Donald Trump Is Crumbling As George Stephanopoulos Blows His Mr. Fix It Image To Bits

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During an interview on ABC’s This Week, George Stephanopoulos took apart Donald Trump and revealed that the Republican Mr. Fix It is an emperor with no clothes.

Stephanopoulos asked Trump what he would do about the mass shootings problem, and Trump revealed that he had no answer.


Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

Stephanopoulos: But what would you do about it? You sound pretty passive.

Trump: No, I’m not passive at all. I can tell you people say ‘oh, were going to stop it,’ it doesn’t work that way. This has taken place whether its this type of crime or other crimes, taken place forever, from the beginning and you go out a million years from now you’re going to have problems and even if you have a very tough system you’re going to have people that slip through the cracks and it’s a very sad situation and you have to — great vigilance, I mean, you have to show great vigilance, and watch and be careful and security and everything else. But no matter what you do you will have problems and that’s the way the world goes.

Stephanopoulos: That’s your answer, ‘were going to have problems.’

Trump: Now George I can say, were going to do this and that and it’s never going to happen again, you have sick people in this country and throughout the world and you’re always going to have difficulty. That’s why you have newscasts.

Stephanopoulos: But you’re Mr. Fix-it, you’re Mr. Can-Do.

Trump: I know that, I know that and I think I’ll do a fabulous job, and I will make things a lot better // no matter what you do, you’re going to have difficulties, people are going to slip through the cracks.

Donald Trump used a version of Jeb Bush’s stuff happens answer to brush off the question of what we as a society can do to deal with the epidemic of mass shootings that are happening in the US.

Trump sales himself as a non-politician Mr. Fix It, but he is solutions are not solutions at all. During a recent Fox News interview, Trump suggested that he would be okay with Putin taking over Syria. The Trump tax plan blows up the budget deficit by giving a huge tax cut to the wealthiest Americans, and the Republican frontrunner has no plan to deal with gun violence and mass shootings.

For a non-politician, Trump is sounding just like an ordinary Republican who is running for president.

Stephanopoulos did a great job with the interview by asking Trump the tough questions. Donald Trump can’t steamroll Stephanopoulos, which means that the truth eventually comes out. The free ride is over for Donald Trump.

As the media questions get tougher, Trump is wilting under the pressure of being a candidate. The media is no longer satisfied with Donald Trump as entertainment. They want answers, and so far Donald Trump has been heavy on style but devoid of substance.

48 Replies to “Donald Trump Is Crumbling As George Stephanopoulos Blows His Mr. Fix It Image To Bits”

  1. all the bottom feeders care about, is how the don, will send 11 million ‘illegals’ back to where they came from. as long as donny, keeps the anti mexican rhetoric, he will win the gop nod. you will see during the gop convention all the good xtians who love jesus more than you, “eyes bleeding, and ‘elsewhere'”, for the optics of feds going into house and rounding up them ‘illegals….

  2. Good article. “Elect me and I will do wondrous things.” Not going to fly any more. He has nothing to offer.

  3. I am sick and tired of trump, carson, failorina, how many people attend who rallies, the village who don’t follow up on the nonsense that Politian’s spew. I mean I have fun with the bovine excrement but shouldn’t we as citizens demand serious answers to the questions we are facing?

  4. This isn’t meant to be racists, I’m speaking the truth, but white people in this country are a bunch if ignorant, delusional filled jackasses! Well, the Republican ones any way. Both Trump and Carly whatsherface have terrible business records, yet white Republicans think their business experience qualifies them to be President!

    This from a race of people in which many claim to be superior to all other races! Really? Trump the chump is running to satisfy his narcissistic need for attention. So of course he has no solutions, he’s a Republican, for cryin out loud! Their job is to cause mayhem that Democrats fix, cuz Democrats have solutions, Republicans don’t

  5. This person has no substance whatsoever. I think many are getting pretty sick of him, like me. He’s a waste of time and air.America will NEVER have a gold-digging skank as First Lady. Ew. What a joke. These people prove the 1% are unbelievably out of touch.

  6. Haven’t ALL of us gals known a guy like that?

    A seducer, or an evil stepdad?

    “Tell ya what I’m gonna do … It’s gonna be GREAT; it’s gonna be specTACular; You’re gonna LOVE it!!!”

    … and there are never any specifics, and … all these wonders never materialize. Not for YOU, anyway.

  7. I wonder if they are related to the ones who thought Regan would be a good president because he had stage presence ?? Sadly it’s taught them nothing .. these people are windbags .. no substance at all

  8. do you suppose Donnie Dipstick would show us his evidence that this stuff has gone on forever?’

    does he know of serial killings with someone using an unregistered club or stone to commit the crimes 5000 or 10000 years ago?

  9. You’ve hit the nail on the head. They sit in their pews and pray for the safety and comfort of their own children whilst advocating for millions of children to be torn away from the only home and family they’ve ever known. It sickens me to my core.

  10. Unbelievable. Trump sounds just like my crazy, blowhard Uncle Gus who, at the Thanksgiving table, had all the answers to everything when, in reality, he didn’t know jack. All hail Donald Trump, the Grand Poobah of shallow thinking.

  11. Yes, he’s a blow-hard and doesn’t have a clue on most of the issues. But he happens to be right on this one. There is no way that we can stop every mass-killer from ever shooting up a school, movie theater, restaurant or whatever. Trump is a hypocrite, of course, since he claims this is possible for other things he champions like preventing “illegals” from crossing the border. But even in a police state, there are law-breakers committing crimes. And in a free country, there will be even more.

  12. Maxie2014,

    Please don’t forget to say “Some White people in this country are crazy”. All Black people aren’t criminals, and words matter.

    We can’t forget vital contributions from revolutionaries like John Brown or William Lloyd Garrison, or the empathetic Harriet Beecher Stowe, the gentle Quakers, to the courageous and committed Civil Rights pilgrims Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner, to countless other untold brave and conscientious White people today that are in the fight with POC for equality and justice.

  13. …”my Researchers are gathering the information as we speak. As soon as they’re done we are gonna blow the lid off this subject!!! I mean, this is YUUUUUGE!!! My Researchers are the absolute best!!! They’re FANTASTIC!!!”…
    …+ yadayadayadayada etc.

  14. But there IS a way to stop the mass killings with guns. If you are not on active duty with one of the Armed Forces, your assault rifles, your semi-automatics and live in peace with your neighbors rather than blow them away when your chemistry gets mixed up. Will we have the will to get rid of our private armament as they did in Australia? Probably not. But there IS a solution.

  15. So you agree that Trump’s plan is the answer- to expand the Right to Carry and Support of our U.S. Constitution.

  16. That’s not what the constitution said
    The 2nd Amendment is a Suicide Pact but, oh well “Stuff Happens”

    “There is danger that, if the court does not temper its doctrinaire logic with a little practical wisdom, it will convert the constitutional Bill of Rights into a suicide pact.” – Justice Robert H. Jackson

  17. Too bad Chuck Todd can’t give an interview like that. Call these GOP Pricks out on their nonsense.

  18. When the Republican agenda is always based on lies , it’s hard to have a legit response , can’t disprove a lie to supporters of the Repubs ,they don’ t believe anything but Fox Follies . You’ve all talked intelligently to these people to no avail , have to outvote them , it’s the only way to deal with this ignorance . In 10 years there will be a whole lot less old white support for Repubs , many will have died from old age , I’m 70 & will never support The American Taliban (Repubs) .

  19. Gee, Australia managed to put a stop to it.

    But then again, few countries are as full of abysmally stupid people as the United States.

  20. Once again, Trump has no clue as to what he’s talking about when he says the mentally ill are slipping through the cracks. The only way that would be true would be if there were programs in place to block them from getting guns. As of now, the mentally ill are walking through wide open doors not slipping through cracks. This idiot has no idea what he’s talking about and he’s ignoring the fact that other countries with gun laws do not have mass shootings.

    He’s also clueless regarding the estate tax and farmers taking out loans. This tax plan he’s talking about is absolutely going to benefit him and all his cronies!

  21. The Mouth That Roared is short on answers and long on nonsense. How much longer must we listen to The Bloviator before someone makes him understand what a buffoon he is?

  22. I’ve been a gun owner for over 20 yrs. and so have most members of my family but at dinner tonight this topic came up, AGAIN, and there wasn’t a single one of us that wouldn’t give up all our weapons in order to achieve results like Australia and other countries where guns have been severely restricted. That’s the difference between many gun owners and the nut jobs who screamed about how President Obama would have to pry their cold, dead hands off their guns in order to get them back. They have no idea how foolish they sound. There was another post that said we should learn from pro-lifers, carrying pics of children who were shot by guns or sending them to our Congress as they do with pro-choice groups. It’s amazing how so many claim to be pro-life until it comes to giving up their guns. F’ing sick SOB’s!

  23. Good, it can’t happen fast enough. The sooner the media stop sucking the d of donnie trumphole, the better.

  24. I don’t think Trump is a Republican OR a Democrat. He is a one-man vaudeville show. Sooner or later, he will get the hook that pulls him off stage. What is my concern is that he has such a huge following. Can there be that many racist know-nothings in our country?

  25. those who say no to Trump then who do you prefer? All the other candidates are bought by lobiests. Trump isn’t he’s paying for his campaign out of his own pocket and wants no salary. He’s right about many things and wrong about others like all candidates. I want a president that will get things done for the good of the country not for the best interests of the blood sucking corporations . Hopefully we all won’t be bankrupt by the time he takes office cause the federal reserve keeps on printing money. The only other candidate worth anything is Bernie Sanders who is anti GMO.

  26. The whole premise of this article is nonsensical. The people who support Donald Trump aren’t watching interviews with a Washington insider like George and they aren’t changing their minds about Donald Trump because of anything the likes of George say or do.

  27. Donald Trump is right. Gun free areas are death traps in cases like those in Oregon. Had the teachers been armed, one or more teachers may have shot and killed the gunman.

    Donald Trump gets our votes!

  28. Did anyone watch the whole interview? Obviously as expected, George S. was trying to catch Trump off guard and make him uncomfortable with tough questions due to his current job role and political ambitions. However, I think Trump maintained great poise and answered his questions well and respectfully. Despite George trying to unsettle Trump, it appeared to me that he actually (maybe secretly) likes him! Also, before others disagree with Trump’s views, or assume they know his stance on 2nd Amendment rights, how about you read them here first so you’re properly educated:

  29. I don’t know how many times this has to be repeated but that college was not a gun free zone. Stupid teabaggers just let people tell them anything and you just nod in agreement like Pavlov dog

  30. please don’t lump all us Christ-ians together. I don’t understand the appeal to Trump at all – I suspect most of the church folk cheering him on really have no idea who Jesus is or what he taught about. the same for ben carson – who should know who Jesus is.

  31. what interview did you watch?

    so outwardly Trump presented a persona with no meaningful content or definitive answers

    and you grade him on the persona?

  32. So you’re saying:

    Laws against burglary haven’ work – so let’s just have people unlock all their doors

    Laws against rape aren’t stopping rape – so women had just better learn to enjoy it

    Laws against murder don’t seem to prevent murder – so they need to be stricken

    Laws against defrauding investors sure as hell don’t seem to prevent securities fraud – so we all better learn to enjoy being screwed

    Laws against terrorist attacks have failed to prevent terrorism …

    We should just abolish all laws because clearly they don’t work.

  33. Why do these interviewers let these con men get away with nonsense babbling. Pointing to Detroit and Baltimore as examples of the failure of tough gun laws is absurd. Are there really that many people who don’t understand the basic concept of cause and effect?

  34. But we want Trump to win the nomination because he’s so easy for Hillary Clinton to beat in the general election.

  35. My Question: When Trump finally exits the stage (It IS going to happen), I wonder where will his followers go? Who will they support instead of their hero, Trump? Which of those candidates will they fall behind? If the answer is NONE, then we are ahead of the game Democrats. That means that the Huuuuuuge following Trump has will disappear, and NONE of the hapless Republican candidates will have those numbers on their Ledger. See what I mean?

  36. Maxie, Ben Carson isn’t white,neither was the pizza magnate, so your statement did sound racist although I’m sure you didn’t intend it that way. Instead of white, you should have just said Republican, which would have said it all.

  37. Bernie Sanders is not in the vest pocket of lobbyists OR corporations, or didn’t you know that? Or didn’t you pay attention to that?

  38. Trump crumbling? Hardly. He may be outspoken and more brutally truthful than your run of the mill “soft and sugary” politician. However, he happens to be the only politician telling his exact ideas and details on fiscal and international issues. Every other candidate is a mystery and just says the same old garbage. Trump is vilified for his wealth. It takes smarts and a tough attitude to make wealth. I want that same toughness in a leader, not a leader that’s an embarrassment and makes no moves at all.

  39. Trump is on top of the polls and gaining momentum. Why would he ever exit the race? Trump has money, popularity, power and influence… all the things that other politicians lack. I can see only one reason that he wants to be President… that he actually wants the opportunity to do something for the country. Are all his ideas perfect? No. Are any person’s ideas perfect? No. But at least he has ideas. We haven’t seen a lot of “new” anything in politics in the last 40 years or more. I think I’ll take my chances with something new and unorthodox.

  40. ASHE,

    I wonder who will you support after the Fall of your Emperor? Which one of the hapless candidates will you hold your nose and support? Tell us. You know Trump is a joke, right?

    You say: —-“Trump is the only politician telling his exact ideas and details on fiscal and international issues.”—-

    I say: You can get the same layman’s ideas and details at any Bar in the country, or at the water cooler in any office in the land. So, what’s so special about Trump’s so called empty, lacking in substance ideas. His details are from what he gets from “watching TV”. Just as how he gets his Mid East solutions from watching and listening to ex-generals spout their old and tired solutions on FOX. So, go ahead feel giddy for awhile, your bubble will be busted soon when your fair haired adorable Trump hits the skids. Guaranteed.

  41. lol, you do not control killing with more killings by ordinary people, just have a better gun control is the answer.

  42. No one is saying that. Your statements are pretty stupid, and useless. Go get a book and study logic!

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