MSNBC Is Canceling Ed Schultz And Giving His Show To Chuck Todd



MSNBC is expected to announce that they are canceling Ed Schultz and giving his timeslot to Meet The Press host Chuck Todd.

Mediaite is reporting that The Ed Show along with two other programs will be canceled:

A well-placed source tells me MSNBC will announce today major changes to its afternoon lineup…arguably the most significant revamp the network has made at one time in its 19-year history.

Out: The Cycle at 3:00 PM. Now with Alex Wagner at 4:00 PM. The Ed Show with Ed Schultz at 5:00 PM (all times eastern).

In: Chuck Todd at 5:00 PM. Similar to Jake Tapper at CNN doing both weekday afternoons (hosting The Lead) and anchoring Sunday morning’s State of the Union, Todd will also continue to work weekends as moderator of Sunday’s Meet the Press. Todd’s MSNBC show will likely take on its old name The Daily Rundown, but that is not a guarantee.

With this move, the long anticipated dropping of MSNBC’s liberal programming begins. What is interesting is that Ed Schultz has often pulled better ratings that Chris Hayes and All In at 8 PM, but Hayes is a favorite of MSNBC boss Phil Griffin, while the network head has been trying to get rid of Schultz for years. Griffin first tried to dump Schultz by shuffling him off to the weekend wasteland, but after Ed’s ratings didn’t nosedive Griffin moved him back to 5 PM ET.


One of the main problems at the network is the dreadful All In, but MSNBC had decided months ago that they would be dumping their liberal hosts in favor of people like Chuck Todd. MSNBC leadership completely mistreated their liberal audience, and when the audience walked away, the network used the declining ratings as an excuse to blame liberals.

The only hosts that are safe at the network are Joe Scarborough and Rachel Maddow. With The Ed Show expected to be canceled, it won’t be long before Politics Nation with Al Sharpton is also dropped. My early guess is that Sharpton will be dropped in favor of a Brian Williams newscast at 6 PM.

Ed Schultz was a much needed liberal voice in a sea of cable news conservatives. Replacing Schultz with Todd is more than symbolism. MSNBC is making an ideological statement that liberals are out, and pandering to Republicans with Beltway conventional wisdom is in.

There is a large and grossly underserved liberal audience out there. MSNBC has decided that liberals don’t matter. Ed Schultz deserves better, and so do the liberals who believed in MSNBC.

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  1. If they think their ratings were bad MSNBC aint seen nothing yet. I have yet to meet anyone who says I got to go home and turn on Chuck Todd. Hell MTP was pre-empted by a grand prix race in Germany. The stupid continues

  2. MSNBC continues to miss read their viewers. Stupid people. I’ll only watch TRMS. Chuck Todd? Really?. Bye msnbc, I’ll miss you.

  3. My first thought: OMG. I watch the Ed Show every chance I get.

    Chuck Todd is the most insufferable talking head on the NBC slate. I cannot believe the guys at the top are so stupid that they don’t realize that the Toad will do a nosedive.

    When I listen and look at Toad, I see a guy who is clueless to the reality of the world, and eager to push the craziness of the extreme rightwing bozos.

    I guess I’ll have to find another network to sit down and watch in Ed’s time slot.

  4. The bat shit crazies already have Fox and CNN, why do they need another? And the country is moving left, not right. MSNBC’s ratings will really plummet now

  5. This is bad news. I enjoyed watching each ditched show, especially Ed. Todd is a pompous know it all. I’ll never watch his show. I sure hope Olberman comes back.
    MSNBC just made some seriously big mistakes.

  6. MSNBC leadership completely mistreated their liberal audience, and when the audience walked away, the network used the declining ratings as an excuse to blame liberals

    Sounds like your standard republican tactics- in everything.

  7. this is terrible what are they thinking. Msnbc has become political hacks, Todd is puppet man. People in high places make dumb decisions.

  8. MSNBC worships the almighty dollar and its brother the bottom line. I gave up on MSNBC a long time ago. It’s pure greed!

  9. Good luck finding another network. We are all fucked. Chuck Todd is a lighter weight than David Gregory and I didn’t think that was possible; and Brian Williams is a liar. WTF,MSNBC?

  10. This is BULLSHIT. Ed Schultz was THE voice for a big liberal audience. And Chuck TODD? The guy’s NO interviewer, and he may as well just go to FOX. He’s as Republican as they come. MSNBC made a grave error this time. They don’t like it when Ed tells it like it is, obviously, and Ed was never one of the network honcho’s favorites.

    I do love Rachael, and I’ll watch just for her. But other than that, I’m DONE with MSNBC. They’re nothing but Republican wanna-be’s, and it seems to me they’re well on their way to becoming the second Fox News.

  11. I will be gone. I watch MSNBC from Thomas Roberts to Lawrence O’Donnell, but I will be gone if you make this stupid move. THAT IS THE STUPIDEST move MSNBC CAN MAKE, Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell should be taken off the air or limited to sound bites, they want to be part of the news instead of reporting it. Joe Scarborough needs to go too. So let me see, you are keeping these jackasses with no class.

    The Ed Schultz Show, Now With Alex Wagner, The Rachel Maddow Show and All In with Chris Hayes, Hardball with Chris Matthews, Thomas Roberts are the reasons I watch MSNBC. I will be looking for something else for sure. STUPID MSNBC STUPID MOVE……………DON’T DO IT.

  12. While these changes are disturbing to say the least, if they go anywhere near Chris Mathews I will literally campaign against MSNBC!!

  13. Chuck Todd is truly an idiot.
    The war machine ownership of MSNBC is gearing up for the 2016 election.

  14. You are very right. I will not tune in to Chuck Todd. Obviously he knows how to suck up to the head honcho.

  15. Griffin put the word out a few months ago that ‘liberal’ wasn’t bringing in the viewers and the future was his favored right-wing punditry. What he probably didn’t factor in was how despised MSNBC is among right-wing viewers and it will be hard to convince them that it’s becoming a satellite station to their beloved FauxFox.

    Chuck the Toad is merely chum bait to lure the yokels as he is loved by the knuckleheads who think that MTP is fair or balanced or interesting.

    I don’t need MSNBC and they’ve made it very clear they don’t need me.

  16. Good bye MSNBC. You are filled with fools running your dumbass station.
    I am beyond disgust…
    Alex Wagner is brilliant, Ed gives me hope.
    It will be the internet for news now.

  17. People won’t watch Chuck Todd on Sundays and they will not watch him during the week. Smart move from the dummies running this network.

    They have been working on dumbing down Rachel. Last week she referred to Snot Walker as a moderate.

    I will miss Ed. I knew something was up when the repug Schlapps kept showing up. They even had that anti gay, hate group monster Sandy Rios on a couple of shows on April 1st. I kept wondering if that was some sick April fools day joke. Griffin is clueless.

  18. Agreed folks, I hope we are all in agreement we will not watch MSNBC (unless it is Rachel).
    I heard something I did not know on Thom Hartman today, apparently, under the Nixon administration they were getting FOX started, and at that time the suggestion was to call it GOP TV – Interesting.
    I am worried that soon we will not get anything but rethuglican propoganda.

  19. Why is MSNBC pandering to the conservatives? Are they paying the bills? I used to watch MSNBC all the time for the wide range of opinion they showed. The last year or so this range is diminishing. So is my watch time!

  20. The good news is Al Sharpton will be going away. The rest is this is mainstream media and it all panders to the political parties. The ONLY news worth anything is Democracy Now with Amy Goodman. The rest of the media is Chuck Todd clones, it is all an insult to call it news.

  21. I also hope Olbermann comes back, but not at MSNBC. I’m through with them trying to force feed the audience their special recipe for the crap they want to serve up! Besides, Olbermann is smarter than pretty much everyone else left at that station.

  22. I am liberal and only watched MSNBC for reliable news. CNN moved far to the right and now MSNBC is following suit. I will probably only watch Thomas Roberts and Rachel Maddow. Heck, Democracy Now is an independent news station. I always enjoyed their programming and may just watch it now for the news.

  23. MSNBC is becoming FOX News! Time to turn it off and support FStv and RT! When Ed goes I go and so will many, many others!

  24. Never has there been a worse moderator on “Meet the Press”.

    A better story would be “Chuck Todd is FIRED!”

  25. I’ve been watching a lot of MSNBC while I’m off from school this summer. I really like Alex Witt. I’m always impressed with how many smart women and ethic minorities they have on the station. But they’ve canned Martin Bashir and Joy Reid lost her show. Now Alex Witt and the Cycle gang. It they are just going to turn into the white boys like every one else, I’ll be going back to the food network in the afternoons.

  26. Don’t know why this sight keeps bashing Chris Hayes.

    I like him and think he’s a rising star.

    He and Joy Reid are good team too. Very good.

    IMO, Chris will grow into a major player and be around for many years, and he cares about working people and minorities.

    Interesting that authors take on Chris is opposite of mine. To each his own.

  27. Remember, they did this to Cenk Uygur and Martin Bashir when they dared to tell he truth and/or criticize RW darlings or insider corpo-Dems.
    Made Keith Olbermann’s job a living hell.

    I’ll be watching Free Speech TV. Other than that, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised !

  28. These moves will give Chuck Todd FIVE extra days a week to unabashedly suck to to any pol with an R after his or her name. Dumping Ed and Alex are mistakes that will be felt soon, especially when views like myself tune in only for Rachel & Keith and switch to the Test Pattern Channel for the rest of our news. Congrats MSNBC. My only question is whether you are going to become bland as CNN or as propagandistic as Fox. I won’t be there to see. You didn’t lose me as a viewer. You insulted me into leaving. I’m hoping you’ll soon envy Al jazeera America’s ratings.

  29. Truly unbelievable that MSNBC promotes Todd, who admits he doesn’t correct any guests who make misstatements. Morrow and Cronkite must be wondering what has happened to having a responsible press.

  30. Plain and simple NBC wants to cash in on the dark money that will be used to propagandize the country to believe the gazillionaires knows whats best; fear mongering their back woods ignorance.

  31. I love the Ed show. I hate that MSNBC is cancelling it. I started watching MSNBC – Countdown with Keith Olbermann – MSNBC cancelled that and I followed him to AJAM. I started watching Martin Bashir on MSNBC and he is gone. Now the Ed Show, and you are going to replace him with Chuck Todd ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Might as well watch Fox or CNN you are not offering anything new but trash

  32. I do not watch “Meet the Press” nor will I watch “The Daily Rundown”. Chuck Todd is the reason.

  33. Alex Jones Interviewed:
    “Their trying to bring back The Fairness Doctrine!”.

    Why aren’t we PUSHING for *The Fairness Doctrine* or a reasonable facsimile?

  34. Progressives should start our own network. The American Telecommunications Act of 1996 and the FCC Deregulation of 2003, has made both Cable TV and radio virtually useless. This is why progressives have fled to Social Media for news. The MSM is a virtual monopoly.

  35. Bernie Sanders Blasts MSNBC and Comcast For Canceling Ed Schultz–Removing Voice for Working America
    Sen. Bernie Sanders blasted MSNBC and Comcast for canceling Ed Schultz and removing one of the few voices for working Americans from television.

    In a statement Sen. Sanders (I-VT) said:

    We live in a time when much of the corporate media regards politics as a baseball game or a soap opera. Ed Schultz has treated the American people with respect by focusing on the most important issues impacting their lives. He has talked about income and wealth inequality, high unemployment, low wages, our disastrous trade policies and racism in America.

    I am very disappointed that Comcast chose to remove Ed Schultz from its lineup. We need more people who talk about the real issues facing our country, not fewer.

  36. Whats your point? I read the story but I bet you didn’t know this: Thanks, Obama! Jobless Claims Drop to 42-Year Low. New unemployment claims are at a 42-year low, according to new data released from the Labor department. And that doesn’t even take into account the substantial growth of the labor force in that time. Obama recovery roars again, this time even closer to full employment from economic disaster in less than seven years.

  37. The FCC should pull MSNBC’s license and shut them down. Would bet the F***ing Koch brothers are behind this.

  38. I don’t watch Meet the Press because of Hypocrite Chuck Toad. I certainly wouldn’t watch him MSNBC. Going to Miss Ed Schultz, tho.

  39. I find it exceedingly difficult to understand why MSNBC would let go of Ed Schultz who is the only one with the balls to name things what they are , and repeatedly conducts himself with integrity and conscience. To replace him with Chuck Todd is a quantum leap to the right. MSNBC leaves this liberal with nowhere to go other than Al Jazeera. I was a loyal viewer but no longer.

  40. I used to watch MSNBC back in the day, but I haven’t for ages.

    In fact, this move further cements that there is no such thing as a ‘Liberal Bias’ in the media because nearly every major news network panders to conservatives in some way, shape or form.

    Thank god for Al Jazeera America.

  41. Time to boycott MSNBC and their move toward becoming another Fox and a bought and paid for conservative propaganda machine. If it’s all about ratings, then I suggest we all give them some…. Some of the lowest they’ll ever see.

    Chuck Todd? Give me a break, this guy should replace Hannity, he’s so bad….
    I guess allowing Williams on is because he’s already shown he can lie right along with the rest of them…. Ed goes. MSNBC leaves my viewing list…

  42. Big mistake.

    Didn’t NBC News learn anything from chuck todd’s disastrous performance on Meet the Press?

    We need LESS of chuck todd, the original dim bulb.

    Keep Ed, dump chuck.

  43. this is politics plan & simple. By removing Ed MSNBC believes they will hurt Bernie who is moving up in the polls rapidly is hurting Hillary. The politics of removing ed Bernie wont have a place to go however Bernie is not afraid to speak his message is consistent. it’s Hillary who wont go before the media unscripted prescreened questions. Todd will come with his fake push polling opinionated reasoning a major lose lose for MSNBC. they should have cancelled chris hayes I don’t bother to watch him at all

  44. Thank you SarahG. You hit the nail on the head. Sadly, chuck todd is the original dim bulb . . . . his political “analysis” is rarely more than puddle deep, and it consists of him reading republican talking points. I no longer watch Meet the Press, and I won’t watch his show on MSNBC either.

  45. Too bad the author has to take a cheap shot at All In with Chris Hayes.

    While the show has struggled with ratings, I find it to be one of the smartest, most interesting cable news-opinion shows on TV.

  46. Not only did todd admit that he wouldn’t correct misstatements and lies by guests . . . . he claimed it “wasn’t his job” to tell the truth and inform his viewers.

    Sorry MSNBC, but no chuck todd for me.

  47. The Mediaite story is from Joe Concha.

    Joe Concha is the reason I stopped reading Mediaite. Unabashedly far right. So I have this feeling his “well placed source” doesn’t really exist.

    Also, the only confirmation that came out of the meeting was that Chuck Todd would be getting a political show. No indicator as to what hour that might be. Could be one of Jose Diaz-Balart’s two hours. Could be one of Thomas Roberts two hours. Chris Matthews could be taking a break since his wife is running for Congress in 2016.

    Nothing is confirmed yet, like the Mediaite article said it would. We’ll see if anything happens later in the evening I suppose… but I feel like a lot of people are getting angry over nothing right now.

  48. I love Ed Schultz. I won’t be tuning in to Chuck Todd….he’s so full of himself. What is wrong with you people?? Did you get bought out or just sell out??? Rachael will be my only MSNBC show to watch….good by!! Big mistake.

  49. big mistake, I will not be tuning in
    to see todd.. ed was a breath of
    fresh air with a different style.


  50. I’ll watch for Thomas, Rachael, Chris Matthews, Chris Hayes and Lawrence.

    Ed was a great liberal voice.
    Krystal, Ari, Abby, Tori and sometimes Steve and S.E. were very good.

  51. Are you kidding me!? What is wrong with these people—Chuck Todd is not even a light-weight! I guess the all mighty dollar wins again

  52. WTF! Are these people insane? We watch MSNBC starting with Alex and stay tuned in thru Lawrence. We sure won’t be watching that asshat Toad. Well, we can have our dinner hour back and get our news online. Maybe it will be best to just DVR the few shows we care to see.

    Follow the money – someone bought off the owners to swing right and we sure won’t swing with them!

    That’s our household of 5 voting ‘BLUE’ adults. [WINK]

  53. If I was going to miss Ed’s show I “tivoed” it. He was a refreshing voice for the regular person and spoke with conviction. I will only watch Rachel from now on. Chuck Todd is not a journalist. If he shows up to consulted I turn the show off.

  54. Just to show you that the big networks are exclusive property of the 1%. I will miss MSNBC. If Al Sharpton disappears, Rachel Maddow will be watched very closely by her bosses. One slip and she will be out. By the way, Morning Joe survives because of Mika Bredzinski and some of the show’s guests. Not too long ago, MSNBC seemed to be the common man’s pulpit but all that has been drained out by big money. Ed Schultz and Alex Wagner will be missed by many.

  55. I absolutely agree! Chuckles is a real toadie. While we’re at it, was the Al the Charatan have on Phil Griffin or whoever is making these decisions???


  57. wel I hope they are happy when the station totally tanks.. good thing you kept Rachel or I’d not bother to turn MSNBC back on .. I look forward to the facts that these two bring to the table and to look at the stupid gootee faced Chuck Todd .. nope, not happening.. I have quit watching him on Sunday unless there is a guest on I want to hear from .. but even then .. YUCKKKKKK!!! nope, you get rid of Ed – you’ve lost me.. I’m done.. I don’t care for Joe in the morning either but I’ll watch him over Chuck .. Chuck the Yuck!!

  58. They should’ve never gotten rid of Keith Olbermann. MSNBC fired the man who saved that network. MSNBC got what it deserved when they let Keith go. I won’t be watching too much anymore.

  59. Corporate America has taken over! That Toadie, Chuckles Todd, is a lousy commentator whatever his viewpoint, but he must be kissing up to somebody and the producers of MSNBC must have completely sold out to corporate America to keep him on in any capacity. And what has Al the Charlatan got on them for him to be kept on; even a brief investigation of NY politics in 70’s and 80’s show what an opportunist he is. Competent liberal commentators, Ed Schultz , Joy Reid, Martin Bashir were dumped to please the corporate world. A parttime station now, it is planning its own demise. Disgusting!

  60. You are spot on richdoll. Comcast and the corporate machine is worried about Bernie moving into the White House as our President in 2016. Ed like Bernie is a fighter for the middle class and poor. What better way to keep us at the bottom of the crab barrel than getting rid of people who speak and fight for us.

  61. Karen you hit the nail on the head. I noticed that myself. Keith Olbermann was the reason why i started watching MSNBC. When they fired Keith i followed him over to Current Tv. I started watching Martin Bashir & he got fired for making a remark about Sarah Palin “after” he apologized. Now they’re cancelling Ed Shultz’s show. I don’t too many places to go now. I won’t be watching MSNBC that much anymore.

  62. We sure dont wont Chuck Todd if so i will never watch it we like ED,Rachael,and we wont Keith and Martin

  63. Comcast and the CEO of NBC didn’t want Ed. Unlike some of the other “liberal” shows on MSNBC, ED challenged the corporate power structure and alienated too many moneyed interests.

  64. We dont wont Chuck Todd we dont like him if so i will never watch him we like Ed,Rachel,and we wont Keith also Martin

  65. I figured you crazies are running scared but the liberals are just warming up in the end you righties will all be looking for jobs

  66. The corporate elite didn’t like ED. He challenged the moneyed interests by opposing things like the TPP and Keystone Oil Pipeline, while being a strong advocate for labor and for unions. And we all know that corporate America can’t handle that.


  68. MSNBC is nuts. The Republicans don’t need another voice, they have Fox News and a bunch of newspapers all over the country. The only reason I watch MSNBC is for the Liberal side of things. You will lose a lot of viewers like me. From now on I will only watch Rachel Maddow.

  69. I will be watching FSTV and Thom Hartman, but if everyone let MSNBC know how mad they are perhaps they would come to their senses.

  70. The corporate elite didn’t like ED. He challenged the moneyed interests by opposing things like the TPP and Keystone Oil Pipeline, while being a strong advocate for labor and for unions. And we all know that corporate America can’t handle that. Furthermore, the gang at Comcast didn’t want ED opposing them with their efforts to overthrow net neutrality.

  71. I really don’t care. I don’t watch Msnbc since Keith left and when they fired Bashir I just gave up altogether

  72. Basically all of our major media, whether it is television, radio, or newspapers, are owned by about 5-6 corporations, and that includes MSNBC, which used to be owned by GE, a defense contractor among its many faces and subsidiaries, and is now owned by Comcast I believe. They are the same channel that fired its highest rated host Phil Donahue, pushed out by the very slippery Chris Matthews who was for the war in Iraq before he was never for the war and was always against it, and Jesse Ventura back in the day because they were the only 2 anti-war voices in the post 9/11 mainstream media wilderness. They are the same channel that pretty much either ignored or, like our man Chris Matthews once again, supported and cheerleaded for the TPP and TPA when it was still being debated in congress pretty much across all shows and platforms except for Ed Schultz ..

  73. .. who I have no idea how he had managed to keep his job there even up to this point other than perhaps to give the audience a few chicken nuggets of illusion of debate and democracy.
    Comcast, of course, along with pretty much all of all its investors and corporate partners and MSNBC’s sponsors and advertisers, was one of the corporations lobbying for the TPP and TTIP and probably helped write a chapter or 2 like every other major national and multinational bank and corporation. They are also the same channel that fired, in way one or another, Keith Olbermann, Dylan Ratigan, and Cenk Uygur, the only independent liberal voices they had in the last few years who also went after the Democratic establishment and all of whom, especially Keith Olbermann, brought in way higher ratings than their current lot.

  74. I don’t think they were ever a fundamentally liberal channel at all, except on some corporate-neutral social issues like gay marriage and abortion, and a more corporate-friendly view of racism and race problems in the country that generally ignores the economic system and the war on drugs.
    They are pretty much the party channel and TV headquarters of the DNC and the corporate, Wall Street wing of the Democratic party just like Fox News is the TV headquarters and party channel of the RNC, ALEC, the Chamber of Commerce and some useful Evangelical idiots.
    In my humble opinion of course.

  75. I guess I won’t be watching MSNBC any more…it’s back to PBS and nothing else. Alex is the only daily news program that my husband and I “tape” so that we won’t miss it. We also always watch The Daily Show and Fared’s GPS. After John S. and Alex W. are off, we are will be watching one hour less of commercial TV 5 days a week. I think I will use those hours to send more emails to Congress deploring their pitiful performances.

  76. What are they thinking? Joe in the morning still on, Ed off? And Chuck Todd is a moron. I don’t watch him now and will not watch his new show.

  77. But ED was one of the few who challenged corporate interests, which is likely why they got rid of him.

  78. Just what the world of journalism needs more of… fake news person Chuck Todd. At least Ed Schultz has a unique perspective that speaks to the poor and middle-class, the people who do the real work in America. And he’s not afraid to ask the tough questions to those in power. All Chuck Todd can manage is how to least offend his guests/friends so they keep coming on his… news, i guess?… program.

    Why don’t they just replace Lawrence O’Donnell with professional softball pitcher David Gregory? Or Rachel Maddow with career intern Luke Russert?

    Are we witnessing the CNN-ification of MSNBC? Or, as others have said, Fox-lite?

  79. Have watched sourfaced Morning Joe a few weeks since DirecTv pulled BBC Worldnews. It’s a sad show. Joe is puckered-faced too much. Said bye to the BBC news. Guess MSNBC is my next farewell. Fox has the audience of tightwad cheapskates (conservatives). Are they thinking at Comcast that they will attract more of the cheapskates over to MSNBC, with it’s known bias for liberals, that is hard to fathom unless the change the name to something else.

  80. I went on the Facebook page for MSNBC and a women gave out the numbers of MSNBC media relations 212-664-6605 and Phil Griffins private number 212-664-2456.

    For the heck of it I called Phil Griffin’s number and he answered! I told his my displeasure about the decision and if they out Chuck Toad I mean Todd I would stop watching msnbc. I told him I stopped watching meet the press because he was horrible. He said fir economic reasons they had the change the program. I told him the ratings will go down even more because of his actions. Then he said he had anither call and had to go! It was so much fun!

  81. Are you kidding, we despise Chuck Todd. Stopped watching Face the Nation. Comcast ruins everything they touch. USA sucks, NBC is starting to suck and seldom watch MSNBC any more. Comcast SUCKS.

  82. Chuck Todd is awful on Meet The Press. I know this may sound crazy, but I really think Jon Stewart could do a really good job on MTP.

    I really miss Tim Russert.

  83. Sad sad day…well MSNBC…you have finally lost me…and many I know…watch them ratings plummet…go suck a conservaterd slong!!

  84. …I’ve been watching from “Morning Rundown with Jose Diaz-Ballart” to “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell”… came to MSNBC while Keith Olbermann was still here…
    …and they’re gonna replace half the line-up with Chunky Toadie???
    …someone should reason with Comcast execs with a tire iron…

  85. Guess I’ll go back to watching the local news and game shows. I didn’t watch Chuck Todd when he was on all week on his morning show. I don’t watch MSNBC to see FoxNews!!

  86. Passing the Ed Show to Chuck Todd is like trading in integrity and conscience for Republican sycophancy. I too started watching MSNBC because of Keith Olberman. Hung in there for Martin Bashir, then Cenk Yugar. Losing Ed will be the last straw. So much for loyalty. All that’s left is Rachel Maddow.

  87. The Liberal media continues to be eroded by the crazies in the clown car. Why would NBC be any different than other corporate interests? Why not simply hire some of Fox’s rejects?
    I will stop watching that channel and get my news from
    the New York Times.
    There is no “Fairness doctrine”

  88. I just can’t believe it. Giving Mr. Todd two shows! Where does Chris Matthews come in on the scene?

    Is Rev. Al going to weekends only?
    Am so disappointed in MSNBC.

    Guess it’s back to Ed’s podcast for now at —wegoted

  89. Poor Ed getting the sha** again. Ed is our fighter. We need him big time.
    Keith Olberman was also the reason I watched MSNBC. He was excellent. There is talk bringing him back to the station via *Inside Cable News.” Hope it is not just a rumor.

  90. I’m really disappointed that Ed’s show is being cancelled. He covers the issues so well. He and Chris Hayes are my favorites to watch. They both have great programs. To replace Ed with Chuck Todd and Brian Williams shows their ties to corporate America.

  91. I am so glad they are getting rid of Ed Schultz. He is a blowhard. He used to be a right wing blowhard (he voted for Bush, was pro life etc on his South Dakota radio station) and then changed to a left wing blowhard. I don’t like blowhards, I like someone who knows the issues and facts. So often he has no clue what he’s talking about, and far too often he doesn’t listen to his guests responses. I find it hard to believe his ratings are better than Chris Hayes, as some claim, based on time slot alone. I will miss Alex Wagner, if it’s true her show is being cancelled. She’s great!

  92. I loved watching Ed Shutlz and Alex Wagner. They are being fired because the 1%er at the head of MSNBC is trying to control the people and control the messages they hear. This isn’t the first time this has happen I have also season progressive radio stations being dropped. So now we will have Fox News and MSNBC will be Fox News Light.

  93. Time for the Liberals to start their own medium !
    Yes we can !
    I will never watch Chuck Todd, Joe Scarborough, et al
    Haven’t watched GMJ Show for over a year, and never watched CT since he took over MTP !

  94. Grannyrod: Chuck Todd has been off the Daily Rundown since he took over Meet the Press. Daily Rundown is expanded from 9am-11am and has Jose Diaz-Bilart on it, very knowledgeable and keeps his show moving and he’s all over the country with his reporting. I like him but I see my husband tuning in to him! No fan of Chuck Todd. With politics you shouldn’t change your responses to match the guy you’re talking to OR let your guest tell lies so they’ll want to return. It’s bad reporting for your viewers who want to get it real.

  95. Joe Scarborough – Conservative
    Chuck Todd – Conservative
    MSNBC – Most Shows Now Becoming Conservative

    No longer a loyal fan. MSNBC: SHAME on you for tuning out the intelligent half of Americans. Expect Comcast to lose its “financial” shirt!!

  96. Joe Scarborough – Conservative
    Chuck Todd – Conservative
    MSNBC – Most Shows Now Becoming Conservative

    SHAME on you for turning off the many intelligent Americans.
    Expect Comcast to lose its “financial” shirt!!!

  97. Why am I not surprised?

    MSNBC has slidden downhill since they fired Keith Olbermann, then Martin Bashir.

    No need for MSNBC to compete with Faux News any longer. They are its twin.

    I’m willing to bet that Lawrence O’Donnell will be the next one to go.

    Thanks Jason Easley for this article: well-written and to the point!

  98. I totally agree as a former daily viewer of MSNBS…just got worse and worse..and MTP? Please…I realize replacing Tim would be difficult…but Chuck Todd following David? But then again, this is a company that stood by Brian Williams…and moved him to MSNBC…should have seen this coming…

  99. MSNBC going the way of Fox and CNN producing worthless propaganda.

    Ed Shultz and Rachel Maddow were all they had. Chuck Todd’s credentials as a mealy mouthed puppet are well known.

    Ed is one of the very last reasons to watch any TV news. When net neutrality is gone we will have no way of knowing the truth much like the USSR did to control citizens. Will we have to have secret shortwave radios in our closets?

  100. You are looking over the real obvious. Look up Chuck Todd. Look to see who owns NBC.
    Chuck Todd makes my skin crawl. I took MSNBC off my list of favorite channels months ago. The MSM is all the same. And controlled by the same tight little group.
    I did and do like what Rachel was allowed to do and her message and I just generally like her. But her delivery, repeating her statements over and over gets on my nerves. She is not the only one by a long shot but I don’t suffer them either. I wish it was different. I wish I was wrong. I wish there was a truly honest news channel. Some real journalists that wasn’t controlled by the same group. My Irish Granny used to tell me when I wished for the impossible, wish in one hand poop in the other, see which fills up first. We have to work to get what we want.
    I agree with Jon Steward but go a step farther, the main stream media is ALL just one huge BS mountain.

  101. sooooooo disappointing to hear Ed is being tossed out .. WHY.. and I mean WHY.. I would love those making this decision to explain that to us.. if we – Democrats don’t get out and vote our tails off this next election – pending our votes being counted correctly which I am doubting – we are only asking for what we give .. and this country is gone as we know it ..

  102. I haven’t cared for MSNBC since they got rid of Keith Olberman. Keith is the one that helped sky rocket MSMBC’s ratings. A lot of the anchors on MSNBC got their start because Keith had them on his show as guest. Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes come to mind. Now they are getting rid of Ed Schultz. If they think their ratings are in the tanker now, they keep getting rid of the voices for Liberals and moderates, they won’t have a network at all. If they think CON-servatives are going to watch their shows they are dumber Sarah Palin. Everybody that watches political networks know that MSNBC was the network Liberals and progressives watched and FOX is the network CONs and teaparty people watched. btw when the Ed show had the 8:00PM slot he did very well. Then they turned around and gave it to Chris Hayes. They’ve jerked poor Ed around so much I wouldn’t blame him if he just said screw you, I’m outta here. Whatever happens I wish Ed Schultz all the best, he is definitely a voice for the …

  103. Great….just what we need is another Fox News. Comcast owns MSNBC and they were one of the largest contributors to the Republican Party. Ed is gone, they got rid of Keith Olbermann years ago, I’m now done with MSNBC. I’ll be watching CNN. Wish you the best Ed, that’s what you get for being friends with Bernie!!

  104. This is the end of liberal news! It’s only a matter of time before they get to Rachel and Lawrence. I used to watch the entire network back in 2008. Each year since it has gradually gone to the GOP. First getting rid of Keith, then Cenk, then Martin. Now ED. Does anyone know of a liberal news station to watch or must all my news come from the internet? Corporate billionaires and their GOP party has now taken over the world. What is our next step people? We need a plan and a strategy for blocking the GOP to the Whitehouse because if they get in, that seals the deal for the Supreme Court right wing nuts, the senate, the house and state governments. America will no longer be the place for life. There will be no medicare and your social security will be privatized. Forget Obamacare, a decent wage, clean energy, any form of protection, all right wingers will be carrying guns killing everyone they don’t like and getting away with it. Wake UP!!!!!!!!!

  105. Exactly–follow the money. They have 15 candidates with billionaire sugar daddies and one who is a billionaire. Looks like MSNBC is making deliberate business decisions.

  106. I am outraged that Ed Shultz was fired. He was fired because he spoke the truth. He did not follow the corporate line. Chuck Todd is a corporate shill. Will we get any truth in the news? There is no truth on TV especially the major networks. Sunday morning is a bunch of lying bobble-heads. When is someone going to stand up and speak the truth? Only Thom Hartmann of RT TV states the real truth. Stop the lies. Enough is enough!!!

  107. The only show worth watching on MSNBC was Ed Schultz. He discussed the issues that were really important to working Americans. Bye, Bye MSNBC. Seems the one they should fire from MSNBC is Phil Griffin. with Chuck Todd re[placing Ed Schultz, we now can Meet the Republicans 5 days a week. Returning Brian williams to the lineup will be a disaster. Watching Todd and Williams is is about as exciting as watching two flies f@#k.

  108. The only options left are Free Speech and Link TV. They need all the support we can give them. No more MSNBC!

  109. I am totally taken by surprise with this move. I watch Big Eddie every day and when I can’t watch O record it for later. Morning Joe sucks, Andrea Mitchell the same. Rachel, Ed, Chris and Chris, Lawrence and even Alex are the best. I always watched MSNBC for my news because they didn’t lie to you but I guess I will have to find another venue. Chuck Todd is so awful I quit watching Meet the Press so I sure won’t be watching during the week. Ed should have been in the 8:00 o’clock slot!

  110. It’s the money they have bought everybody out and they can’t have anyone telling the truth about what they are doing. We have to get a president that can’t be bought . But if you start looking at those that have talked; the Koch bros and etc buying us out to be stupid slaves for them, A lot of them have mysterious early deaths. George Carlin had them nailed over twenty years ago. And he had I think it was an accident—Hmmmm. Hopefully they will let Ed have his retirement .Look guys this is the new world order. sounds crazy but it is not. Listen to Carlin’s video about the power people at the top…

  111. Because the American public just can’t get enough of Chuck Todd, that ratings monster, can they? Ed Schultz may not pull huge ratings, but at least he’s interesting and tells the truth about things.

  112. Chuck Todd replacing Ed Schultz!! Are you kidding me? There is no comparison. Todd is not an anchor, doesn’t ask real questions because he doesn’t want to make waves. Ed Schultz always tries to get to the bottom line of the story.
    If I wanted to watch news, I would change to CNN, HLN, BBC. MSNBC gave me a variety of shows to watch with a variety of anchors and their perspective of a story.
    I never watch Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” on Sunday morning. Why would I watch him 5 days a week?

  113. When you have a monopoly on what is shown on tv you can do anything you want:( Doesn’t mean you cant drop Comcast to let them know how you feel!

  114. Rachel is the only independent journalist left worth watching on MSNBC. Chuck Todd is a puppet (like Fox ) that I refuse to watch.

  115. Corporate America has won. Ed Schultz was the only host who supported Bernie Sanders’ candidacy. All the others are backing Clinton as she clearly is the Democratic candidate corporations and banks will underwrite.

  116. SHAME on MSNBC!!! Ed speaks for the people, and you jerks cancel him? That’s it for me. I won’t watch you anymore.

  117. Exactly! Miss Tim Russert? Why?! He always went soft on Republicans and attacked Democrats full-force, yet I’ve read many posts by self-proclaimed Liberals and Democrats waxing poetic about Russert’s days at Meet the P(ropagandists)ress. Ugh.

  118. I believe you mean Alex Wagner: NOW with Alex Wagner. That show along with The Cycle and Ed Schultz are being canceled.

    I, personally, don’t like Alex Witt. She’s a bit too center-right for me. She’s on in the weekends only or sometimes she sits in for others in the morning lineup, but she’s usually only on in the weekends.

  119. If they take Ed off and replace him with Todd, I will be done watching msnbc. Ed is one that just doesn’t report hell he goes out in the field and finds out what is really going on. My opinion is they are doing this for the repukes. to get more talk about them and promote them for the upcoming election. Ed is a known Democrat and that is why they are getting rid of him. I will be done with this station. Just like Fox, poison

  120. Is MSNBC trying to lose all it’s evening
    viewers. I love Ed Schultz. He’s the voice of the people. Chuck Todd is the owner’s pet and not really very good. If Ed goes off, I will consider their five o’clock spot to be a total blank space. And, the same if they drop Al Sharpton. All That will be left is Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow (my favorite) and Laurence O’Donnell.

  121. I gave up meet the press and now I am just about finished with MSNBC. I guess
    Aljezerra here I come. Getting rid of Ed
    for Chuck sucks

  122. Well if they do this there ratings will go down and I for one will not watch Chuck Todd I feel he is just boring to listen to and his slant on the democrat’s in my opinion is more in line with the GOP line

  123. MSNBC should fire everyone working on @EdShow EXCEPT Ed Shultz!!

    Since a shake up some months ago — I marked by how my almost daily, middle of the road socially liberal ‘live and let live’, fiscally conservative ‘pinch every penny’ Democrat tweets shared at the bottom of #EdShow screen STOPPED — the shows issues chosen and seemingly even Ed Shultz team player persona and Democrat positions disappeared!

    I believe that’s when the Ed Show hired; let a wolf into the hen house, a Fox News employee!!!

    Since Ed and guests have been doing FoxNews job i.e. bash’n and Call’n out fellow Democrats. Includ’n President Barack Obama & Presidencial candidate Hillary Clinton!

    Attention MSNBC!

    Fire entire Ed Show Crew except Ed Shultz; hire True Blue #UniteBlue Democrats, and stop put’n lying Far NOT Right Fox News people on MSNBC Payroll!!

    Peace, John

  124. MSNBC should fire everyone working on @EdShow EXCEPT Ed Shultz!!

    Since a shake up some months ago — I marked by how my almost daily, middle of the road socially liberal ‘live and let live’, fiscally conservative ‘pinch every penny’ Democrat tweets shared at the bottom of #EdShow screen STOPPED — the shows issues chosen and seemingly even Ed Shultz team player persona and Democrat positions disappeared!

    I believe that’s when the Ed Show hired; let a wolf into the hen house, a Fox News employee!!!

    Since Ed and guests have been doing FoxNews job i.e. bash’n and Call’n out fellow Democrats. Includ’n President Barack Obama & Presidencial candidate Hillary Clinton!

    Attention MSNBC!

    Fire entire Ed Show Crew except Ed Shultz; hire True Blue #UniteBlue Democrats, and stop put’n lying Far NOT Right Fox News people on MSNBC Payroll!!

  125. In full disclosure I am a liberal.I also I am fan of Ed Schultz, I have met him and I think he did a great radio show and a good TV show. All that being said I know people irl who are posting articles about Big Eddie being canned who could never watch his show because the don’t pay for cable or don’t own a TV. I don’t think that’s a bad lifestyle choice but when you as a potential audience members has moved on to new media it’s a bit disingenuous to be upset that MSNBC is making this move.The cable news audience across the board tips older and whiter. Those people tend to be more conservative than the population. The minority, maybe a large minority of those 60 and up who support liberal policies, my parents included, are not enough to support the network w/o younger viewers and despite all attempts that has not happened.

  126. I am very diappointed that his show is being dropped and I only watch mnorning Joe because of Mika, but I watch Ed, Al Sharpton, and Rcachel.
    If they drop the ED show they will lose al ot of audience. I Chuk
    Tood needed to stay on run down he is not that great on meet the press.

  127. Ed has been great. No, more than great! Sometimes a bit narrow-minded but definately provided a much needed narrative. I won’t name names, but I could list at least 3 or 4 others that I could live without on MSNBC. Take care ED and stay on the air somewhere.

  128. Karen, MSNBC is keeping rigt winger Joe Scarbourough. As been pointed out by others, they have fired Martin Bashir and Keith Olberman, two of my favorite hosts. Then they put David “I never challange a republican liar” Gregory. Then they put Chuck Todd in his place. Todd was betterbutalso show favoritism to Rpublican guests and allowed right wing female panelists to shout down other guests. MSNBC is not leaning foward; the network is leaning to the far right.

  129. As I understand it ….. the ‘RING OF FIRE’ webcast site will be expanding it’s video commentaries of Ed Schulze. There are several ‘RING OF FIRE’ venues to visit and to subscribe to on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It also has it’s own separate website, ofcourse. It is an EXCELLENT forum for TRUE Progressives / Liberals. Check it out …. tell your friends ….. and watch/read/listen to IT instead of to MSNBC.

  130. Anyone who wants to know about the canning of Ed Schulze should direct their ire and/or questions directly TO Phil Griffin ….. on his DIRECT LINE:

    (212) 664-2456


  131. With these cancellations MSNBC won’t be much of a network any longer might as well change the name to FOXNBC….. Chuck Todd, Brian Williams really? Give me a break bad enough I have to swallow Morning Joe lose him and the show would actually be intertaining! Rather watch local news now.

  132. I’m through with MSMBC, I loved Ed’s show, he spoke the truth for the people, Why get rid of all the good ones, which you are doing one by one? I suppose Rachel Al,Chris and Laurence will be next? Ed gave good truthful news My heart just aches to think the good guys will be gone.

  133. If MSNBC takes this action, they can expect to lose large numbers of viewers, including me. I will NOT watch Chuck Todd. Look before you leap !

  134. This is really sad … MSNBC has kept me breathing for the last several years … Was a nice counter to RW Fox … We are gonna Zero representation now with MSNBC decision to move right … REALLY SAD

  135. I can’t believe that MSNBC is giving Chuck Todd a show….I can’t think of anyone less interesting or more annoying to watch than Chuck Todd…OMG! Letting Ed Schultz go is disappointing and disheartening. He was one of the few people giving voice to labor and middle class issues. I guess MSNBC has decided to become a CNN knockoff. I won’t be watching Mr.Todd..that’s for sure.

  136. If this is the way MSNBC is going, I am getting rid of it for good. If I do not watch any Fox, I do NOT need disgusting Chuck Todd.No more American networks. BBC and Aljazeera for me.

  137. I guess it doesn’t matter anymore if I watch Fox in general which has been a commitment of mine for many years. I still thought we had another source for a balance of news. I guess I have been wrong and feel like a fool for staying with MSNBC these many years. You (MSNBC or Comcast and NBC) had me fooled but you just lost me and I am sure many others. At least we know where you are coming from. Thanks for that.

  138. Spot on! If y’all keep firing the people who actually speak UP…and then the listeners walk away? What do you expect? You wanna be more leaning toward “FAUX-Lies” coverage? Y’all think THIS helps the country? Good-bye…MSNBC.

  139. And P.S. Chuck Todd makes my flesh crawl! He has always made my flesh crawl! He should just fight/opt for a contract at FAUX-Lies…where he really WANTS to be…and we all “wish he would go!

  140. Free Speech TV is a great channel for real news. Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartman and Amy Goodman are just a few of the shows. They rely on viewer support and have NO advertisers. Lets channel our energy and money to a liberal network that already exists. If your cable provider doesn’t carry the channel you can view live streaming at LETS DO THIS!!!

  141. I am shocked but not surprised by the decision. I have very rarely donated money to a political cause in fact i have never given more than 10 dollars to any candidate. I am now behind sanders all the way and am donating 100 dollars to his campaign in the name of mr shultz. keep going ed!

  142. It is THRILLING to be rid of blowhard Ed. He’s a cartoon character, like Foghorn Leghorn. I get that it’s his job to be deep into his own doctrine, as are all commentary show hosts. But he’s so extreme as to be unwatchable in more than a few short glances, and has the ratings to prove it.

  143. Peggy Miley, I thought I was the only one yelling at my tv screen about Rev Charlatan’s inability to read the teleprompter. Can’t believe Phil is letting Ed go, but is keeping “dem, dat, and does.”

  144. Phil Griffin needs to hire Stephanie Miller and her radio crew to fill the night slot currently occupied by “Locked UP.”

  145. I am so disappointed – I
    will not watch Chuck Todd. Sorry but MSNBC is going “down the tubes” with your lates moves.
    Thanks Ed Schultz for all your great shows and trying to help the middle class.

  146. With the Ed Show cancellation, now there is a chance of less than zero to tuning in to MSNBC. Ed Shultz is actually the quarterback of the network as he has echoed many, many sentiments of the average person! Personally, I do not care whether his viewing audience was 1/2 million or 1/2 billion. The bottom line is that he makes his point clearly and decisively, unlike many, many others who have not been impressive in the media. MSNBC will always be remembered for the Ed Show and The Last Word. Anytime, you want the truth, tune in to these two individuals, Ed Shultz and Lawrence O’Donnell, and you will get the truth, and if there is an error on their part, believe you me that they will correct it without hesitation!!!

  147. And do we really believe that the Clinton machine had nothing to do with Ed Schultz being cancelled? MSNBC has long been the lap-dog of the DNC and the Clintons just as FOX is of the GOP. Ed was often, and rightfully, critical of Hillary the Anointed, and that upset them. So now they’ll have their own personal Hillary-bot, Chck Todd, to do the cheerleading – and whitewashing -for her.
    Will anyone be watching? Only the other Hillary-bots. Chuck Todd is about as interesting as a plate of raw liver.

  148. “Much needed liberal voice”? All of the mainstream media is liberal. Well I guess with that as the standard, then Ed to be considered “liberal” in a sea of liberal media he must be uber-liberal. I long for the days when people would simply report the news rather than injecting their own personal opinions.

  149. I am done with MSNBC!!!! Ed is the only one with fire in his belly and gets his message out. Joe in the Morning I CAN’T STAND. He never let’s anyone speak, all he does is talk about him self in the Congress. Get over it Joe you haven’t been in Congress for years. He thinks he is the only one with answers and speaks the truth. Far cry from it. Bye, Bye MSNBC.

  150. I am very extremely disappointed for removing The Ed Shults show…The elite couldn’t take the truth…Well no more watching MSNBC for me.You can have it!!!!

  151. Ok MSNBC…Your keeping Joe who was dating his intern and she winds up dead in one of his office Chuck Todd who can’t ask a hard question because he thinks no one will show up on MEET the PRESS and reward this fool with another time slot…Really…Damn MSNBC….I have to watch CNN…Really

  152. Since you have cancelled the Big Ed Show , I no longer watch MSNBC until Rachel comes on. Who owns MSMBC, the Republicans Murdoch and Ales??? You must be out of your mind. I hope Big Ed finds another station.

  153. I was disappointed at them too for cancelling Keith and now they are doing it to Ed I am leaving them too, not contributing to their ratings; I hope others will follow. I was planning to use Comcast for my internet and TV service but I am now having second thoughts.

  154. I stopped watching MSNBC when you let Keith go. Then one day I found BIG Ed and back I came. I was a loyal listener by also watching Rachel and Lawrence. Now I am leaving again and I wont be back until Big Ed is back, and it looks like it is not going to happen. Why don’t you change your call letters from MSNBC to FOX2. I hope Big ED finds another station. I am sure Murdoch and Ales had something to do with it. I am also sure they are also trying to turn us into Republicans and that wont happen either, If they are supporting one of those 16 that I saw on the debate, lots of luck. I am sure they will chase Trump to start a new party. They can thank Megan Kelly for that. Go get Donald.

  155. We have MSNBC on from Mornings with Joe through TRMS. While I did get aggravated with the repetitiveness on each show, I felt that the liberal views were being represented and were a good foil against the right wing craziness. TRMS is about the only show that didn’t repeat everything that was on all the previous shows. Ed Schulz was the voice of the working man and continually supported their causes. With the exception of TRMS, MSNBC has lost two more loyal viewers. Comcast has dipped it’s fingers into one too many cookie jars. BIG mistake..BIG..HUGE!!

  156. MSNBC6 dares to be a liberal org with smart, top-notch pundits like Olberman, Schultz, Wagner, etc. The station wants to be Fox-like, hence rightys, Scarborough and Todd, who is a bore.
    If Chris M, Larry & Rachel go, me too!

    ll lv


    ‘ headed to righty terriotory Scarborough is a know-it all righty

  157. I cannot believe the Ed Schultz has been cancelled. He is good. Same as David Gregory. What has Msnbc done. I cannot believe Chuck Todd is taking over. I don’t watch Meet the Press anymore. It is terrible. I will be going over to CNN.

  158. I agree with all the statements above; I can’t stand and won’t watch Chuck, who refuses to correct guests’ mistakes–why is that NOT part of his job! And I really respect Ed, but I guess he’s too authentic for a dyed-in- the-wool program that purports to be progressive…Ed is so honest that he took himself off for a few days when he thought he had said something untoward; and although he initially supported TPP (or was it the XL pipeline–or both?), he admitted on air he was wrong, explained his new thinking, and explained why he had changed his opinion. How many news people or political figures EVER admit their mistakes? IMO, those are ground enough for keeping him and affording him the respect he has earned. I will now be limited toRachel andLawrence! Oh,well, I need to read more, anyway…

  159. PS I also agre with those who are baffled about the removal of Joy Reid, Alex Wagner, and Krystal Ball—all very bright, thoughtful, professional, knowledgeable, and valuable contributing members of programs, but, for some unknown (to me) reason, didn’t meet Mr. Griffin’s right-pandering standards.

  160. I agree with all the above comments about both Chuck Todd and Ed Schultz. Ed is one if the reasons I watch MSNBC; he is REAL and authentic, and I’d willing to admit when he feels he is wrong. Once, when he felt he had made an uncalled for comment, he took himself off the show for a few days as “punishment.” And although he initially supported the Keystone Pipeline, after he read and thought more about it, he changed his mind and admitted on his program that he had been wrong! How many pols or pundits are capable of or willing to do that? Ed’s humility and honesty should be enough to keep him on forever! I will henceforth watch only Rachel and Lawrence; oh, well, I need to read more books anyway. And I suspect MR Griffin will regret this move (as well as his canning of Joy, Alex, and Krystal)–if he is as big a man as Ed and I’d able to admit his mistakes.

  161. MSNBC you SUCK !!! I will never watch another show on this network EVER AGAIN.
    The Ed Show was the best on air. Ed is a great human being. Regardless who you put in that time slot, Chuck Todd (Loser!!) or
    whomever….I won’t be watching.

    You need to FIRE the IDIOTS making decisions for this network…ahh, never mind…I won’t be there to see it anyway.
    Bye bye forever….hello CNN.

  162. I tuned in for Keith O,Rachel M,Alex W,Lawrence and Chris. Great group with knowledge,guts,great points,sharp opinions and overall chutzpah. Phil Griffin is a JERK sucking up to conservatives and puckering up to kiss their asses. Don,t muzzle Rachel or Lawrence Since you fired everyone else. I was a product of the 60,s and as I get older and a bit wiser I became a center left person. Still liberal and appreciating the people listed above as some of my news sources. I read the New York Times and sometimes the Washington Post. That,s where I get the bulk of my news from. You,Mr bust up the shows Griffin,are a panderer of the first class. You will turn MSNBC into a satellite of Fox news. Chuck Todd is a nebish with little passion and let them off the hook attitude. I will watch only Rachel,Chris and Lawrence. If you take their voices away I will never watch MSNBC again.Pleasant nightmares Mr. Griffin.

  163. You are taking the best MSNBC show off the air if you take away Ed Schultz. I will not be fallowing much on your channel. Maybe you should put Ed on at a time when more people can watch. 9 PM would be good. Ed covers subjects no one else will touch. Keep him on.

  164. Bring Ed back!!! I will not bash others but you are losing a valued and smart person in Ed Schultz. I will not feel much need to fallow MSNBC with out your calling card Ed.

  165. It’s to bad that these networks only think of there bottom lines, And not the people who have been loyal viewers and employees of msnbc. In my mind you get what you deserve in the end. I will miss you ED!!!! but I will not miss msnbc, your new right hand of fox news.

  166. Ed was one of the reasons I watched MSNBC. He’s seasoned and has a head on him. Yeah, he goes out there sometimes, but he’s on point mostly. Too bad they didn’t get rid of that derelict, Al Sharpton. He not only sounds drunk all the time, he is extremely annoying, and I always change the channel.

  167. Letting Ed Schultz go was the “last straw” for me! Such a travesty to public news…NBC and Comcast need to know many of us are intelligent and don’t like the tactics of upper management. I wish Ed Schultz the best where ever he goes. Always had our back!!! Honest, and tells it like it is… “Let’s get to work”! America continues to fall apart!

  168. What a shame to take a program like Ed Schulz off the air that is willing to share the truth with its viewers.

  169. At first I thought this was some kind of April Fool’s joke! Ed Schultz is one of the few substantive programs on MSNBC, and Chuck Todd is such a lightweight when it comes to all things political or news worthy. It looks like Andrew Luck is determined to drive MSNBC into the ground with Todd and Lyin’ Brian Williams. Sell your Comcast stock now!!!

  170. Well, guess the right-wing psychos have bought another station. Ed was the only show I watched to get the “real” news. Now it only pandering to Repubs. Disgusting!!
    Sad, sad world where they can buy all the airtime and try to fool all the people. No integrity left anywhere???
    No Ed, no viewer.

  171. Ed is the only one who tells it like it is. To sell out to the Repugs is disgusting!
    They can’t make anything work, so just throw lots of money around and try and buy people’s morals and ethics.
    Is there no place to go now to get the “real” news?
    Guess no one will ever know the true goings on and how corrupt the right-wing is.
    So very sad.
    Hope people are smarter and can see through this and somehow get the true stories.
    Ed – an honest man who tells it like it is.
    MSNBC – money grubbing weaklings selling out to the liars.

  172. Because of Morning Joe, the Koch Brothers influence over MSNBC and Chuck Todd, I will no longer be watching MSNBC. This was the worst Meet the Press interview I have ever seen in my life. Two clowns blabbing nonsense back and forth for what seemed hours made me ill. It was like watching an episode on Saturday Night Live that was not funny. Todd seemed giddy at times, as well as, star struck. What a joke!

  173. When chuck todd opens his mouth I change the channel.I’m online searching for Alex Wagner, and now I see daytime MSNBC is being gutted. I’m devastated….

  174. I have been loyal to MSNBC for years. You have now gone too far by dropping Ed for Chuck Todd. How sad!!! I am out. I will not be back until Ed comes back.

  175. So sorry that MSNBC has become the new Fox, they are keeping information away from citizens of the U.S. So that they can hijacked the election my last day watching MSNBC.

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