character. E.g.: “there was blood in his eyes.” Trump’s imagery has many respectable precedents. When he followed with the “wherever” I thought he just ran out of steam; he wasn’t implying the figurative blood came from any place below her waist. Blood does not come out of a person’s eyes or ears without a serious illness or injury. Blood can come out of the nose from an injury or high blood pressure (which can be caused by extreme rage). Trump’s critics claimed he was implying a hormonal cause and that he was, figuratively, hitting below the belt; but his comments on “Face the Nation” vindicated my literary interpretation. This doesn’t mean I like him.

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