Bernie Sanders Has Raised A Phenomenal $3.2 Million In Less Than 3 Days


The Democratic debate as energized Bernie Sanders supporters as the Democratic candidate raised an amazing $3.2 million in three days this week all from small donors.

According to the Sanders campaign:

And in a remarkable turn of events, there has been a record surge in online donations this week. More than 97,800 contributions poured in totaling some $3.2 million since Tuesday, when the first Democratic debate was held in Las Vegas, through mid-afternoon on Thursday. The average donation $32.28.

Also on the day after the debate, Sanders attracted 1,100 people to a $25-per-person fundraiser and rally on Wednesday in Southern California. It was only the eighth traditional fundraiser of his campaign. A ninth event was held that same evening with tickets going for $250 and up.

For the sake of comparison, the Hillary Clinton campaign has raised $5 million from people giving less than $200 in the last four months.

The fact that Sanders donors give a smaller amount per person means that the campaign can ask donors to give multiple times without risking them maxing out and hitting the per person donation limit.

No matter who the experts and supporters think won the debate, it is clear that Bernie Sanders supporters have been energized by the debate.

What often gets overlooked is that Sen. Sanders is raising more money from small donors than all of the Republican candidates are from their billionaire backers. Cash is vital to a successful campaign, but money must be converted to an organization and votes.

The next step for the Sanders campaign will be to convert the dollars that they have raised into support at the ballot box.

Sen. Sanders has asked his supporters to show him that they are willing to join his political revolution by funding a campaign that defies Citizen United politics.

Millions of Americans have responded, and the Sanders revolution is on the march.

61 Replies to “Bernie Sanders Has Raised A Phenomenal $3.2 Million In Less Than 3 Days”

  1. damn democratic socialism run amok! how dare you libs raise money from the REAL grass roots! not some astro freakin koch head turf, and call it baggerism…

  2. I just gave $23.81 again… I wonder if Bernie is ditching actblue? This is the second time I’ve donated at and it never transfered me to or sent an actblue confirmation email (although I got one from

  3. It is entirely possible that his IT staff is growing, possibly using unpaid volunteers vs a paid money clearing service.

  4. “What often gets overlooked is that Sen. Sanders is raising more money from small donors than all of the Republican candidates are from their billionaire backers.”

    didnt jeb bush alone raise $120 million? how is that possible then?

    edit: sorry, that was in response to the article, not sponge blob :)

  5. Too bad the general election can’t be the top candidates, ie Clinton versus Sanders; instead of Clinton or Sanders vs some lame-ass incompetent Koch shill?

  6. Suga. Jerry Brown defeated Meg Witman in 2010 with good ol’ establishment Democratic hard work; no socialism, no revolution, no 1%, no occupy. Jerry went for Clean energy, jobs, Education, infrastructure etc. Not fancy but pragmatic and effective.

    Hillary will break the glass in 2016!

  7. PS. We HATE the NRA Mafia and Bernies votes and defense of his votes with the NRA are insulting to my family… yes, for very personal reasons.

  8. I am so excited for you American cousins, the world is watching…Bernie Sanders is rarer than a HONEST politician, I just hope enough of you vote & don’t get distracted by the nonsense I see the media trying to spoon feed you.

  9. Bernie Sanders Inspires Facebook-like Social Network for Progressives! is a new, Facebook-like social network devoted to progressive causes and to mobilize millions of people for a political revolution! Inspired by Bernie Sanders and his message about taking back America for the 99%, the social network offers the bells and whistles of Facebook where users can post profiles and photos, promote their organizations, books, music, artwork, documentaries, films and other items of interest to this community. The network can support multiple languages and 100 million users.

    Join the Political Revolution here:

  10. Money alone won’t win this thing for Bernie. Revolt Against Plutocracy is using the #BernieOrBust pledge to create leverage for the primaries and insurance for the Convention next summer. Take the pledge today.

  11. Victor, sign our new pledge. It is called:

    “If you don’t support Hillary in the primary then you are aiding and abetting the GOP” so vote blue.

    Hillary or Bust a move for Jebbie.

  12. Like clockwork. Everytime. “barbara dayan” spreading the same cut and paste message all over the political websites.

    How telling it all is and yet they do not see.

  13. About fundraising. How much does he have put aside for the General? How much did he raise for the DNC to run the General?

  14. Act Blue has reported having trouble handling the sheer number of donations coming in at once. The campaign is likely working with Act Blue to avoid “breaking the internet.”

    The most impressive thing about the over 3 million raised is a little less than half was raised within 5 hours after the debates!

    Regarding turning those donations into votes. Who makes an investment and doesn’t follow through with the return? Not me!

  15. A few more questions regarding fundraising.

    Does he have enough now to open offices in Nevada? How about Alabama?

    Hillary has 9 states open – hired staff and offices – some since April. More very soon, such as Alabama.

    And of course, the above isn’t including the dozens of unions, hundreds of politicians, and myriad democratic party superpacs etc. working on her behalf.

  16. Jeez, you’re vile. You just can’t resist throwing stones, can you?

    We’re on the same side. Stop mocking people with clearer eyes than your own.

  17. The Sanders campaign can concede, it does not have an operation in every state. The tight races in New Hampshire and Iowa paved way for Sanders to begin setting up shop in Super Tuesday states back in September.

    Being a grassroots, populist campaign, Bernie’s team does not have the maxed out corporate donations and Super Pacs of the Clinton Machine.

    This isn’t to say corporate money obstacles cannot be overcome. Time will tell…

  18. I have never seen you here before. You are missing my point. This person “barbara dayan” is fake. They have been spamming the political boards with bull messages for months now. They post here daily. And it is not a person who responds or even updates the messages and is NEVER on topic.

    Same with Tiffany – who insists people should not vote in the General election for a democrat but STILL gets lots of support here for his spam.

    Again, no interaction. Just Bernie or nobody and THAT supports the GOP.

    and *I* am vile for supporting the Democratic frontrunner who will be the nominee.

  19. You are wrong.

    He has had offices in NH and Iowa.

    He recently, a few weeks ago, started to open offices in South Carolina.

    He recently, last week, hired his first staff person in Nevada.

    That is it. No other states. You say he opened offices in states in September?

    Not according to our campaign news briefs.

    Sanders has two states with many staff plus one state with a few.

    I googled the organizing information sites and there are no staff/offices anywhere.

    Not even on his website map – it is grassroots all the way.

    WE are too – but the early states are all organized long ago.

  20. #42 Bernie got a D- rating with the NRA. That means the NRA doesn’t like him because of how he votes. He wants commonsense gun control. He wants universal background checks, to close the gun show loophole, and the stop the straw-man sales and purchases. He is completely against assault rifles. Disclaimer; I don’t own guns, nor do I want to and I am fine with Bernie’s plan for gun control.

  21. That 7 people approve of Victor – and his obvious voter suppression tactics – is disgusting.

    Republicans are infesting this place.


  22. There is no Barbara. It is a bot. Posted – exact message all over the internet.

    You are talking to spam mail.

    I have been here for 7 months and seen this “barbara dayan” all over the internet for that long.

    Have a nice day.

  23. “barbara dayan” – I googled the name –

    SURPRISE – not.

    A “Republicans for Bernie” facebook she has with all her posts she also puts all over the internet.

    Breitbart, The Washington Times,PJ media, her favorite places. Disqus acct.

    I am moderated and “she” (the republican bern bot spammer) is allowed to post here along with Victor – “write in your vote” and voter suppression tactics galore.

  24. Regarding turning those donations into votes. Who makes an investment and doesn’t follow through with the return?

    Regarding donations to the Democratic frontrunner’s challenger, you mean? That’s easily answered…Republicans. Ever heard of Operation Chaos? They had one in 2008. Now they have another for 2016.

    National Journal’s, Myra Adams, publicaly calls for Republicans to donate to the Bernie Sanders campaign in order to boost his profile so they can weaken the true Democrat they fear the most: Hillary Clinton.

    Read then weep (or laugh uncomfortably), then realize that anyone can donate to anyone without having to vote for that candidate.

    Yes, Constance, the political world is ugly.

  25. Shadowolf, you’re better than that.

    First off, Rin is doing nothing to attack Bernie Sanders other than to post the truth so we can separate fact from fiction. She posts hard numbers and offers this blog the reality checks we all need.

    And let us also remember that although Bernie Sanders is running for the Democratic nomination, he’s not and has never been a Democrat – and he’s darn proud of that, too.

    I don’t know about you, but it strikes me disingenuous and inauthentic when you excoriate a political Party for 25+ years only to then turn around and run for the nomination of that Party. What surprises me is that some Democrats are falling for this kabuki show.

    As a true-blue Democrat and Liberal who wants to see things get done, I cannot, for the life of me, support or vote for Bernie Sanders.

  26. Bernie Sanders knows what his supporters refuse to acknowledge: he’s going to be stopped cold in South Carolina and Nevada. It’s going to be over with his campaign then since it’s downhill from February 20th, 2016 going forward with Super Tuesday solidifying the end of his campaign.

  27. Well, I’ve donated to several candidates for the Democratic nom, including Sanders. Small donations are all I can afford.

    The donations help Dems present a strong field of contenders. Unlike the GOP’s clown car. I hope the contrast brings epiphanies to the undecided and “moderate” Republicans.

    Let’s keep the GOP out of the WH!

  28. Lets be straight to the Pro Gun Bernie Bots. A “D” rating by the NRA for Bernie is a Passing Grade. An “F” rating by the NRA for Hillary is a FAIL!

    F%&k the NRA and the Horses and Guns it road in on! OK.

  29. Bernie has not swayed this life time Democrat, thank you.

    I voted for pragmatic, hard working Jerry Brown 6 times. Bill Clinton 3 times. And Plan to vote for Hillary 3 times as well.

    I have never voted for Liberty Union.

    No socialist revolution hype is needed, just a vision, a plan, a leader and votes.


  30. So, is that why Clinton lost the nomination in 2008? Because of the amount of money pouring into to her campaign from Republicans?

  31. Good article…Always something new to learn…I’ve shared this on Twitter…and on Facebook…I think it’s important to hear many different views on a subject…Thanks for your share…lol…

  32. Constance –

    There was a huge campaign against her from the right. They had massive amounts of people disrupting things. But no it wasn’t enough to make her win the vote but lose the election. She won but PBO won the delegates.

    Obama had an amazing campaign. He had strong support from Democratic party leaders. He had Oprah and the media touting him. He was a Harvard whiz kid and sharp as a knife at debates. He had donors. Lots of donors. 75,000 people came out in Portland for him.

    He shared her base. This time, they are sticking with my girl and it is come hell or high water they have her back.

    The Rs are almost giving up inthe ruse to have it be anyone but Hillary.

    FOX tool Krauthammer today at WaPo – Game Over – Hillary wins.

  33. Oh, and…

    Hillary has never had money given to her from the Rs. They have always been against her and fought for her to not be their opponent.

    In all cases they give the money to the second place person. They pretend on internet boards to do so too.

    That is common – very.

    Akin had it done to him – famously – by a Democrat.

  34. You best watch yourself, Shadowolf, you’ll be up for “knighthood” with that kind of shtick…

    “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

    …Fred, the other Rogers

  35. “I cannot, for the life of me, support or vote for Bernie Sanders.”

    Hypothetical: Sander’s wins the Democratic Nomination. Will you support him with your vote?

    Just asking, because your statement reminds me of the PUMA from 2008.

  36. Constance. Are you asking ICH to make some sort of pledge for Bernie or what? Because I have seen quite a few B-Bots on this blog writing that if the Bern does not win they will support two-bit candidates instead of Hillary; some sort of protest vote.

  37. Connie. “The Clinton Machine?” Really? Is that like “The Brown Machine” as in California?

    Hillary did NOT look like a machine the other night!


  38. In answer to your question. All I was looking for was a simple Yes or No answer.

    Read whatever you want into, if that is what gives you the prowess to support your candidate.

    Just a simple Yes or No answer, nothing complicated at all.

    And I’m still waiting…

  39. First off, the post you’re responding to deals with the primary, not the G.E.

    Second, I don’t deal in BS hypotheticals.

    However, I’ll repeat myself in this post again what I’ve been writing in all my other posts…I will support and will vote for Hillary Clinton, and I will support and vote for whomever wins the Democratic Party’s nomination next year.

    Will you support and vote for the Democratic Party’s nom next year when it’s not Bernie Sanders? Or will you go Jill Stein out of protest, and undermine the Democratic Party?

  40. Constance, I was a Puma, you do not want me to get started on 2008.

    I remember it all and this is nothing to do with that. The Denver Group was formed so we would get a legal floor vote that wasn’t a sham. It had to do with Florida and Michigan votes being allocated and misappropriated – as Ickes said “hijacked” in his “you bet your ass” speech.

    Not voting for a candidate is not what the PUMA were about. We knew who we were. So did Hillary and she knew we were right but she asked us to let it go anyway – despite being legally and morally right.

  41. Rin, I suspected your passion matched that of the PUMA, which was more a compliment than you might think. And, I really wouldn’t mind if you were to “get started,” as I caucused and supported Hillary Clinton in 2008. Ickes truly earned his respect over that period. Secretary Clinton did the admirable when she asked supporters to let it go.

  42. I respect your response, ICH, & understand it as a Yes. My situation isn’t whether I’ll take vow to “stand by my candidate,” regardless of ticket.

    I’m a registered Independent. At one time I could caucus for either party in my state as an Independent. I’m relegated to register as a member of the party I caucus for now. A nuisance for Independents. I’m often Democratic Party leaning. I maintain my Independent registration, when I can, as there are issues I can’t agree with the Democratic Party. Although, many, many, more that leave me with distain for the Republican Party.

    Here’s my voting record, the past 8 years, in the GE: No to the Dem Nominee in 2008, Yes to the Dem Nominee in 2013.
    2008 I was not living in a swing state, so I voted my conscience. 2012 I was living in a swing state, so I voted to keep SCOTUS out of the hands of the far-leaning right.

    I do not vow or pledge any party as an Independent and, frankly, dislike our 2 party system.

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