Australians Disgusted With America Call To Boycott This Violent and Immature Nation


When civilized human beings witness a man-made tragedy, particularly one that takes innocent lives, it is typical to respond by taking action to ensure it never happens again if it is at all humanly possible. Americans are obviously not in that “civilized human being” category because when a man-made tragedy occurs, over and over again, their response is exacerbating the situation so the tragedy happens so often it becomes normal. Fortunately, there are civilized nations and mature societies that respond to one tragic event in a such a way that those tragedies cease, and if Americans were not beholden to worship the National Rifle Association and its ugly “guns everywhere” culture, this nation might embrace the tactics of humane Australians that put a screeching halt to mass shootings.

In 1996 a deranged gunman opened fire at a popular tourist destination on the island of Tasmania with a semiautomatic rifle, and succeeded in killing 35 innocent people. Instead of immediately calling for more guns and assault rifles for every man, woman and child, Australians responded by reforming their gun laws. They banned high-powered rifles and shotguns and imposed uniform gun licensing requirements on the millions of Australians who still owned guns that remained legal. The country also implemented a buyback program which resulted in the destruction of more than a million firearms. Some Americans may recall gun fanatics and the NRA went ballistic when some American communities attempted a “gun buyback” program because they regarded destroying a gun fundamentally more horrific than taking an innocent human life.

In the last 19 years since the Australian gun safety measures were enacted, there have been no mass shootings in Australia as a result of responding like civilized human beings. Anyone who knows, even remotely, someone from Australia will comprehend the people down under are not wimps and do not need firearms to feel safe, patriotic, or courageous. What is telling about the Australian people and their leaders is that after one gun massacre the effort to reduce the number of guns in the population was a “truly non-partisan crusade” led by John Howard, Australia’s very conservative Prime Minister. In fact, it was not any kind of a partisan endeavor because Australians, as a civilized society believed enacting sane gun safety measures was “a simple matter of basic humanity and common sense;” not an attack on what many twisted Americans and the NRA consider their almighty god; a firearm.

Australians, like most of the civilized world, were perplexed at America’s inaction to the spate of other gun massacres before the latest atrocity, likely because over the past 19 years there has not been one mass shooting since the nation took action. It is why the President used Australia as just one example of a “potential path forward” to prevent the ever-increasing number of ‘routine‘ gun massacres like the one at Umpqua Community College. President Obama said,

“We know that other countries, in response to one mass shooting, have been able to craft laws that almost eliminate mass shootings. Friends of ours, allies of ours — Great Britain, Australia, countries like ours. So we know there are ways to prevent it.”

Now, after hundreds of gun massacres over the past three years have killed hundreds and injured thousands more, America has done exactly as the National Rifle Association dictated; nothing whatsoever.  After the most recent slaughter in Oregon, Australians are “disgusted” and cannot comprehend what is wrong with the American people. One journalist at the Sydney Morning Herald, Michael Pascoe, assailed America’s structurally violent society.

“In his very fine speech this morning, full of sorrow and frustration, President Obama made a mistake: Australia is not like the United States. We decided not to be. We decided to grow up instead and become a more reasonable, rational society that explicitly values human life and prefers to think the best of people, rather than the worst. The US is too immature a society to be allowed to play with guns. It has never shed its Wild West mythology. It’s a country that values property more than life.”

In a Brisbane Times editorial, the newspaper’s editorial board condemned America’s dysfunctional inaction on guns writing,

In Oregon last week, four guns were recovered – three pistols and a semi-automatic rifle. Did Mercer have the right to bear those arms? Yes, he did. From that question and answer flows the grim crimson tide. And from that flows the errant nonsense from the NRA, and those of like mind, that guns are good, that guns are not the problem, that the president is politicizing the issue. He should be, indeed he has been, with no success. However, such is the web of lobbying, money, political support and sway that we despair of seeing radical progress. America prides itself on being a light in the world for democracy and liberty. Yet within its borders it is armed to the teeth. This is a tyranny, borne on a historical anomaly, that must end. Surely, if the phrase ‘land of the free’ stands for anything, it is the embracing of the freedom not to have to live in fear of the gun.”

One Australian man who lives near the Oregon UCC campus said he supported more gun control in America, but readily admitted,

The United States political system is dysfunctional. We have had a great many similar tragedies, several that you would have thought would shift the needle of political debate, like Sandy Hook. They have really done nothing but become talking points because the majority of Americans worship the Second Amendment more than the Bible.” 

It is true; to the NRA and so-called patriot gun maniacs, guns are god and the 2nd Amendment is Holy Scripture.

Australia’s most popular news site,”, suggested it was time for America to rethink the 2nd Amendment because “the legacy of America itself” is at stake. The Australians said, “You sense that President Obama’s legacy as President is on the line here. But really, it is the legacy of America itself.” That legacy, of a “structurally violent nation” where there is no longer any freedom “not to have to live in fear of the gun” has driven one group of Australians to call for a boycott of non-essential travel to America to protest its inaction on gun control, and hopefully save some Australian lives in the process.

The director of Gun Control Australia, Samantha Lee said,

We have 2.1 million Australians visiting the U.S. every year and over 200,000 expats in America. We have a duty to respond to this tragedy in the U.S. and the way to do this is boycott non-essential travel to the U.S.”

It is more likely that the response is not just to show their disgust with America, which is completely justifiable, but an act of self-preservation. Visiting Australians go to movies, shopping malls, and attend churches, but  because there are near-daily mass shootings, innocent Australian tourists are just as likely to be gunned down as innocent American students, shoppers, church attendees and theatre-goers.

It is a sad state of affairs that this country has become as disgusting to its allies as it is to some Americans sick-to-death of the routine mass shootings with no civilized response to stop the NRA-inspired slaughter of innocents. Oh it is true that longtime gun safety advocate Hillary Clinton came out with a plan to target the gun industry, and even Bernie Sanders set aside his guns are like hammers argument and offered up his own plan to reduce mass shootings, but they are just plans. Plans and proposals are all well and good, brilliant even, but like the simple and sane gun safety measures President Obama has proposed, they require a Congress that is willing to stand up to their god-almighty NRA.

America goes through this silly and futile exercise every time another gun-wielding malcontent locks and loads to slaughter innocent Americans. There is a little weeping and gnashing of teeth, the NRA calls for more guns, survivors bury their dead, frightened Americans add to their arsenals, and the country waits for the news that another gun fanatic massacred more innocents. Australians are rightly disgusted and it is possible that some Americans are disgusted as well because no matter how many gun massacres occur in this structurally violent nation, the frightened and immature people in this uncivilized society will respond like the barbarians they really are and do nothing except bow to their guns and the 2nd Amendment.

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  1. …correction: a BASTARDIZED version of the Second Amendment compliments of the Catholic 5 of The United States Supreme Court…

  2. If other countries began forbidding travel to the USA because of gun violence, gun legislation would be enacted ASAP!

    This would affect the tourists industry in a major way, and, being the capitalist pig country that we are, making money trumps the 2nd Amendment

  3. #1 Shut down the NRA! #2 Repeal or severely limit the parameters of the 2nd Amendment. #3 VOTE DEMOCRAT! #4 Re-think our culture of gun violence in entertainment and video games and teach our children the differences between self defense and aggression for the sake of aggression.

  4. …give ’em time…they will, near future…at that time LaPierre will probably have some kind of “accident” “Pronounced DOA on scene, so sorry.”

  5. Great, Great, Great article on gun control and the lack of it! Read this entire article to see how advanced countries like Australia and Great Britain, for example, have put a stop to mass murders in their countries. You’ll realize how far behind America is in its lack of intelligent and obvious solutions. Australia and Great Britain, for example, have enacted and ENFORCED laws that disallow guns capable of mass murders.

    One very important difference is that America has allowed the NRA and gun nuts to misconstrue our 2nd Amendment to upscale sales and profits over public safety. Lobbyists for NRA and gun manufacturers have bought our so-called representatives in Congress and pay them to legislate on their behalf. Australians does not allow this and never will. THAT is intelligence over greed. Safety over reckless abandon. Logic over idiocy. Common sense over sick paranoia.

  6. LeHunt, Go ahead and say that to the face of your average Australian I dare you. You claim to be a liberal yet nearly every comment sounds like it spews from the mouth of a conservative, No Lehunt! Screw YOU!

  7. …the Aussies are right cobbers…they stopped the mass shootings cold…assholes like YOU are amused by the carnage…maybe even turned you on, judging from your comments since the last mass killing…
    …so “Fk” YOU!!!

  8. I won’t vote for a repuke, but I definitely am not voting for anyone who wants to destroy the Second Amendment. Maybe you want to be a subject, rather than a citizen, but I do not. And at this point, I will be writing in Sanders; I will not, under any circumstances, vote for Clinton.

  9. I don’t blame Australians at all.

    We have become a nation of me, me, me.

    The dollar rules; human life and others’ wellbeing, not so much.

  10. “You’ll realize how far behind America is in its lack of intelligent and obvious solutions.”

    It’s behind in its lack of intelligent and educated/informed people, too.

  11. Guns, Slavery, and America’s Permanent White Wingnuttery

    Conservatives, including the conservative I ended up across the table from last weekend who I told that I wanted the government to invade his home and take his guns, love to say that their ability to have 8000 high-powered guns was the direct intent of James Madison. To say the reality is a wee bit more complicated is a huge understatement. The supposed iron-clad judicial approval of unlimited gun control is only true if you take the decisions of pro-slavery southern judges as your guide. If you consider what is happening in the antebellum north, it’s a different story.
    Read More

  12. There’s no need to get rid of The Second Amendment. It does give us the right to bear arms, but you cannot walk down the street with a grenade launcher. We can still enact laws and have, to ban certain weapons. Felons are not allowed to own or possess fire arms in most states. It is not a jump to put the mentally unstable in the same category. There are things that can be done, but the gun lobby (NRA) threatens anyone who would attempt to enact them. BTW is it Le Hunt or LaPierre?

  13. This is by design. In a stupid and violent populace, it’s easy to recruit Brown Shirts and difficult to organize a resistance to them.

  14. My son is autistic and like to play video games where killing is a sport there is no way in hell would I ever introduce him to any firearms not even a BB gun because he just don’t have the mental makeup to know that they are dangerous and Oops is not an option

  15. If there were ANY justice in this world, we would see a news story where Wayne LaPierre was awarded the Darwin Award, firearms category…

  16. Actually derrick to put a finer more accurate point on it we have a “Violent and Immature Political Party and ideology” i.e. Republicans/Conservatives.

  17. Le Hunt, I’ll thank you to use my name Joseph from now on. I respect you enough to use your name even though you haven’t earned it.

  18. Not surprising. I live in NC. A few weeks ago, my neighbor started swinging a bat at my husband and I because we were arguing about his music being too loud. I called the cops for the first time in a decade. You know what they told me? Oh, he probably felt threatened…you should get a weapon, too. That’s the south for you. There is NOTHING that people brag about more here than gun ownership.

  19. But stuff happens
    Boy Shoots, Kills 8-year-old Girl With His Father’s Gun Over Puppy

    Let’s see: Rural area? Check. Hunting rifle? Check. Responsible adult gun owner in a southern state with respect for gun culture? Check. But according to some people, gun violence is only a real problem with Chicago street gangs! Gee, maybe we should consider changing gun laws everywhere:

  20. No one is even making a credible effort to repeal it. Meanwhile, I’ve fired a flintlock, the kind of “arms” the Framers intended you to “bear”, in drill formation on the village green. The kick from 30 grains of black powder will drop you on your a[deleted]s. You want the freedom to bear the kind of arms they had in mind, knock yourself out (and you probably will).

  21. Want to control the shooter? Make it expensive to buy bullets.

    In one of his standup comedy routines, Chris Rock said this: (Paraphrasing) ” If you want to stop the gangbangers from shooting up the neighborhood and themselves and others? Raise the price of a dayuum bullet to $5,000.00 a piece. Yes! $5,000. (or $1,000) Po’ peeps wouldn’t be able to shoot ANYBODY at those prices. Goes for the poor potential massacre minded shooters out in the Farmlands too. Too expensive to bust caps at random, or at all. ”

  22. I have always said tax the shit out of ammunition since that is not covered under their twisted reading of the 2nd Amendment

  23. From the article you linked:

    {“If I commit aggravated assault, if I point a weapon at people and threaten their lives on a public highway in broad daylight, and I don’t even go to jail? I don’t even get a ticket? They didn’t even hang a citation on this guy. What do I have to do to get arrested in Coweta County?” the witness asked.}

    Simple. Just be Black. No crime or misdeed even required.

    Then, if a cop or vigilante doesn’t kill you first, THEN you could go to jail.

    Black is widely perceived as inherently suspicious and potentially dangerous, even now in the 21st century. It’s surely one reason so many white citizens want firearms “for protection” (there, I’ve said it).

  24. It’s sad, America at war with itself..hundreds of thousands of innocent lives taken, families devastated..feels like the Civil War. Proper training, background checks, licensing, fingerprint recognition for guns, assault weapon bans: these are all measures to prevent disregarding the words “well regulated” in the 2nd Amendment. Or just amend the 2nd amendment itself..America will eventually do the right thing..if only politicians..for the common good.

  25. The country also implemented a buyback program which resulted in the destruction of more than a million firearms.

    One teeny, tiny, little quibble.
    Australia’s buyback program was compulsory, so bringing up countries that have confiscated firearms as some sort of shining example to follow is pretty pointless because it isn’t going to happen here.
    (Attempting to forcefully remove firearms from the U.S. citizenry is when the shooting starts.)

    And for the willfully ignorant, certified members of the ignoramus class in Australia who want to boycott the U.S. because U.S citizens have the audacity to think that the practice of gun confiscation in Australia isn’t a suitable approach for the U.S…..please…. stay Down Under and hide in your safe space and spare us the self-righteous acrimony. We’ve got this itty-bitty thing called the Bill of Rights, and our challenges in the U.S. can’t be solved with Australia’s system of gun control.

  26. Sanders won his first election with NRA support and he has been their patsy ever since. He voted against the Brady Bill, against every Democratic Party attempt to strengthen gun control laws and to expand background checks. He voted to allow guns on Amtrak trains and to give gun manufacturers immunity from lawsuits. After the slaughter of those little school children in Sandy Hook, his comment was, “well, hammers kill, too”.

    Sanders is not who you think he is. He’s a fraud.

  27. Agreed! The second amendment really does not give anybody & everybody the right to bear arms. The first phrase of that paragraph defines why citizens have the right to bear arms – to be part of a “Well regulated Militia” Ergo, if you want to bear arms head to your nearest State Military Reserve Unit & sign up. This way you will be trained in how to clean, maintain, keep safe, & fire your fire arms, but you will also be required to be on call to protect, defend & serve your Country when the call goes out.

    BTW – Make sure it is a State Military Reserve/National Guard that is part of the US Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or Coast Guard not some ersatz militia who thinks their patriots cause they run around in the woods shooting at anything that moves.

  28. Definition of white privilege: Nine people killed, 20 shot, no murder charges, everyone released

    If you are not yet familiar with the term white privilege, here’s your introduction to it
    On May 17, 2015 in Waco, Texas, 170 people were arrested after a shootout/brawl in which nine people died and 20 were seriously injured. The story took over the news and was covered in an endless loop for days.

    Every single person who was arrested has been released. Not one person has been charged with murder.

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is the epitome of white privilege.

  29. You are so right. It would be an enormous help in reducing accidental shootings and these public massacres if we did not allow the sale of handguns or semi automatic assault weapons to civilians. We could restrict the sale of firearms to bolt action rifles and shotguns which are sufficient for hunting and home protection. Without the ability to conceal handguns and the ability to shoot bullets as rapidly as one can squeeze the trigger, we would avoid many, many gun deaths.

  30. Guns are for hunters (sportsman) and cowards. No one considers the aftermath of shooting another human being to death. As that individual lays before you blood spewing from their mouth, think will you remember ?

    Why are our military veterans suffering from PTSD? Because they dominated a lesser combatant to death;
    now they continue to live their lives haunted by those they killed. Guns are for cowards and idiots.

  31. There’s NO justification for killing beautiful, harmless animals for sport. That’s positively barbaric and should have no place in a civilized society.

    Anyone who owns a gun should be required to have a license and registration for it, just like owning a car. And, with the exception of police officers, people should not be permitted to bring guns in public buildings – that’s just crazy.

  32. As a vet suffering from PTSD I say you have no clue what you are talking about. Its not the fact that I had to take the life of other human beings, its the fact that I faced death almost everyday. I watched my friends get killed and wounded only for me to come home basically unscathed. Why am I the lucky one? Shrapnel bouncing off my turret, shells landing right smack in the middle of where we were at 10 secs. earlier. Not being able to take my kid to see fireworks because they do sound like combat. No movies or tv shows filmed in night vision. The killing ,believe it or not, is the easy part, its not being able to sleep, being always alert and on edge. Always looking for danger.
    There is a certain code among soldiers: If I live I will kill you, if I die you are forgiven. (to quote LoG, they put it best)So that being true its harder to watch a fried die than an enemy combatant. The WW1 Christmas truce is a great example of the feeling among soldiers.

  33. We are a violent nation. Of that there is no doubt.
    One of my closer relatives, first cousin, twice removed, Daniel Archuleta, a lawman by usual trade, was killed in an election day shoot-out in Magdalena, NM, in Nov, 1916.
    Now you know why I am interested in politics.
    But I am not interested in guns.
    BTW, I am also related, though not as close, to a “pistolero” you have probably heard about, Elfego Baca.
    PS I dabble in genealogy.

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