MSNBC Is Canceling Ed Schultz And Giving His Show To Chuck Todd


MSNBC is expected to announce that they are canceling Ed Schultz and giving his timeslot to Meet The Press host Chuck Todd.

Mediaite is reporting that The Ed Show along with two other programs will be canceled:

A well-placed source tells me MSNBC will announce today major changes to its afternoon lineup…arguably the most significant revamp the network has made at one time in its 19-year history.

Out: The Cycle at 3:00 PM. Now with Alex Wagner at 4:00 PM. The Ed Show with Ed Schultz at 5:00 PM (all times eastern).

In: Chuck Todd at 5:00 PM. Similar to Jake Tapper at CNN doing both weekday afternoons (hosting The Lead) and anchoring Sunday morning’s State of the Union, Todd will also continue to work weekends as moderator of Sunday’s Meet the Press. Todd’s MSNBC show will likely take on its old name The Daily Rundown, but that is not a guarantee.

With this move, the long anticipated dropping of MSNBC’s liberal programming begins. What is interesting is that Ed Schultz has often pulled better ratings that Chris Hayes and All In at 8 PM, but Hayes is a favorite of MSNBC boss Phil Griffin, while the network head has been trying to get rid of Schultz for years. Griffin first tried to dump Schultz by shuffling him off to the weekend wasteland, but after Ed’s ratings didn’t nosedive Griffin moved him back to 5 PM ET.

One of the main problems at the network is the dreadful All In, but MSNBC had decided months ago that they would be dumping their liberal hosts in favor of people like Chuck Todd. MSNBC leadership completely mistreated their liberal audience, and when the audience walked away, the network used the declining ratings as an excuse to blame liberals.

The only hosts that are safe at the network are Joe Scarborough and Rachel Maddow. With The Ed Show expected to be canceled, it won’t be long before Politics Nation with Al Sharpton is also dropped. My early guess is that Sharpton will be dropped in favor of a Brian Williams newscast at 6 PM.

Ed Schultz was a much needed liberal voice in a sea of cable news conservatives. Replacing Schultz with Todd is more than symbolism. MSNBC is making an ideological statement that liberals are out, and pandering to Republicans with Beltway conventional wisdom is in.

There is a large and grossly underserved liberal audience out there. MSNBC has decided that liberals don’t matter. Ed Schultz deserves better, and so do the liberals who believed in MSNBC.

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