The Real Dr. Ben Carson Finally Stands Up


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I have it on good authority that a Muslim must never be president of the United States. None other than kindly old Doc Carson uttered this imperative on “Meet the Press” last Sunday. Quote, “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation.” I absolutely would not agree with that.” He further said he believed that Islam was “inconsistent with the values and principles of America” and inconsistent with the U.S. Constitution. Carson’s stethoscope may be pinching his brain a bit too hard, given the fact that there is no religious litmus test in the constitution. Article six if you’re interested.

Carson one-upped a recent comment by (two guesses) yes, Donald Trump, who yammered something a few days ago in New Hampshire that went like this: “We have a problem in this country … It’s called Muslims.” He said that President Barack Obama is a Muslim. Trump answered, “We need this question.” He also failed to correct the Obama as Muslim statement.


Predictably, a Muslim civil rights organization had a quick comeback. Nihad Awad, Executive Director of the “Council on American-Islamic Relations” opined in effect, that there should never be a retired neurosurgeon named Ben Carson in the White House and he should immediately apologize and drop out of the race. I’ve not heard any reaction to Trump from the group but that’s most likely a product of the irrelevance of the Trump candidacy and not something he may have said.

Republican candidate responses to the Carson comments were varied. Quotes ranged from Trump’s xenophobia to Ted Cruz’ surprising defense of the right of anyone of any religion to run for the highest office in the land, compliments of the constitution. Bobby Jindal gave a qualified OK to a Muslim president as long as he/she was sworn in with a hand squarely on a bible as opposed to a Koran.

Lindsey Graham called for a Carson apology, probably figuring the Muslim vote would vault him above his 1% level in many Republican polls. His position is certainly not going to gain him many Republican votes. A CNN/ORC poll found 43% of Republican voters are still convinced Obama is a Muslim. A Public Policy Polling Poll hiked the figure up to 54% of Republican voters. Carson is on very safe ground within the party.

Perhaps Carson prefers balkanization, splitting the regions into religious fiefdoms, each with their own acceptable president. It’s been tried before, though retention of slavery was the core issue. From 1861-1865, 11 Southern states eventually separated themselves from a total of 36 states in America by the end of the Civil War. Georgia was the last state to rejoin the fold some five years after the war ended.

Politically, Carson’s strategy is pretty transparent. Like Trump, he’s starting his inevitable downward slide in the polls. Other than his awesome accomplishment of separating conjoined heads and performing some highly delicate brain surgeries, there is little to recommended Carson to the presidency. He still appears to know next to nothing about running the country. His election appeal is his parallel track with the far right of the Republican Party.

He’s a very recent signee on the Republican bottom line. He no longer practices medicine. He retired in 2013. He officially joined the Republican Party less than a year ago, November 4, 2014. Late arrival notwithstanding, politically he’s exactly where he belongs.

His political views are a combination of extreme and hypocritical. Like I said, he’s exactly where he belongs. He was highly critical of the Planned Parenthood video that referenced an alleged fetal procedure that nobody seems to be able to verify. Dr. Jen Gunter’s blog reveals that Carson, himself, was once involved in research involving two fetuses aborted in the ninth and 17th week of gestation. He’s partaken of the very research he hypocritically renounces when similar research was supposedly connected to Planned Parenthood.

Here are some other Carson beliefs as gleaned from his own words quoted at the “On the Issues” site. He’s a free market guy, though ironically he blames deregulation for the 2008 economic meltdown. And, he’s right. Regulators effected little of what their title suggests, letting greedy and, in many cases, law-breaking financial institutions get away with fiscal explosions of greed. Conservatives are uncomfortable with that stand, but support free markets that in fact wish to be devoid of any government regulatory interference. You can’t have it both ways, doctor.

He once made this statement on the Sean Hannity show on Fox: “Marriage is between a man and a woman. It’s a well-established, fundamental pillar of society and no group, be they gays, be they NAMBLA, be they people who believe in bestiality — it doesn’t matter what they are, they don’t get to change the definition.”

He later apologized, but that’s a bell that cannot be un-rung. Needless to say, he opposes ‘gay marriage’ the law of the land.

He claims that school choice increases the competitive nature of education. Not a word about Republican legislators continually cutting funds to public schools, a move that does nothing to increase the “competitive nature of education.”

Don’t expect any meaningful White House action on climate change, pollution or environmental initiatives. He says the climate debate is distracting and irrelevant. That comment can only be interpreted as ignorant, with no knowledge of the subject matter. The multiple crises of Artic Sea Ice, Rain Forest destruction, huge Greenhouse impacts, increasing temperatures and rising sea levels, among thousands of climate concerns, would be ignored by this guy.

He dismisses U.S. poverty rates by comparing them to the billions of impoverished in India and Africa. What a thoughtful solution for America’s poor.

Carson believes in U.S. “exceptionalism” with different values than the rest of the world. In an ironic way that Carson couldn’t possibly understand, he’s absolutely right.

He says all his major decisions are “Made by God.” I wonder if that included committing plagiarism in a college psychology course. In 2013 he decided not to run for any office, but hinted “God may call me.” I wonder if the word came by email or phone.

Props for a distinguished medical career, but I sure don’t want this neurosurgeon operating out of the White House.

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  1. [..Donald Trump, who yammered something a few days ago in New Hampshire that went like this: “We have a problem in this country … called Muslims.” He said that President Barack Obama is a Muslim.]

    An unknown man in the audience made those statements. Trump didn’t object or correct the man. In fact, he’s been making light of the situation by saying that this time he got in trouble for NOT saying anything.

    Other than that, I wish I hadn’t read this article. It’s like a really grotesque Twilight Zone episode, and I can’t un-think that image of President Dr. Ben Carson.

    Thank you, Dennis, for undoing months of therapy ?.

  2. I’m sorry but that guy is an idiot. If he is a neurosurgeon, he is an “idiot-savant” neurosurgeon. He doesn’t even believe in evolution.

  3. i heard about dr carson years ago. he was this guy who came from nothing to being a highly regarded brain cutter! serious f’ng stuff. but where in the hell this disconnect by him, and his b.s., is one for the psychology books. its so weird when you hear blacks like him and Clarence Thomas [serious, supposedly smart guys] say the same stuff about others. that they themselves would be described as, not long ago. the gop and the wasps wouldn’t let either into any of their whitey country clubs. except to caddy. talk about dis-morphia…

  4. Eighty years ago, black children were being told that they could never be president because they were not white enough. Now – with a black president, a conservative says Muslim children should have no chance to become president because they aren’t Christian enough.

    Now, that’s what I call progress- Republican style!

  5. What’s stunning to me is I’ve seen more than one of his bumper stickers on cars probably more him than any other republican candidate.

    No joke.

  6. He must have forgotten about the racist remarks and prejudice he must have experienced growing up being black, to now saying the things he does now. I guess when they say Money Corrupts is oh so true, as we now see in Ben Carson.

  7. Ben Carson may be brilliant, yet, he lacks the more important: Emotional Intelligence.

    The GOP and their flock all seem to lack emotional intelligence.

  8. “The only way Ben Carson is going to the White House is to sign up for a tour. ”

    I love it! Thanks for the early morning chuckle. :-)

  9. I don’t think he will be in the running for very long, there just is not ‘there’ there.
    An interesting letter this am in the UK Guardian from a man who works in the senate
    dining room, feeding these idiots, he begs
    the Pope to give a mention to those who work for starvation wages while the senators
    live and eat like kings, this man lives on $13.00 per hour (in Washington).

  10. Token doesn’t understand that his sole purpose is so the racists of the GOPTea and their base can point to him and say “See?! We’re not racists!”

  11. Low energy. How can he be inspiring? Plus, he is cuckoo. There are a number of repug doctors in Congress now and most of them are nuts.

  12. Dr Ben Carson is no doubt one strange ranger. Four years ago I would have had a WTF moment on learning of his candidacy. this is the kind of thing that happens, I suppose when disaffected people buy into the propaganda of the right wing. The disaffected were emboldened and encouraged by Fox News which is the real surprise to me still. This reactionary propaganda channel is responsible for a lot of this stuff. Carsons ideas should bring nothing but laughter. We all know the moronic positions he has taken and the preposterous things he has said should absolutely disqualify him from ever holding elected office anywhere. The RW though loves this guy. I still can not believe he is going anywhere once the voters hear this guys musings about policy. The RW did this to itself by misinforming its base constantly as it has. great guy Carson. He will keep spewing garbage and he will fade away. That’s what I think anyway. We got this guys if we just get out and vote like in 2012.

  13. Surgeons are mechanics for the human body. Once a medical student knows they want to be a surgeon, their medical training becomes very specific. Your regular doctor knows incalculable amounts more medical knowledge than a surgeon does because their training is broad while a surgeons is specific to specializing in particular type of surgery, a specific region of the body and/or a specific body part. Surgeons focus on one thing so that can do that one thing perfectly. They need to be able to perform these operations with textbook accuracy and be so familar with it that they could do it in their sleep and it’s a major skill. However, being a neurosurgeon does not automatically make you brilliant. It just makes you really, really good at neurosurgery.

    And the last thing you want as a surgeon is empathy. They need to view the very human being on their table as a puzzle, a machine, parts that need repairing/replacing.

    A neurosurgeon without empathy does not a president ma…

  14. Carson is nothing but an Uncle Tom-a black man who made it big in a white society who was given every opportunity to be successful based upon the color of his skin, and became the successful black man he is today due to Democratic policies. He was raised by a single mother in a tax-payer funded housing project; was fed by the food stamp program; Medicaid paid to maintain his health; and he certainly took advantage of his education with the affirmative action policies established and passed by the Democrats to get into college and then medical school…He exemplifies the highest form of hypocrisy that I have ever seen in any human being..and he is running to be President on what kind of platform?

  15. Worked in Hosp. and Clinics part of my life. most people who have not worked with Dr’s do not understand Dr’s have a God complex. They demand what they need and it is supplied.(in surgery, on the floor, in the lab, in xray) all depts. are the realm of the DR. All jump when he or she asks for what ever. Sooo Dr Carson is just being a normal DR.Not getting it that NOW he is just an ordinary human.

  16. Correct on all points SunnyDay. But they still have a GOD COMPLEX. The DR snaps fingers and all jump to fill his demand. That, is just the way it works.

  17. The GOP will never allow another African American into the White House, unless he’s part of the cleaning crew. Carson is being used, and he’s no real threat to anyone. They are just about through with him, anyway. Likewise, Trump is another tool. He’s the one drawing all the attention to the GOP. But they will never give him the nomination. I predict he ends up suing them, like he does everyone else. I hope he wins big and drains them dry. The GOP is the party of yesterday, and the worst of what America stands for.

  18. …well, Dr. Carson may well be a brilliant Neurosurgeon…separating conjoined heads is indeed outstanding work…but outside o’ his field Carson is a hypocritical arrogant irrational willfully ignorant soul-less creature entirely lacking in empathy, humanity, and ANY knowledge o’ how this country actually works…
    {{{did I mention he’s hypocritical???}}}

  19. A racist is a racist is a racist and there is no way in he// racist want to replace the black prez they sooo hate with another black man & that is why they place HP wrecker,Carly in 2nd place for now.

  20. I was in a doctor’s office last week where another patient said that she would vote for Carson because he is a gentle man who cares about people.

    I could not help laughing.

    This is the level of ignorance that exists in so many people in this country.

  21. Since religion seems to be the topic, Carson is a Seventh Day Adventist. Will that matter to the RWNJ base?

  22. The GOP clowns have one agenda and it is not prosperity for all but only the chosen few….Also they muddy the political waters with religious insanity and the incessant rhetoric on Abortion and tax breaks for wealthy….This in a nutshell is the GOP band wagon. It is all about theology who is more religious than who…anti anything to do with education other than turn it over to Christian schools. Or giving away all our resources to polluting corporations with no restrictions on destroying quality of water and air..What a scary bunch of money grubbing greedy idiots..The lamest bunch of Morons I have ever seen..If this is the best the GOP has to offer I doubt they get the white house back…And rightfully so..The last election they lost because they had a greedy rich candidate with same agenda and they lost big time why do they think they can win this time when the agenda is the same only on steroids. The same people are not going to jump ship and get on the crazy bus this time..

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