Jeb! Goes All Stupid on Iraq with ‘Skin in the Game’ Comments

After finally admitting that his brother’s invasion of Iraq wasn’t a good idea based on what we know now, Jeb! decided that he wasn’t being fair – not to history, but to his brother.

Since then it turns out that torture is the way to treat our enemies and just the other day, announced while in Iowa – which always brings out the stupid in Republican candidates – that taking out Saddam was a sweet deal: “I’ll tell you, taking out Saddam Hussein turned out to be a pretty good deal.”

Right. Other than it was the wrong country (no al Qaeda there, cowboy!), and killed 4,000 Americans and tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis (making refugees of a million more), cost $1.7 trillion (yes, that’s more than Planned Parenthood’s Funding) and paved the way for the rise of ISIL, it’s worked out great. Oh, and never mind that the Iraq War, like his invasion of Afghanistan, was unfunded and helped tank the U.S. economy.

Granted, he blames ISIL on the Obama/Clinton team, but just ask yourself: How can you not want to do it all again, in Iran this time? Or maybe Syria, or some other place where Muslims can be found?

Larry Wilmore had something to say about Jeb’s blame-shifting:


Jeb! says, “I’m not saying this because I’m a Bush. I’m proud of what he (Dubya) did to create a secure environment for our country.”

Right. Excluding 9/11 and 3,000 dead Americans + two wars, while his party obsesses over 4 dead in Benghazi. Republicans have a peculiar way of looking at reality. Jeb! is not alone, but Jeb! is the only guy running named Bush!

On Friday at the Iowa State Fair, Jeb! piled on himself. First of all, there was this bizarre comment made while responding to hecklers:

BUSH: First of all, the Iraqis want our help. They want to know that we have skin in the game, that we’re committed to this. We don’t have to…

UNIDENTIFIED MAN #1: They booted us out in 2011.

BUSH: Excuse me?

UNIDENTIFIED MAN #1: We had to get out in 2011.

BUSH: We didn’t have to get out in 2011.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN #1: Your brother signed the deal.

BUSH: It could’ve been modified and that was the expectation. Everybody in Iraq and everybody in Washington knew that this deal could’ve been expanded and now…

UNIDENTIFIED MAN #1: Your brother signed a bad deal.

Jeb compounded this appallingly stupid statement by reminding usthat not only is Dubya his most trusted adviser, but said “Paul Wolfowitz is giving some advice.”

**WARNING** Wolfowitz was, of course, George W. Bush’s deputy secretary of defense. **WARNING**

Think Neocon. Think exporting “democracy” at the point of a bayonet. Because, what says freedom better than some well-intentioned military aggression?

Of course, a list released by the Bush campaign back in February had Wolfowitz’s name on it, but why on earth would he remind us?

Wolfowitz, as David Corn reminds us, was the guy promoting the idea that al Qaeda was in Iraq – when it wasn’t – and of course, once we invaded, that changed and gave birth to the Islamic State, the worst thing to happen to the Middle East since Timur (Tamerlane) left a pile of skulls where Baghdad used to be.

An admission that the U.S. bungled in Iraq was forthcoming ten years after the invasion, but it wasn’t the decision to invade that troubled Wolfowitz, but rather that we didn’t have an Iraqi regime to put in place right away.

At the time, The Washington Post released the Venn Diagram from Hell:


In one diagram, there is pretty much all the reason you need to keep Jeb! far, far away from the White House and our country’s future. In these recent turettes-like outbursts, he has just added to those reasons.

All he has to do to be taken seriously at this point is crawl his way past the fired CEO of Hewlett-Packard. If Jeb! wants to lose, he is going about it the right way.

28 Replies to “Jeb! Goes All Stupid on Iraq with ‘Skin in the Game’ Comments”

  1. …I still think this issue is what killed dear J.E.Bs candidacy…it’s a zombie from here on out…

  2. Jeb is stupid. Could he possibly have been blindsided by the fact that people have actually educated themselves about the W’s cluster f☆℃k administration of lies? If I were a rethug and he was the last option on election day, I’d just stay home and enjoy my favorite pastime of watching Duck Dynasty and eating my boogers!

  3. …no Bush EVER had “skin in the game” the only ones who did were those who served over there…and thier families…who o’ course got NOTHING for thier sacrifice…

  4. Yeah, Jeb!, but it’s never your skin or that of your friends that’s in the game. It’s always the skins of our military, made up of middle and lower class cannon fodder in the eyes of you and your cronies.

  5. This guy does everything wrong. Aren’t there advisers that are supposed to coach? I think he started out stupid.

  6. With the money and resources the Bush family has, it’s incredible to witness the cluelessness of Jeb Bush.

    He really thinks we’re little minions eager to hear from super people like him, and so we’ll believe anything he tells us.

    Hell, it looks like even the mind boggling stupid Tea Party stopped believing Jeb.

    Jeb’s lack of understanding that war, death, misery, trillions of dollars contributing to economic collapse isn’t easily hidden nor forgotten. But he thinks so.

    We cannot allow Jeb Bush as POTUS. We simply can’t. He must be stopped.

    Amazing, simply amazing.

  7. It was a mistake. …10 years later and after 10 years worth of profit. Bush thought iraq could be strong armed into doing what the Pentagon wanted

  8. There was that time JEB! forced single mothers to post their sexual history in the newspaper…

    I am not exaggerating what happened here.

    If a mother was going to give up her child for adoption, the conservative legislature–supported and signed by one Jeb Bush– she was required to PUBLISH HER ENTIRE SEXUAL HISTORY in a major newspaper.

  9. Stupidity and ignorance as well as delusions plus the ability to lie without tics or twitches must be in the bush DNA.

  10. Jeb Butch? We’d be better off with uncle Donald, sad to say. Unbelievable, women have had it rough for years, these guys should’ve stayed in Europe. Then again, if they did, I wouldn’t be here to keep witnessing their oppression. Could’ve been a good deal except, these guys are retarded and stupid. They just had to make my people pick that damn cotton. Bastards.

  11. This man makes no sense either. It’s getting worse by the day, Has this particular Republican virus gone epidemic w/in the party?

  12. They claim Jeb! is “the smart one” Wrong, Barney was the smart one. The little dog that W kept dropping. Jeb! should do the only thing left for him to do, take the $100 million donor money, and exit. He really IS as dumb as he looks.

  13. It’s hard to believe that Jeb is Dumber than Dubya ,but alas it’s true. He’s sticking to the same old song and dance routine with the same cast of misfit characters. It’s a shame how the truly stupid have all the power and money in elections. After 2 failed Bushys,you have to be a total idiot to vote another one in. Of course ,the entire Rethuglicon line up is a cast of idiots. They are getting worse as the years go by. Too much inbreeding.

  14. Unfortunately, he’s not talking about about his family having ‘skin in the game’. He means America, which, we know, means other people’s children.

  15. John boy says, “I’ll tell you, taking out Saddam Hussein turned out to be a pretty good deal.” LMFOA!

    Please! Please! Please! KEEP REMINDING VOTERS OF THE “IRAQ DEAL” John!

  16. Another politician used an exclamation point after their name in political ads and baners…Adolph Hitler!. I pointed this HISTORICAL FACT out to one of our customers and she went off and claimed that “I crossed the line” really!? I state a FACT and Katherine of Promotions By Design here in Lancaster bitched that crap! Only in Conservative Land is knowing the TRUTH crossing the line.

  17. Joe – They are afraid if we discuss Hitler, we’ll notice the similarities in GOP’s tactics and goals.

    It is perfectly obvious that the White Supremacist movements view Hitler as the Ideal Leader.

    As long as we play their ‘he who must not be named’ game, we are suckers.

    Fascism and theocracy by any other name is still evil.

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