MSNBC Threw Liberals Under The Bus And Is Now The Lowest Rated News Network


MSNBC claimed that they were boosting their ratings by dumping their liberal hosts and switching to news, but over the last 4 weekdays, they have been the lowest rated cable news network three times with the key 25-54 demo audience.

On August 13, the daytime demo viewership numbers via TVNewser were FNC: 236,000 | CNN: 118,000 | MSNBC: 75,000 | HLN: 102,000. The next MSNBC rose to third place during the day by beating Headline News in the demo 103,000 to 88,000. On Monday, August 17, it was Headline News 102,000 and MSNBC 92,000. MSNBC lost to Headline News again yesterday by a margin of 98,000 demo viewers to 81,000 demo viewers.

Maybe the problem at MSNBC wasn’t that viewers did not want liberal politics. The problem was and remains that viewers would like programs that are interesting. MSNBC’s primetime is not great shape either. The network’s primetime lineup is mired in third place and losing ground to CNN on a daily basis. The Rachel Maddow Show is the only thing that is keeping MSNBC primetime from last place

The bosses at MSNBC threw liberals under the bus when it is clear that one of the main issues at the network is that the people who are in charge stopped listening to their audience. MSNBC’s attempted move to news is not going to go well because CNN already has that market cornered. When breaking news happens, those Americans who don’t watch Fox News turn to CNN.

MSNBC lacks the resources to compete with CNN on the news front. MSNBC execs tried to feed viewers a bunch of dull cookie-cutter shows and didn’t care when viewers responded by not watching. It wasn’t that the programming was too liberal. The hosts, with the exception of Ed Schultz, were dull and lacked the kind of strong personality that is required for success in cable news. Each of the personalities that were let go were talented people, but they were miscast and hung out to dry by a network leadership that lacked clear vision and direction.

MSNBC is sinking, and giving Chuck Todd Ed Schultz’s old timeslot is not going to save them. MSNBC execs are getting what they deserve, as liberals have taken their viewership elsewhere.

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  1. I tell you I’m utterly and completely shocked! If you turn your back on your core audience while you worship the almighty dollar how can you be surprised when your audience leaves?

    The only thing that stops the whole network from spinning down the toilet is Rachel and not even she can keep MSNBC afloat forever.

    I remember writing that this would happen when they cancelled Ed and company. Greed has won and the progressive movement has lost a valuable voice. But money will out, you sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind.

  2. Free Speech tv is the only real progressive voice. If it’s not offered by your provider you can find it online at

  3. I was so thrilled when we finally got a liberal station. And slowly but surely you start taking all the good ones off. The only thing I watch now is Rachel. I really loved Ed and Keith, now there is only Rachel. If she goes I’m done with MSMBC!

  4. Let NBC keep Brian Williams, Chuck Todd and Joe Scarborough. I’ve turned their station off for months.

  5. ya know…

    when Keith finally came back on Al Gore’s ‘liberal network’
    one of his first guest was Markos Militsos from Daily Kos..
    part of the discussion was how Scarborough black balled Militsos as a guest on Keith’s MSNBC show…

    this isn’t about MSNBC turning its back on its audience… its about COMCAST CORP…

    your anger should be directed at them…

  6. Chuck Todd is not the answer.Morning Joe is painful to watch. Not sure if I can take any more of the wrong disappearances from this network. Some experiments just don’t pan out.

  7. Day after day I head for the t.v. at 4pm in MN. looking for Ed’s show. DAMN you MSNBC he was ONE of the few that actually worked HARD for the people. He was not boring. He spoke loudly some days, and was always fighting for the middle class and the country! We loved Ed. You never heard complaints about him like you do with Chuck Todd, or Morning Joe…and yet you let him go. STUPID decision!

  8. This article seems skewed. I thought that many of the presenters harped on the same story too much rather than presenting ideas for consideration. It seems that a liberal station using similar techniques to Fox-faux News-knews won’t be successful. I think getting down to real issues that people face and discussing bills and laws which might improve our county would be more useful for the audience. Fox-faux doesn’t provide any edifying information.

  9. I hate the new stuff and cannot stand Chuck Todd. They also dumped the stock ticker and time. I am thisclose to giving up. I adore Andrea Mitchell, but that is about all of the morning lineup I can stomach. Joe Scarborough makes me puke. And Mika would not have a job if not for her famous father. The Rev. Al should be dumped. Chris Matthews is the only person worth watching and lately even he is getting on my last nerve.

  10. Joe Scarborough controls MSNBC. I think it became obvious when he had a temper tantrum when the St.Louis Rams players exited the tunnel with their hands up in honor of Mike Brown. Regulars at the table now include Amy Holmes of the Blaze Channel (Glenn Beck); Michael Steele; Bill Krystal; and Matt Lewis. Even Mika has swung to the right as she wishes out loud that Hillary would stop being cavalier about the server/FBI/350 emails. Joe Scarborough is going to to keep the RNC/MSNBC happy by talking for 3 hours (3-6AM) weekdays about the crimes of Hillary Clinton.

  11. The worst MSNBC programming is the WEEKEND!
    Do the powers really believe prison life is
    entertaing/educational ?

  12. With a US population of 300M+, it’s difficult to understand how any of the cable news stations are still around, given their pitifully small viewerships. TV in general has lost the under-35s, and Faux viewers are practically at death’s door.

  13. TV news media is not our friend.

    Now, everybody sing along with me….

    Let it go, let it go
    Can’t hold it back anymore
    Let it go, let it go
    Turn away and slam the door! (Frozen)

    Thank you, Mr. Easley!

  14. I will not watch MSNBC if you dump your liberal commentators. I can’t stand FOX and I love Ed, Chris, and Rachael. You can’t do this.

  15. When they fired Ed, that was the end for my husband and me. We watched Ed every night. Rachael Maddow is good too, but not on at a good time for us. We don’t watch MSNBC anymore. I used to watch it a lot. Too bad for them, they are losing their audience. They should listen to their fans.

  16. You folks kinda bit off your nose to spite your face…Ed Schultz’s passion and commitment to working people is sorely missed…He was honest and real people trusted him…I mourn the loss of Alex Wagner…she was also someone who was trusted…It seems like you should hold on to the intelligent, young people who are the voice of the future…I’m 72 yrs. old and the young ones keep me informed and confident for the future…And I miss the cycle……

  17. That damn Joe & Mika, they bashed Hillary so disrespectfully one morning, had to check to make sure the TV wasn’t on FOX. And storm drain mouthed Joe, is basically the only one shouting at the camera. This has to be an MSNBC experiment gone terribly, terribly wrong. It’s like GOP nest #2. What a waste of their sponsors money. Joe’s no Donald Trump but he’s damned close.

  18. They may as well shut the door I wish Rachel and Lawrence can find something besides this network. Maybe loud mouth Joe and that buzzard Todd can run the show used to like Matthews not anymore they shouldn’t have let Ed go will not watch MSNBC anymore except Rachel and lawrence

  19. MSNBC gutted my favorites – Alex Wagner & Big Eddie. I love Chris Matthews – I’m really tired of Al Sharpton yelling at the TV the entire hour – hate Chris Hayes – love Rachel Maddow and like Lawrence O’Donnell OK.

  20. You blew it MSNBC! I used to keep my TV on your station all day while I worked, but not anymore – I’d rather watch re-runs of Star Trek the Next Generation and Gordon Ramsay than the garbage you run in the daytime. You got rid of the good folks – Schultz and Wagner and kept the crap – Todd and Scarbrough. Get your heads together and out of the corporate ass. Bring back Olbermann, Schultz and Bashir and get rid of Todd, Scarbrough and Sharpton. I’m not that thrilled with Matthews – he’s pretty rude when he asks a question then talks over the guest’s answer. I don’t like Jose that much either – he over sensationalizes and winds up sounding like the National Enquirer. I only watch in the evenings now. If Hayes, Maddow and O’Donnell leave, that will be the end of watching your network. It’ll be blocked on my set just like Fox. No wonder your ratings are just going lower!

  21. What else could one watch on TV then? Some places don’t have many choices and some people DON’T like to watch shows on line.

  22. Television is rapidly becoming a dead medium for me, a 60’s something Progressive who was raised with TV. Time to move on.

  23. Same here. And on top of losing Ed and having to endure more Chuck Todd, it seems now that all they want to talk about is Trump. I give up on MSNBC. First we lose Air America and now this.

  24. Payback is a Mutha…!!!!…Can Take ANY of the these Fake Ass news shows anymore…!!!!…GOOD RIDDANCE and I will watch my History Channel and Old Black/White Westerns…..NO CRAP….!!!!!!!…NO B/S…!!!!!!!!!…..GO HILLARY…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. The commercials were so stomach churning, I could not force myself to hang around to see what was on this week.

  26. Rachel is the only one I watch now of MSNBC. Chuck Todd sucks donkey dick, and I’ve hated Scarborough for fucking years.

  27. Phil Griffins two favorite shows on the network are Joe Scarborough and Chris Matthews’. Phil is a moron and has to go. He’s gotten rid of people like Cenk, Olbermann, Bashir, Ratigan, Wagner, Krystal, Ed Schultz. Basically any real progressive has a short shelf life at MSNBC. As soon as Schultz came out against TPP and Keystone xl, and for Bernie Sanders I knew his days wee numbered. FIRE PHIL GRIFFIN. We did NOT need to see More of Lyin Brian Williams or Chunk Turd Uh, “Todd”.. NO ONE was watching him Sunday Mornings! next they’ll bring back David Gregory! JUST what we needed! More bland center right white guys on tv Because we don’t have enough of that already! When your two favorite Shows belong to Jerk Scarborough and Chris “Tweety” Matthews, you must be a must be a total moron! A Monkey could program MSNBC better than Phil Griffin. How has this incompetent hack managed to keep his job unless Comcast planned to purge progressives all along and he’s just a good corporate toady…

  28. Phil Griffin is running the network into the ground. I knew Ed Schultz’ days were limited when he came out against keystone xl and TPP and for Bernie Sanders. Phil Griffin has systematically purged progressives from the network. Cenk Uygur, Dylan Ratigan, Olbermann, Alex Wagner, even Krystal Ball. If you are a genuine progressive, you have a short shelf life on MSNBC! Griffin’s two favorite shows on the network are Jerk Scumborough and Chris “Tweety” Matthews’ shows! Scarborough belongs on FOX Not MSNBC for 3 hours every morning and Matthews is an idiot who previously got Phil Donahue fired! That says everything! DO people really think viewers want to see more of Chunk Turd uh, “Todd”, and Lyin Brian Williams? Next they’ll bring back David Gregory! The last thing people want to see is more pasty faced bland boring right wing white guys spouting Beltway “conventional wisdom”. Griffin and Comcast only care about ideology not ratings. If they wanted ratings they’d hire progress…

  29. Most of Americans don’t realize that MSNBC has become a victim of the right wing corporate machine to completely destroy our free press. It is in the interest of big corporations who pay no taxes to promote the right wing corporate propaganda machine at full speed. Very much the same tactic used by Hitler in Europe. The entire news media is now owned and operated by a very few (I believe less than 9) corporations.The free press which we have known for over a century and of which we were so proud is now gone.There is no such thing as ‘news’ outlets any more. It is all corporate alleged news propaganda entertainment. Our only defense is the vote which is also under fire compliments of the bought and paid for GOP and corrupt supreme court.

  30. Agree with all of the above, but it sounds like people are still watching Intern Killer Joe in the mornings, I have not watched him in years, the only way to take down his show is not to ever watch it!
    I am watching FSTV and Al Jazeera.

  31. I prefer Rachel and will watch her show. Chris Hayes, too. The rest of the day, Im flippin around. Morning is always local for me.

  32. I used to like Ed. I will not watch Chuck Todd whether in Ed’s slot or on Meet The Press. MSNBC used to have good programming. Rachel better watch her back. They’ll be coming for her next.

  33. Count me as one of those liberals that left when Ed was canned. MSNBC started losing me when Keith Olbermann left and then pushed me further away when they didn’t sign Cenk Uygar and went with Al Sharpton instead as well as Dylan Ratigan. Now forget it, I tune in during the day just to see what’s up and then flip on over to MeTv. I’m amazed at the number of right wing talkers they have on now and that is something I can’t deal with..

  34. I’m gone already…My exit started with Keith, I hung around for a little while for Cenk and Dylan and I was even starting to warm up to Alex Wagner but the last straw was canning Ed and keeping Al Sharpton..Chris Hayes? Well he’s an opportunist and can’t be considered a real progressive if you ask me! He’s just a younger hairier version of toadie Chuck Todd! Rachel is thorough and sometimes fun but she just can’t hold my attention for very long. Oh well, i’ll save on my electric bill by not watching as much Tv! I’m done with MSNBC

  35. Moulitsas is a right winger turned Libertarian turned entrepreneur taking it to the bank off emoprogs.

  36. They bought the idea that FOX has great rating by being conservative. So, they went conservative & learning the hard way that not all Americans are hard RWers.

    News, real news does not need to have a a veneer of conservatism layered onto it. It does not need to have a veneer of liberalism layered onto it. Just report the news as it is – let the viewers use their brains to learn what is happening in the world. And, if some prefer the conserv talking points to make the news palatable then that is their bias – but stations that touted as news just need to report the news without any biases.

    Strange thing is that reality it usually leans in a way that seems liberal, but what it really doing is pointing out the fascism of hate, fanaticism, & social dysfunction.

  37. MSNBC has been derailing for quite some time. They dumped Olbermann, Ratigan and Bashir. Now, Shultz is their latest casualty.

    I continue to be a fan of Chris Matthews, but of late he has become overly repetitive and he is RUDE AS HELL to his guests — always stepping on top of their comments. Steve cornball Kornecki stammers and stutters through every line. Chris Hayes is a chirpy bird. Rachel Maddow speaks in Gatling gun rapid fire, repeating each item at least 3x.

    MSNBC is falling into the proverbial media toilet, I suspect with intention.

  38. it is unfair to blame MSNBC for canceling shows such as Ed Schultz. Why would you keep a show on TV that very few people watch. Companies will pay very little money to MSNBC for very low listener watch. let’s face it the people at MSNBC are desperate and really don’t know what to do. The only shows that are doing anything are Rachael maddow and morning joe.I still can’t understand why Chris Hayes is still on the air. They lose money every time he is on.

  39. I was once a huge MSNBC fan, back in the days of Keith Obermann and the new Rachael Maddow Show. But I’ve given up cable. I get my news from the web and my entertainment from Netflix.

  40. …Comcast/NBC musta gotten nasty-grams out the wazoo, no Chunky Toady or Brian Williams on weekdays…so it’s tolerable until late afternoon,..when the Primetime comes on…

  41. Some network could populate a great line up with the people NSNBC let go, fired or should have hired. Olbermann, Bashir, Radigan, Unger, Schultz. I tolerate Mathews’ rudeness and O’Donnell repetitive coverage. Hayes, although he can be verbose, covers plenty of insightful topics Maddow is a national treasure. Think of what NSNBS could be have with the “goners” still in the fold. But now we’re left with Chuck Todd, Brian Williams and that morning crew… give me a break. It’s a crime what the jamokes in charge have done.

  42. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow show is a gem. The topics are interesting, the sides explored well. Regressive or conservative views are discussed rather completely. This latter is important because problems with right-wing solutions are seldom mentioned on right-wing networks. She is civil and engaging. I am sure there are more with skills such as these, but to populate MSNBC with whiney personalities such as Scarborough and Todd is to assure dead air.

  43. If viewership is the production goal then mediocrity will be the result. If mediocrity is the result viewership disappears.

    So, duh, create for a purpose, not to please “the attractive MOR viewer,” or the above negative feedback will–as it always does–result.

    To please the average is to please nobody.

  44. Al Jazeera has great coverage of issues the way news programs used to cover them. I would love to see Ed over there laying down facts.

  45. I get happy every morning with my sexy lesbian Stephanie Miller. She’s so cute and funny .
    The fantasizing stuff aside, it’s really good for my mental health. Reminds me that Republicans are to be laughed at and ridiculed first, and not get angered and steamed up because they are evil fuks that want to kill everyone else.

  46. People are being a bit unfair to MSNBC. People need to realize that companies are not going to pay high ad dollars for programs that very few people watch. They lost money every time Ed was on the air. The only shows on MSNBC that have any real view ship are Rachael maddow and morning joe and they can’t really compete all that well. This is all about money and they need to do something fast. Oh yes why is Chris Hayes still on the air. His show is the woes of the worst when it comes to ratings.

  47. Hold on there! That’s a stretch! Somebody actually turns to Fox for breaking news? If they were announcing, accurately, that MSNBC was chucking Todd and bringing back Ed, maybe I’d listen to Fox. But only for that. Really, does any one seriously think of Fox as news and not poor comedy?

  48. TV news is an oxymoron. The characteristics which allowed it to dominate American discourse no longer exist. It has become Kabuki instead of improv.

    I have studied and worked in visual media since 1970. I grew up with it. Wrote my doctoral dissertation on its influence.

    Mass media have been linear and one-way – books, movies, radio, TV. The web is based on a dialogue. The receiver becomes a responder, without the mediation of pollster, bible or education.

    The commercial model of delivering a specific demographic audience for money is no longer tenable, because viewers are trained to comment on and modify content, rather than absorb information mindlessly.

    The political marketing strategy of saturation and disinformation has descended into parody and – wait for it – trumpery.

    Much of campaign funding is solicited to develop and buy TV ads. Which are increasingly ineffective as the audience considers them as fodder for commentary, rather than legitimate rhetoric.

    TV …

  49. MSNBC focusing on the news? What a joke. The only real news is the crawl along the bottom of the screen.

    I can’t bear Morning Joe–nothing like six talking heads arguing with each other at the same time. I can’t stand Chris Matthews, who will ask a question and then never let a guest finish the answer. Rev. Al needs diction lessons. And I especially hate the stupid commercials that last for 5 minutes with 4 minutes of “news” sandwiched in between.

  50. MSNBC could be a great liberal news network IF they have great hosts like Rachel Maddow—Get Keith Olbermann back—get rid of Al Sharpton—you need quality interesting hosts! Use Steve Kornachi MORE–he’s excellent! What is NOT needed is putting republican propaganda on your network–it has caused most of your viewers to not watch the network at all anymore. You cannot have your feet in two different boats–won’t work! GO BACK TO BEING ALL PROGRESSIVE WITH INTERESTING HOSTS & SHOWS!!

  51. I LOVE Rachel Maddow, but I stopped watching MSNBC because of their missguided, stupid move to remove Liberals from their late afternoon lineup. I MISS Ed Schultz the most because he if a fighter for middle class Americans and the poor, just like Bernie Sanders!! I believe the reason for this idiotic change at MSNBC was that orders came down from on high from the Super wealthy Republicans who own the networks that told them to get rid of the Liberals!!!!

  52. MSNBC is now really sucking big time. It seems that they are now working with Fox and have almost stopped showing negative points and lies presented by Fox News. They also are working to help get Trump hired instead of fired for being a lame curmudgeon and a big liar too. That is just amazing to me

  53. Christina, a person after my o’l 60+ bleeding liberal heart and proud of it. Been watching FSTV for over 18 mos. now both on pc and directv with genie box.

    I am also getting tired of blond airhead doe caught in head-light commentators, to mirror faux snooze. The dumbing down of America is truly amazing and saddening.

  54. I would MUCH rather read my news on a website than sit idle and listen to a bunch of bloviating bullshitters who have no clue how this country works. EVERY political pundit on TV, with the exception of Rachel, has their head so far up Washington’s ass that they can’t even see daylight. I can’t stand cable news, not CNN, not MSNBC, and DEFINITELY NOT Fox. It’s all corporate garbage designed to control the minds and brainwash the viewing audience.

    Enough is enough. Shut it down.

  55. I will not watch Chuck Todd. Comcast is just showing, as usual, how little they care what their consumers want!

  56. I couldn’t agree more. I have no idea what the powers that be at NBC were thinking in getting rid of those that had been with them for quite awhile and substituting someone like Chuck Todd who allows those he interviews to repeatedly lie without question. He didn’t say a word to Trump when he repeated the lie about President Obama spending millions to hide his birth certificate. Todd just sat there with his mouth closed, stupid as can be. He is so thin-skinned that he now blocks anyone who dares to question him on Twitter. If you disagree, you may be blocked, not that anyone would care if he did or not. He obviously can’t handle the truth as he doesn’t try to get to it in his interviews, either.

  57. Firing Ed was huge mistake MSNBC!!!
    Rachael and Lawrence and Chris are all you have thats worth a shit!!!Joe and what’s her face out of there Sharpton out of there Chuck Todd ASSHOLE OUT OF THERE!!! WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE FAUX FAKE!!! WRONG CHOICE LISTEN TO YOUR VIEWERS OR YOU WILL BE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN!!!

  58. obviously a big change, miss Ed Schultz. Chris Mathews seems to be stumping for Donald Trump. pretty sickening.

  59. I was upset when they fired Keith Olbermann, Cenk Uygur, and now Ed Schultz. Unfortunately, they have snoozer Lawrence O’Donnell and Softball Matthews.
    At one time, with Uygur and Olbermann, I watched 3 to 4 hours of MSNBC. Now, maybe 30 minutes.
    Really bad management.
    Chuck Todd should be fired.

  60. I have almost changed my time from having the TV on and listening to the news while working may many hours to make ends meet. Now this anouncement has given me a pat on the shoulders and said “atta boy” Your time is much more important than listening to garbage. Work hard, listen to the truth, vote for whoever you think can do less damage than the the rest of the stampede of candidates. Continue to Listen to all Jesus gave to us before we nailed Him to The Cross. It’s just my thought……Larry

  61. MSNBC can suck it. They’ve turned into CNN wannabes. It was watchable with Keith Olbermann and Rachel. Then Ed came and made it great. Judging by their actions its clear to see where their priorities are and I’ll never watch again. Hopefully Rachel lands somewhere good when they drop her. Between Morning Joke and upChuck Todd it’s just more right wing garbage. Get a clue, MSNBC.

  62. I’m glad that MSNBC ratings are sinking because they lost a powerful voice for the middle class Ed Schultz! I would understand if they would of did what FOX News did with Bret Baier, and have one of the time slots to be informative, but they took three hours, which is really unnecessary. If Phil griffin would stop trying to change the lineup every five seconds, MSNBC would have stronger ratings then FOX News. He is the one that needs to be fired, because he chose boring Chuck Todd over Ed Schultz!

  63. Each show after the other,regardless of host, covered the same tired, old stories in nearly the same tired, old partisan (mostly) ways and it was incredibly boring. MSNBC was the partisan left to Fox’s partisan right (and focuses mostly on minority news and viewpoints). They lost their mojo when they let Olbermann go. Just out of curiousity, where was Aljazeera in the ratings?

  64. I guess the Republican-owned networks have to do what their owners demand. They don’t want the political facts aired, if not shown from the Republican hateful, selfish viewpoint. MSNBC showed the facts. Ed Schultz is the best. Rachel seems to be bending to the pressure, instead of her good senses, though her show is still informative, if the rest of the facts are followed from elsewhere. So, their advertisers just won’t be getting aired either, and like someone else said, network news will be the death of itself. The lazy copout to prison shows on the weekend is also disgusting, as that’s when more people have the most time. How many Republican channels do they need for getting their hateful lies across?

  65. GOOD. MSNBC DESERVES TO BE LAST…..the ignorance of their NOT listening to their viewers, and to have some numbnut dickheads like chuck and joe HEAD your station only speaks VOLUMES about how little you think of your viewers… seems like the powers that be thought it would be wonderful to parrot fox “news” format…..but IT DIDN’T WORK YOU BASTARDS!!!!

  66. I can get my factual news on the computer, as the Republicans simply can’t buy everything, though the public CAN boycott much from their sponsors. But, then, they should, at least, spend some money on good entertainment shows, like “All In the Family”, and “Seinfeld”, if they are too cowardly to put on the factual news. Where ARE all these great writers these days??

    News is news. When they start slanting it too favorably toward one person or party, to the other, it’s no longer news. Then it’s called creative editorial opinions, or partisan novels. Like, when they started putting less and less coffee in the 3# can, consumers are supposed to be too stupid to notice how their greed is dragging them down to the bottom! It seems they’re looking for a rebellion!

    I actually can get along without TV, as I can find more than enough REAL, factual news on my computer, so they are actually, signing their own death warrants by playing politics with the facts!

  67. There are still a few shows that I like (Chris, Rachel, Lawrence & a few weekend shows), but I just don’t get it. We are truly at the beginning of a progressive wave in this country. Why are they doing this?

  68. msnbc has betrayed millions. they will reap what they have sown just like the GOP is experiencing right now.

  69. Really missing The Cycle, Joy Reid, Bashir and Olbermann of course. Are there really that many people who like Chuck Todd, Brian Williams or even Chris Matthews? All are quite insufferable. These guys make the Rev’s program seem like must see TV.

  70. Ed needs to be back on in Prime Time 8pm slot. Ed’s voice is a must have on issues that effect middle America.

  71. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who feels this way.. totally mad & upset -at first, it was like ‘bam!’ gone! -it slammed me so hard when I realized that they canned ED just like they did Olberman/Martin Bashir/ Ratigan/Cenk/Alex Wagner/the Cycle,and even Karen Finney on wknd (which was SUCH a breath of fresh air rather than watching ‘Prison Shows’ ALL WEEKEND!!

    I’m also gratified to know there are others out there who also despise Chuck Todd..he just grates on me so much, I can’t stand to watch him.. Joe Scarborough is a loud-mouthed hack who spends most of the 1st hour railing on the criminality of Hillary Clinton (which is then repeated each subsequent hour!) -he is so biased it is disgusting -and MIKA-what is with her? Is she so brainwashed/brain-dead from sitting so close to Joe’s screechin that she can no longer produce her own objective thinking? Joe spouts off flat-out FOX-lies & Mika just sits there & sheepishly grimaces..1-day she did it sooo much I was mad! FK Ph…

  72. -cont.) In case you couldn’t make out the last-I said: FK Phil Griffin!

    I went onto & listened to Ed’s final message to his viewers (go listen!)- was inspiring because he said he’s not giving up-he will be around for the election coverage-even if it’s only on his website (to start with?)

    After listening, tho-I was so upset & angry, I wrote a comment directed to Phil Griffin telling him what an idiot he was (in better language tho) & that also he should CAN Chuck & Joe and get ED/Keith/ Alex/the Cycle/Joy/Karen/Martin & Cenk back!!!!

    I also politely told him that perhaps, HE should have been the one to go, NOT ED!

    We should ALL go on each: MSNBC/NBC/COMCAST (GE still involved at all?) and BARRAGE them with our viewer complaint & outrage! I know such (in great volumes)has worked sometimes in past..idk-just how outraged-upset-angry are we/you? I already wrote MSNBC & now after reading your like-minded comments will write others> you …

  73. -cont.) >> You, too?

    btw–was thinking-didn’t they do this same thing to Keith Olberman just ahead of the 2008? Election, too? -or was it earlier?

    –seems kinda fishy, if so…don’t u think?

    -just sayin…

    –if so, they shouldn’t get away with it…

  74. Every single prediction of Jason Easley’s regarding the decimation of MSNBC has come to fruition. When they fired Olbermann and replaced him with O’Donnell, bad move. When they moved Ed from the 8:00 P.M. slot to the weekend, total failure. When they put Chris Hayes in the 8:00 slot, suicide. Phil Griffin is an unmitigated failure. He has been with the network since the 1990’s- when it first attempted to go right-wing. This indicates that the loathsome management of Griffin is deliberate.

  75. it’s now mid-september and MSNBC is now the channel to not go to. It’s boring, same old repetitive repeats of the little kid non-bomber has been repeated like 10 times so far because it’s a slow news day.

    This is what this channel has become an other than background noise, i rarely watch or pay attention.

    After the Trumpbates, it would have been fun to listen to the various opinions about it, but no, we’re forced to see the non-bomber story over and over. Airing it once was fine, but it’s a stupid story no one cares about, just like the 10 other storylines that are repeated over and over that no one cares about.

    A few other commenters pointed out the hosts of the past programming was the problem, not the content. There are some very good political reporters who can intelligently discuss this,so instead of hiring names that people listen to, Comcastic simply replaced everything and turned in into a non-destination. mostly, i watch cnn now since it’s not as repetit…

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