Republicans In Disarray As Jason Chaffetz Announces Run For Speaker Then Dodges Questions

jason chaffetz announces speaker bid on fox news sunday

When Rep. Jason Chaffetz announced his candidacy for Speaker, the dysfunction in the Republican Party hit an all new high, as the Utah Republican dodged questions and refused to say what he would do if he were elected Speaker.



Transcript via Fox News Sunday:

CHAFFETZ: Well, look, internally, I do think we have to bridge the divide. And you have to — I’m being recruited. I didn’t just — you know, I didn’t wake up last week and think I’m going to be speaker. But I’ve had enough members who’ve come and said, please, Jason, do this.

We don’t want to fight internally. But realistically, we can’t vote to promote the existing leadership.

So, that internal factor is there, and I think will continue to the floor of the House when that vote actually happens. And I think a new fresh face who says, look, how are we going to — how are we going to hold the line for the full political spectrum, what are we going to fight for? I am not there to promote the status quo. I am not there to do what Mitch McConnell or the president wants to do. That’s not what we were elected to do.


WALLACE: Respectfully, because you’re maybe the next speaker, would you — how far are you willing to take the fight to defund Planned Parenthood?

CHAFFETZ: I have — the job as speaker is to unite our party in the House and we’re going to hold the line, from the whole political spectrum. That’s what I want to do. And then we’re going to go fight and we’re going to make that case to the American people.

WALLACE: What about budget caps under sequestration? Are you willing to lift the caps so you would have more spending both on defense and some domestic spending?

CHAFFETZ: I want to cut — personally, I want to cut spending. Personally, I just don’t believe we can continue to add to the deficit. So, actually, personally, I like the budget cap.

I do believe we need more money for the military, we need more money for the V.A. We ought to take care of the people who take care of us. And I do want to fight cancer that is killing 1,500 people a day.

But that’s — again, it’s not my personal agenda. We’re going to move forward. As the speaker, you got to take the will of our body, appreciate and respect the process and then go fight for that.

Chaffetz sounded a lot like John Boehner, except he is going to fight with Mitch McConnell more often. Rep. Chaffetz wouldn’t make his positions clear because either way he would lose support in the race to be the next Speaker.

Rep. Chaffetz suggested that he isn’t going to lead, but that he was willing to be led by the crazy caucus in the House. Rep. Kevin McCarthy is probably going to be next Speaker of the House someday, but it may not be anytime soon. McCarthy doesn’t have the votes to win on the House floor, and he may not get them by the end of the month.

If Republicans can’t agree on electing a new Speaker, and let’s face it, House Republicans agree on virtually nothing, what would happen after Boehner leaves? House Republicans forced their Speaker out, and now they are on the verge of complete disarray.

Republicans are being consumed by their own civil war, and they are going to be easy pickings for President Obama and Congressional Democrats on both the budget and the debt ceiling.

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  1. I watched him on fux snooze, OMG I have a feeling we will be missing the WEEPER of the HOUSE very very soon. The old saying came to my mind: “be careful what you wish for”.

    Deep Kimchi anyone?????

  2. Please! The GOP has been in disarray every since November, 2008! Chaffetz can’t answer the questions because he hasn’t yet memorized answers on the palms of his hands his pimps, the Koch Brothers, have given him! Once he does that, he’ll be able to lie effortlessly

  3. He won’t tell his plans even if he had any, because his plans are so destructive and unpopular to America.

  4. Look at how he “questioned” the head of Planned Parenthood (i.e., steamrollering over everything she had to say, interrupting her, and asking silly questions.) If that’s the way he’s going to handle the House, then God (or whoever) help us.

  5. chaffetz got caught with his dick in his mouth last week when he was caught using a lie, a false slide in his presentation. he’s just another lying republican asshole, who would have guessed? None of these jackasses has any personal integrity, they will lie and hate for one purpose, to gain power at any cost. I was a republican when they valued personal integrity, when honesty and integrity were required personal attribute, I left them when Nixon was caught being a republican, dig that republicans, too bad more republicans can’t pull their heads from their asses and recognize the truth. Republicans are authoritarians, they tend to follow their elders, they have no capability to think and understand the damages their blind ignorance has done and will do. Just like their blind ignorance in following non-existent supernatural beings.

  6. How do the rules read? If McCarthy and Chaffetz split the gnop vote can the dems elect the next speaker?

  7. …really???
    …all I hear is “Blahblahblahblah, yadayadayadayada”
    {However I AM hearing impaired…}

  8. “The Clerk of the House of Representatives requests nominations: there are normally two, one from each major party (each party having previously met to decide on its nominee). The Clerk then calls the roll of the Representatives-elect, each Representative-elect indicating the surname of the candidate he or she is supporting. Representatives-elect are not restricted to voting for one of the nominated candidates and may vote for any person, even for someone who is not a member (or member-elect) of the House at all. They may also abstain by voting “present”.[4]

    To be elected as Speaker, a candidate must receive an absolute majority of all votes cast for individuals, i.e. excluding those who abstain. If no candidate wins such a majority, then the roll call is repeated until a Speaker is elected. The last time repeated votes were required was in 1923, when the Speaker was elected on the ninth ballot.[4]

    This is from WIKI…I assume that means the Dems should have a nominee too….

  9. I suspect he went to Trump University and learned at the feet of the Great Trumpkin himself — I don’t need to give specifics now, but when I do, trust me, they’ll be terrific, and huuuge, and fabulous, and I’ll make sure we deport those pesky folks from Utah.

  10. If you didn’t see Chaffetz tell one of the biggest Republican lies of the week (He had a lot of competition from Fiorino, Carson, and Trump), then go to youtube and watch it.
    I replayed it several times and busted a gut every time I watched his face as he realized he just told the biggest whopper.
    Beaver face.

  11. Makes me wish for the good old days of McCain / Palin — now there was a brilliant team that could handle Bad Vlad anywhere in the world, including a front porch in Wasila.

  12. He already knows how to lie. He most recently exemplified that skill at The Planned Parenthood Hearings

  13. I’d say if the balloting goes to two or three, there is a chance she could build a coalition.

  14. It’s too bad that the people voting for these Republicans are way too dumb to see the damage they I flick on America . Mostly a jaded , racist , & ignorant bunch , it’s known as the dumbing down of America .

  15. A Jewish Mormon who looks like an embryo and has an I.Q. lower than room temperature Celsius.

    Yeah, Jason, you can do it! Run! Run!

  16. After watching McCarthy misuse his tongue last week, maybe Chaffetz figured out that he needs to keep his own mouth shut.

  17. I lived in Utah for many years. Their politicians are now all puppets for the tea party/extreme right. Don’t expect intelligence from them, it doesn’t exist.

  18. I thought bearing false witness was against his supposed religion? He seems to do it every time he opens his mouth.

  19. Dear Lord, make him shut up. I can’t stand this dunce. How dare frat boy @jasoninthehouse think he should be Speaker after his horrible treatment of Cecile Richard just last week and his incoherence about that ridiculous AUL graph. Please GOP, make him go away. And good luck with your outreach to the womenfolk.

  20. Listening to him, you’d think he was running for middle school president. The current system (especially on the right) for electing pols has favored people with fewer morals and more ego (Thanks Citizens United!), and this guy seems like the poster boy for lousy politicians. Not surprising that you never hear the phrase “public servant” anymore.

  21. Gibberish. He says nothing. His sentences have no meaning or point.

    Someone also needs to explain to him that being an elected representative is not all about HIM. This is not ‘American Idol.’

  22. “the job as speaker is to unite our party in the House…”

    Really? I don’t think the Constitution defines it that way.

  23. We’ll get an accurate moron census of the House from those who vote for him. As if we didn’t already know who all the obstructive dopes were in the first place…..

  24. Have you heard McCarthy speak? The man cannot make a full sentence without mixing metaphors and sounding like a male Sarah Palin.

  25. …he does NOT mix metaphors; that’s too organized…
    …he MANGLES them with great enthusiasm!!!

  26. To me, the GOP’s Wheels are falling of the cart. Everything seems to be going in the wrong direction these past few months (years?). Dysfunction, in-fighting, resignations, firings, insulting each other, caught up in lies, failed legislation attempts, low grades from the public at large. And Obama keeps on kicking their buts. ((Laugh))

  27. They’ll need to re-name the job if either of these clowns gets elected. “Speaker” is in no way appropriate for either of them.

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